GTA Vice City – Walkthrough – Mission #3 – The Party (HD)

GTA Vice City – Walkthrough – Mission #3 – The Party (HD)

Go get some sleep, he says. I have been sitting in this chair all night with the lights off, drinking coffee! This is a disaster. We are so screwed, man! These gorillas, listen to me, are gonna come down here and rip my head off. It’s ridiculous! I did NOT go to law school for this! Okay, now what the hell you gonna do? Shut up, sit down… relax. I’ll tell you what we gonna do. You’re gonna find out who took our cocaine – and then, I’m gonna kill them. That’s a good idea, that’s a GREAT idea. Let me think, let me think, let me think. Oh! There’s this retired colonel, Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez. He’s the one that helped me set up this deal well away from Vice City’s established thugs, okay? Now, listen. He’s holding his party out in the bay on his expensive yacht and all of Vice City’s big players are gonna be there, okay? I have an invite, of course I have an invite, but there’s no that I am going out there sticking my head out the door! – No way, not gonna happen!
– I told you, shut up! I’ll go myself… HO! Whoa whoa! Hey, I like 1978 too, but y’know this isn’t gonna be a beer and strippers do. I mean, no offence but I think you might turn heads on the runway for the wrong reasons. What’s wrong with the way I’m dressed? Okay, look, here. Stop by Rafael’s, tell him I sent ya. He’ll make you look respectable. Who does that guy think he is? Now I gotta dress like a chump as well as hang out with them? I like this shirt… Hmm… Nice Bike! No! My bike! Buenas noches. I understand you are here on the behalf of Mr. Rosenberg. I hope any recent problem has
not affected his health, or uh, mental well being. Mr… uh? Vercetti. He’s just got a touch of …agoraphobia. Excellent, excellent. And you? I just want my merchandise. Ah… It’s unfortunate circumstances for all involved. Of course I have initiated my own lines of inquiry, but such a delicate matter will take time. Perhaps we will talk later. Meanwhile let me introduce you to my daughter, Mercedes! Caramia, can you after our guest while I attend my necessary obligations? Of course, daddy. Mercedes!? You try living with it. Anyway, let me point out some of our more distinguished guests… That’s our congressman Alex Shrub with rising silicone star, Candy Suxxx… Have you met my lovely wife Laura? No? Well unfortunately she is in Alabama. This is Candy. And over there we have Vice Mambas star tight end, BJ – always a charmer I blocked down on him and then I put him in a wheelchair! That is good. Well now I am looking at some prime… And that poolside amphibian is Jezz Torrent, lead singer with Love Fist Can I tell yous Do you know how they play ping-pong in Thailand? Let me tell yous, I does not involve a paddle, if you know what I mean! And the chatty trio. That sleeping sweat gland is papa’s right hand gimp, Gonzalez. And the other two are Pastor Richards and psuedo intellectual film director, Steve Scott. Passion with the nympho invaders, when the giant sharks come in and just bites their dicks off! Ha! Now, you never saw anything like that before, have you? Colonel! Your parties as ever are a triumph. I can only apologize for my late arrival. Ah, da nada amigo. How do we find you? Our business is very trying – barbarians at the gate. A time for rewarding one’s friends and liquidating one enemies, amigo. Who’s the loud mouth? Ricardo Diaz, he’s Mr. Coke Mercedes! Oh, I was just taking my friend back into town, another time Ricardo! Let’s get out of here. Actually, take me to the Pole Position. Will you be working for my father? Maybe. Do you mind me resting my hand in your lap? Maybe. It’s so difficult to have a rich and powerful father. Vamos. See you around, handsome! I am sure you will.

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  1. Difficulties: None, Extremely Easy, Very Easy, Somewhat Easy, Medium, Somewhat Hard, Hard, Very Hard, Extremely Hard, Nearly Impossible
    This Mission's Difficulty: Extremely Easy

  2. i used the car(phoenix) that i parked behind then i steal banshee to take Mercedes to Pole Position Club. 速かったばんざい!🙌

  3. in 4:08 Avery Carrington's voice is Burt Reynolds just like i seen him in Dukes of Hazard movie in late 2000s where he played Boss Hogg & his car is 1975 Cadillac Eldorado with large bull horns for a hood ornament & movies sported pistol shaped door handles & Stroker Ace where he played a title character as a NASCAR driver, he drives #7 Ford Thunderbird & he cross the finish line by flipping his car over for his spectacular fashion. そしてあれは奇跡でした。😌😌😌😎😎😎

  4. that was the best Game of my childhood it gives me a great felling when i go to the beach and see tha palm tree oo maN Those days Are GoNe😍😍but the best game of my childhood

  5. Who does that guy think he is? Now I have to dress up like a chump as well as hang out with them? I like this shirt. -Tommy Vercetti 1986

  6. Just noticed that since this game wasn't designed with widescreen in mind the people that are supposed to be out of the shot in the cutscenes are static :))

  7. Ken-"These gorillas are going to break out of their cage and screw my ass" Tommy-"Relax"
    *screen turns black, you can hear gorilla roars and clapping sounds. My favorite GTA YTP video/

  8. 1:27–1:34.; I love the smart remarks Tommy Vercetti makes when the screen goes black such as this one.

    I was hoping that there'd be a few more like that throughout the game.

  9. "Who does that guy think he is? Now I gotta dress like a chump, as well as hang out with them? I like this shirt." How I feel when I start gym class.

  10. 3:08 Agorafobia no es miedo a situaciones embarazosas , es miedo a salir a la calle , fue un chiste bastante irónico porque Rosemberg realmente no quería salir por miedo a que lo maten.

  11. How ironic that the majority of the people Mercedes introduces you to are who you’ll take missions from which is quite the good writing for a video game

  12. Sitting on a chair all night, with the lights off drinking coffee. I've ever done that and it was very relaxing. Thank you Rosenberg for the advice. 👍

  13. Ken Rosenberg is an idiot but Tommy is my guy and I like him
    by the way , completed this game twice already

  14. Anyone notice how the lawyer in this game is almost exactly like Kleinfeld from Carlito's Way? Lol

  15. 2:50 one of the most iconic mission cut scenes in GTA vice city matter of fact one of the most iconic mission cut scenes in GTA history. so memorable… nostalgia man

  16. "Shut up, sit down. Relax. I'll tell you what we're gonna do. You're gonna find out who took our cocaine, and then, I'm gonna kill them"

    That line always makes me laugh so much.

  17. I remember pressing the wrong key and falling into the water. Mercedes jumped in after me and I failed the mission because she died, not because I got Wasted.

  18. Reason why I was never allowed to work on scripts in Uni:
    ‘………..when the giant shark comes in and just BITES their dicks off!!!!’

  19. I just realized the reason I never got the "mind if I rest my hand in your lap" line from Mercedes is because she doesn't say it if you're on a bike.

  20. Subtitles ain't fully written sometimes. For example:
    3:18 — Ah… It's AN unfortunate SET OF circumstances for all involved.

  21. انت يلا مبتحسش؟ معندكش دم؟ انا بتعب و بشقى و تقوم لاعبلي جاتا عالنت؟ انت اتسخط يلا؟ قوم شوف مذاكرتك ياض يابنال كلب بدل مقوم اكسرلك الزفت ده. قال بيلعبلي جاتا قال يا فرحه امك بيك يا ابو شخة.

  22. I remember writing down every cheat on a notebook piece of paper.. then ending up doing them so much I had them memorized.

  23. 4:18 รู้หรือเปล่าว่าประเทศไทยเขาเล่นปิงปองกันยังไง

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