Haeun’s first birthday party [The Return of Superman / 2016.12.25]

Haeun’s first birthday party [The Return of Superman / 2016.12.25]

There are guests at Soeul and Daeul’s house. It’s the twins. Did you buy it at the mart? – Yes. / – Really? Are those your sister, your dad and you? That’s right. Do you have a toy fish? I have a big toy fish. – Does it move? / – Yes. Look at this one. It’s Shamu. – What is it? / – Shamu. Do you have more toys? (He lends a toy dinosaur he cherishes.) – How scary! / – It’s tyrannosaurus. Isn’t that a lizard? It’s a dinosaur. – It’s a dinosaur? / – It’s tyrannosaurus. – I like brachiosaurus. / – Brachiosaurus? Look. It’s brachiosaurus. It’s a big tyrannosaurus. Tyrannosaurus. (He is excited to see the dinosaurs.) Come on out, come on out. (He is funny.) Come on out, come on out. Daeul, is it nice to have the boys around? Really? Which one should I leave behind? Should I leave behind Seoeon or Seojun? (Who will be chosen by Daeul?) Seoeon? I want Seojun. Really? Can I leave both of them behind? Will you be okay with that? Shall we do that? Shall we ask Seoeon and Seojun to live here? Maybe they can stay for a day. Really? For dinner today… – Everyone, for dinner today… / – Chicken. No. We’ll go to a place where there are all dishes. Daeul, do you know what the first birthday party is? – It’s a baby’s birthday party. / – Sorry? It’s a baby’s birthday party. Soeul, what did you grab on your first birthday? – Money. / – Money. – What about Daeul? / – I will be rich. What item did Daeul grab? Daeul? – He grabbed a stethoscope. / – A stethoscope. I apparently picked rice cake. – You picked rice cake? / – That’s right. I saw the picture. Only the rice cake was in front of me. (The rice cake was in the front row.) Only the rice cake was in front of me. Thread, pen and such were on the second row. There was another dad who used the same trick. (What you need to pick has been decided.) (He calls Taeyoung.) – Hello. / – Hello, Taeyoung. What’s the occasion? What are you talking about? We should go today. Go where? The first birthday party. Is it today? Yes, it is. Let’s leave around the same time. It’s the first birthday of Haeun, the girl who looks just like her parents. (It’s Haeun’s first birthday.) (Welcome.) Hello. Haeun, so many people are here to congratulate you. Hello. Thank you for coming. Thank you. Give me a kiss. (I will give you a kiss when we become close.) – Hi. / – Hello. Gosh, my sister-in-law is here. Congratulations. – Thank you so much. / – Don’t mention it. – Thank you for coming. / – I just got here. (Choi Ran) Hello. (She is a pretty girl.) What a pretty princess! How are you so pretty? The Superman families have arrived. – Hello. / – Hello. – Did you come without your wife? / – Yes. I was in a hurry. – Hello. / – Hello. – Is it your first time meeting him? / – Yes, it is. Then you should say hello properly. Hello, it’s nice to meet you. – You should speak casually. / – Yes, please do. – It’s Uncle Hwijae. / – Do you remember me? Bow to Uncle Hwijae. – There you go. / – Hello, Rohee. – This is Uncle Bumsoo. / – Hello. – She can bow standing up. / – Really? – Really? / – Stand up. – Hello. / – My goodness. (It’s nice to meet you.) – There you go, Daeul. / – Hello. – Good job. Let’s go. / – Let’s go. Hold my hand. I want to hold Rohee’s hand. – Rohee. / – Rohee, hold her hand. (Rohee holds Soeul’s hand.) (Seoeon holds Soeul’s hand, too.) What a nice picture. (Hurry up, Dad.) Look at Soeul. Do you want a doll? (She reaches for her doll.) (Staring) (She gives her doll to Taeyoung) (and focuses on the doll from Soeul.) (Rohee likes it.) Say, “Thank you.” (Thank you.) It’s so good to have you here. (These two men look uncomfortable.) – Thank you so much. / – Don’t mention it. – Let’s meet up sometime. / – Sure. They look so awkward. – They look so awkward. / – I know. (They played a couple in “Secrets of Women”.) I am fine. Wait a minute. Let me check if you have a fever. (Gyojin, close your eyes.) You and Minsuk make a better couple. Gyojin, you look like the third wheel. – You look like the third wheel. / – Do I? This is awkward. Minsuk almost overturned the table when the three of you entered. Thank you so much for coming. – Let’s meet up sometimes. / – That would be nice. Thank you for coming. Please enjoy the dinner. Please enjoy the dinner. (They greet their superman families.) – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Are you eating dinner? – Hello. / – Yes, we are. – Say hello. / – Thank you for coming. (Seoeon puts down his spoon politely.) Thank you so much. – Hi. / – My goodness, hello. Do you know me? – Hello, Daeul. / – Say hello. – Say hello. / – Rohee. – Say hello. / – She is very pretty. – Say, “Thank you.” / – Hello, Rohee. – Hello. / – Soeul, you look very nice. Seoheun. Hello, Seoheun. – Where is Jiho? / – He has a shoot. He should have come with me. Thank you for coming. – I will go to your birthday party. / – Please come. (Please come.) – Thank you for coming. / – Thank you. Bumsoo, this is Jiho’s wife. – She’s Jiho’s wife. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. When is her first birthday? It’s in the second week of December. – It’s coming up. / – That’s right. She’s the youngest one in the program. – She is done eating. / – Hello. Say hello. (The first birthday party starts.) Sing it, Dad. (Singing diligently) Sing it, Mom. (Happy birthday, dear Haeun) Let’s sing together! (Happy birthday, Haeun.) Give her a big hand. Blow the candle. (They blow out Haeun’s first birthday candle.) Thank you. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Becoming a father made me realize the importance of expressing love to my parents. We want to thank our parents for raising us well. We will raise Haeun well as a mother and a father. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Please step forward and bow. (It’s time for an event.) Who came from the furthest? Who came from the furthest? – Me. / – Okay. – Jeju Island. / – She came from Jeju Island. (Haeun fell asleep.) I hope she grows up to be pretty like her mother and meet a nice husband like her father. That was lovely. Raise your hand if you brought a child who is younger than Haeun. How old is she? – It’s Seoheun. / – Seoheun. Seoheun and her mother will receive a gift. I hope you grow up to be healthy and pretty. Thank you. Please give her a round of applause. Rohee, wait here while I get some food, okay? Stay here, okay? Stay with me. You brush its fur like this. Do you want to try? While Soeul looks after Rohee, food is delivered to the table. (Wow!) (It’s my favorite food.) (Let’s have a taste.) Do you want water? It’s good, right? (What should Rohee eat?) (She eats the noodles Taeyoung brought back.) (She cuts the noodles skillfully.) Do you already have teeth? She is old enough to have teeth. Rohee, eat watermelon when you are done. (Thank you, Soeul.) (It’s a heartwarming sight.) Who wants to go up there and sing the birthday song? (Me!) Do you want to do it? Really? What about you, Seoeon? Really? – Rohee, raise your hand. / – Rohee. Rohee, can you sing? Say, “Yes.” Say, “Dad”. She can even say my name. (That’s impossible.) I’m serious. Rohee, say, “Sister”. – Sister. / – Oh, my. (They are surprised.) – She can say “Sister”. / – She said it. What is my name? (Everyone is expectant.) (They prick their ears.) (What will she say?) Ki Taeong. She said it. It wasn’t clear. – She can do it. / – Make her try again. – Rohee, what is my name? / – Ki Taeah. Why are you saying it half-heartedly now? Ki Taeyoung. (Taeyoung submitted evidence.) – There she is. / – It’s Haeun. Here comes Haeun. Happy birthday. – Look at Haeun. / – Happy birthday. (They sing a song for Haeun.) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (They sing in a chic way.) (Happy birthday to you) – Let’s applaud. / – Let’s applaud. – Rohee, clap your hands. / – Thank you. Thank you. (Rohee congratulates Haeun by touching her.) Happy birthday, Haeun. Thank you. (She dances in joy.) Good job. (This is a party.) There you go. (Rohee dances as well.) – Let’s gather around. / – In one, two, three. Happy birthday. Congratulations. (Smile, everyone.) – There you go. / – Wave. All right. The families made yet another good memory.

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  1. Seoeon still loves pretty women, from his chingu (Arin), noonas, and now, imo. in this case, Haeun ni Omma ? cute

  2. LoL when other appas didn't believe Rohee can say her father's name and Ki Taeyoung submitted video of evidence. His pride as Rohee appa.. ??

  3. I was honestly pretty sad that we didnt see Sam and baby William at the birthday party as well ??? Anyone know why he didnt make it???

  4. Soeul is so kind!!!! I wonder who she takes after more, her mommy or her daddy. Great sister, like i want her to be my unni hahaha ❤

  5. gosh seoul is so pretty ! i can see her as an actress already, but of course that might not be her interest ? ..
    anyhoo, she is what they called ulzzang(?) so beautiful ❤

  6. I ant to see a episode of rohee hanging out with the three girls that would be so cute add one more to the group .

  7. …Daeul is very lucky to have Soeul as his big sister..God bless to the "return of superman family".

  8. The appa with the boys are sooo gonna get it when they start liking one of the girls. We know them dads are whipped for their daughters ??????

  9. I know its a joke, but when the woman told Gyojin that he looked like the third wheel… Thats something you would never do in my country. I guess thats what culture shock feels like!

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