Halloween Party Games: Bobbing for Apples! (cheap + fun!)

Halloween Party Games: Bobbing for Apples! (cheap + fun!)

(eerie chime music) – Happy Halloween! We’re gonna bob for some apples. Here we go. (chuckling) (choking) It’s really hard with tiny apples. (laughing) (muffled) I got one. This is a great Halloween pass time. Ugh, I dropped it back in. (coughs) I’m getting good at this. Halloween treats! (coughs) My stump’s going to do some bobbing too. Ready? Okay. Doing great. You do it your own way, okay? Yeah! Yeah! Look at that. Yeah! I’d say we’re champions. This is a really fun and inexpensive way to find joy with crab apples. Playing in the water, yeah. You can do this with your
family, with your pets, with people that you love, or by yourself. (laughs) It’s a good time. Oh, Jezebel’s having a pee. (laughs) Happy Halloween everyone. I love you. See you next time on Stump Kitchen. Bye! Oh, (bleep). Ooh, that was nice. (laughs) Jezebel’s having a good Halloween. (laughs)

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  1. Haha this is so cute Alexis! Love this video! You are awesome and always so creative!! Crab apples are probably the best bobbing apples and Jezebel is adorable! 👌🏻❤️😍

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