Hannah talks about life after ‘The Bachelorette’ and Tyler

so to the viewers and even your parents Tyler had seemed like the logical choice so what was it about dad that made you feel like he just had to take him in the end I think with Jed he was comfortable he was somebody that I could easily see my life with because it was something similar that I had had in the past and I think that was really what I held onto because this is a scary process to go through and I wanted security and I think that’s what I thought at the time was best for me mm-hmm and I think Twitter exploded and blew up with no when he got rid of Peter I know yeah that was a really hard goodbye with Peter because really at the end there with those three guys at the time I thought they were all just amazing and had true feelings for for all of them and so saying goodbye to him was really tough because I didn’t even know it was going to come that soon so he’s a great guy and I’m really supportive of him and I know that he’s supportive of me too no romantic future there though you know I think that that was a hard breakup for both of us and we just I just wished him well and everything and I hope that we can have some type of relationship after this and once the situation with Jed ended did your family encourage you at all to maybe ask Tyler for that date like you did last night or what were their feelings on that well my parents it’s very obvious they love Tyler and they thought that he was great and great for me so I’m sure that they are thrilled that we’re going to just hang out but yeah they were really pleasantly surprised when they met him just the kind of conversations they had and knew that he was different for me but I remember my mom and my sister being like the difference good but it was it was scary and like I said I think in the moment I did what I thought was best for me and Tyler still great and I’m a great girl so we’ll see what’s hang out are you feeling the pressure though from the fans that are just like can you get married to Tyler already yeah I mean of course like the whole time there were so many people that saw the chemistry that we had together maybe even before I even really saw it too but I want to make all my decisions for myself and what I think’s best and you know our relationship and whatever capacity that is is not to make everybody else happy but to make us happy and so if that’s friends if that’s more if it’s something in the future then whatever that is I just hope that we’re both happy with a wrap fair enough and did you watch the season did you watch everything play out did you watch the whole thing oh yeah it was really important for me to watch back the experience that I had and I think it was captured very well mm-hmm and were you surprised to see like I thought Tyler was super supportive the whole way through and was actually focused on you or I think a lot of the other guys got caught up and everything yeah it was [Music] it’s hard because I the I don’t I’m not previewed to all that everybody sees and what I see when I watch it back so it was really cool to see that Tyler was just supportive when he wasn’t with me of my decisions then that he was when we would have conversations and even more so and always defending me so it definitely sometimes stung a little bit because I was like oh man he really had my best interest at heart the entire time but you know how did you vote Lacey so I was trying to figure out so what’s next for you like do I mean you’re like a day off of it’s like what’s next like Dancing with the Stars or an entertainment career of some sort of like what what do you hope for I just went there well huh but I have decided that I want to make a life of my own and so I’ve moved to LA and I’ve always wanted to do that I talked to all the guys about how I just thought that that’s what I need to do for Hannah and so I am now just Hannah and so I have made that decision to go to LA and just start a new life a new chapter and so we’ll see what happens with that I mean I’m definitely not shy in front of a camera and I still have passions for the things I was doing before all this and in home decorating and design so maybe we’ll dabble in that and I have a lot of lessons that I’ve learned that I would love to be able to share and use this platform for other strong women to see like you know just because you’ve gone through some heartbreaking situations you can be stronger on the other side so I look forward to being able to do that and lastly bachelor in paradise who are you rooting for what are you excited to see maybe watching slow reading from her girl Jimmy my my good friends Hannah G and Katie are there so I hope that they find love on the beach and all the guys that are there that were for my season I just hope that they are able to you know find somebody that they could see spending their life with so I’m excited to watch all right thank you so much

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