HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIANA! Surprise! (Dance Party) | Ranz and Niana

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIANA! Surprise! (Dance Party) | Ranz and Niana

Aye Let’s go! Aye Turn up! Aye guys, Ranz Kyle here and I’m with Okay, Niana is not here with me But welcome to Ranz and Niana Vlog Season 2 Okay, guys, so Niana is not here with me because today we’re gonna surprise her. But before we go with that Let me show you guys what happened in Niana’s birthday she celebrated with her friends She celebrated with us Check this footage out. What is up, you guys. Niana here, back at it again Okay, don’t mind my face right now we’re about to get ready for now. So yeah! Today is gonna be my early celebration with my close friends. So today is just gonna be — cozy and chill. So yes. As you can see, I’ll explain that later And now I’m just gonna get ready and see what’s gonna happen and I’m just gonna go with the flow. Okay, guys, so now I’m kinda all set And now I’m just gonna get AC and Shawn because they need a ride Yeah! Let’s go! Okay, guys, Mr. Castro is here what’s poppin’? Hello. — Hey guys. — with the one and only AC. — Okay, guys, we’re going home. Okay, guys, it’s about that time that we eat our dinner. Aye, what’s up, guys. So I’m out right now with my sister Seah right there. Say, what’s up! What’s up! — but we’re here to buy Niana a cake. It’s almost birthday in a bit but when it’s 12 it’s her birthday already. So let’s go and get her a cake. That cake, that cake, that cake — or that cake? Choose now, let’s go. Okay and guys we got the cake already right here Now let’s go back home and surprise Niana with a cake And make her blow the candle. Happy birthday Niana. Okay, guys. What’s up! Niana is done celebrating with her friends Now it’s almost her birthday in 30 minutes And we’re here, the whole fam is here. to wait for her birthday. 30 more minutes. — 30 more minutes and it’s her birthday. Look at the setup Let’s go! Now let’s just wait. Okay, guys. So I’m sitting here right here. Hey, what’s up, Natalia? What is it there today? Niana’s birthday. Niana’s birthday? Not yet, in a bit. Sure. Right? What will you say? I have a gift for her. Oh yeah, keep it quiet. — quiet. So everyone is here, Tatay is right there Say, hi. Tito Noli is right there. — Hi! — everyone advance happy birthday, Niana. Smile for the camera. Disney Smile. It’s 12 midnight! ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ Wish? — Okay. I wish — Happy birthday, Niana! Happy Birthday Niana! Happy birthday. Okay, now this is official. You may hold it. Turn it on. Hello, I’m 14 It’s so boring. Hello, I’m 14. Mommy’s gift. What is that? Oh my god, you have your own car. — alto car? A can opener? We meant to give you this when you were still little but What are you wearing? I don’t know if it’s but I think it is. There’s the gift, right there. What is it? What is it? Oh, cashier. Nice! Niana’s crying. Happy birthday! Okay, guys. This is a cashier. — Niana’s wanted that since she was a kid Service charge? What your gift for sister? a note. A note? That’s from me. That’s from you? Yeah. Did you write it? Happy birthday Niana Natalia Nice, kiss sister Niana. Happy Birthday! Sister Niana! I love you And yeah, so that’s all that happened in her birthday and she thought, that’s all of it and it’s all over But, guys, it’s not. She cried on the mom’s surprise Let’s see with my surprise if she’s gonna cry or be happy or something That thing that she wants for her birthday Is Nike Airforce One Travis Scott. Me and Seah bought this awhile ago, you can check this footage out. Okay, guys, so the shoes just arrived Mark brother right here, say what’s up. Okay, guys, as you can see, this is the shoes that Niana wants Travis Scott, Airforce One. We’re buying it for her because it’s her birthday. We’re just gonna check it out and then I’ll show you guys a sick montage. — Let’s go! Right now, the shoe’s is here with me as you can see Yeah, let’s check it out again. So Travis Scott right there, Nike Brand. And Niana this is for you So Niana told Seah that she wants this for her birthday And here you go. Okay, guys, so you guys might be wondering how we will do it? Guys, we have a shoot today We’ll pretend that we’re gonna shoot in the mall But little did she know we’re bringing her to the studio and blindfold her Bring her up in the studio Remove the blindfold and then surprise! It’s time for you to dance. And then after she freestyles We’re gonna throw a lot of shoes And then this shoes is the last shoes that I’m gonna throw to her. Actually, we don’t know what’s gonna happen. Let’s just see. Peace out! Happy Birthday Niana Hey, guys, Ranz Kyle here and I’m with Niana And welcome to Ranz and Niana Vlog Season 2 Let’s go to the mall now. Is this — Blindfold. — Crazy! What you mean? — I told you — I have a prediction. It’s a prank? What you mean prank? All my friends are here. where are we? — mall? As of right now, Niana is blindfolded right there inside the car and we just parked. She got an Idea that something is gonna happen But she doesn’t know that I have a gift for her and that her friends is there with a lot of dancers Okay, I’m just kidding. Let’s go! This is a scam. I thought I was going to — Yeah! We’re gonna film a video. Kuya, tell me if there’s something! Up! Up! Up! up! up! Okay, so last year we brought Niana to a zipline Oh my god! Okay, tonight Guess where we are — a studio. No! It’s a clown! no. Bro! — wait. Hello? What you mean? I’m gonna spray you with alcohol. Up Up You need to stay with me, promise. No, I don’t! I just wanna sleep. Oh my gosh, I smell — What you mean, you smell what? I smell dance. It’s a studio floor. No! This is a studio floor. Wait — What do you mean? Okay, stay there. 3 Oh, that’s my favorite song! This is my gift to you, Travis Scott Air force. Belated happy birthday. Yeah, I know that thing is a big thing for you So I invited a bunch of dancers. So just dance and party for her. Happy birthday. ♫ Happy birthday to you. ♫ (Happy birthday) ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ (Happy Birthday) ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ (Happy birthday) Okay, everyone let’s go here. Okay guys, as you all — right here, right now I just want to say thank you guys for going. — and what can you say, Niana? I just want to say thank you and I love you all. Yeah! And I just want to say thank you to MC Studio for letting us celebrate here. — and the dancers and everyone with friends And yeah! I think that’s it for the vlog today. Again happy birthday to Niana Guerrero Thank you! And now let’s give them one last dance. Yeah! Let’s go! The one and only, I have to say thank you to the one who organized this. What do you mean? Thank you! Thank you so much friend.

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