Happy Together – The Stories of Married Couples [ENG/2016.12.22]

Happy Together – The Stories of Married Couples [ENG/2016.12.22]

Happy to be together on Happy Together! – Hello. / – Hello. What are you wearing today? Your outfit is very colorful. It was my penalty to dress as a shaman. Since this outfit filled me with energy, – I gave predictions for 2017. / – What do you mean? (A shaman’s ritual for good fortunes in 2017) Dear viewers, the year of 2016 is almost over. In 2017, I want everything to go well for the people. (Myungsoo, the shaman will give a ritual.) The two of you make a cute couple. (He blesses the young couple.) – The two of you will get married. / – We will. I hope you make a lot of money in 2017. Stay healthy in 2017 and live a long life. Thank you. (He dances cheerfully.) You’ll have great luck next year. You’ll get into a great university. (That’s amazing.) ♪ Happy Together ♪ (A world of hope for the children) I feel the energy of the universe. In 2017, Korea and the Korean people will thrive and prosper. (Everyone will prosper.) Go to a pharmacist for drugs, Noh Sabong for appetite, and Um Honggil for altitude sickness. What must leave will leave. It will be a good year. I should watch my words. – Seriously. / – I wouldn’t have known what you meant. – That’s right. / – Good things will come next year. That’s right. – All right. / – Myungsoo and his wife are known as Brangelina of Seorae Village. It’s not Brangelina, but the shaky Brangelina. – The shaky Brangelina. / – That’s right. The shaky Brangelina. – I see. / – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie split, – That’s right. / – but my wife and I are very happy. – Do you have quarrels with your wife? / – Quarrels? – Do you? / – Of course, I do. – Really? / – My wife and I quarrel sometimes. – I didn’t imagine that. / – What are the reasons? What are the reasons for the quarrels? She makes me do chores when I want to watch TV. – It’s a trivial matter. / – Seriously. – It’s a trivial matter. / – The thing is, I wouldn’t have minded doing it once or twice. – It’s never-ending. / – You should help with chores. I don’t have a problem with helping her with chores. You don’t know anything because you aren’t married. The title of the special we prepared today is the Stories of the Married Couples. – It’s a complicated title. / – It will be interesting. – We’ll hit the mark. / – It will be interesting. We introduce the famous married men and women of the entertainment business. – Please come in. / – Come on. Come on. – Hello. / – Hello, Jung Sia. – Hello. / – Jang Youngran. We have an interesting mix of guests. Team Jun will introduce its members. She’s the smart and original Korean wave star who has been married for 12 years. Youn Sonha. – She’s smart. / – That’s right. From the fairy of shampoo, she became the madam of the Baek family. Jung Sia. (Jung Sia has been married for eight years.) From an annoying woman who had double eyelid surgery… – What kind of an introduction was that? / – How mean. – I was only speaking the truth. / – It looks natural. – I’m annoying too. / – It’s all in the past. – I’m okay. / – You’re okay with it, right? From an annoying woman who had double eyelid surgery, she became the lovely working mother. Jang Youngran. – Youngran. / – Hello. I really wanted to come. Now, members of Team Park will be introduced. You should have worn brighter clothes. (gloomy) Why do these men look so gloomy? – Why did you wear such dark clothes? / – It’s so dark. – I’m dressed for a party. / – It’s the year end. Although he’s known as the hot “Soo Dragon”, he’s the lethargic head of his household. Kim Sooyong. He needs more than 24 hours in a day. He’s Jung Sia’s husband, Baek Dobin. – He’s handsome. / – He’s handsome. – He’s handsome. / – This is nice. In the entertainment industry, they are the busy working mothers and fathers – Here’s an interesting fact about Sonha. / – Okay. This is what happened. – Her son is in the same class as Minseo. / – Really? – They’re in the same class. / – That’s right. Myungsoo’s wife and I are very close. I see. – We consult each other on many things. / – I see. My son tends to be distracted. He’s distracted and has a short attention span. It seems like Minseo is similar. (He was attacked without any warning.) – That’s why… / – I’m sorry, but… You mentioned your son to talk about Minseo. – You’re nice. / – She wanted to talk about Minseo. She said Minseo must take after her dad. She puts a lot of care into her daughter. – Ma’am. / – Yes? I’m sorry, but do not attack my child. Minseo’s my child. She is not attacking her. – Mothers have similar worries. / – That’s right. – Mothers consult each other. / – That’s right. Minseo will learn to concentrate. – She’s only in third grade. / – Yes. Myungsoo’s wife talks about her child with you. – Does she talk about her husband? / – Does she? Why don’t you just invite my wife to the show? I don’t know if I should talk about it. – What is it? / – It’s okay. I’ve been married for over 10 years. When my husband clings to me and demands attention, it is a bit annoying. Now, my husband feels like he’s the oldest son. – That’s right. / – It’s natural. My husband is very affectionate. When I told Myungsoo’s wife about this, she said she wants her husband to be that way. Myungsoo treats her very nicely. She said that he lacks the energy at night. – Really? / – I heard he gets very tired at home. – He gets tired at night. / – It seems that way. – He gets tired at night. / – That’s right. – You need to fix that. / – Look at Myungsoo. I heard he pretends to be tired when he’s at home. Happy Together has become an R-rated show. – Yes. / – Seriously. He gets tired at night. That’s what she said. Myungsoo gets knocked out at night. What she said isn’t wrong. – My goodness. / – What she said isn’t wrong. – I feel bad. / – It’s time to remind ourselves of something Noh Sabong said. “Appetite is connected to sexual desire.” You need to eat well. – I do eat well. / – Right. I was weak even before I got married. – She knows that I’m weak. / – I see. I married my wife because she’s a doctor. It was an important factor since I’m weak. – I must tell you something. / – Okay. Even though my wife said those things to you, – I always hug her / – I see. and thank her for her hard work. However, she wants me to be affectionate all the time. It’s never-ending. That means she wants you to touch her. – Touch her? / – Touch what? What are you talking about? She wants physical intimacy. She isn’t saying that she wants to go all the way. She just wants physical intimacy. – What are you talking about? / – Don’t do that. This show needs to be rated R. – She’s ridiculous. / – It’s the start of the show. Hyeongyeong and I will sit out on this shoot. – That will be better. / – I’m sorry. She wants to feel the warmth. – That’s right. / – Women need that. – She wants affection. / – That’s right. – Women need that. / – Men don’t get it. – It doesn’t necessarily mean sex. / – That’s right. – I’m sorry, but / – Men don’t get it. – we’re not in Sonha’s living room. / – I’m sorry. There are cameras here. Everything is being filmed. This is like a gathering. Sooyong, you look like you’re in deep thoughts. I’m flustered – by the bluntness of the talk. / – I see. I see. – It’s about affection. / – It’s not an erotic topic. Women want their husbands to remain cheerful even if they’re tired. – “Good work.” / – “You have done well today.” I don’t know about other women, but Sia’s husband is here. Dobin, you should explain yourself. – I’m sorry. / – Please explain yourself. Sia’s acting as if her husband isn’t here. – Your husband’s here. / – She became too absorbed. Does Dobin treat you well? Is he full of energy? – I have to choose my words carefully. / – Right. You didn’t hold back when you talked about others. You should do the same for yourself. – You are cautious all of a sudden. / – To be honest, he kind of tires me out. – Women love that. / – He shows physical affection. – He’s manly. / – When I’m changing, he stares at me too much. I’m serious. – I’m serious. / – I’m sorry, but… – She’s serious. / – I’m serious. Does it bother you when he looks while you’re changing? He stares for a long period of time. Is this appropriate for TV? – Edit it out if you must. / – I didn’t expect that. He loves you. – We lived together for 10 years. / – I can’t tell how this episode will be rated. – Was it inappropriate? / – It might get rated R. – Happy Together needs change. / – That’s true. – Women’s focus more on their children. / – Right. The dynamic changes. There are times when we get upset because of that. My husband gets upset too. Of course, he does. I heard it’s the opposite for Myungsoo. – Really? / – Myungsoo’s wife was worried because he became even more lethargic. Are you my wife? – Seriously. / – Have you watched our security cameras? – Stop it. / – You need to stop. – She was worried. / – When a woman is loved, – her face lights up like Sonha’s. / – That’s right. When a woman is loved, her face lights up. Youngran, your face should light up more. – You need more love. / – That’s right. Perhaps you relied on medicine. – Medicine? / – Stop it. I love how old-fashioned – Youngran’s reaction is. / – That was hilarious. (Her reaction is old-fashioned.) – She’s old. / – These days, people don’t use that reaction. I love it. (She brings back memories.) I love Youngran. – Does your husband tire you out? / – What’s he like? – I get tired out too. / – Really? – I… / – Don’t make things up. I always speak the truth. – Speak the truth. / – As for me, I never change in front of my husband. – Why not? / – I never show my naked body to him. – Naked body? / – He’s younger than you, right? Yes, he is. When I change, I get surprised when my husband looks. Then my husband says, “I’m sorry.” – I want to be a woman. / – At home, – Youngran gets shy. / – He wants to touch me – even more. / – That’s right. – Men get clingier as they age. / – Right. – My husband does this. / – It’s annoying. He leans on me. – Isn’t it nice? / – It’s really bothersome. – It’s really bothersome. / – Seriously. It’s really bothersome when I’m tired. They say it’s bothersome, – but some viewers will be envious. / – That’s right. I know that’s why Myungsoo’s wife feels that way. I’m serious. I think you are bringing her up too much. Even though I said many things about Myungsoo’s wife, – She brags about Myungsoo, right? / – she brags – about her husband very often. / – Really? First of all, the way she talks shows that, – she has a lot of respect for Myungsoo. / – Really? – Everyone has different tastes. / – That’s right. (Everyone has different tastes.) Why did you laugh? It wasn’t much of a compliment. – Why did you laugh? / – You’re ridiculous. – She’s mean. / – She’s quiet but a tough woman. No, it’s not that. Everyone has different tastes. – She’s Myungsoo’s natural enemy. / – It’s… – His wife always says he’s handsome. / – I see. That’s fascinating. – I… / – “That’s fascinating.” – “That’s fascinating”? / – It’s fascinating. In my opinion… It has been a while since Myungsoo sat up. I hate the three of them the most in the world. I’m not going to participate in this shoot. When Myungsoo’s on a show, she asks everyone to watch it. – She’s amazing. / – She’s the first one I know – to sends such texts. / – Does she really do that? – Yes, she does. / – She’s amazing. She asks you to watch the shows I’m in? – Yes, she does. / – She’s the best. Myungsoo has been on Happy Together for a long time. – That’s right. / – She still asks me to watch it via text message. – She’s amazing. / – If I may make a conclusion from what Noh Sabong said, Myungsoo’s like a lone gourmet. – Sooyong, don’t butt in. / – “A lone gourmet”. We’ll give you a chance to speak. Don’t butt in. – “A lone gourmet”. / – He’s in a good condition. He’s a lone gourmet and I’m a food fighter. “A food fighter”. The title is “the Stories of the Married Couples”. – I don’t think Sooyong is a good fit / – Yes. for this topic. – He shouldn’t have come. / – It seems that way. – It’s unfortunate. / – It seems that way. I shouldn’t have come. He was in the best condition at the waiting room – He looks tired already. / – before the shoot. He looks tired already. – My goodness. / – He told me that there’s a restaurant he goes to after a good shoot. He hasn’t visited the restaurant in a few years. You’ll be able to go there today. Going there would’ve weighed on his conscience. Will you be able to go to the restaurant today? – Today? / – Yes. I’ll visit some other time. He’ll go there next year. – He already gave up. / – I’ll go sometime in 2017. We’ll see you after New Year’s Day. All right. Do you and your daughter have different sense of humor? When I do something, she goes, “That’s not funny.” When I fall down, she laughs. – Kids love that. / – They like dramatic action. – It’s on their level. / – Really? – Maybe she didn’t get his humor. / – I talked about – politics. / – Did you talk about that to your child? – Even I hate that. / – Seriously. She gave me that reaction. She said, “I hate that.” – It’s like seeing my daughter’s reaction / – Dobin. You’re laughing very hard at Sooyong’s story. His jokes get funny when you think about them later on. – That’s right. / – That’s true. Sooyong’s jokes are like that. My daughter will laugh when she puts on her veil. When she puts on a veil, she’ll go like this. (It’s a good day to laugh.) That’s funny. (He finally made them laugh.) Sooyong’s time has come. That was hilarious. Does your daughter think that you’re the most handsome man in the world? – She thinks that? / – Of course. Did you brainwash her? I went on “My Ugly Friends” on “Infinite Challenge”. – I had to record a video of myself. / – Right. Back then, my relationship with my daughter was bad. – I see. / – Really? She said that she hated me. I asked her why and she said, “You’re too ugly.” – Oh, no. / – She said that? She doesn’t mean that I’m actually ugly. – That’s her expression of saying / – Right. that she’s upset with somebody. I told her that we should make peace for television. So, I told her that we should fake it. – To your daughter? / – Really? I told her to say that I’m the most handsome. That’s a bit harsh. Am I handsome or not? – You’re handsome. / – That’s right. That was an honest answer. Which part of my face is the most handsome? Your whole face. My face? Speaking of which, my daughter’s gotten older too. She’s very interested in appearing on television. – They’re like that. / – Not that she’ll really do it, – but she’s always practicing by herself. / – I see. – She must be talented. / – She wanted to be on TV. I had to tell her that she’ll be traumatized if people write mean comments about her. She asked me what “mean comments” are. I told her when I’m on TV, people write mean comments. Mean comments such as “You’re ugly”. Then she said, “You really are ugly, dad.” That’s what she said. (That’s a fact, not a mean comment.) She doesn’t think they’re mean comments. She said that I’m just an ugly person. Kids are very honest. That’s right. I’ve never seen a kid who’s so cold-hearted. We have another husband with us today. Dobin’s nickname is Butler Baek. We know that you do a lot of housekeeping. I live in Seorae Village as well and I’ve heard rumors. I heard that Dobin raises the kids single-handedly. (Dobin raises the kids single-handedly.) That’s not true. Can you tell us your daily routine? – Our oldest child is in elementary school. / – I see. I wake her up and give her a ride to school. After that, I take the second oldest to kindergarten. That’s so true. After I do all of that, I do the cleaning, laundry, and dishwashing. I don’t know why I’m saying this. – There’s nothing wrong about it. / – I envy her. – I’m envious. / – It’s not like I don’t do anything. – You’re busy. / – You’ll be done by afternoon, right? – That’s right. / – Time flies when you do chores. The kids come back from school by then. – Right. / – What about lunch? Elementary school finishes around lunch time. – Around 1 p.m. / – Right. If I mess up my routine, I sometimes skip lunch. – Oh, no. / – He’s almost like a housewife. – I feel like crying. / – Do you do that every day? – This is the life of every housewife. / – Right. – It’s the same pattern. / – There’s no time to rest. Sometimes, they have after-school lessons. – They have to take lessons. / – After that, – it’s dinner time. / – You have to feed them. Then I make dinner. You prepare dinner as well? – I heard that he’s a good cook. / – I’ve to feed them. You’re so lucky to have him. It’s not like I’m idle at home. I don’t think I’ve seen you on TV that much. – What do you do? / – It’s just that… (He makes other moms jealous.) – They’re having a dispute. / – I was in a drama. I did a daily KBS drama, so I was busy. She was busy. He doesn’t do that all by himself. I do it too. What do you exactly do at home, Sia? What do you do at home? – I help the kids with their homework. / – I see. – And… / – You help them with homework? So far, I’ve been able to do it. Don’t worry. Sonha has a knack for making the other person very angry. – I’m a college graduate. / – Sonha is… – I went to college. / – She can be mean. Why did you have to say it like you do all the work? He’s just telling us his daily routine. You’ll get in trouble one day. (You’ll get in trouble one day.) It’s not like I don’t do any chores around the house. When we used to live with my sister-in-law, I used to fold the laundry and bring her the clothes. – I did all that. / – That’s one of the harder chores. That’s not easy to do. When we’re both working, our parents babysit them. But we try to adjust our work schedule, so we’ve never had to hire babysitters until now. – Not even once. / – Really? – That’s great. / – We try to do things by ourselves. To be honest, working, babysitting, and housekeeping at the same time is impossible. That’s why he naturally became Butler Baek. One day, I was feeling exhausted, so I asked him if we should hire a housekeeper. – I was really tired. / – Right. When I asked him, he said, “This is the time our children really need us.” “We won’t get another chance to do this.” “Let’s not be regretful when they get older.” That really touched my heart. I want to be a good mom. – I’m trying really hard. / – I know that. I know that she’s good at housekeeping and infant care. – Really? / – How do you know that? Are you giving compliments now? I’m serious. When moms do housekeeping, – people don’t notice the difference. / – Right. When a husband helps out, it shows. I don’t like how they think they’re offering to help. – We’re supposed to do it together. / – I hear you. – You’re right. / – We have to do it together. – We have to do it together. / – Right. Do your children know that you’re a celebrity, Sonha? Now that they’re around eight, they’re aware of it. They didn’t use to be like that before. We were in an elevator and someone else got on. My son suddenly said, “Mom, do you have a shoot tomorrow?” – That was so random. / – He’s cute. I was taken by surprise. One time, he was out playing at a playground and I got a call from a number that I didn’t recognize. The caller said, “Are you Youn Sonha?” So I went, “Yes, I am. Who’s this?” She goes, “Is Siwoo your son?” I said, “Yes, that’s right. What’s going on?” “Your son gave me your number” “because he wants to play with my son.” “He said his mom is Youn Sonha.” My son went around giving people my number. Oh, my. – He just gave people your number? / – Yes. – That’s odd. / – It’s a celebrity’s number. It’s because you’re a celebrity. – He’s cute. / – That’s surprising. Sooyong, I heard that your daughter took your hat off at a restaurant. When celebrities go to restaurants, some restaurant owners welcome them. – They tend to be more generous. / – Right. When she learned that, she now takes my hat off when I’m wearing one. He tells people that I’m the comedian, Kim Sooyong. – I see. / – Other people would look over at us. (What’s going on?) I’d feel really embarrassed. (He’s embarrassed to the bones.) I know what that feels like. – I tell her to be quiet. / – I hate that feeling. – Oh, gosh. / – It really is embarrassing. She said, “But you’re a comedian.” Your son would take your hat off and say, “This is Yu Jaeseok.” “My dad is Yu Jaeseok.” That’s right. It can be embarrassing, – but the kids find it funny. / – Right. I’m curious about Dobin. Having a famous actor as a dad, did you brag about it growing up? Did your dad tell you not to tell anyone that you’re his son? Not really. – What kind of a parent says that? / – I’m curious. “Don’t spread rumors about me.” I have memories from when I was known as Cabbage. – Like what? / – My mom was embarrassed by me and told me to keep a distance from her on the streets. She said that? I used to neglect taking care of myself. – Oh, no. / – I was in very bad shape. People would point at my big belly. I must’ve made my mom embarrassed. She told me to keep a distance from her. She told me to lose weight. Do Jiho and Minseo ever brag about their dads? – I think would. / – I can picture Jiho doing that. Jiho doesn’t do that. – Doesn’t he brag about you? / – No. He doesn’t watch the shows I’m on. – Why not? / – He knows that I’m a celebrity. He knows that much, but he doesn’t talk about it. – I see. / – Did you teach him to do that? No. He just doesn’t watch that much television. He doesn’t know that I’m very famous. – How can he not know? / – He doesn’t know. What about your daughter, Myungsoo? People ask her first. “Your dad is Park Myungsoo, right?” – Does she look a lot like you? / – She looks like you? – Really? / – Minseo does look like him. – I mean… / – She must be cute. – She has the face shape… / – She’s cute. Her face is shaped like her mother. – She got that from her mother. / – Right. What about you, Youngran? My kids are 3 and 4 years old. They don’t know yet. They think I’m the prettiest woman in the world. When Girls’ Generation comes on television, – they’re like, “Mommy, mommy.” / – Really? (Nobody approves.) – Gosh, Youngran. / – Stop making up stories. – Youngran. / – I’m serious. They’re saying they want them to be their mom. – I see. / – “That’s my real mom.” “That’s my real mom.” They’ll look at Youngran and be like, “She’s not our mom.” So, I thought my sons must think I’m pretty. When they see Jun Jihyun on television, they say, “Mom. Mom.” You got it all wrong. Let them finish their sentences. My nephew thinks it’s me when he sees Go Changsuk. (Go Changsuk is Uncle Saeho.) He mistook Changsuk for me. I told him that he’s wrong, but your story is hard to believe. Youngran is so funny. – Your kids think Jihyun is their mom? / – Seriously. – Stop lying. / – I wish they don’t grow up. I want them to keep seeing me like that. Have you ever confirmed it with them? I’m not kidding. I’m serious. They think Jihyun is their mother. They’re calling her that because she’s pretty. That’s how much they think I look like her. – Have you had their eyesight tested? / – I mean… Maybe there’s something wrong with their eyesight. (She pats her on the back right away.) No, the eyes… Babies don’t have very good eyesight. – That’s true. / – You know that, right? I like Youngran’s reaction. It’s from the 90s. I don’t look half bad. – I know that. / – You’re pretty, but nowhere near Jun Jihyun. What do you think about this, Dobin? – Is it possible? / – I think so. I see. Can’t you try to be funnier? – I’m sorry. / – What’s wrong with his answer? – I liked his answer. / – You can do better. – He’s a sincere man. / – I’m sorry, My ears ring after you talk. After Dobin says something, I hear ringing sounds. (His voice creates ringing sounds in your ears.) – Should I do it over? / – Do you want to try again? – Should we ask you again? / – We’ll ask you again. – Let’s go again. / – Ask him again. Is it possible? – I think it might be impossible. / – Oh, gosh. – My goodness. / – And then? – Why is that? / – In their early childhood, babies could get confused. It’s like the feminine side of the mother… This is even worse than before. I’m sweating now. That was… He’s not a funny person. I’ve never seen Sia blush so much before. Look at her face. – Her face got so red. / – The side of her face is red. Sia’s face turns red whenever Dobin says something. Her face has been red for some time. We shouldn’t have come on the show together. – I’m sorry. / – Do the two of you argue at all? – We don’t argue that much. / – I knew it. – How can you when he’s like that? / – I know. Whenever I quibble about something, he texts me these nice quotes. He sent me a quote by Monk Haemin. When I read such quotes, I reflect on my mistakes. It feels like we’re talking to Monk Haemin. Even Buddhist television is more entertaining than you. At least they tell jokes from time to time. They do. We have a log of conversations of you two. – Really? / – Are you serious? “Honey, let’s order fried chicken when we get back.” This is embarrassing. “Just put kimbap in the fridge. You know I love you.” – Oh, my. / – “Okay.” Who is saying that to whom? – The yellow one is Dobin’s. / – Really? Sia’s messages are shorter than expected. – You could’ve put a heart next to “Okay”. / – Yes. If she felt like doing that, she would have. I bet her messages get longer when she gives orders. – You’re right. / – “Take the kids to school.” “Don’t forget to take them to the hospital.” – That’s you, right? / – You’re right. I bet you write paragraphs of orders to give. It’s like the feeling of being watched. – You’re like that. / – I can’t be the only one. Women tend to be like that. We tend to focus more on our children. Yes, we focus on our children. I heard that Sooyong was cold to his wife when they were dating. I used to work in Daegu. I gave lectures at a college. I got a text from my wife. “Sooyong, it’s snowing in Seoul.” So I said, “Okay. It’s not snowing here.” – Are you serious? / – Are you a weather reporter? I’m serious. She was expecting, “It’s the first snow of the year.” You could have said, “I wish I were there with you.” When I texted her back like that, she was shocked. What would you have said to him, Youngran? I’d be very upset. I’d send angry and crying emoticons. – I hate texts like that. / – What would you reply – to that text? / – I’ll block the number. (If that’s the case,) (I’ll block the number.) – You’ll block Youngran’s number? / – Yes. But she’s your girlfriend. Can you block your wife or girlfriend’s number? – You’ll block the number? / – That’s harsh. – What’s the best answer, Hyunmoo? / – Tell us. Hyunmoo is an expert when it comes to these things. What do you say to, “Hyunmoo, it’s snowing here”? Hyunmoo, it’s snowing here. (Everyone’s paying attention.) I am in front of your office right now. (They like the answer.) You went over there, right? (I love you, Hyunmoo.) – That was so good. / – You have to go to her. I should go to my girlfriend. – That was good. / – I’ll leave work and go to her. You have to go to her. You have to. – His answer was awesome. / – I know. You’re Youngran’s Richard Gere. – I loved that answer. / – You’re Richard Gere. You liked that one? I heard that your husband gets very jealous, – so you can’t watch dramas. / – Really? He gets very jealous. This one time, I was breastfeeding our second child. He got jealous when I breastfed my son. – He got jealous of that. / – Are you serious? – That’s odd. / – He got jealous because of that? Yes. When I was watching “Descendants of the Sun” – Song Joongki is so handsome. / – He is. Housewives are exhausted by everything and we get really into dramas. I was watching the show and he was like, “Why won’t he die?” – He’d be whining about the show. / – They do that. He’d say the show doesn’t make sense. I couldn’t focus on the show because of him. I was mad. When I watched “Love in the Moonlight”… – Park Bogum. / – I loved that show. – He’s so handsome. / – He’s inhuman. – He’s so pure. / – He drove me crazy. I was like, “He’s so handsome.” And he said, “His acting is so bad.” I got mad. I had to do something about it. “Honey, do you know why I like Bogum?” “What do you like about him? He’s a bad actor.” “Honey, Bogum looks exactly like you.” Then he went, “What are you talking about?” Are Bogum and Jihyun living together? I mean… – I had to say that to him. / – You’re such a liar. There was no other way. – That’s too much. / – You need therapy. You still haven’t gotten over your mythomania. – You’re still a pathological liar. / – But it works. – Your husband must be very naive. / – I’m serious. – He’s jealous because he loves her. / – Right. – I wish my husband was more jealous. / – Dobin isn’t? He’s never been jealous when I said someone’s hot. Not only that, but he never expresses his feelings – when he sees pretty idols on television. / – I see. I thought he’s insensible to pretty women. No. He’s just keeping it to himself. – Really? / – He’s going crazy inside. He’s never done that in eight, nine years. – Do you only keep it to yourself? / – You are, right? (Tell them you don’t.) I can’t say that I don’t. – What? / – He’s a man with a split personality. – She is shocked. / – This is only natural. The difference is – women openly express their feelings. / – Right. “Oh, Jihyun is so hot.” Men can’t say that. – We don’t do that. / – So you guys do that inside? I think it’s good manners. – Women don’t do that. / – I’m already hurt. It’s worse that you keep it to yourself. The thought process just ends there. I’m just worried about when you go home and when you’re in the car together. – She looks upset. / – They might go separately. I heard there’s a reason why he hides his feelings. I heard there was an incident before. – What exactly happened? / – I shot a scene – in which things were very intimate. / – A love scene. Right. I had a love scene. It was very graphic. She got very sensitive back then. I heard you almost died and came back alive. I got scratched. – She scratched you? / – It was violent. – This is what happened. / – He says it was violent. I’ll translate for you. He says there was violence. – That’s what he said. / – It wasn’t like that at all. He said it was violent. He was in a movie which had a love scene. I volunteered to play his partner’s role. So we acted it out. The passage went, “He locks lips with her.” I couldn’t approve that. – But it’s a love scene. / – That’s what they do. – A love scene involves kissing. / – It was different to actually read the script – than how I thought in my head. / – I see. When I actually read the script… You could imagine it. Yes, I imagined him with someone else. I got really angry. So I… While I was doing the movie, I was careful around her. – I see. / – I still haven’t seen that movie. – I never will. / – She hasn’t seen it. Did you request a change in the scenario? We made some changes. I held myself back as much as possible. – You did? / – That’s a good expression. You held yourself back. He didn’t get too into the character. He kept his composure. – It’s hard to do that as an actor. / – Right. Actors should really commit to their work. – But I got really upset. / – I understand, but you shouldn’t do that for your husband’s sake. We promised each other not to do those kinds of movies. – We’re not single anymore. / – Right. – We’re partners. / – You have to do what it takes. What about your husband, Youngran? – He can never do that. / – What’s wrong with you? – Aren’t you being a hypocrite? / – That’s not right. You can’t say that just because it’s not you. – Can you do a love scene? / – I’m fine with it. – Why? / – I don’t mind. – But not for my husband. / – Right. – That’s how I feel. / – Me too. Aren’t you being too selfish? For us, it’s just work with no feelings. – What? / – You’re full of nonsense. – How can you say that? / – That’s nonsense. We can control ourselves. – I can contain myself. / – But men can’t. Men can’t control themselves? – What do you think, Sooyong? / – It’s absurd. – It’s not like that at all. / – While acting men can keep it professional too. I don’t know about that. There is like a switch and we can control the emotions. How about this for an example? Let’s say we go clubbing. Girlfriends don’t allow men to go clubbing. They say men will flirt with other women. But it is okay if the females go. – We can control ourselves. / – We’re rational. – Men are instinctual. / – Women are… – Women are more rational. / – Right. There’s another example. When we introduce our female friends to our girlfriend and they say it’s not right. – It’s not right. / – With our girlfriends, it’s okay for them to have male friends. – Of course. / – Of course, it’s okay. But the male friend is a male too. – They’re just friends. / – Of course. We can control ourselves. Enough with that. You’re the worst at controlling yourself, Youngran. You get so emotional. We can control our emotions. I heard Youngran wanted to send coffee to Park Bogum. – Why? / – Are you close to him? – I don’t know him personally. / – She can control it. You can’t seem to control your emotions. She can’t control her emotions at all. My friends and I have a group chat. We all fell in love with Park Bogum. We said, “Let’s go see him.” – Really? / – “Let’s do that.” “Let’s send a coffee truck to the filming set.” – We made a booking for a coffee truck. / – Really? – We planned to dress as eunuchs. / – Eunuchs? – I see. / – “Let’s take a photo and cheer up.” “Let’s take care of our families with that memory.” – But too many coffee trucks lined up. / – I see. – Really? / – Yes. Many housewives sent him coffee. Exactly. We couldn’t send him one. Have you ever sent coffee to your husband’s workplace? – Have you? / – Right. I don’t know. That means she hasn’t done it before. – I will do it someday. / – Next week… Youngran, I think you can’t control yourself. – She can’t. / – Goodness. I can control myself. (It turns out there’s someone else behind her.) Can you send us a coffee truck wearing my costume? (What is he talking about?) Stop doing those old-fashioned acts. Please visit us with coffee next week. Those are old-fashioned comedy acts. – She’s so funny. / – Goodness. – I watch it alone. / – What if your husband does it? – How would you feel? / – He sends it to Kim Youjung. – He hasn’t done it before. / – That’s unacceptable. – He’s never done it. / – That’s not what he asked. – It’s a hypothetical question. / – What if… – Exactly. / – Let’s say your husband plans to send a coffee truck to one of the members of Twice. – How would you feel? / – Why would he do that? – That’s not right. / – Did you say, “Why?” Men can do it as fans. We feel the same way women do. But that’s a little – childish, isn’t it? / – That’s right. – Exactly. / – Right. – That’s unacceptable. / – What? Isn’t it childish that Youngran sent a coffee truck? – That’s cute. / – That’s not childish. – It’s my escape. / – That’s cute. – That’s the only fun in life. / – Excuse me. The cameraman just said, “Come on”. (The cameraman ended the debate.) Would it be okay if it’s a foreign actress? – That’d be okay. / – Why? – There’s no possibility of meeting her. / – Exactly. – I understand. / – He likes many foreign actresses. Did you see Dobin just now? He made this face when you said that. (His eyes sparkle.) I should watch it later. – Foreign stars are okay, right? / – That’s right. – Sooyong said / – That was hilarious. that his daughter gets jealous quite often. I took her to the swimming pool in summer. A woman in a bikini walked towards us. (He’s surprised.) I looked at her for a brief moment. I think you looked at her longer than that. That’s not true. I didn’t turn my head. (#Oh yes #Very good #Bikini) This is how I reacted. It’s weird that you remember that moment so clearly. – It was a brief moment. / – He didn’t turn his head. He just looked at her briefly. – It’s not something that’d surprise him. / – Exactly. Later that evening, my daughter told my wife, “Mom, dad stared at a woman in a bikini.” – My goodness. / – Really? She put me in an awkward position. Besides, I was wearing sunglasses. I think she saw my eyes from my side. – Oh, no. / – My goodness. She must’ve stared at Sooyong. She could see his eyes moving. – She thought it wasn’t right. / – It wasn’t like that. I think I looked at her for one second like this. (Maybe it was longer than he felt.) It was nothing, but she told my wife, “Mom, dad looked at a woman in a bikini.” She did a good job in raising her daughter. Dobin, have you ever been in a situation like this? – When you see a woman in a bikini, / – I see. what do you do? (I’m watching you.) – I just… / – He already turned his head. – Did I? / – He did. (I can’t believe him.) – Your eyes look… / – You already looked different. (Honey, don’t get me wrong.) He became bleary-eyed. Sia, have you ever caught him looking at other women? I still remember that. I was pregnant. – Women are sensitive during pregnancy. / – Right. – My clothes don’t fit me anymore. / – Exactly. – That’s right. / – I was almost due in summer. There was a young lady in short pants next to us. That makes you really angry. – Right. It makes you feel envious. / – Right. – It makes you upset. / – You can’t wear them. That’s why it made me upset. I saw him look at her. – But… / – He moved his eyes so quickly. Do you remember that, Dobin? – He admitted it. / – No, I don’t remember that at all. Dobin, do you remember that? (Jaeseok teases him.) (Yes, I remember.) I think it’s a biological reaction. When you see… – See? This is why men are animals. / – Why? You don’t just ignore it when someone passes by. – Right? / – When a man with a good body walks around the swimming pool without wearing a shirt, wouldn’t you look at him? – I wouldn’t. / – Me, neither. – I’d rather look at other women. / – Me too. – Is that so? / – On TV shows, – Youngran always… / – Other women catch my eyes. I do look at guys just as guys see women, but I can control myself. I don’t feel anything. – Men can’t control it. / – Youngran. Do you really think you can control yourself? I don’t do anything to upset my husband. I’ve been seeing Jaeseok on Happy Together. – He gets so excited to see girl groups. / – Really? – That’s right. / – That must be a real situation. He likes girl groups even more than I do. – He needs something to enjoy. / – He likes them a lot. (I love girl groups.) (They give me energy.) I might do this. I do like girl groups. – It’s natural. / – Exactly. Do you react the same way in front of your wife? I stay quiet at home. He’s wise. Even though my favorite girl group is on TV, I switch the channel when my wife comes. – He’s so wise. / – I switch the channel right away. I watch the news in times like these. Sooyong and his wife fight because he snores. I guess I snore a lot even though I can’t be sure. My wife woke me up late at night. I asked why. – She said I was snoring. / – That’s so hard. – She asked me to stop snoring. / – That’s disturbing. It’s too noisy. I didn’t understand why she had to wake me up. She had to. It’s so hard to sleep with someone snoring. So I… It’s not that he snores just to give her a hard time. (He doesn’t snore intentionally.) I don’t snore intentionally. It’s not intentional. Sonha looks as if she can’t bear to look at him. (I hate people who snore the most.) – Gosh. / – That’s mean. He’s not your husband. My husband snores too. I know how she must feel. I don’t snore to give her a hard time. People snore when they’re tired. I don’t think you snore just once in a while. Sonha, don’t you snore? I don’t… I don’t snore. – You can control it, right? / – It’s not… – The three of them / – We can control it. – keep saying / – It’s as if they’re perfect. that they can control everything, but we can’t control anything. We’re not allowed to snore or sleep. We shouldn’t turn our heads at a swimming pool. – They might grind their teeth. / – We can’t watch TV. Don’t you grind your teeth? – There’s nothing… / – Keep looking straight ahead. How are we supposed to live? I woke my wife up while she was sleeping. – Why? / – She wasn’t snoring, right? I said, “It doesn’t feel good, does it?” (It feels so good to hear that.) That’s scary. (He had his revenge.) – That’s so weird. / – Sooyong looks like Grim Reaper at night. – Exactly. / – She must’ve been startled. (Lee Dongwook’s character is popular these days,) (but Sooyong is the original Grim Reaper.) There’s something else that makes me feel upset. One day, I saw bread in the fridge. – Here he goes. / – I started to eat it. Then, my wife said, “What are you doing?” – Oh, no. / – I just took a bite. I said, “Why?” She said, “That’s for our child.” I feel upset when she acts like that. – I understand that. / – I’m sorry to say this, but that’s how a mother feels. When there’s just one left in the fridge, mothers don’t eat it because their children might want it. – I don’t like fighting. / – Of course. I don’t like arguing with my wife. Whenever my wife nags me, I say, “I’m sorry. It’s my fault.” – I know what it feels like. / – I hate that. – That’s the worst thing to say. / – Then, – she asks, “What are you sorry for?” / – Of course. Women keep giving us quizzes. She asks, “What are you sorry for?” I don’t know what to say to that. – What should we say? / – Tell us. – You can say what you’re apologizing for. / – How? (Please give us an answer.) What you’re apologizing for is what matters. You should be specific about the reason. – “I’ll do it from now on.” / – “I won’t do it again.” (I feel so dizzy.) – What’s wrong? / – You should tell her that. – You heard this before, right? / – That’s right. (Is there something wrong with my eyes?) I’m sorry. – That’s the worst. / – We hate that the most. That’s the worst. Don’t do that. – It’s my fault. / – It looks like you’re joking. It’s like you’re apologizing to make her stop nagging. – It feels like you’re joking. / – Youngran seems… I hate it so much. I’ll just leave. – I’ll leave. / – They hate it when you leave. – Do they? / – You’re avoiding the conversation. Sooyong said this at the interview with our writer. “I can’t live with Youngran for a single moment.” Youngran feels like a mixture of flaws of Kim Sook and Kim Youngchul. (She’s shocked.) – Did you mean good things? / – How can you say that? She has all the bad things about them. – Why? / – It’s not easy to say that. She’s loud and talks too much just like Youngchul. She often says thoughtless comments like Sook. She has all of their flaws. How about you two act as a married couple? Imagine that you two are having a fight. – Right. / – But we don’t usually fight. – Give it a try. / – You would if he were your husband. What would you be fighting over? Bread or snoring? In the case of bread, I could be angry because sometimes I keep it for myself, not for my children. – That’s right. / – Let’s go with that situation. Please start by eating the bread. There’s bread in here. (Sooyong eats the bread.) Youngran catches him eating it. – What are you eating? / – I’m eating cream puffs. What? I saved them so that I can eat them later. Don’t eat them. Seriously. I waited in line for an hour to buy them. I saved only a few after the children ate some. How could you eat them? – He’s tasting the cream puffs. / – Goodness. – Why do you always eat my food? / – He looks annoyed. I don’t even get to eat them often because of the kids. – I have a lot of things to take care of. / – My gosh. Seriously, you are going overboard. (He finds it very funny.) Honey. Honey, come here. (He sighs.) – It’s too real. / – It’s just like in real life. He talks slow too. (She might kill someone for eating a cream puff.) Don’t touch my food. – I gave yours separately / – Honey, hurry up. Get dressed and come here. He said, “Get dressed and come here.” Don’t eat them. Honey, the cream puffs… Shouldn’t we share them? I bought these cream puffs. I bought them. I waited in line for an hour. – You always eat my food. / – Did you buy them? (Is that so?) Of course, I did. Then, where are the cream puffs I bought? – How about the one’s I bought? / – You ate them. – I ate them? / – Yes, you did. It turns out you ate the cream puffs. I’m sorry. This is all my fault. (He’s adding fuel to the fire.) (He’s sick of listening to her.) – Stop eating. / – Please stop it. Park Bogum is on TV drama right now. My goodness. (Bogum can solve any problems.) There is a big age gap between you two. – This is too funny. / – There is a big age gap. Youngran is good at re-enacting fight between couples. That was great. Can you show us what you would’ve done, Jaeseok? What I would’ve done? Okay, let’s give a try. – Youngran is the wife. / – You’re eating cream puffs. – You’re eating the cream puffs. / – Okay. Wait. What? What are you doing, honey? Why are you eating them? I was going to eat them. I waited for an hour to eat them. It took me two hours to get our children to go to bed. – I was thinking of eating them. / – Hold on. – How can you do that? / – Wait. I ate only one, honey. – Honey… / – You’re being unreasonable. (He sounds convincing.) I waited in line for an hour to eat them, honey. I’m hungry. I didn’t know. If I did, I wouldn’t have eaten it. That’s true, but… You wouldn’t have? (The smile of an angel) (What just happened?) – He explains well. / – My husband is like him. – Aren’t you being too biased? / – No, I’m not. I did exactly the same. Next, he’s absorbed in watching a girl group on TV. – That’s too… / – You’re angry at him watching TV. He’s watching Twice on TV. – Am I? / – He said that one of the girls is pretty. Let’s try this one. – That will make me really mad. / – It will, right? – It’s worse than eating my cream puffs. / – Exactly. – If that’s the case, I’ll throw a fit. / – Twice… Then, I’ll be copying their dance move. (They make me feel alive.) (Go, “TT.”) She is pretty. Honey, what are you doing right now? Are you copying their dance because you like them? Don’t do that. Don’t you think I’m prettier than them? Of course, you’re prettier. But tomorrow, they’ll appear on my show. I should watch their performance. – That’s true. / – I should show the dance move. How can you be so simple minded? (This is business.) – Was he convincing? / – I guess you can just do that. Why don’t you try convincing her? – I mean… / – You’re watching Twice. It’s your turn, Sooyong. (He will try again.) (Hello, Sooyong.) Goodness, it’s Twice. – Gosh. / – What’s that? Aren’t you being too cruel? How can you act like this in front of your wife? Who’s prettier? Of course, you are. Don’t act like this when the children are here. – Why are you doing that? / – I have to for the show. – Sing for your children. / – They’ll be on the show. Don’t do that even if they are going to be on the show. I was only trying to… (Why do I always feel wronged by her?) Aren’t I pretty? Am I too old for you? I’m sorry. This is all my fault. (All he does is apologize.) Please don’t do that. – I’m so sorry. / – Why are you sorry? (I’m begging you.) (She doesn’t like it.) (They get a divorce since he’s sorry.) She doesn’t like it when he apologizes. He said it truthfully. “I’m begging you.” I’m begging you. – I’ll kneel. / – I’m begging you. I’m the bad guy. – He said, “I’m the bad guy.” / – I’m the bad guy. – Goodness. / – “I’m the bad guy.” “One Meme Is Worth a Thousand Words”. – Webtoon artist Kian84 is joining us today. / – Hi. I heard Hyeongyeong was in your dream. Really? – Seriously? / – Goodness. (They’re all surprised.) It happens when you’re in love with someone. If she was in his dream, it’s serious. Why was she in your dream? – I slept a lot before the show. / – There was… – She was in my dream. / – What did she say? But in my dream, I was kind of handsome. – He’s cute. / – Were you handsome in your dream? First, there was a nice-looking house. Because I was older, I said, “Hyeongyeong,” “if you need help, just let me know.” I said something like that. Then, it took a weird turn. I was thinking, “What’s going on?” She told me that she was dating someone. – Did Hyeongyeong say that? / – Was it in his dream? (This is the house that was in his dream.) (It’s good-looking Kian84 in his dream.) (He’s feeling confident.) (If you need help, just let me know.) (I’m dating someone.) – Is that what she said? / – Was that in his dream? – He really likes her. / – It was less than two weeks. Could the dream mean something? – No, it doesn’t. / – Are you dating anyone? – No, I’m not. / – Is that so? I felt so sad after I woke up. – He really likes her. / – He has a crush on her. – He’s lovesick. / – Right. These three ladies here are really interested in their love story. (It’s as if they’re watching a drama together.) But the men couldn’t care less. (They want to watch the news instead.) When Youngran saw Kian84, she said, “He’s famous.” I said, “Of course, he is.” She said, “He’s famous because he doesn’t shower.” No. I do take showers. I found out that he does take showers. – He looks so much better in person. / – Thank you. Think about dating him. – Do you mean what you said? / – I was being polite. – Be sincere. / – You told me to think about it. You can’t control yourself well. I’m trying to. We have some memes sent by viewers today. The first one was sent by a viewer named Hot Black. – I feel it’s going to be hard. / – Show us the meme. Show it. What’s this? “Three Little Pigs”, “The Tortoise and the Hare”, – and “The Ant and the Grasshopper”? / – It’s crying. – They’re all fables. / – Why are they crying? (Are the fables crying?) Goodness, this is too hard. (It’s hard from the start.) Is the answer “Aesop’s Fables”? – Can I give it a try? / – Yes, you can. It’s Dobin. Cover your answer, Dobin. Tell me the answer if you get it right. “Tell me the answer if you get it right.” Can it be the answer? (What is his first answer?) – I’m sorry. / – Dobin, how did you come up with this answer? – It’s because… / – Can you whisper to me? It might be the answer. His answer was “Udon”. Why is that? – It’s short for crying fables. / – That’s incorrect. – But it makes sense. / – I see. (Hyunmoo tries next.) This is too hard. You used the Chinese character for books. – They’re crying. / – They’re crying. – You have “Seoul” as your answer. / – It’s “Seoul”. That’s incorrect. – Aren’t they all fables? / – They are. – But fables are crying. / – That’s exactly right. – My goodness. / – What is it? – Did you get it? / – Did you think of an answer? Do you think you got it? – How did you get it? / – Are you sure? Yes. I think it’s correct. It’s amazing. Seriously? – That’s correct. / – Really? You gave me such a big clue. – Dobin, you did. / – Did I? Dobin, what was your answer? – Just now, / – It was “Udon”. – I was about to give you a hint. / – “Udon”? – Was that the hint? / – If you put together what you guys talked about, you can get the answer. – Is that so? / – You were close. Try to get it. It makes sense. (Sia gives it a try.) (He’s feeling hopeful.) Your answer is “Lee Dongwoo”. – Who’s that? / – Who is Lee Dongwoo? – You reversed the characters for udon. / – Yes. – That’s incorrect. / – That was one-dimensional. (Her husband is feeling embarrassed.) What was that? Dobin, are you embarrassed by your wife? No, I’m not. It’s not like I got it right. That’s correct. Let’s go. – What is it? / – What’s the answer? Dobin basically explained the answer. – Crying fables. / – Crying fables? Write it down. It’s a big clue. You basically said the answer. – You already said it. / – You know it. – Dobin. / – Goodness. I’m so annoyed. Right. Doesn’t it make you angry? – This is great. / – Come closer. – Hold on. Is it correct? / – What is it? “Fable” is incorrect. Please come here. What was that? (Dobin comes back to his seat.) (He wrote the same answer.) (I guess that wasn’t the answer.) – Sia’s up. / – He just said it wasn’t correct. “Crying fable” is incorrect. Dobin. She’s very close. – Crying fables… / – The answer has three syllables. – Three syllables? / – Think about the last answer. – Crying fable? / – Crying fable. Don’t give out any more hints. Please stop here. I really don’t have any clue. How did you come up with this answer? Because they said, “Wow”. Your answer is “Reaction”. Seriously? Myungsoo might have made it more confusing. Please listen to me. Think about crying fable. Didn’t you hear the answer? Just write it down. Don’t complicate it more than it needs to be. I got it. No way. – What is it? / – I got it. – I got it. / – She’s showing it to everyone. – Really? / – Correct. – It’s easy. / – She didn’t do this. Easy? But you took so long. (You struggled to get it right.) – What is it? / – What’s “Crying fable”? It’s “Crying fable”. (It’s “Crying” plus “Fable”.) (It becomes “Sneakers”.) – What’s “Crying fable”? / – What is it? – We’ve said the word. / – Hyunmoo. – We’re saying it. / – It’s nothing once you know. It’s “Crying fable”, and it’s related to feet. Come up with three words related to “Crying fable”. – “Crying fable”. / – Dobin. (Myungsoo gives a hint.) – That’s not helping at all. / – It’s a hint. – That’s a hint. / – You might confuse them. – What are you doing? / – I gave a hint. – That’s… / – Nice. (Nice is the hint.) (Hyunmoo still has no clue.) – Correct. / – He’s the last one to get it. (How can I not recognize the logo?) – He got it just now. / – “Sneakers”. – This is how it goes. / – It’s a nice one. That’s a nice one. – Isn’t this a nice one? / – It’s nice. – All right. / – I think this problem is much better. – Kian84’s is good too. / – Is he? – This time… / – It’s getting better. This person often draws amazing memes for us. Her name is Kim Jihyo. (Memory loss) (Margarine) (Brushing teeth) This person has the best memes. Let’s see it. What is this? – What’s this? / – What is this? – Her drawing is getting better. / – That’s true. This is amazing. This is unbelievable. – What is it? / – What is it? – What is it? / – She kicked the number four. – Is it “Taekwondo”? / – This is quite tough. – Are you discouraging us? / – I’ll give it a try. – Yes. / – Did you already get it? – Already? / – Yes. (Sooyong gives it a try.) – This is… / – What? Why? Why did you write “Bowl”? – I thought it was “Bowl”. / – I see. But you’re wrong. Is that right? (He was too literal.) (Sonha gives it a go.) – Why? / – Why? Am I wrong? Am I right? – It’s not “Extravagance”. / – Is it not it? – It’s not. / – “Extravagance”. Is it really wrong? (Her answer was quite good.) – It’s a four-letter word. / – Four-letter word. The action is important too. However, focus on what she’s doing with the four. – She’s… / – Four… – Are you getting it? / – I got it! (Hyunmoo tries as soon as he gets a hint.) – Goodness. / – Sonha. (Did she give a hint?) – Good assisting. / – I think I know. – It’s a four-letter word. / – Wait. Kian84 wrote “a resignation letter”. He’s only good at coming up with memes. That’s correct. – What is it? / – It’s because Sonha assisted me. – What did you say earlier? / – Really? – What was it? / – I don’t remember. – It’s too bad. / – It’s not “I love you”. – What is it? / – It’s difficult. (She took the hint too literally.) Hyunmoo got the answer because of Sonha. – Did I give you a hint? / – It’s an important hint. – “Extravagance”. / – “Love”? – Sooyong. / – That’s why I said “I love you”. – “Love”. / – Sooyong. “Love for son-in-law”. – “Love for son-in-law”? / – He’s kicking the top. – He’s with the four. / – Take out the “son-in-law”. – “Love”. / – Sia. – It’s crazy. / – It’s really easy. – It’s easy. / – That’s correct. Okay. Good. – That’s correct. / – Yes. – It’s too easy. / – What is it? We talked a lot about it today. – What? / – Really. – We kept talking about this. / – Control? – Here. / – We didn’t talk about love for son-in-law. – Dobin is correct. / – That’s it. Correct. Come on. – Youngran and Sooyong. / – I think I know. What is it? (Kian84 is sure that he got the answer.) (Jihyo is Kian84’s first rival.) (She keeps threatening him.) – Really? / – It’s really nothing. – It has “Love” in it. / – It includes the word “Love”. Kian84 said “My son-in-law”, and it’s wrong. – What’s “My son-in-law”? / – “My son-in-law”. – How about “Next son-in-law”? / – That’s wrong. – What kind of a word is that? / – That’s nonsense. What’s “Next son-in-law”? Is she a divorcee? I mean someone who will become their son-in-law. – This is too… This is… / – All right. – What is it? / – I’ll give you a hint, Sonha. It’s the opposite from what you wrote, – “I love you”. / – This is… – It’s the opposite. / – I see. She’s really clever. – She is. / – It’s the opposite of “I love you”. – Jihyo is amazing. / – It is. We don’t know what you do for a living, but you must’ve worked hard all week for this. – She’s amazing. / – Do you want a hint? I’m sorry. (His hint is “I’m sorry”.) – I’m sorry. / – “Love apology”. – It ends with “I’m sorry”. / – What is it? – “I’m sorry”. / – It’s a love apology. (Youngran gives it a try.) – What is it? / – What is it? – Incorrect. / – Is this it? It’s not “Domestic dispute”. – He said we talked about this all day. / – Now. – Combine your answers. / – I don’t know. – Combine your two answers. / – I get it. – “Love of a married couple”? / – She got it. Why would you combine those like that? – “Love of a married couple”. / – What’s that? It was similar. (Youngran has another idea.) I can’t believe it. He’s fighting with the four. – This is crazy. / – She’s really smart. – It’s amazing. / – This is unbelievable. – She’s amazing. / – She’s so smart. Youngran, did you eat something sour? Why do you go like this? (She screams whenever she’s thrilled.) She reacts enthusiastically. Anyway, we will send her – a gift certificate. / – This is fun. Please participate again next week. Isn’t this fun? – It’s really fun. / – I love it. Now, let’s begin the game with Kian84. How difficult is the first one? – Around medium. / – About medium. -That’s perfect. / – When compared with viewers’ memes, – mine are pretty good. / – Right. Good. Why are you trying to fight with the viewers? (It’s just that they are all very good.) (Try to guess what it is.) What’s that? It’s a donkey. It’s an insect. It’s a rocket. – It’s a helmet. / – It’s a goblin. The first one who gets the answer will get a prize. – Really? / – Look at those prizes. – Goodness. / – Are those the prizes? (They’re interested in the prizes.) I’m sorry, but can you react like them? – Wow! / – Doesn’t it excite you? How happy are you? Show how excited you are. Can we really get those? What’s that? It has horns. – Is that right? / – Are they fingers? – We need to know what that is. / – Is it a human? It’s a candle. What is it? – Is it a demon? / – Is it beer? (Is it beer?) – Did someone die? / – Who died? – Did someone die? / – Like this. – Can I give it a try? / – This is… Sure. Come. Come on. – It’s alcohol. / – It is. Did the beer make it sick? – Did you get the hint from the alcohol? / – Yes. “Drinking habits”. No. – That’s not it. I thought that, too. / – Me, too. The alcohol died. “Acting out of drunkenness”. No. – That’s not it. I thought that too. / – Me too. (They are like mothers who are watching a TV show.) He’s finished now. – I’ll stop here. / – This is good. It’s going to be tough to guess. (They have no idea.) You can say whatever you think of. – Alcohol. / – Beer. – The hat must be a hint. / – The hat. – Right? / – It’s from abroad, isn’t it? – Isn’t it from Russia? / – Yes. – It’s evil. / – Myungsoo is… – That liquor is from Russia. / – Is it a Viking man? – This isn’t a hint. / – “Four phases of life”. – The bottle died. / – No. – It’s liquor from Russia. / – It’s fun, though. – It’s “Four phases of life”. / – No. – He’s going to color it now. / – Okay. – This is going to be good. / – Gosh. – What is it? / – It’s a good one, Kian84. – I have no idea. / – I have no idea. There’s beer on a boat. He looks like he has a stomachache. Does it look like it has a stomachache? – What is it? / – It’s Yi Sunsin. I know. I thought of that too. – He’s in agony. / – Yes. – Why is he sick? / – He’s giving you some hints. – “Don’t tell anyone about my death”. / – Nonsense. What’s “beer” in Chinese characters? Beer. – That’s not Chinese. / – Beer. – Is it a two-letter word? / – There are four letters. – There are four letters. / – Jaeseok. Is “beer” included in the answer? Saeho, it is included. – Is it? / – There’s “beer” in the answer. Okay, Youngran. There’s an O, and it’s wearing a Viking hat. So, she wrote “vomit”. It’s because that’s a four-word letter. (She was desperate for a four-word letter.) – What’s that? / – So, “beer” is in the answer. – Do you want a hint? / – Let’s do that. – It’s too difficult. / – Here’s the hint. This one is tough. It has a high level of difficulty. – It’s too difficult. / – I was wrong. This is tough. – Yes. / – It’s a bird. This is a hint. (He adds a hint.) – That’s the Turtle Ship. / – Yes. That’s the hint. It’s a four-character idiom. – I should’ve studied hard. / – I know. – It’s a four-character idiom. / – I don’t remember it. It’s the four-character idiom with beer. I thought of “Oh Bi Yi Rak” because of the beer. Me too. Someone just said that the two syllables of the answer. – Beer? / – Beer? You got it. – Beer. / – Awesome. – Awesome. / – What is it? – Beer. / – It includes the word “beer”. – Beer? / – Is it okay to get it so quickly? What are you talking about? – Correct. / – That’s it. – What is it? / – It’s difficult. – It’s the four-character idiom, right? / – Is that it? This is crazy. She mixed it. – It includes this word. / – What is it? – Yes. / – I guess I’m wrong. She mixed the two idioms. – It’s wrong. / – What is that? (She mixed two idioms and created a new one.) – What is it? / – It’s a battlefield. – It’s a battlefield. / – Yes. They’re enemies. “Don’t let the enemies know about my death.” – Yes. / – Yes. That. – General Yi Sunsin. / – All the hints are out. The MCs are not entitled to the prizes. – The prizes are for the guests. / – I got it! – I got it. / – There is nothing? If you get it, you will win a prize. – I got it. / – Wait. – This is crazy. / – It’s a good prize. This is rare these days. – That’s correct. / – I got it! – I got it. / – If Sonha gets it… If Sonha gets it… (I need to win the prize.) – I got it. / – It must be a nonsense word. – No. / – That’s correct. – Sonha. / – Goodness. – Take a gift. / – Oh, dear. – This is crazy. / – What do I do? (They are peaceful and relaxed.) That’s correct. – Thank you. / – Youngran – and Sia needs to get the answer. / – Goodness. – What is it? / – I feel so good. It’s strange if someone does this. Youngran said it. – One day… / – Did I? – You did. / – You mentioned two letters. It’s beer. – Beer. / – It’s a four-character idiom. It’s a four-character idiom about beer. Look at that. What did General Yi say? – “Don’t let…” / – “Don’t let the strangers…” – “know my death.” I mean “enemies”. / – Yes. Why did you say “strangers”? Isn’t it “a will”? (He’s surprised.) You got the hint for the first part. I know. Someone has already said the two characters. – Youngran said it. / – The later part is out. Beer and will. (Her jaw drops.) – This is crazy. / – Isn’t it beer and… This is crazy. What is it? – Does the idiom include the word “beer”? / – It does. “Bi Yi Eo Eo”? Did you say it’s “Bi Yi Eo Eo”? I don’t know. (She gives up.) – “Bi Yi Eo Eo”. / – What do I do? Dobin looks like he’s almost given up too. He’s almost ready to fall asleep. I said the idiom included the word “beer”. She wrote “Secret friend”. You said it must be kept a secret. That is incorrect. It’s because he said not to tell the enemies. He said it must be kept a secret. – General Yi is the secret friend. / – Yes. He wanted to keep his death a secret. All right, everyone. On television, rich company owners do this. (They are given another hint.) A will and a beer. – All right. / – What is “will and beer”? What is it? “Will and beer”? That’s correct. Oh, my gosh. You’re almost there. – That’s correct. / – Is this not it? (What’s the title of this meme?) (Beer) It has two syllables, right? (The hints are the Turtle Ship) (and General Yi.) (General Yi is famous for his will.) (It’s a beer) (leaving a will.) (It’s “Yoo Eon Bi Eo”, meaning groundless humor.) (Don’t let Youngran and Dobin) (know the title of this meme.) It’s the fight between Dobin and Youngran. – Come on, Dobin. / – Don’t give them any hints. – I have no idea who will get it. / – All right. (We can’t guess who will win.) Everything is out. (Youngran and Dobin both try.) – What is it? / – Isn’t it “Jang Yoo Yoo Seo”? What is “Jang Yoo Beer”? Where is that beer from? Is that the pub you often go to? Why did you write the name of a pub? I was trying to write “Jang Yoo Yoo Seo”. “Jang Yoo Yoo Seo” is right here. (It’s Dobin’s answer.) (They had similar answers.) Okay, it is incorrect. – You’re both wrong. / – What is it? Dobin and Youngran, we never thought this would be so thrilling. Sia, who do you want to win? Of course, I want my husband to win. What are you talking about? – We are a team. / – Youngran’s in our team. – Youngran is in your team. / – We’re a team. – We’re a family. / – A family. – “Beer”. / – Write it. – “Beer”. / – All right. Dobin, come on! – Go! / – That’s it! I can’t believe it. (Honey, I’m sorry I have no idea.) – It is incorrect. / – What? That’s correct. – I can’t believe it. / – Goodness. (Team Jun wins the first round.) Oh, “Groundless rumor”. He’s such a rigid man. I’m so stuck. That was crazy. The first meme was good. I need to open my mind a bit. (Are you watching, Jihyo?) – It’s quite fun. / – Yes. – Right? / – It’s even better if you win a prize. I just ran out of cooking oil at home. I’m jealous. How is it? Which one is more fun? Your show or Happy Together? It’s really fun here. It’s nice. How difficult is the second meme? I’ll give you an easier one this time. – Okay. / – Give us an easy one. I don’t know how this will be expressed in drawing. – Isn’t it all like that? / – This is amazing. – They’re chickens. / – What are they? – They’re crying again. / – They’re birds. – He likes everything crying. / – They’re birds. – “Cho Saeho” is the answer. / – Are they birds? They’re crying. – What’s this? / – They’re crying. Are they eagles? Or are they pigeons? Why are they crying? Aren’t the pigeons taking a bath? It’s important to know what kind of bird they are. – I think they are eagles. / – They look like eagles. I’m almost sure that I got it. – Sia. / – Why are you so good? I got it, seriously. Did she get it? If she did, she’s a genius. Sia, your face is a little flushed. I’m confident. She wrote the flow of her thoughts here. After “bath house” and “bird”, she got the idea. – Yes. / – It’s not “Dakdoritang”. That’s a nice one. – I was surprised. / – What is that? I was excited for a moment. (The chickens are inside a hot tub.) – That’s a nice one. / – What’s so nice about that? – You can’t do this. / – Let’s compliment her. (They can’t hear their leader.) – That was a nice one. / – You can’t do that. – “Dakdoritang” was a good one. / – Good job. Guys, please watch and learn. You should talk to each other. – “Dakdoritang” was good. / – Right? – It should be right too. / – What do you think it is? – They are eagles. / – Are they eagles? – Sooyong. / – Yes. Are you a machine? – Why? / – Goodness. – It’s a bathhouse. / – Yes. It’s a bathhouse. All the birds are crying. The practice round can be a clue for this problem. Are they eagles? Tell us what they are. They’re not eagles. They’re not eagles. I kept thinking they were. Me too. They’re birds, but they’re not eagles. – I get it. / – I get it too. – Goodness. I really got it. / – Wait. – Sonha. / – Go, Sonha! – I really got it. / – I got it too. If Sonha gets it again, – she will be taking another prize. / – Awesome. – Recently / – Pick one first. I’ve been craving red ginseng. Go ahead and pick the red ginseng. – Where is the red ginseng? / – There it is. – Sonha. / – Grab it. (I’ll eat the red ginseng and cheer up.) Put that back. It’s not “shrimp soup”. – Where did you get that idea? / – What was that? It’s not “shrimp soup”. The birds are crying inside the tub. Right. They’re crying. All right. Dobin. – Dobin. / – It’s not “shrimp soup”. – Sia, Dobin is here. / – Yes. (Go, honey!) His answer is “Oh Mae Bul Mang”. “Oh Mae Bul Mang”. (Hyeongyeong and Hyunmoo get the idea.) – I think I got it. / – I think I got it too. – This is amazing. / – Should I try? – What? / – No. That’s correct. – It’s a nice one. / – That’s correct. Did our answers provide any hints? It surely did. – Is it this or not? / – What? – You can’t ask me. / – Is it not? – Youngran. / – Yes? No guest has gotten the answer yet. You can take the prize if you win. It’s the tub where seagulls sweat a lot. It’s not “Galbitang”. – The word “bi” means rain. / – Nice one. – Give us some hints. / – Give us hints. – Is it that? / – It’s a three-letter word. – Are they hawks or what? / – How many are they? – They are hawks, right? / – Myungsoo. – A three-letter word. / – It includes “sae”. – The three-letter word. / – This is the only one. – What is it? / – Isn’t this the right answer? Myungsoo’s answer is “Beyonce”. (It’s the sexiest bird.) – It’s not “Beyonce”. / – Beyonce! – Beyonce. / – All the single ladies (Myungsoo made Sooyong smile.) (He’s happy that he made people laugh.) – Is this it? / – The birds… That’s correct. – He got it. / – Is this the answer? – This is… / – I have no idea. – How is it? / – Give us some hints. – That word is a big hint. / – What was that? – The first meme. / – Right? – That helps a lot. / – It’s like the meme sent by our viewer. – Is that right? / – Yes. – What is it? I don’t know. / – Look carefully. – The kind of the bird is important. / – Yes. – They’re not seagulls. / – I get it. – Not pigeons either. / – They’re smaller than eagles. They’re smaller than eagles and they’re carnivores. Yes. – Is this it? / – They’re like eagles. Dobin! – Awesome. / – Please. (Tell me the answer if you get it.) That’s correct. – What is it? / – You can take a prize. – Dobin gets a prize. / – I got it. – I got it! / – I got it! – I got it. / – Hawks. – I got it. / – Aren’t they hawks? – You take this. / – Aren’t they hawks? – That was good. / – You take it. – So, this was it. / – Awesome. – Right. / – I get it now. What? – That’s correct. / – Yes! – Yes. / – I get it. That’s correct. – Goodness. / – It’s easy. Sia. Your husband got it. I heard they’re carnivores. “Tangsuyuk”. (I should’ve told her secretly.) What is that? (Carnivorous birds are in a bathtub.) (What’s the title of this meme?) – It’s a bathtub, right? / – Yes, it is. All of them are crying. – Are they hawks? / – How many are there? Your experience with the practice questions will help you solve this one. (Crying fable) (It’s a bathtub filled with crying hawks.) I’ll put some of this in the bowl. It’s spicy rockfish stew. – Be careful with it. / – My gosh. (The answer is spicy fish stew.) This looks amazing. You’re hungry, right? (It’s perfect for winter.) Sia, you got this. If she gets it, – our team will win. / – That’s right. – If Sia gets this right, / – Are the hawks crying? – it’ll be game over. / – Yes, they’re crying. – You can do it. / – Hawks are crying. – I can do it. / – Go. – I don’t think Myungsoo has any clue. / – My gosh. – If Sia… / – The hawks are… – They’re in a bathtub, right? / – That’s correct. – You basically just said the answer. / – Sia. (Sia’s answer) (will decide the fate of both team’s leaders.) – What would her answer be? / – Hawks… “Spiciness” is incorrect. – “Spiciness” is incorrect. / – Oh, no. (We’re doomed.) – Hawks are crying. / – Sia. – What was that about? / – Spiciness. (She was too literal.) – The bathtub? / – Hawks are crying. Come on out! (You’re so close.) Spicy fish stew? Myungsoo, you got the correct answer. (That’s too bad.) – We won! / – We did it! We won. (Team Park won after all.) (Hyunmoo is sad.) I’m sorry that you have to receive the penalty. – Can’t you try to sound sincere? / – I feel bad. (What was the penalty again?) He is water, fire, and the wind. Only the goblin’s bride will draw the sword out of its sheath. (The curse of a thousand years) (fell on his face.) (Gong Moo) (He laughs.) Why is everyone running away? We’re here with the Avengers of variety shows. (“The Avengers of Variety Shows Special”) (It’ll make the end of 2016 even more special.) (Masters of variety shows gather for a showdown.) (Laugh or I’ll attack you.) (In order to make you laugh,) (they will do everything in their power.) I’m so old. I’m like a grandpa. If you eat a lot of lamb, your stamina will… (Lamb is good for boosting stamina.) (“The Avengers of Variety Shows Special”) (“Learn to Love” by Voisper)

100 Replies to “Happy Together – The Stories of Married Couples [ENG/2016.12.22]”

  1. lol this was hilarious. Ignore the commentators complaining about the wives; they're full of PC shit, getting easily offended by everything.

  2. I've only watched bits of the episode so far, .but I just felt bad for Park Myung-soo here. I usually appreciate savagery, but it just didn't seem appropriate when the lady brought up his kid's attention deficit problems at school or Myung-soo's sexual problems at home. It seems low-blow even by variety standards, and especially humiliating for men.

  3. I've seen people complain about the meme part but I mean you gotta understand that this is a korean show, their not trying to satisfy you but their korean audience, it's probably really fun for the korean viewers to guess.

  4. The moms are kinda annoying. They look like they want to scold their husbands already. even the way they laugh looks evil and fake.

  5. the woman can annoy some people but they are also acting to make the show more interesting so they may say things aoiut standards but i dont think its all true. 🙂

  6. I don't agree with them the female guests about they can control themselves or they can have a male friends but their husbands can't … if I get married I really gonna okay with that but not to neglect me too much !!! anyway but they are so hilarious ?

  7. am I the only one like this episode. they are super hilarious and totally act like woman outside!!(they are already married tho) i think me & my friends are also like this. idk u guys act super innocent. leave the woman alone. get yr super duper 'princess' acts together.

  8. who the fucks thinks that these hags are funny
    they are just simply mean
    being a bully and being funny not the same thing

  9. yes the females guests were really hypocritical with their views.

    yes jung siah seemed to be the only of these three females who actually believed the hypocritical bullshit she was saying while the others seemed to joke.

    Yes, the episode was still hilarious!

  10. I don't think they were joking about the fact that they wont allow their husbands to have female friends etc.. thats really unfair of them :/ Don't ban them from doing things while you can do it

  11. I found this episode funny, except when the ladies kept talking with no pause. Ah, the part where one of the female guests said that Myungsoo can't satisfy her wife… ehm, so unnecessary. If I were him, I would been really pissed off.

  12. Even though I don't agree with a lot of the things women said I absolutely loved this ep and found it hilarious! So entertaining

  13. Stop the hates
    The women are hilarious and they surely knows how to make the show funny
    Esp Jung Sia and Baek Dobin couple. They are a loving couple. If you watch 'Oh My Baby', you might know that they have a very lovely family with Jung Sia and her daughter being the vitamin of the family. Baek Dobin really adores teasing his wife as well ^^

  14. so 'control' seems to be the word of the day LOL
    oh wow the women guest just like the typical housewife, but they're hillarious
    especially the one with the yellow barret
    talking about double standard for men and women, and honestly a bit high maintenance lol

  15. yeahh right how could these women do not let their husband eat what they want,in the ist place they are providing for their needs.. i cant relate to these women,are they doing it only for them to be funny on tv?im confused i feel pity for their husbands.. hehehe

  16. i know that the wives are trying to be funny, and maybe their comments are not serious. but honestly from the way they say it, they really sounds like a hypocrites, as if when a man looks at another girl/woman, its like they're cheating or something. But they're allowed to stare all the time. it's as if the mens have no control over themselves. But i hope they're only joking ??

  17. The people who eat the sones only hate these women…what they said is just facts fxxker…go back to your daddy sperm and learn good thing….gaesiki

  18. This is the first Happy Together episode I can't finish. The women guests are too much. I feel bad for the male guests, hosts, and their husbands.

  19. LOL this episode had me laughing throughout. I don't agree with the women but I guess I didn't think too much into it. They tried to be funny. My mom's the same way as them..hypocrisy. I think if you haven't been around Korean ppl, it might offend you. My mom literally does everything she tells you not to do. So annoying

  20. I'm happy that i can finally see Jang Youngran again but i think i'm just gonna skip this episode because i can't watch the 'double standard' thingy even if it's just a 'joke' for some people. Sia and her husband 'relationship' that shows for the first 40mins remind me of a certain couple, and they're already divorce. People used to blame the husband, and i admit i was more on wife side back then and doubted the husband. But now that the husband married with a good wife (she become my friend now), the ex-wife loves to gossip to other people. It's practically shaming them..and i can't deal with that. Idk how and why she changed into a green-eyed monster, but that's just like asking to destroy herself. I guess one's habit/character shows after they get married and it can gets worse after divorce. I'm now in a good friendship with the ex-husband and new wife after i apologize for doubting him and backing the ex-wife. Funny that we used to be so close back in college, and yet i doubt him the minute his wife come to me with stories. Geez!

    Anyway, Sia and her husband might not be like that. But i'm getting the negative ambience from how she beautifully telling stories and 'help' the other women, staring at him like signalling him something whenever she talks, how he had to be cautious whenever he talks, and how he look uncomfortable when she glared him or when she talks about him. So yeah. Well, hope them for the best.

  21. This is why i dont understand girls/women. Theyre so freaking complicated! And in a way kinda hypocritical

  22. WTF! I hope they were trying to be funny coz otherwise it's just not for a show where audience wants to laugh. In the beginning I laughed as it seemed funny but when they kept going it stopped being funny & even the response from the husband made it look feminist taking all the fun out. Interestingly no one pointed them out that even if they claim no man can be trusted to control themselves then it doesn't matters whether they (women) can control themselves or not coz the men they'd be working with won't be able to control themselves. Similarly, even if they can't trust men including their own husbands they could still trust the women their husbands would work with as that's what they were claiming for themselves. If one of the MCs had brought that up then may be those women would've stopped talking about it with that much confidence thinking that no one can refute them. Once cornered on that to avoid further being uncomfortable the topic probably could've changed to something actually funny by one of the women or the MCs themselves to help them out like bringing up some funny incident they may have been in.

  23. I can understand that people sometimes want to be funny and talk without thinking. But why would any person with common sense talk about the sexual problems of the host on national TV? And why would the wife even tell such private information to strangers????

  24. i liked the married couple they are so cute and the women were so hilarious it's just that woman who talked about myungsoo desire was really rude wtf

  25. Eventhough I pretty much agree on the women being sexist and double standards to the point where it seems ridiculous, I would really like to point out the fact that when men in this show from previous episodes flaunting their sense of authority to their wives, NONE of you little shits said ANYTHING. I checked the comments, ready to 'you tell em' to people but NOT ONE of them said anything about how sexist it was, how oppressing, belittling it was to women, especially wives. And now when suddenly the women start potraying these obsession habit, you guys bitchin like youre some kind of equality goddess. Stop taking sides. Oppression is oppression. Obssessive behaviour is obsessive behaviour. Both men and women has and still doing it until this very day. Stop being hypocrite. If you want to speak out, speak out for everyone. Dont 'speak out' just because these ahjummas are being 'mean'.

  26. Some people find these wives funny. But will they feel the same if the husbands do the same? Lol pretty sure the viewers will condemn the husbands.

  27. All these complaining comments are ridiculous. Men are animalistique from their nature, it's true tho everybody knows it and yet want to talk about fairness lmao. But first lady was too much for Myunsoo even it's supposed to joke or fun, why would she tell about his night problem on national tv? why would his wife talk about it with her? don't understand

  28. that is true, these woman actress have right, men are like animal, they can't control, they would have easily affair,
    these men looks so naive, but in reality they looks after another woman, if they have chance, or another woman accept it or flirt.
    That is true reality, But Marriage doesn't mean, that she or he bought her or him, you can see, glare anyone, who want

  29. Pretty sure half the ladies comments are just for the program or to poke fun at their own double standards. Hilarious episode ????

  30. This was one of the funniest episodes of happy together I’ve seen the ladies are too much. They should form a their own club.

  31. To the haters for this particular episode,

    The show is "Happy Together" so if you cannot be happy watching, just stop watching. I've been such a big fan of the show for more than 10 years already – I started watching back in 2018 (the show actually started ways earlier). There were times when I thought the guests, or the MC were being too mean, but then, so what? I still enjoy watching it …

    *everything about the show is just to entertain people, sure some won't like it, but then, so what?

  32. Every girl who commented bad things about the ladies. All I could say is You might also become like that in ur middle age if u marry a male star. This is natural. When u see urself getting old and ur husband doing hot scene with young and beautiful girls then if u don't complain or divorce. Then I don't even know if u love him enough to get jealous….

    Enjoy doing these comments while u are Unmarried and Young??

    Anyways this a Comedy show and I personally find it very funny. If u find it wrong pls complain in comments and if I find them off I will comment too.

  33. Omg i love how blunt these women are. It's high time tbh that women also talk and joke about what they want on tv cuz ive seen a lot of kvariety shows oike knowing bros where the hosts keep talking about how they want curvy women and all.

  34. Can't actually relate to them as a bachelor but they are the most real & hilarious guest ever!! ?? The wives chewd out men's brains

  35. Interesting. Most comments that say it’s funny and the women are only joking are women. In actuality, that’s the way they think in Korea. It’s a real double standard.

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