Hashtags: #MyWorstCostume

Hashtags: #MyWorstCostume

-I remember my — I’m trying to
think of my worst costume. I always forget.
They were always pretty bad, but I remember one time
we bought — you know the costumes that come
in the box with the cellophane, and it was Batman. I think it was Batman.
-Yeah. -And my mom made me wear
a sweatshirt over it. [ Light laughter ] So basically I was a kid in
a sweatshirt with a Batman mask. [ Laughter ] And I had been wearing
it all day. I was so excited to wear it,
that I had chewed the plastic. Mouth — I was, like,
chewing on the mouth thing, and it cut my lip open. So, I had, like,
a bloody mouth and — kid in a sweatshirt, Batman,
and I jumped off a stoop after I got candy. And I go, “I’m Batman”
or whatever, and I jumped off,
and it was so cheap that the costume just ripped.
[ Light laughter ] I had, like, jeans
on underneath, but I ended up just being a kid
in jeans and a t-shirt. -With a mouth —
-With a bloody lip. -Sweatshirt, jeans —
-Yeah, and a bloody lip. Yeah. That was probably the worst one. But I don’t know,
I’ve had bad ones. This first one here is
from @JodieColombo. -Ooh!
-She says, “My grandmother wrapped
my cousin up in tinfoil for Halloween and said he was
a Hershey’s Kiss, everyone thought
he was leftovers.” [ Cheers and applause ] -Come on! [ Applause ] Leftovers are good costumes. -I’m going as old lasagna.
[ Light laughter ] This one is from @MemeFinder69. [ Audience oohs ] -Wow. [ Laughs ]
What? I hope that was for
“MemeFinder.” -Yeah, he was probably born
in 1969. -Yeah, sure. -He says, “I went as
a hand last Halloween. I spent the whole night
getting hit in the face.” Like…
High five, high five. Ow.
[ Smack ] High five. Ow.
[ Smack ] High five. Ow.
[ Smack ] [ Laughter ] High five, nerd.
[ Smack ] Ow. -MemeFinder. -This one’s from @RachelLees. She says, “In 2017 we all went
out as a family group of superheroes — Superman,
Supergirl, and Wonder Woman. At the last second, my youngest
demanded she dress as poop.” [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Come on, Superpoop. -This one’s from @KellytheWalsh. She said, “I got 50 people at
my high school to wear all gray and sunglasses so we could be
50 Shades of Grey. I was told it wasn’t
school appropriate, and we had to enter the costume
contest as pavement.” [ Laughter and applause ] That’s pretty good.
-Yeah. -I like that one.
-You’re not going to win, kid. -Sexy pavement.
[ Laughter ] This one’s from @ms-emily-allen. She says, “I dressed
as Ariana Grande for a Halloween party. On the street, a kid yelled,
“Look, Mom, it’s old Ariana.'” [ Laughter ] -There’s no need for that. -Thank you, next.
[ Laughter ] This one’s from @JoAnnNJ1. Says, “I’m a teacher, and our school Halloween parade
was that day. I grabbed a cat costume from
the first store I passed. Halfway through the parade
another teacher told me it said “naughty little kitty”
on the back. -Oh.
[ Laughter and applause ] -Uh, Miss Palmer.
-Excuse me. -This last one here is
from @RickEGreen. He says, last year I strapped
a bicycle tire to my neck and just sit next
to the couples all night, I was the third wheel.
-Oh. -There you go.
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100 Replies to “Hashtags: #MyWorstCostume”

  1. I once dressed up as a really old woman with powder thrown in my head as a child…The sad part——It was on the Wrong Day…And everyone was like–"whats wrong with this kid?". #MyWorstCostume

  2. So many bad ones but the worst was when my mom dressed up as a character that resembled me in real life and my boyfriend at the time walked up and witnessed her "adjusting herself " to put it nicely

  3. We were at the Halloween store and I told my mom I wanted to be the Hulk. She said, oh I have green makeup at home. We got home and turned out the green makeup had GLITTER in it. So I was basically DISCO HULK.

  4. I tried to dress as Mother Nature one year and someone asked if I’d meant to be “drunk girl that passed out in a bush”

  5. Last year, I just wore a bag on my head with a grey bell and a red 1 on it.

    You think hand guy got a lot of smacks in the face? HA!

  6. I was Franklin the turtle one year for Halloween. The paint wasn’t temporary and my face was green for 2 days during kindergarten.

  7. There was a time that I didn’t have a costume for Halloween, so I just taped a piece of paper to my shirt that said “Error 404: Costume Not Found”

  8. My sister is 7 years younger than me. The last year she wanted to trick-or-treat she didn't have a costume and my parents didn't want to take her. So, I took her and she went as me.

  9. In 1987 I was stationed at fort drum in upstate New York and I'm dressed up like Conan the barbarian and it was cold, to this day I do not know what I was thinking.Bob

  10. I once went trick or treating as Eminem. I had died blonde hair and an oversized Elton Brand Bulls Jersey. The lady asked who I was. I said Eminem. She asked which color M&M I was. ?‍♂️

  11. I actually am wearing an eyepatch so I played it off as a pirate costume, and my eye was f*ked up cause I was wearing “makeup” #MyWorstCostume

  12. one time before seeing Inglorious Bastards I had drawn a hitler mustache but forgot I needed to go home for cash. I had to go acrosss the street where my parents were partying with all my neighbors to get the keys to the house. Everyone looked at me like a leper throughout the house until i finally found my parents who asked WHAT THE FUCK WAS ON MY FACE! #Missedthehashtag

  13. Thank goodness for YouTube. I missed this part. My son decided he wanted to talk to me then. He's 34 and hates talking so when he decides he wants to, I jump at the chance. I don't know when the next time will be!!

  14. My mom wasn't very nice to me – but she always made me awesome costumes. She sewed them & I was cool things like Rainbow Brite or Snow White. So my childhood was tough, except on October 31st.

  15. Two years ago I just wore all red and devil horns and when someone said “oh nice costume” I’d respond with “what costume? This is my normal self.”

  16. I have absolutely no idea why my mom had this costume but….
    When I was 7 I was invited to a Halloween party and my mom dressed me as a fork ? it was a silver suit and a head piece that was the fork ?

  17. i already knew the cat costume was bad when combined with a teacher at school. naughty kitty was the icing on the cake. lol.

  18. I thought I had a great costume one Halloween, I bought an expensive corset, a tutu, super high glitter heels, a sparkly wand & beautiful wings …I wore "clown white" paint on my face, so my glitter would stick to it and false eyelashes. I went to a local bar, & entered the costume contest. When the D.J. announced my costume; " Your Fairy God- chick," (Like "Your Fairy God-mother from Wizard of Oz), IMMEDIATELY, all the guys that were surrounding me, almost "ran" to the other side of the room!! I asked my friend "what happened"? She said when they heard the ?‍♀️word " fairy" they thought I was a man in drag!!

  19. I once went trick or treating as Eminem. Had the dyed blonde hair and an oversized Elton Brand Bulls Jersey. The lady asked who I was, I said Eminem. She said oh nice, what color M&M are you? ?‍♂️?

  20. one year my brother wanted to dress up as sisqo from the thong song but instead of his hair turning out like sisqos it turned out yellow.

  21. Jimmy Fallon gives me hope. I'm incredibly awkward when talking to people, and I don't think you can get any more awkward than Jimbones himself. Thank you for your sacrifice.

  22. Our moms didn't want us to get cold so they would put a sweat-shirt or a coat over the costume so it would destroy thé whole thing ?

  23. I dressed as a McDonald's Big Mac when I was young. And I had Ronald McDonald shoes to go with it. Oh boy, I was so naive…

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