Hello Kitty Surprise Egg! Color a Mosaic Picture With Mrs. Jon! EWMJ #47

Hello Kitty Surprise Egg!  Color a Mosaic Picture With Mrs. Jon!  EWMJ #47

Welcome, Explorers! I’m Mrs. Jon! [sproing] [cluck] Oh, thank you, Pocky! It’s a cute little egg! I wonder what’s
inside. I can’t hear anything. It’s a Hello Kitty mini figure collectible! Let’s see which one it is. Where are my scissors? There they are. Oh, we don’t need scissors. We can just
tear this one open. Hm. How cute! It’s Hello Kitty and she has a knitted cap
on. She’s staying nice and warm, she has winter
boots. It looks like maybe she’s going to go do
some winter activity, like ice skating or sledding or something
fun. That’s cute. Well, we also have a Hello Kitty activity
book. It’s a sticker mosaic. So we take a picture
– which picture should we choose? This is a
cute one. And we use these little teeny dots to stick on here to make this picture. See how this one is colored and this one is
not? Let’s use these little dots to color the
picture. And she’s going to sit here and watch us
do this activity. We have these four stickers, we have room
for at the top to put them. There’s a cute one! There’s another sticker. Here’s one that has some pretty pink flowers. And this last sticker says, Hello Kitty! Hello
Kitty. Did you find my baby chick hiding in this
video? Thank you for visiting me in my kitchen today.
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