Heo Youngji, “I will get married to Lee Dongwook” [Happy Together / 2017.03.09]

Let’s talk to the three actresses in Team Park. When I think of Bora, she suits as a little sister of a male lead actor. – Candy. / – Pardon me? – She suits Candy. / – She suits Candy. In real life, I’m the eldest daughter. – Right. / – So when I play the young sister, I become very confused about my identity. I am confused between my role and my real identity. I never pester my parents, but when I’m playing my role, I pester and say mean things to my brother. Some people think I’m the youngest child. By the way, your brothers in the drama were amazing. – Yes. / – Who were they? My first brother was So Jisub. – He acted as your real brother, right? / – Yes. – That’s crazy. / – I was a complete rookie. And I was so nervous that I couldn’t act well. – Did he treat you well? / – Very well. When I was trembling at the shoot, he adjusted his acting to mine and took care of me. Why were you nervous? I think I’m quite lucky. Kim Soohyun, Cheon Jeongmyeong, and Kim Namgil were my brothers. You’ve had amazing brothers. Because you’ve had such great brothers, you must have a high standard in men. – Right? / – Yes. I have a high standard now. (Bora is very honest.) – She’s very honest. / – I love it. – She’s amazing. / – She’s cool. She’s not hiding anything. It’s Bora’s first time here, but isn’t it the first time for Haejung too? Yes, it’s my first time here. – Right. / – She’s so cute. It’s fun to watch it while eating tangerine at home. I couldn’t believe that I was going to come out here. So I hesitated a bit. – But? / – I really love Happy Together, and so many great people are here, so I came. – Thank you. / – I studied in the US alone. Yes. You used to do “Night Snack Bar”. – Right. / – Right. When I missed Korean food… Did you cook the dishes we showed? – I cooked stir-fried tomato and egg, / – Right. kimchi butter ramyeon, and jjapaghetti with cheese and egg. I cooked those dishes. You cooked those after watching our show. – Yes. / – Did you start weightlifting after that? Right. – She gained weight. / – She lost so much weight. – Right. / – She’s gotten much thinner. The drama has just finished. What was your maximum weight? I weighed my weight every day. – The director checked it every day. / – Right. At one point, weighing didn’t help me. – It was stressful, wasn’t it? / – As a girl, seeing the weight go up was stressful. – That’s stressful. / – It didn’t help me gain weight. – It didn’t. / – The numbers didn’t help. I had never seen those numbers before in my life. You get more stressed thinking about losing it. Right. So I stopped checking and kept gaining weight until the director was happy. (She continued to gain weight.) I just continued to gain weight. There was no goal weight. She just kept gaining – weight until the director was happy. / – Great. But he wasn’t happy. He told me to gain more weight even during the shoot. He got me chocolates, pizzas and burgers. How much weight did you lose since then? I’ve lost 7kg from the time I weighed the most. But I still have a long way to go. Recently, I posted a picture on social media. I was at a photo shoot, – and I was wearing a short skirt. / – And? – It was a big issue. / – My legs shed weight first. – I’m envious. / – So many people said I’ve become really thin. They were really excited. But I’m still not too skinny. I’m still trying to lose weight. I work out every day and I watch what I eat. But there are too many delicious food in this world. But there are too many delicious food in this world. She’s cute. That was funny. That was good. By the way, I heard Hyunmoo and Haejung are close. – We’re… / – He’s a funny man. Every week, there’s someone he’s close to. – That’s… / – But he’s not close to any of the male guests. – Whenever we have female guests, / – Right. – He’s amazing. / – he… – asks them out for dinner. / – He’s amazing. And he invites them to go to a premiere with him. How are you close to Haejung? – Are we close? / – How are you related? – I’ll explain from my point of you. / – Tell us. We never had a meal together. But we’re close in cyberspace. – Cyberspace. / – Cyberspace. Cyberspace. (They are buddies in cyberspace.) – They are cyber buddies. / – Adam. Did you get a request from a cybercrime investigator? Did you request to be friends with him? Stop it. – You did, didn’t you? / – Stop it. – You’re so old-fashioned. / – No. – Mr. Jun… / – “Mr. Jun”. – Mr. Jun… / – “Mr. Jun”. Why would you call me “Mr. Jun”? – He is an old man. / – He is. He is an old man. – He’s wearing like an old man too. / – Yes. – Yes. / – Keep talking, Haejung. Mr. Jun added me as a friend one day. – He added me as a friend on Facebook. / – Right. – On Facebook. / – So I was surprised. I thought someone was pretending to be him. I was both curious and surprised, so I accepted the request. It turned out it was his real account. – It’s mine. / – It was really Mr. Jun. – I thought he had made a mistake. / – Right. But he liked my posts the next day. – What? He never likes my posts. / – I do that. The first thing he does when he gets here – is searching his name online. / – Right. Then he checks Facebook and likes his friends’ posts. – I like my posts first. / – He likes all the posts. Then I like other people’s posts. He likes the posts of people who don’t like him. – He kept liking my posts. / – That’s scary. At first, I was a little annoyed I mean I was a little puzzled. – You spoke out your mind. / – You spoke your mind. “Annoyed” is the right word. Let’s go with that. I was puzzled. But I just left it at that. You just left it at that. She was annoyed, but she just left it at that. She didn’t care whether you like her posts or not. I was fascinated that I’ve become friends with a celebrity. There’s a section of Facebook I love the most. It’s the “People you may know” section. When I see people, I add them to be my friend. I am a big fan of her father. – Youngji is sitting next to her. / – Right. – She came here very often. / – Yes. Youngji, during the shoot of “Oh Haeyoung, Again”, you learned a lot from Dongwook, didn’t you? He helped me from the start of the shoot to the end of the shoot. I am very thankful because he helped me with his whole heart without asking for anything in return. He helped me a lot. You know what’s really funny? I asked her if getting an acting lesson doesn’t feel strange because they’re alone, and he’s really handsome. She said, “Are you crazy? Stop talking nonsense.” She yelled at me. I thought they were just teacher and student. Recently, the drama “Goblin” ended. And she said, “I’m going to marry Dongwook.” (She changed her mind about Dongwook.) (She fell in love with the Grim Reaper.) She said she was going to marry him. – Youngji. / – What is that? How can you change completely after “Goblin”? That’s unbelievable. (Before “Goblin”, Dongwook was just a teacher to her.) (After “Goblin”, he became the man she wants to marry.) He was really great as the Grim Reaper. You posted something on a group chat. The three of us have a group chat. She kept saying, “I’m going to wait for you.” And I said, “How about me?” And she ignored me. You shouldn’t have said that there. Things were going well with Dongwook, and Saeho said, “What do you think about me?” You should’ve send it directly to her. I kept appealing to him, and he said we should talk again next year when I turn 25. – There’s a chance. / – He said we should wait. – You’re big though. / – I’m not. I’m still 24. – Is that right? / – Yes. Isn’t that old enough to graduate from college? You should be getting ready to get a job. My mom had me at 20. – Really? / – Really. How did Dongwook teach you? – Jungmin acted as my counterpart. / – Heo Jungmin. Dongwook remembered Jungmin’s lines and acted. He said he would do it so that I can get immersed in the situation better. – That’s not an easy thing to do. / – It’s not. – He must really cherish her. / – He must be busy. – He must be really busy. / – I was really thankful. We try hard to teach Hyeongyeong how to act. – No. / – You should let us teach you. I want to get lessons from Dongwook. You just want to meet him, don’t you? I wasn’t happy with a scene in “Innocent Defendant”. It was the scene where Hyeongyeong gets surprised when she finds out that Kijoon is her brother-in-law pretending to be her husband. You should’ve been more surprised. – How? / – I should’ve exaggerated it more. (Jaeseok teaches her how to act.) (He gets surprised.) (And he jumps out of his seat.) (He makes it really obvious that he’s surprised.) – That’s slapstick comedy. / – That’s how you do it. – Who gets surprised like this? / – What? That will get me in big trouble. – You will be scolded. / – She wouldn’t listen to us. That’s really bad, honey. – That’s bad. / – That’s bad. It’s me, Minho. (Really?) (I am surprised!) (You’re really bad.) Are you into Dongwook or his character? Dongwook has that character in him. – He’s got the Grim Reaper’s character. / – Has he? – In what ways? / – He is – blunt yet kind. / – Right. – Dongwook is like that. / – Yes. Sometimes, he acts playful and he sometimes acts manly. I felt proud to see his personality reflected in his character. You like Dongwook more than Gongyoo, right? I like the Grim Reaper more. I like the Grim Reaper more than the goblin. Will you go to the other life if he asks you? She likes it. She’s happy to go to the afterlife. – That means you die. / – She’s happy to die. – You’re going to die. / – She’s happy to die. We briefly talked about it a while ago, but Soyeon has many other talents than speaking four languages. I heard you can tell someone’s fortune by physiognomy. – Did you learn it for acting? / – Yes. I didn’t study it professionally. When I study characters, appearances matter a lot. Mr. Huh Youngman has a comic book called “Appearance”. I thought it would help me, so I started reading it. It turned out to be really good, so I read a lot of it. What can you say about Jaeseok’s appearance? The shape of his mouth and nose tells us that he’s clear about what he believes. He’s got many creative ideas and a drive too. His nose tells us that he’s lucky with money. – My nose. / – Yes. He’s lucky with money. What do you think about his protruded mouth? – That’s good. / – Is this a good thing? The more protruded your mouth is, the luckier you are with a woman. – What? / – It’s the same for you two. – The one with protruded mouth… / – The one with… I’m talking more about the shape of the face. – The protruded features are lucky. / – Like a bird. – Your nose is high too. / – Yes. Those people have a wife who is very submissive and kind. – They are good. / – Are you sure? – It’s not true. / – She’s not very good. – I guess I’m wrong. / – He can’t defy her. He should be lucky with a woman. I don’t know if it’s because of her outfit, she looks like someone who does black magic. You do. She was quietly listening to our conversations. – How about her? / – Do I look like a criminal? – No. / – Don’t do that. She looks like someone with deep thoughts. She looks like someone who enjoys being alone. I think she would enjoy her time alone. How can you tell that? I can tell by her nose, eyes and eyebrows. – Her nose… / – That’s very fascinating. She’s good. – She’s quite good. / – Goodness. I just read books and memorized them. – Fascinating. / – Physiognomy is based on statistics. – Yes. / – We can’t read someone’s fortune by looking at his appearance, but if his hair is pressed we know that he loves to lie down. We can also tell that he might have a bad back. That’s all we can say. – What she said is amazing. / – She’s right. I don’t know if it’s your shirt, – but I keep seeing your character. / – I am sorry, – How so? / – but did someone grab you by the collar before coming here? – Her shirt got stretched. / – That’s not it. – Did someone grab you by the collar? / – Do I look… It looks like you’re wearing your shirt the wrong way. – That’s the trend. / – It looks like that. – Is that how it should be? / – It’s very stylish. – I thought someone pulled it. / – How did you debut? Jinhee has been famous for being very pretty. Weren’t you a teen when you debuted? – I was 19. / – Right. It was right after I graduated from high school. The director thought I was very original. The other ones prepared what to say on the audition. When they’re asked about what their father does, they said what their father did. But I said, “How is that a relevant question?” – I said that because… / – That’s different. I didn’t know what else to say. The director thought I was bold enough for the film. That’s what he thought. At the end-of-the-shoot party, he poured me a drink and said I was the worst choice he’s ever made. – After ten months. / – Why did he say that? – I was terrible at acting. / – You didn’t know how. – He was drawn by your boldness, / – So – but he regretted his decision. / – Yes. I heard crying was the hardest part. Isn’t crying really tough? How is it? – It’s tough. / – It’s tough even for the experienced. There was a scene where I had to cry. But I didn’t think I could manage to cry. I was scared of the director, and there were so many people at the shoot. I was also the youngest cast. To cry easily, I prepared grated onion. That smells. That was in the middle of summer, and we had to shoot it in the evening. – The onion ended up getting spoiled. / – The onion. The grated onion got spoiled, but I didn’t know. The director finally told me to cry. I couldn’t cry, so I thought I’d ask for the onion. I really put some on my eye and cried. And the shoot finished well. – But my eye ended up getting infected. / – Goodness. That happened one time. You have big eyes too. So you succeeded to cry, – but your eye got infected. / – I barely cried. The director thought I couldn’t do any better. – You forced yourself to cry. / – Yes. The director must’ve cried in the back. I think he did. – “Why did I cast her?” / – I’m sure he did that. As long as someone cried, it’s all good. I feel so sorry to him. It’s not easy for an actor to cry. I know. That’s what I am saying. Why don’t you two try crying? – But… / – Why would we do that? – He got scolded. / – That’s nice. I like this. Isn’t it nice? I thought it was a bad idea, and she said that. It’s like she read my mind. Acting, especially crying, must be really hard. I think it must be really tough. I can’t cry. – When I’m really nervous, I can’t cry. / – You can’t. Someone suggested I take cheongsimhwan. But when I took it, I started getting sleepy. I couldn’t help it. But don’t you get tears when you yawn? – I couldn’t get tears. / – As the last resort, – I bit my tongue. / – Goodness. This time, it hurt too much that I couldn’t cry. You can’t cry when you feel too much pain. So every day, I practiced crying. If I had a shoot at 12:30 p.m. two days later, – I started crying at 12 p.m. / – You practiced. I practiced to cry in one minute. I practiced so that I can get in the mood quickly, but I ended up failing to cry. – I didn’t expect that. / – It’s exactly 12:30 p.m. So I wondered if you could cry now. – I feel a little emotional. / – Now, people are more respectful, but in the past, – people used to shout at you. / – I can’t cry. The directors don’t want to pressure you, so they say it’s okay and that they can wait. – They’re very patient at first. / – Yes, they are. But when you keep making mistakes, they start yelling at their crew. “Don’t move. What are you doing?” (They know exactly what he’s talking about.) They do that. – Hey! / – They scold the crew for no reason. For no reason. They didn’t do anything wrong. – Right. / – They were just doing their job. When someone’s stomach rumbles, they say, “Who is it?” “You think I’m not hungry?” – “How dare you!” / – So the crew end up crying. – Right. / – Right. That happens. When that happens, they should change the plan and do a back shot. – A back shot. / – They can shoot the back of the person who should be crying. (The actor can cry with his shoulders.) Right. I know. (He looks like he’s weeping.) Right. But that’s an old-fashioned technique. – Who does that now? / – Why not? – Who does that? / – You can do that instead. Jinhee said how hard it is to cry. – That’s comedy. / – You can cry with your shoulders. You can do that in a comedy show. – Is it? / – That’s comedy. I heard Yeonah didn’t have a manager

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