Hood Adjacent with James Davis – Michael Jordan’s Birthday Party

Hood Adjacent with James Davis – Michael Jordan’s Birthday Party

My first stop
at All-Star Weekend
was the Jordan Pop-Up Shop
where I hooked up
with Dez Marzette.
He’s my homeboy from college
and the Global Director
of Advertising
for the Jordan brand.– These are all the models
that he wore… – [angelic singing]
– During All-Star weekend, man. – Boom, Jordan 11.
– Oh, yeah. – That’s my all–
that’s–that’s the Holy Grail right there.
– That’s the one. – Yeah, that’s the one.
Then maybe, ooh, I love a good 13.
– Mm. – And a 12.
This was a good three-year run where my mom’s finances
were exposed. She was like, “If you want
this one, you can’t do the next five.”
– Same here. – Take me back–so,
when you were a kid, you were a Jordan fan as well,
what was the original plan? Did you wanna play with him?
Did you wanna–? – Nah, I wasn’t that good. – Me neither.
– Straight up. – Okay, yeah, yeah.
– So I had to figure out a different way in the game.
– Okay. – And I was always in love with
the Jordan commercials, man. – This is amazing.
I–I’m overwhelmed right now with excitement.♪ ♪– I’ll tell you what.
This is his birthday weekend. – Okay.
– There’s a little shindig going down.
– Okay. – Come on down, check him out. Cool?
– My man. Okay, so Dez just
invited me to Michael Jordan’s birthday party.
On the real, when you’re a mature black man in America,
you can’t show excitement. You have to play it cool,
like, “Oh, MJ’s party? I’ll see if I have time.”
But I want you to know inside, I was losing my
“Adjacent” shit! I was pussy on the way excited.[laughter]– Okay, the Jordan party
tonight. I don’t know what sauce
I want to hit ’em with. Do I hit him
with the Space Jams? Remind him of his Bugs Bunny
experience when he saved the world?
Or do I remind him of the ’96 Finals
when he killed off Gary Payton? But maybe Gary’s there,
and Gary doesn’t want to be reminded of that day, so I don’t
want hit him off with these. Do I hit him
with the all whites? Who does cocaine at the party? Do I hit him with the throwback?
I don’t know. Should I go black tie
like the Oscars? I want to be so clean
that Michael Jordan has to be like… “Who’s that guy?”♪ ♪Hi, I’m James Davis. This is Les–he’s my plus one. – We’re here
to celebrate the birth of Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Yeah, we’re on the list. The big deal people–per–
important people– person list. Yep, I’m not nervous.
I normally talk this way.Our cameras were not allowed
inside, so, from this point on,
I gotta bootleg this shit.I’m at the party.
Michael Jordan is not here. LeBron is not here.
I’m definitely the, uh, earliest cool n—a here.♪ ♪Michael Jordan
is officially here.
I’m nervous.
He just said “What’s up?” to Russell Westbrook.
Charles Oakley’s in the building and I just shook his hand. I’ve seen Michael
numerous times. We haven’t met,
but, like, spiritually I feel like we’re
friends already. I feel like I’m gonna meet him.
I’m going back in there. I’m gonna meet Michael Jordan.
He means too much to the “Hood” and the “Adjacent”
for me to not shake his hand. I’m gonna make it happen.I was right there–so close
I could smell Michael’s
Michael Jordan cologne,
but I couldn’t do it.
I couldn’t say “What’s up?”[applause]

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  2. This show is lame. I get he's trying to be funny but he really comes off lame. That hairline of his is in another dimension.

  3. Why do we spend so much money on snickers and clothes and not save it for school or a house or food my mom teachers at a lower class school she sees black kids and other kids but mostly black having 100 dollar shoes that (they will grow out of eventually) but some how can't afford lunch and has to get the shitty sandwich, why do us black folk feel the need to flaunt our wealth when they don't have any to begin with

  4. Yeah wear Jordans to the dudes fuckin birthday party. That wont look ridiculous. Maybe even go "ay mike! You remember these!?" Fuckin tool

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