100 Replies to “House Judiciary Committee Debates on Articles of Impeachment”

  1. What happend to commence sense?
    I not a democrats or republican, but you must be blind if you think this isnt wrong. Impeachment is not going to happen. The senate will stop that. But imagine a democrat doing what Trump does. Be honest would you say its okay too?

    And dont you think he has a strange attitude in front of world leaders.
    Only ones he seems to like Putin, Kim and saudi arabia. Other worldleaders he doesnt like, maybe Boris Johnson.
    That should be a red flag.

  2. I noticed that Jim Jordan and Matt gatez. And Collins. Are trying to fast talk to the American people. But it's not working .they need to just stop and give that one up. Because every time they open their mouth. I picked up on what they were throwing out. Before their sentences ended

  3. Why do the dems keep mentioning that "while aid was held up people died?" People were DYING BEFORE AID WAS HELD UP, THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS IN WAR!

  4. What the Dems are really saying by claiming that investigating Biden is election interference is insulting. They are inferring that people can not examine evidence and make their own decision for who to vote for. They are saying you're not smart enough to decide who and what to listen to. They think that the American people can't be trusted to do the right thing, that the information they have access to must be controlled and censored. They are saying that looking for evidence to discredit one's opponent is tantamount to gerrymandering or adding dead people to a ballot. They accuse the President of trying to start a smear campaign and call it a crime. If that is a crime, then nearly every political candidate who's run for office should be in jail. How many ads have I seen criticizing a political opponent during election time. On top of that, they refuse to entertain the possibility that the investigation may have been warranted, and therefore justified. What a sham. How insulting. We are not stupid people.

  5. The congress is only corrupt. These queerz are coveting and covering up Barack and Hillarys u235 thefts with the board of governors, Boeing The Communists, socialists, liberals and all democrats are the sworn enemies of Americam Citizens. Build the wall around the internationally owned congress and let them drown in cement. They are all treasonists

  6. You ALL saw that, Nadler called everyone back in this morning for TEN minutes to rap this clown show up!? Now u see why Republicans were so upset with Jerry's STUNT last night ?

  7. Too bad they never work this hard for the American people. But they will work like crazy to save themselves! IG report revealed the entire Mueller Investigation was based on a LIE!!!

  8. Donald Trump is Guilty of Violating the Constitution of the United States of America. He invited foreign powers to interfere in our elections in 2016 and got caught, and he did it again in 2019 and got caught him. He obstructed Congress.. He's a Criminal and he must be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. IMPEACH TRUMP.

  9. Yeah, BUT, (1 Chronicles 28:9). “The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good” (Proverbs 15:3). He sees what is behind and what is ahead, all the threats, all the dangers.
    Pray for goodness and God’s mercy.

  10. C-SPAN should really re-open the chat sessions in these hearings. But we know why you won't : it'll completely break the narratives you're trying to establish with your phony "in-calls" as being representative of the public opinion at large, while that same "public opinion at large" is being deprived of the most direct mean to express itself in this day and age. The 90' ended over 20 years ago. Time for you guys to get on the same page as the rest of us.

  11. This is the best show I have ever seen only thing missing are the white powderes wigs sence this is more like a white wig court. The dems are stealing this impeachment illegally in front of all of America. Bye bye house dems your going to be removed by we the people for stealing our votes. Trump has done great things for this country. The left has divided it and I really don't think Trump. Biden was a threat Joe Biden can't even spell his own name at this point the powers of the presidency in America God Bless America WWG1WGA Trump 2020. And thin I have to ask what has this great country came to if the left can make up rules and act above the law and want a American to prove his innocences instead of them proving guilt that I get have seen

  12. President Trump’s accomplishments speak for themselves and does not require illegal actions by President Trump to improve his win- ability in 2020. President Trump has proven his intentions for the American people; Give back HOPE and GOODWILL to WE THE PEOPLE. I PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRIES LEADERS, BOTH SIDES. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY.

  13. If the Republicans battled as hard for the Rights of the American people as they battled for Trump and the rich, America would be viewed much better in world standings. Politics is crazy!!!

  14. https://www.Youtube.com/watch?v=M7kh2bZw5Ic
    PROOF James Comey Testified all FACTS for all below!

    QUESTION = I'd love to hear but it's NEVER brought up… The most important… The START…

    Let's hear it's ok that the start was "Russia attacked our Democracy by hacking the DNC server" (Remember 17 intelligence agencies agree)

    FACT = NOT 1 Intelligence agency examined the SERVER!

    Who issued conclusion? Who discovered "Russia" did anything?

    * ANSWER = A PRIVATE COMPANY named "CrowdStrike" the DNC/HILLARY paid!

    * QUESTION cont = So who is ok with the facts. Even more imagine the reverse…
    Imagine President Trump reports a "crime"… A crime so serious it could cause war "A country attacking another country"…
    When the FBI responds the "Victim" tells the FBI NO & get out! Not 1 time but many!
    Then quietly gets the FBI after controlling 100% till now gets the FBI to use the "VICTIMS" PAID PRIVATE COMPANY CONCLUSIONS as the "official findings" never brought up to even attempt to be upfront (not that it matters).

    CONCLUSION = James Colmey ultimately testified all above is 100% factual after it was discovered & questioned a long time after.

    So the DNC/Hillary Clinton controlled & called 100% of the entire said scenario! Let's hear any excuse for ANY of this entire starting events that has ripped America apart for over 3 years!

  15. A US President using Twitter like a 16 year old girl should be grounds for impeachment in and of itself, I think it represents a staggering example of being unfit for office. IE: throwing shade at an actual 16 year old girl. Certainly not the behavior of the person id want representing me as an American.


  17. OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN, HALLOWED BE THY NAME , THY KINGDOM COME, WILL BE DONE ON EARTH ? as in HEAVEN, GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD, FORGIVE OUR SINS OF HATE, and LOVE ONE ANOTHER and our enemies. Loving your enemies doesn’t mean being with them or eating with them. Forgive, but not forget, and not to have anything to do with your enemies. I rebuke the Democrats as EVIL INCARNATE.

  18. Julian Assange for 2020! Both political party's have proven that they cannot be trusted with our future! name calling is no way to run the country

  19. While democrats are "busy" dividing this country and attacking a great president, they have no idea what is going on in the world. And Trump is the first president after Reagan who understands what is going on and what US should do to protect us and the world. Wake up before it is really really too late!

  20. This is the message the Republicans really are definitely more deceiving hateful argumentative bullies people with no empathy most of them like the president

  21. Hey Zoe, People died in Benghazi to, and nothing was done to Obama. So what's your point? It seems to me that you Dem's are trying to kill off all of us Americans. There's a reason President Trump Won the Election Ma'dam.

  22. Please sign, support, and share https://www.change.org/…/let-s-put-and-end-to-abuse-of... … … … Thank You ?

    #MeToo #MMIWG #Stalked #IdentityStolen #TrustFundsStolen #Corruption #Drugged #Abducted #Tortured #Raped #Filmed #Trafficked #TrumpModels #TajMahal #PornHarms #HolisticHealth #antihumantrafficking #EndIt #TimesUp

  23. Ok Jeffries, Where's your Facts that Jordan pointed out. Did you submit them promptly, were they submitted at all? I 100% Agree with Jim Jordan here.

  24. It also seems to me that the Dem's here are trying to stall Ukraine's INVESTIGATION. Talk about Illegal, that takes the cake.

  25. Minority didn’t have the same rights to who they can call for witnesses. This impeachment is a fake lie rehearsed by the Democrats circus.

  26. Funny how these Impeachment hearings seem to Resemble my own Complicated Real Life Relationship that puts me in the same position as President Trump, which makes me Feel like President Freda!!! God Forbid… LOLOLOLOL!!! God Bless America! Amen

  27. Main point is the important committee is the Judiciary Committee for impeachment, and the point is that not all the Judiciary Committee were in the Intelligence Committee’s closed door hearing. This whole impeachment process should of started in the Judicial Committee’s.

  28. Wow this lady is dumb, she is a just a puppet for the deep state. Can’t even be mad at her, she is a little old lady holding the line the best she can. I kind of feel sorry for her. 4:49:10

  29. Swalwell – your key word is private benefits as a crime that Trump has committed. The question is as the transcripts states not me or I a favor, just a favor on the behalf of the U.S. that means it does not fall under his private benefit. He’s showing how corrupted what the swamp has been.

  30. Dog and pony show when they were all caught with their hands in the Afghanistan cookie jar!! #Afghanistanpapers #OperationCyclone

  31. Funny how these Impeachment hearings seem to Resemble my own Complicated Real Life Relationship that puts me in the same position as President Trump, which makes me Feel like President Freda!!! God Forbid… LOLOLOLOL!!! God Bless America! Amen

  32. The Dem's are trying to ROB all Americans right now and have always Robbed US with Illegal Immigration, Soc. Sec. Basically EVERYTHING!!! DUH!

  33. The Dems are wrong… The judicial branch decides on if there is a difference of opinion between the Executive and Legislative branches… One branch or the other isn't expected to just roll over to the whims of the other branch. Otherwise you would end up with a parliamentary or a dictatorship form of government. Trump has a right to use Executive privilege, if he feels that the process isn't being followed. And vice versa. They are in too much of a rush to take it to court and they know if it goes before a judge, he will rule on the procedure and they will have to allow a more even process negotiation. They would have to argue their point based on law. Actual law.. Not how the Dems are trying to twist the law to fit their case. The reason why a president never did it before is, none has been railroaded or has been not allowed to call any witness or even face his accuser, like this before.

    Hard to believe that these lawyers are trying to do this… Trying to baffle people who don't know the law, that there is nothing wrong with what they are trying to do… And especially because when it hits the Senate floor… They will point out the error of their ways and it will make the people see what they are up to… They just want the sound bite that they impeached Trump and be damned about the fall out. Plainly retarded if you ask me…

    On a side note, tired of because they didn't get the aid 25 people died… How about while Obama just sent blankets… August 29(I think), 2014 366 soldiers according to the Ukraine count and 400 by another agency died in the biggest battle… Where was Obama's impeachment?

    And it is the President, not the House, the Senate or non elected bureaucrats decides what the US polices are and can change his mind at any time.

    And in the Nixon Impeachment there was a Senate Special Committee with special powers set up to investigate and in the Clinton impeachment, Bill was already under investigation for including the Whitewater controversy, the firing of White House travel agents, and the alleged misuse of FBI files, by Kenneth Starr who was appointed by a three-judge panel to continue the Whitewater investigation. When the Lewinsky deal popped up and Bill ended up lying to a grand jury. He should have been impeached on more but he had James Comey in his back pocket. Comey acted as deputy special counsel to the Senate Whitewater Committee. And found "no intent" for both Hillary and Bill in the Whitewater investigation. Sounds kind of familiar ("cough" email server) doesn't it?

    So in both cases, it wasn't touched by or handed to the House until the charges were brought forth. Are you guys on the Dems side really lawyers? Maybe you should get your money back… No wonder you want free college, so you can go back and learn what you didn't learn, for free.

  34. Democrats are so dishonest, if you going to tell a lie make it a big one, imagine how much better things would be if the Democrats would stop harassing the president Donald Trump is not perfect but he's been a good president

  35. Senate won't remove, Trump will win re-eelction, serve a complete 2nd term, so after all is said and done, this is all worthless noise.

  36. Stubborn DEMOCRATES !!!! Your party was so UNFAIR!!! As an American, I'm ashamed of what Democrats are doing with NO BASIS OF TRUTH AT ALL!!!
    FORGET IT!!! WE WILL NOT VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRATS!! it is SCARY having politicians like them to RULE America!!! The country will be in danger!!! VERY BAD and POOR GOVERNANCE !!!

  37. Hello Jayapal, Trump threaten Egypt to withhold fund if they can’t control the slaughtering of Christians there by the Muslims brotherhood . Why is there no outcry for that one. We do it all the time. Hillary did it.

  38. Escobar, we are giving funds to another country. They are not a citizen of US. The reason for funds is to use to build a alliance to another country. Do you give donation to just anyone?

  39. The Dems are hard to follow. They said trump ask for an invitation only now. But had Biden not done exactly what they said Trump did (Biden was more direct with demqnd) while vice president and said president Obama would back him. But investigation woulda been going on since Obama administration.

    Think of isreal a small country, an ally, in a dangerous region for both Americans and isreal, that reagon isreal is helping USA with has sent many terrorists to America so has actually fired shots and exploded buildings in America Russia has not so isreal is more dire to help. Isreal is less corrupt. Isreal has had people die. Obama withheld funds and actively interfered in their election obama bowed and kissed rings of these actual enemies to USA and isreal. Gave pallets of cash to enemies of USA and isreal. Released terrorist back to that region for a traitor soldier could go on.
    so how are Dems so outraged and say unprecedented when Obama did worse without this congressional overreach

  40. With how Americans have become. Russia's will soon rule the USA. Just let us Russian people have trump for four more years. Afganistan then Syria and Iran. Ukraine will be ours next. Then we are coming for the USA. Go polar bears

  41. 8:12:20 This fuckin dummy that said Guam would capsize, also thinks Trump needs to be impeached for being taller than the president of Ukraine. There's also pictures that show they are sitting in the same-sized chair. Are you democrats serious with this shit?

  42. Nazi show trial.
    "As nightfall does not come all at once, neither
    does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware of any change in the air, however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness."
    – Justice William O. Douglas

  43. The president has accomplished so much for the America people, he doesn't have to cheat to get reelected by the American people.

  44. It's like the republicans invited you for dinner but never bought food , say you are crazy and insist they did . These Repukes need to be voted out America . They do not work for you they work for their bank accounts . They lie and cheat and abuse your trust

  45. The truth is Trump is about an American of a president you can get! He's standing up for U.S. The socialists Democrats can't stand him because of it. He's only weeding all these life long, blood thirsty, money grabbing politicians out of our government. They not only work for themselves they are working for other governments around the globe handing out Americans hard earned cash. Ya. Know the Washington d.c. offical license plate says "taxation without representation" that says it all.

  46. Did #45, nd his son in law have any qualifications for the jobs or any of his children, they were appointed nd earned big checks $$? Some positions were made up n created so he could employ family & friends who supported him Please STOP it! When has #45 ever been concerned about corruption? ? I can't stop laughing lol. It's what he has done all his life. Lies & corruption is his middle name; nd Donald "Jive" Trump was taught to lie, cheat, and steal from his daddy, nd now #45 is passing those same cynical traits down to his own children. Lesson #1, is teaching them how to file bankruptcy nd you won't hv to pay back investors or others the money you owe them! PLEASE! True story, once, someone told me, "The key to being a good liar is," you must first convince yourself nd believe the lie you created is true nd then you will hv no problem convincing others to believe it to be true also! Man, y'all know #45 got caught with his hand in the cookie jar! #45 didn't come up with the term "quid pro quo" out of the blue, he's not that smart! Someone had a discussion with him about it prior to that particular conversation..At the end of the day, y'all know darn well, if it was even a thought that President Barack Obama, held back money from one of our allies for his 'own personal gain', bribery, or any other act of corruption; believe you me, it would've been a wrap, nd end of discussion! Picture this, if President Obama were accused of what #45 is being accused of, President Obama would hv been escorted out of the wh, immediately in his boxers, bare feet, along with the rest of his family nd demanded to take their black dogs with 'em! Walking close behind would be his VP Biden & his family! Maybe, Putin is holding something over #45 head, which would explain the reason why he's so loyal nd buddy buddy w the enemy! Lastly, #45 is a corrupt, narcissistic, pathological liar, nd beyond greedy, he knew exactly what he was doing! He knew to use his words carefully! (speaks in code) He didn't change his stripes when he became president, he is who he's always been! I'm not a political party, Im for whoever is lead by their integrity, loves this country nd the citizens within. ALL people!
    #2 Chronicles 7:14

  47. Rep. Matt Gaetz is a dirty low down hypocrite! Cowardly move, I guess he learned that nasty politician talk from his daddy who was a former senator! How you gone turn state on Hunter when He Himself needs to sweep around his own front door, he abuses alcohol! Thank you forCalling him out sir Rep. Hank Johnson ??? Just shameful



  50. At 3:49:35 , She Jackson Lee mentioned, asking CNN to do a report on Ukraine people getting killed due to delay of aid. Does that tell you how these Democrats uses the media to control the story that they’re making up?


  52. What are these whinny reps mad about you already going to aquite your crooked president anyway once it reaches the house of Senate Mich macconnel already said it, how is this a fair trial he already predetermined his faith so no matter how much evidence the Dems lay out it's not going to matter, it's like going in front off a judge for a crime and the judge announces no matter what you will not get convicted, it's all corrupt system

  53. In the USA, no one, not even a President, is guilty until proven innocent!!

    NO one has to prove their innocent… prosecution must prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the person is actually guilty of a crime!

    Dems HAVE NOT done that at all!! They have NO PROOF of an actual crime committed by President Trump to impeach with!!
    They keep changing their excuses, moving the goal posts, and the rules, as to why he should be impeached, because they are in a panic!
    The Left has been played like an old fiddle!
    Nothing can stop what's coming! NOTHING!
    Durham Indictments coming…soon!

  54. ‪What’s really dangerous: the Democrats/Main Stream Media are blind to this truth: “they are the criminals!”‬

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