House warming tips and procedures |Milk boiling function | Griha pravesh

House warming tips and procedures |Milk boiling function | Griha pravesh

Let me tell you the procedure for rented house milk boiling function These procedures are to remove negative vibrations in new place Fix the good date and time for function It is best to do pooja Before sunrise Or you can check in calendar for good time and date Pack the things and shift to new home by good packers and movers you can label each box so that it will be easy to identify Have your pooja related things seperately in a bag with you Enter your new home with water filled in kalasam,some turmeric,kumkum in water and take first to your new home keep the idol picture in north east corner of home facing east clean your home the previous day of the pooja get new broom,mop for new home dont bring stove to home first.Take good auspicious things first inside home tie mango leaf garland and garland in entrance of home clean the entrance of your home. Apply turmeric and kum kum do these kind of prepreparations the previous day itself draw rangoli in entrance spray the kalasam water around home get a new pan for milk boiling fn if you do pooja before sunrise, you can buy milk previous day evening itself buy fresh milk get rock salt for new home as first have stove or induction stove ready do some pooja for stove decorate you pooja place if you dont have seperate pooja room,you can do pooja in kitchen corner Keep rice,dal,jaggery,dryfruits,palm candy,sugar,rock salt keep turmeric and kum kum in milk pan and boil the milk at good time boil the milk 3 times and pray for good keep first milk to god without adding sugar distribute milk to guests If own house, homam is performed before sunrise and ko pooja is done show doopam, deepam ,arathanai you can shift the things after pooja you can give dresses to those who helped to build your new home if you go to your own house

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  1. Thanks Akka.. Thank you so much for sharing this information.. it's useful and appreciate your efforts..

  2. kiragapraveysam panna enna enna things vanganumnu oru list sollunga please nanga next month kiragapraveysam panna porom please sollunga

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  4. Hello Madhu h r u, I like all ur videos,it's so useful, we r Telugu but the way u r speaking Tamil it's so attracted me…we watch many times a single video… tomorrow we r shifting a new rented appartment… thank you for your useful tips…take care of ur health…all the best wishes for success in your life 🙏🙏

  5. Hi Madhu..previous day clean panum podhey sami photos and stove lam eduthutu poi veetla vachudalama

  6. Eththana item vaikanum samipadathukku munnadi uppu navadhaniyam apram ennana vaikkanumnu theliva sollunga mam

  7. Hi ma'am,,,, good information,,, can we put all our old items,,,, like clothes,,,, funiturs etc,,, inside new house before pooja?? Give me reply soon,,, thanks

  8. Rented home porom. Vera ooruku shift aaga porom. So first day things yellam yeduthutu poitu. Next day early morning pala kaaichalama

  9. Hi madam , na shift aagi pudhu veetuku poga very useful ah erundhuchu, thank you

  10. amavasai apo paal kachalama? rent home than… this 3rd amavasai we plan to do in mrng 4am to 6am , shall we do?

  11. Mam mine s rented house newly constructed 1st me only came during housewarming milk spoiled while boiling it was early morning muhuratha day

  12. nalla velai sonnenga sis…we planned to Settle furnitures to our new rented house before pall kaippu…😜

  13. Mam…veedu clean panarathuku munnadiyae niraikuda thannerum uppum kondupolama after that clean pannalama….plzzzz reply mam..

  14. House warming mudichutu relation eallarum kilamburapo thaambulam kudukanum la Adhuku new ideas erundha post pannunga mam please

  15. Now I m 8month pregnant….. Next week new rent house poorom.. Relations yaarum illa.. So nan paal kaachalama.. Nan husband pappa mattum than..

  16. Mam as per your advice.. I entered with kalasam water and lakshmi photo… But some people confusing me.. First I should bring one pot full of water and salt.. But I did next entered with salt and water .. Pls advice.. Is that wrong?

  17. Gas stove Super ..sis stainless lA 3 burner epo than pakaren,glaas top or stainless ethu sis best? Unga stove ena company? Sis evlo years ah use panrinnga

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