How Donald Trump Can Save Your Marriage

How Donald Trump Can Save Your Marriage

This is going to be a the most TREMENDOUS
video you’ve ever seen in your life! The complete opposite of a TOTAL DISASTER,
folks! Donald Trump certainly isn’t short on superlatives
and exaggerations… and regardless of what you think of him, you have to give him credit…the
guy is a TOTAL sound bite machine. It seems like almost everything he says is
worthy of attention… whether good or bad. And there’s another thing about him that’s
indisputable: Donald Trump angers the HELL out of a lot of people… and there’s a
good reason why beyond simple politics and disagreements over policy. It’s the way he uses his language. And today, in this YouTube video, I’m going
to explain how you can use this information to help you with YOUR marriage and relationships. How’s it going, YouTubers? Brad Browning here with a marriage saving
video today! Before I get into the meat and potatoes, I
first have to tell you about this amazing quiz tool that I’ve created on…
and it’s a quiz tool designed to determine your chances of salvaging your marriage. The quiz only takes around 5 minutes to complete…and
it’s completely free. Again, the address for that quiz is! So head on over there after you watch this
YouTube video and get on that! Okay… so now let’s get into the goods. So like I said, some valuable lessons can
be learned from Donald Trump on what NOT to do when speaking to your spouse. See, when emotions are running high, sometimes
we shift the way we use our language… and often in a very BAD way. We say things like… “You never clean after yourself!” or “You
always are late to my sister’s dinner!” or “You’re the absolute worst when it
comes to remembering my birthday!” Recognize statements like these? This is what I like to call “Imprecise Language”…
and it’s Donald Trump’s specialty! Trump clearly uses this kind of exaggerated and
‘over the top’ language to gain publicity and provoke a strong reaction. Regardless of what you think about the commander
and chief, this sort of language is extremely divisive. And if you notice from the examples above,
this kind of “Imprecise Language” often comes out when we are angry at our spouses…
once emotions rise, we start using superlatives and we exaggerate reality… and this is reflected
in what we say to our spouse. Now think about it from your spouse’s perspective,
for a minute… let’s say for example that you accused your spouse of “never cleaning
after themselves.” Yes, often times, you might be right. Maybe he or she IS really bad at cleaning
after themselves… but to say he or she never cleans after themselves is most likely an
inaccurate statement. All your spouse would have to do is come up
with one example of him or her cleaning up after themselves to prove you wrong. From your spouse’s perspective, what you
said is blatantly hyperbolic and clearly not a true reflection of reality… and as a result,
your spouse will think that you’re being untruthful and condescending. So how do we solve this issue? How do we make it so that you can express
your grievances to your spouse without angering him or her? How can we cut down on our “Imprecise Language”
and make sure that we DON’T escalate our confrontations into earth shattering arguments? Well, you need to start using “PRECISE Language.” That’s right – little shifts in what you
say can have a massive impact on how your spouse perceives you and I’ll explain how
right now… Let’s use the above three examples to say
how we can turn IMPRECISE language into PRECISE language… that is, language that is IMPOSSIBLE
to misinterpret. In the first example… which was, “You
NEVER clean after yourself!” – you know, we could change that to something like… “Could you do me a favour and make sure
you pick up your socks after showering? That would be awesome.” Notice the difference in language? Notice how the second statement is MUCH more
specific and positive? And finally, notice how we’ve substituted
the word “YOU” for “I”? This change in language might seem subtle
and ineffective at first, but believe me when I say your spouse will notice the difference. Let’s jump right into the second example
now… which was, “You are ALWAYS late to my sister’s dinner!” In this example, we can apply the same rules
we learned in the first example. So instead, you can now say something like… “I’d love it if we were on time to my
sister’s dinner tomorrow night.” Finally, let’s try and fix the last example
that we used earlier… which was, “You’re the absolute WORST when it comes to remembering
my birthday!” Using the lessons that we’ve learned so
far, we can change this statement to… “I’d appreciate it if you could make an
effort to remember my birthday.” Again, these changes seem subtle, but they
are proven techniques that you can use to help reduce the likelihood of any future argument. And if you want to learn MORE subtle tips
and tricks like this, I highly encourage you to learn about my DISPUTE DEFUSING system
that’s in this free video presentation I created…you can watch this video on…
that’s… and you can head on over there at any point to learn more about
how you can use subtle tactics to help save your marriage. But if you’re in a bind and you think you
need real, personal marriage advice right now and you DON’T want to shovel out hundreds
or even thousands of dollars on counselling, you can hire ME to be your marriage coach. For more information on my marriage coaching
program, just head on over to…that’s and you can read
about how you can register for that program TODAY. Alright, folks… so that’s all for this
video today. Hopefully these Donald Trump-inspired tips
will help you make some small improvements in your marriage today… looking forward
to hearing about your success in the comments section below. Take care!

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  1. I m on no contact with my bf since 7th Jan.. after 3 wks he msgd me as he got a news dat m leaving country forever… so he had many questions.. I cleared dat doubt n ended da conversation.. bt after dat no msg again from him.. what to do next

  2. Thanks brad, I'm in no conduct period with my boyfriend and he actually texts me daily yet I don't reply. plz tell me au I'm i going to begin when the period is over?

  3. Hey brad, i broke up with my gf about a few months ago, and in the last month i wanted to get back with her, and I've pleade and begged, also been jealous and spammy with the texts.. Each time she said she had something to me but didn't thought we were belong together, and i tried no contact, broke it, and i think im in deep trouble, she really doesn't want to talk to me, i was too desperate probably, what can i do? Im also live far from her, only way she can see me from the side is via facebook posts only, and once a month we go to a same volenteering in a hospital

  4. Hey Brad, I’ve downloaded your mend the marriage program and it’s great. But without backing right off, any tips so I don’t seem so needy without having to worry about her moving on? Please keep making more marriage videos because you already have tons of ex-factor videos!

  5. My ex has recently came into conctact saying I’ve got better looking and she’s started to like and comment on my pics? Thoughts?

  6. Basically act like 16 other Republican candidates and sugar coat it, cause you're afraid of losing? How did those 16 other Republicans pan out, Brad? They didn't even survive the primaries, nor the general election. I suggest you, to revise this theory. Sometimes you need to assert dominance and request what you want in whatever tone you have. I think men can learn whole lot about Trump in a positive sense, rather than saying his word usage is divisive or guarantees for a woman to walk away from you. Fearing your words and tone policing yourself also guarantees her to not to trust your masculine core and eventually leave you. Because you were a simp who couldn't hold your ground, when she gave you her Sh*t test as they routinely conduct with men.

  7. Hey Brad- I've got a situation for you and I could use some advice. I broke up with my girlfriend of 6 years back in October and went straight into no contact for a month. Rumors spread that she had cheated on me and pictures of her and some guy we both work with popped up on instagram. I brought these allegations up with her and she told me she didn't cheat, but that she did go on a trip with this guy after we broke up. I had argued with her because I thought she had cheated and ultimately realized I wanted her back. Since then I wrote a handwritten letter of self realization. I had spoken with her on January 8th on the phone and had tried to show her I changed but she rejected me. She fears our relationship would just end the same way. She told me she was trying to move on and that I should too, though her voice had no conviction that she really wanted this. We hadn't spoken until the 18th when I just got accepted into dental school and she sent me a text congratulating me. I told her thanks and ending the conversation short saying I had to go to dinner to celebrate. I was wondering if it would be appopriate to send a clean slate text and return to no contact to make amends for the damage I did after we broke up?

  8. Hey brad my ex who I know still loves me but just doesn't want a relationship with me posted a snapchat with a guy she knows I don't like and will upset me. She doesn't know i saw her snapchat but I did. So today I posted a picture with one of my friends who is a girl and when my ex saw she unadded me on snapchat. Is this a good or bad thing because she told before that she was getting over me but that says otherwise and I'm also in no contact phase right now.

  9. Hi brad,
    I was in a long distance relationship for 2 years, but I did something very very wrong and I have the courage and guilty enough to tell you what I did, I cheated on him and I know it's wrong and maybe it's impossible him to forgive me but I swear to you this is not me I'm not a cheater person and he knows that, when he know that I cheated on him he get very angry and hated me and blocked me everywhere but I apologys to him and swear from my heart not ever do it again and he accepted my apology and we back together, but he starts to doubts me and asking alots of questions with who I'm hanging and who I'm texting on whatsapp and brad I know that he had a good reason to do this but I'm a human and need to feel that the other person trust me back, so we had ups and downs and lots of fights that makes us both agree to breakup, but after a week I felt so guilty and sad and I regret our decision and decided to get him back but he refused and said this was relieved decision and he don't want me, back but he said that he still loves me because his heart wants to stay together and his mind says no it's not gonna work and he cannot handle my ups and downs so he decided that our relationship wasn't healthy for two of us, so I travelled to him after 21 day and surprised him at his work office and he shocked!! then we hangout together as a couple! he was holding my hand and kiss me, but when I ask him if he wants us back together he said no I just want us to have this final happy day together, this was the first time I see him by the way, he is living in dubai and I'm living in egypt, brad please I'm desperate to get him back I'm so in love with him and I know he is too! it's just he can't forgive me, he said if we were in same country maybe we get a chance but now he wants us to be friends and I refused this and started no contact rule yesterday after 2 months of him breaking up with me..
    what I'm asking you is if he can forgive me if he can get back to me or I'm just bad person for him? and how to prove him wrong and I'm really truly loyalty to him?
    believe me brad I regrat what I did so much and the pain is so much to handle with and makes me take a bad decisions so please give me hope and advice to get the love of my life back.
    I took your quiz by the way and my result was 69% and this gives me hope but you said I have to work fast to get him back, so here I am asking you what to do.


  10. Hey brad hope you are doing good .
    My name is zak and well I was a music producer
    I broke up with my ex back in october and in November i realized i made a big mistake.
    I started talking to her in November and she said she still loves me but the feelings are deep down i ruined things i showed anger and now she doesn't want me im to broke to even afford ur classes i was a good music producee and after the break up i cant concentrate on anything .Please help me

  11. Hey, i just wanna ask a qu abt my recent break up. She suggested to friends and i said it s Ok. Then i began my NC for almost 1 week now. Should i make it clear to her that we should not be friends?? Or is there any way to fix it??

  12. Hey Brad.. I sent my Ex the "I´ve moved on" text and it pretty much backfired, she asked me why I write something like that out of the blue and after that she told me she was happy that I started establishing contact again but that it was very weird because I was acting like the breakup never happened (because of things like "hey i started taking piano lessons could you give me some tips?") now she doesn´t want to write anymore she said "if you want we can meet and talk face to face" because she thinks its weird how we are talking over texts. I know it´s not good to talk about the break up but I think she might want just this to have a conversation where we can talk about everything that is on our minds… she also said she doesn´t think it is a good idea for us to communicate again or if we can ever be friends. Now I know I also don´t want to be just her "friends" but she will probably always be like: "why does he text me what does he want now?" so how can I rekindle with her without being just a friend to eventually reattract her? and how do I manage not to talk about the breakup in afew days if that is what she wants to talk about? I am really stuck here.. pls help me out

  13. Hey brad, thanx for saving my relationship with help of no contact rule but this is happened in back may 2017 when she broke up with me on Dec 2016 after 3 yrs of relationship but after we got together again she started again where she used to be, she has mood swings problem whenever she has mood swings she don't talk to me properly and try to avoid me in those days. And from her this behaviour it makes me freak out and makes me crazy like hell and I start calling her again and again and we gets in fight again.. I cannot control myself to call her again and again because she talk normally to her friends, uses social media accounts happily but avoid me. Which makes impatience and i cry myself because I cannot say anything to her..! I don't know what should I do? But her this behaviour makes weak and psychopath..??

  14. Hey Brad, so my ex broke up with me about a month ago and in 4 days I will be finished with the 30-days no contact, She loves seafood and I was thinking to walk up to her and talk to her about 2 minutes and then tell her that I have to go to work and if she would like to go eat seafood on the weekend (I'm confident, feel better and I'm prepared for anything that she could say) she broke up with me because she said I wouldn't change… Do you think that's a good move to get her back or do you suggest something else? We dated for 2 years…

  15. Hi brad. I have a bit of a different problem. I have always been great friends with my girlfriends parents but one day something happened and we ended up fighting. Ever since they have been trying to convince my girlfriend to leave me even thoug I apologized to them. And It happened. My girlfriend left me 2-3 weeks ago and I am sure that her parents was a big part of her decision. What Can I do?

  16. How do I go about the situation of my ex being cold and distant if I've accepted the breakup? I broke it off 3 months back and I want to get back with her, but if I'm overly emotional, she takes advantage of that and tells me things like how we're not getting back together and then she'll bring up my past mistakes as her reasoning. But I've recently taken a new approach and told her I accepted the breakup and she's noticed that I've been coping lately, but now she thinks I don't care and is getting distant and cold. She's very complicated and it seems like no matter what, I'm always wrong. She told me today how there's still hope and never not a chance that she won't come back and that she loves me and still has feelings for me, and was even crying about our breakup today, so I know I'm not completely off track. Before she started acting cold and distant, she asked if there was someone else. Any advice would be appreciated. No contact doesn't work with her either. She actually just becomes even more infuriated and holds that against me because we're long distance.

  17. Hi, Brad. Getting a lot help from your videos. how long should i wait till i contact my ex who i dated for a bit longer than two months?

    Although it was a short time, We were getting along very well. Im very assured that she and I had a strong connection, we did not have any arguement since we were very alike.

    The relationship ended because I gave her a traumatic physical experience after i got hammered while drinking with her. I think she knows that I am not that kind of a person who would do such a thing but she was too traumatized to meet me any longer.

    I know what I have done wrong and i know for sure that it was a one time thing that happened after irresponsible drinking.(i dont drink usually) How long should I wait till I contact her? Is it around 30 days like you said?

  18. I have to important questions and can't find answer!

    I tried to add my ex girlfriend best friend on fb but she rejected me and told me that this thing not nice and she will tell my ex ( i just wanted to add her as a friend, not to flirt with her!), I feel like I ruined my chance! Any suggestions?

    the second question, Valentine day is near and I have been on no-contact period for 30 days by now. now I'm thinking about contacting my Ex gf that she dumped me 30 days ago . is it wise to contact her now or waiting more? I were so emotional when we broke up.

  19. Hey Brad I know I might sound silly for asking this but my ex wrote on her skype motto saying "life goes in one direction-forward" and I'm worrying that she is moving on now. Should I be worried?

  20. hey Brad please give me your advice I am dating one guy and suddenly I know that he is married and he was cheating on me please give me advice what should I do Brad he gives me lots of memories and happiness but suddenly I know that he was playing with me what should I do should I try your advice in my case???? please help me

  21. Hey Brad, i experienced a breakup a week ago and now im trying the no contact strategy and trying to recover but its too hard because literally everything reminds me of her because we talked all the time… Also trying ti keep myself busy but still cant get my mind of her. Please any tips? P.S. i do want her back

  22. Hi boyfriend and I broke up two months ago, after four years … the reason was that he did not want to know me to his friends and i could not accepted anymore so we had a lot of arguments…after our partition we did not talk and suddenly one day sent me a message again and wanted to come and try to have a free relationship … I accepted it, though it should not!!We started to talk and have fun together again … suddenly he stopped sending me and the reason is that he found a new girl…Now we did not talk at all but I think about it … how can I reach him again?Thank you!!

  23. Hello, your advice is definitely a big help. I know because my ex is getting better and more comfortable with standing near me, but she is not in the talking phase yet though. That and she is standing near her other ex which the one that I don't like because of what he did to her. She is also hanging out with some of my my friends and is eyeing me every once in a while more often. She also hasnt quit the schools archery team too. Even though I'm the reason she joined in the first place, and that she wants nothing to do with me at all. Her parents also talk to me quite often during the archery tournaments, which I think is a good thing at least. Is there anything that I should look out for?

  24. I need to know if I should still try , we broke up in September , we was friends with benefits for abit , then I tried the 30 day no contact , I didn’t get a message from him at all , I met him to give him a letter and told me he didn’t want me in his life anymore , his new year resolution was to never speak to me again , then he told me he’s met someone new , she’s better than me they get along very well , they have been speaking for a month , I really don’t want to give up but I don’t know what the next step is ? If I leave him they will get closer and I don’t want that , what should I do Please help me

  25. Hey brad, I have finished my no contact period and when I had a small conversation with my ex, he said he felt weird around me. I’m not sure he missed me at all during that time of no contact and I don’t know what to do. I want him back even if sometimes I just want to get over him so I wont feel this pain anymore but he doesn’t want me. I have no idea what to do anymore. It has actually been 1 month and 2 weeks since our break up. Please give me advice on what steps I should take next please.

  26. Hey brad. Its me again. Nik.

    As u knw already im doing no contact from 13 days,   and the valentine day is coming.   I never did anything on valentine day in 3 years with my girlfriend.   This time i wanted to do so many things on valentine week.  Should i do this.   Or keep doing no contact even if the valentine is coming in between of no contact . should i give her gifts on valentine week. for example should i give rose on rose day, a promise letter on promise day, a cute small teddy on teddy day, chocolates on chocolate day. And all.

    Should i do this brad? im so confused. I never did this before, so now after breakup, is she expecting this that i will do this mybe this time. So should i do this? Please reply like last time. your little annoying brother. NIK ❤ please talk soon

  27. hi brad its little casual… but i cant log in in my exfactor guide even if i had correct password and username site told me WRONG CREDENTIALES… it was always okay… and boom i cant go in anymore… but i payed for your program 57€

  28. Brad, I need some help. I’m asking a girl out on Saturday, but another girl I like just asked me out. What do I do?

  29. Hey Brad Browning I really like your videos
    I just wanted to know why my ex boyfriend change his facebook password and is that the bad thing or something is wrong? I really want an advice from you about this
    Thank you

  30. This is actually a really good analysis of why Trump pushes everyone's buttons, and how to have a relationship more like that of his predecessor and less like, well, his.

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