How to Get the Judge Function for IVs in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee

How to Get the Judge Function for IVs in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
well the Austin John plays here and today I wanted to share with you how you
could get the judge function and Pokemon let’s go Pikachu and let’s go Eevee so if you don’t know the judge function
is what allows you to see the potential individual values or IVs of a Pokemon
and the IV’s affect the pokemons overall CP or combat power you only have two
requirements in order to get this the first one is that you have access to
vermilion City which you get that soon as you beat misty the second team leader
and the only other requirement is you catching a certain amount of Pokemon I
believe the amount that you need catches it might be 50 it might be less but
anyways we’re gonna head on down this route all the way into this guard house
you’ll know you’re in the right place if you look in your town map and you appear
directly in the middle of route 11 that’s how you know you’re in the right
place next we’re gonna head on upstairs and we’re gonna talk to this gentleman
over here he’s gonna do a quick check to see how many Pokemon you have caught and
then he’ll give you the judge functionality now the judge
functionality you access from your Pokemon box and then you go to a Pokemon
summary and you’ll see that if you hit Y both judge function that’s how you can
check the IV’s of all of your PO commands that you got this one’s very
good but this one’s even better oh this one’s also really good yeah I’ve been
I’ve been hunting pidgeys a lot now I may be wondering what is the power of
your starter Pokemon the starter power of your starter Pokemon is perfect the P
your partner Pokemon Pikachu or Eevee has perfect IVs that is a 6 IV Pokemon
making it the very best possible Pokemon that it could be it’s also worth
mentioning that the gift starter Pokemon they pikachu the Bulbasaur and the
squirtle also have some pretty fantastic stats here’s my squirtle all growed up
to Blastoise I got two Fantasticks one best and three goods my Charizard is
one best to fantasticks and three Goods it’s also worth mentioning that any
legendary Pokemon that you catch in this game being the birds and Mewtwo they are
all guaranteed you have three perfect IVs this is a special attack attack and
defense HP attack and special defense my Moltres got attacked defense and speed
but then also gotten I’d say some 29s an attack a special attack and specialty
offense that’s pretty awesome I don’t consider showing off the
legendary birds a spoiler because well you either know who they are from
Pokemon or if you play pokemon go you’re literate you literally identify as one
of the three birds or somehow you made your way to not choosing a team but yeah
that’s how you go ahead and get the judge functionality and Pokemon let’s go
Pikachu and let’s go EB if this was informative be sure to leave a like
consider to subscribe to the channel until next time
Austin John out

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  1. Thank you for posting this video it is really helpful and it was exactly what I was wondering. Thank you for the great videos.

  2. Oh wow, I'm exactly at this point of the game and was wondering when I'd get this.
    Thanks for the great video again, Austin! 😀

  3. Make a video /guide on making money after E4 please! I know I've said this in last 2 videos and I'm sorry. But I really need to know!

  4. 1 tip for ya, if you play with pikachu you’ll be able to see the motion control function that works on catching a pokemon, thats where i train to throw my pokeball sideways

  5. hey Austin john can you do a video on were to find all the trade Pokemon (the Pokemon you get from trainers with a trade e.g the alolan ratata )

  6. I don’t have the game yet but I was wondering how EVs work.
    Will they cap out at 252 per stat like always?
    will monsters no longer accept candies once you hit the usual cap?

  7. Thanks man. I opened the YouTube app just to find this and there it was… And what's even funnier is that I was that intrigued by that function only because I saw it in one of your previous vids and noticed I couldn't access it in the game 😅👍🏽

  8. Can you use the Pokeball ball plus with multiple accounts on your switch? Can you use it with other switches? Or once it's paired with both your switch and Pokemon Go account is it exclusive to Just though two accounts?

  9. i read that eevee from lets go eevee learns more special moves than pikachu 1 for each of its evolutions! even ones not in the game dark, psychic, ice, grass not sure about fairy but i think thats pretty cool

  10. Hi Austin loving it videos is there anyway to if if my pokemon had ok ivs is the anyway to raise that to say good or best ivs? Thank u

  11. Thank you for your videos man I really like your channel I’m also a new subscriber 💯🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  12. I wish I could get this but I’m can’t until Christmas. Do any of you guys know when the Pokémon switch edition will be out for?

  13. Important Message for @Austin John Plays
    I'm subscribed and have the notifications on, but for the past two days, I have not been notified about any of your videos, I've had to manually visit your page to see if you had uploaded. Don't know if this is an issue for anyone else, but I just wanted to let you know.

  14. Is it funny how my entire team of Pidgey and an Eevee is already level 18 just by the first route. I was chain combo-ing pidgey and I didn’t even know I was already over leveled lol.

  15. REALLY wish they would just get rid of IVs already. I have never heard of anyone going "oh man, I can't wait to breed for hours on end for a competitive set of IVs."
    Seriously, no one I know enjoys that aspect of the game…

  16. Wouldn't it be faster to start the intro to your videos if you just said "Hello, you read the title. Let's go" then you do the little animation thing. Jk it's good the way it is.

  17. Okay, so I was Shiny/IV hunting Vulpix. I had a 46 streak. And a shiny Kadabra appeared… The worst part is that none of my friends have the game yet… so I will never have a shiny Alakazam! #FML

  18. Yessss!!! Actually useful vid. Really down with this channel! All other youtubers are making reviews on “why you should buy Pokémon or not.” Next vid should be about move sets!!!

  19. If you transfer perfect IV pokemon from Go will they keep their perfect or it will rechange the IV when it comes to Let's go?

  20. Hi I need some help. I know I committed on your other vid but I really need help. We bought one Pokeball plus and my brother got the Mew success fully but when I try to do on a different account (we both have Nintendo Accounts) it says use a Pokeball plus with something inside. Is there any possible way that I could get a mew without buying another one?

  21. I dont know if you all already know this but you can find a second Dome fossil in Cerulean Cave. So yes then i did not say anything

  22. Can you try and catch a 6 IV Pokemon? I tried, had 171 combo on Pikachu's, got none. Only got 5's. I wanna see if you have better luck

  23. is there a way to get more berries quickly? I need them for combos to make sure the pokemon don't flee, but I only find one berry here or there in some random bush. Please help.

  24. So weird you can catch the legendary pokemons more then once…. but deff curious if there ivs stay perfect seeying the seccond moltres i caught was lvl 6… so those stats were also really weird

  25. I saw first the orther video "How to Get Shiny Pokemon Combo in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee" and I coudnt see the IVs …. yeah Ihad to do this video step first I got 45 Oddish and now I see

  26. Mine doesn’t show if it best or what I only see number, already got the judge function maybe glitch, open for suggestion

  27. Maybe I'm dumb but I don't get why the IV judge shows cp strengths as best and then when you check the numbers they are lower than the ones labeled "good" or "ok". No videos seem to explain this. Is this just basic knowledge that I missed.

    Also can the use of candies change the IV judge results?

    Ps: i don't play GO so maybe that's why?

  28. Is there a way to maximise IV on say mewtwo? I have a 31 catch combo with chansey at the moment and have soft reset a few times after capturing mewtwo but I have only been able to get mewtwo as a max of 3IV 👎🏼
    Unsure whether the catch combo effects other pokemon?? Thoughts?

  29. I have the Eevee edition, but I caught 158 Pikachu in a row to get absolutely perfect IVs, all six are BEST. Haha hell yeah go hard or go home amirite

  30. Hey , I was wondering how come your iv checks says good , best , etc  while I it doesn't say anything on my pokemons when I check em , and I have unlocked the same thing

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