How to Have a Successful Marriage

How to Have a Successful Marriage

HOW TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE If the success of a marriage were to be only
based on love, many divorces would never have happened. Unfortunately, a lot of people who nurture
thoughts of making and sharing their homes with the persons they love intimately, have
not understood that there is more to marriage than what meets the ordinary eyes. To enjoy marriage, one does not stick to how
one felt, or search for the flickers of excitement that were part of the honeymoon ride. Marriage is enjoyed when it is continuously
worked on, irrespective of feelings or butterflies. Success in marriage isn’t a journey; it
is a destination. The journey to a successful marriage is not
smooth; in fact, it is one of the most underrated walks ever, partly as a result of the simplicity
of falling head over heels in love. In this video, we’ll be sharing with you,
7 tips to have a successful marriage. If you’re new here, consider subscribing
so that you won’t miss other interesting videos like this. 1. Always stay reminded of your partner’s specialness
As the saying goes, “Familiarity breeds contempt.” It is very easy to take a person for granted,
one who you might have seen his/her nakedness for countless times, or smelled his/her waking
up smell for as much as you could remember. While we may get used to other family members
who have other interests and their own partners, it is in the best interest of your marriage
to consciously let yourself be in the know of whom your husband or wife is to you: the
special one. Someone special is different, unique, and
treated as such. Yelling at your spouse as you would when you
get angry with your annoying brother, is downright demeaning; likewise, not caring about his
or her reaction toward an action of yours. When you sense that you are slipping into
the rut of familiarity, quickly remind yourself of the angel your spouse was before marriage. Be reminded of how you worshipped the ground
he/she walked upon. Remember he or she is an extension of yourself
in commitment, and how specially you want to be treated also goes to how he/she should
be treated. 2. Appreciate your partner’s efforts
The mowed lawn. The birthday party organised for your daughter. The anniversary cufflinks she bought for you. Staying awake to cuddle the baby to sleep
while you slept. The words of encouragement. Appreciation are motivations for more efforts. A marriage relationship sometimes becomes
casual that even the little efforts toward each other, wouldn’t count. Everybody is busy living and leaving, without
taking some time out to reflect on how much his or her partner means to them. An unappreciative environment makes nothing
fun and exciting to be looked forward to. Showing gratitude for your husband’s commitment
to pay the bills is a form of appreciation. Regarding valuable, the effort of your wife
in keeping the house sparkly, in the midst of her responsibility of tending to hyperactive
children, will lift her shoulders high. Appreciation can be expressed in words and
in deeds. Explore appreciation. 3. Take care of yourself, darling
Your health and physical appearance influence your marriage relationship. Getting married has never been a guarantee
to neglect your wellbeing. It is within the confines of marriage that
you freely enjoy health, stay fit, and look your best. Not only does your spouse have less work to
do when you are healthy; the happiness that flows when you are by their side, bubbling
and full of life, always will make your relationship healthier. Bathing regularly, smelling good, maintaining
a clean environment, exercising as and when due, healthy eating, resting and relaxing
adequately, and dressing to your taste and by extension, to thrill your partner are rudiments
of taking good care of yourself. If you don’t do it, who will? 4. Recognise that marriage isn’t a ground for
unhealthy competitions Granted that your partner should motivate
you to put in more effort in the home, and that it is their obligation to be a part of
the successful running of the marriage relationship; do not push it too far. Expectations have more often than not; become
the undoing of otherwise blissful homes. Habitually expecting your spouse to do the
same thing you did may set you up to fail in love. When activities are seen as competitions,
where who did what and who didn’t have become the order of the day, resentment and bearing
of grudges won’t be impossible. Let anything you do be out of love, and in
the best interest of your home. Keeping scores of how frequent what you do
outweighs your partner’s inconsistencies in that area, as a way of tracking theirinsensitivity,
is pretty childish. It may make your marriage difficult. If not now, maybe later. 5. Practice openness
Be naked to your spouse. Physically. Financially. Emotionally. Spiritually. Decision-wise. In all ramifications. For a good number of couples, openness only
ends in bed and possibly, in the bathroom. Those are just little of the whole. When it comes to making important decisions
that may affect your spouse now or later, being open demands practising inclusive decision-making,
where you make known your plans and the processes they will undergo. When you don’t feel good about your partner’s
attitude toward you or your child, openness demands that you let them know, before the
sore in your heart festers. Openness ensures that your thoughts and actions
are laid bare to your significant other, without fear. It may take some time, but a marriage built
on mutual openness is disaster-proof and enjoyable. 6. Be careful with what you say
Words are arts on marble. They are quite impactful and the memories
they create, long-lasting. What you say to your partner in unguarded
moments of anger or carefreeness, goes a long way to determining how successful your relationship
will be. Constantly undermining or degrading your spouse
anytime you flip over to the side of careless rattling of words, may mould a resentful spouse
for you. You may end up living with a person whose
loyalty is far away from you. When angry, address the problem, and not the
person. Be quick to recognise your loopholes in presenting
a case, and refrain from repeating them. When in a light mood, do not joke with a sensitive
secret that your partner shared with you. Watch what you say, watch how it is received. Even when it is nothing, when they always
say it is something, then it is something. Be careful with what you say. 7. Make intimacy a priority
After all is said and done, it is just the two of you. When the fiery passion has died off, the embers
of intimacy need to be fanned to ignite passion. Sex is not the only form of intimacy, but
it is just as important. It is not designed for the bedroom of your
house alone; going on vacations to try out intercourse in other environments, increases
intimacy. Talking and sharing with your spouse builds
intimacy. Holding hands, sleeping together, partying
together, solving needs together all help to make you more bonded to your partner. In summary, a successful marriage is possible. All it takes is commitment to make it work. Thank you very much for watching our videos. We’ll like to give you another interesting
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