How To Make Wax Seals in Bulk For Snail Mail + Invites

How To Make Wax Seals in Bulk For Snail Mail + Invites

Hey guys in today’s tutorial we’re going
to be working with wax seals and stamps again I’m gonna be showing you how you
can actually create those beautiful wax seals in bulk ahead of time so that when
it comes to sticking them on your invites for a wedding or a bridal shower
you can do all 100 or 250 of your invites worry about the calligraphy and
getting everything perfect and then all you have to do is take your wax seal and
stick it on to the envelope we’re gonna be working with beautiful products from
a lovely little company called Stampitude. I can’t wait to show you their
stuff so let’s get started Hey guys my name’s Shayda and on this
channel I do art tutorials like hand lettering stationery and bullet
journaling so if you’re new here consider subscribing if you haven’t
already and make sure you watch until the end of today’s tutorial because we
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so watch to the end of the video for that so let’s get down to business the
thing that we really want to achieve today is just creating a lot of these
wax seals in bulk so that we can stick them on our invites afterwards and
easily now I’m using glue gun wax here and as you can see it says for a
half-inch glue gun so it fits right in any glue gun and what I’m gonna start by
doing here is just putting the wax in letting the glue gun heat up and then
we’re going to prepare our workspace and we need a bowl of ice you just could use
ice in the tray I’ve got a little ice in a bowl here whatever you need some ice
and then we’ve got a silicone baking sheet on a baking tray we’ve also have
our wax stamp and a cloth a just a tea towel so that’s it for supplies now to
begin the process you’re going to keep that stamp in the ice for 20-30 seconds
till it’s nice and cold use the tea towel to get rid of any moisture and
then you’re ready to get started so now you’ve got a dry cold stamp your glue
gun is hot and what you’re gonna do is you’re going to put out the wax for a
couple seals I would say if you’re new to this just do two or three to start I
found that the right amount of wax for each seal was about one full trigger
squeeze plus a little bit more and so I squeezed out three puddles
and then I’ve got my cold stamp and I’m just placing it gently into the wax it
lifts out nice and easily because of that time spent in the ice because it’s
so cold and you can see here these are my first
ones so the first one was a little off but I’m getting better each time I do it
so let’s go again here we’re going to place our wax
seal stamp in the ice again leave it there I’m not showing it on camera but
leave it there for 20 30 seconds make sure it’s nice and cooled this is a very
meditative process there’s no rush so get that stamped nice and cold make sure
there’s no water on it you don’t want any moisture on there and then set it
aside for a moment it’s not going to warm up to room temperature so quickly
and then you’re gonna squeeze out the puddles of wax here you don’t have to
put the glue gun in a circular motion or anything of course if you think about it
a circle will form naturally just from the trigger squeeze and the *wax will
pool beautifully there and then you just place your stamp down gently but firmly
into the wax and it should lift out easily especially if it’s nice and cold
sometimes it might stick a little and you can just wiggle it I’ve just got so
much footage of me placing the seal placing the stamp in the wax to form the
seal and I’m gonna include all of it in this video maybe I’ll turn my channel
into a satisfaction channel or something like that but it’s just so satisfying to
watch that stamp go into the wax and then boom you have this beautiful seal
and you can see there I just hit it with my finger they dry very quickly and
they don’t stick to your silicone baking mat at all so they’re easy to lift off
when you’re all done now you could do this on a piece of parchment so that’s
important to keep in mind but I did find the silicone baking sheet they just lifted
off so much easier I tried it on parchment and they would sometimes stick
a little bit so if you can get your hands on a silicone baking tray it makes
this process really easy and of course as you get more proficient
you can start to you know do four or five little pools of wax from the glue gun
maybe even six seven eight I found I was I was pushing it at four or five but
even if you’re just doing three at a time the process goes really quickly and
in no time you have a huge amount of these beautiful wax seals they come off
the silicone baking mat easy-peasy and in no time you
have an invite that is beautiful on both sides and right now I’m going to show
you how we get them to affix to our envelopes our invitations so what we’re
gonna do is we’re going to put a sticky a double-sided sticky product on the
back of each seal now I’ve got some little double-sided sticky rounds here
but what you can do is you can purchase a sheet of a4 size so eight by eleven
double-sided sticky paper and you can punch out circle shapes or you can
simply cut out circle shapes or diamonds you’re never gonna see them so I’ll link
some double sided sticky sheets in the video description and that’s all there
is to it you’re gonna put the sticky tack on the back affix them to the
envelopes they just need a little pressure with your finger and you’ve got
these gorgeous invites and you don’t have to worry about melting each wax
seal on to each envelope so that’s how you produce your bulk seals and do say a
hundred wedding invites but for anyone that’s new to wax seal stamps I wanted
to show some of the more slow down methods and this one’s a lot of fun
especially if you’re just doing this because you’re a stationery addict or
because you’re sending one or two letters so here what I’m doing is I’ve
taken the wax sticks that you can see in the top left corner there and you just
cut off a piece so you can just use a cutting board and a serrated knife you
cut off a little cube and you melt it in your little melting bowl over the light
and heat of a small tea light once the wax is completely melted and you don’t
have any chunks in there you just carefully pour it onto your sealed
envelope right at the point right at the tip of the envelope there try your best
to just pour in a steady motion so that the wax goes in…puddles into a circle
and then you just take the stamp again it’s always a good idea to have it nice
and cool cooled from the ice and you’re just gonna place it into the puddle of
wax and I’m just lifting it out there and you know mine wasn’t perfect but it
still looks beautiful and you get the beautiful design these are definitely
more of a process if you do it that way maybe not everyone’s gonna turn out
perfect that’s kind of the beauty another alternative here would be to
melt it in the little bowl over the tea light but then to still pour it pour
them on to a silicone baking mat that way if you do have one that’s not as
good you can just remelt it or discard it so that’s another option use the
melting bowl pour onto the silicone tray and then use that to double-sided sticky
paper to again finish your envelopes and make your beautiful invites stamp attune
makes these wax seal stamps in all sorts of different designs I’m gonna link
their website below and I just think these make the most gorgeous invitations
for a bridal shower a wedding just a party an afternoon tea um if you’re a
stationery addict like me you’re gonna fall in love with the process of
creating these wax seals now today’s video is not sponsored by Stampitude
but they did send me the product and I just fell in love with all their
gorgeous designs and the pretty sort of Art Deco packaging and of course the
video would not be complete without a giveaway so today if you enter the
giveaway there’s a link in the description you’ll have a chance to win
this cute little stamping set that includes this nautical designed wax seal
stamp and then this melting kit which is complete with the tea light another
stick of wax and the melting spoon so you’ve got everything you need to get
started and fall in love with these beautiful stationery products so thank you to Stampitude for today’s
beautiful little giveaway be sure to check the description below this video
to find the giveaway link so you click that giveaway link and there’s lots of
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Time to enter good luck and thank you for watching today I hope you enjoyed
seeing another tutorial on wax seals I am completely in love with all these
products and the process of creating the seals has become something that I go
back to again and again and yeah I’m just gonna start filming satisfaction
videos showing that stamp going into the wax because it’s so good am i right
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  1. I would be worried about the wax seal cracking or breaking while in transport. I guess the tape would help it hold, but would regular wax crack in the mail?

  2. Hi! Can I use the sealing shown at 6:15 for textured cardstock? I don't want to create seals separately, but neither to not be able to open the envelope after wax sealing it.. Thank you!

  3. Great idea to do ahead of time for a wedding, both for invitations and thank you notes. One thing though, is I'd use a dot of hot glue to fix the seals in place at the time of use.

  4. Oh God, I'm just really so in love with your style, with your taste for style, for everything, decoeation, and composition, and all of these things! Thank you for beauty and for inspiration! I lllove seeing even just the previews of your videos!

  5. Does having a wax seal on the envelopes pose any problems with the postal service? Many years ago I sent my son, who was in college, a legit letter with a wax seal and he never received it. I haven't done it since. 🙁

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