How to Start a Book Club : Invitations for Book Clubs

I’m Jeanna Rock and we’re talking about invitations
to book clubs. My group doesn’t send out invitations, we email each other. We’re on a mass email
so we just send out an invitation that way. But other groups like to send out little invitations.
And because we’re so crafty now a days, creating that invitation would be a lot fun. Other
ways that you could invite, particularly if you’re in a public group, is just to post
up a poster somewhere that announces where you’re going to meet, the book that you’re
going to read and the time. If you have a very large book club group, you might consider
a post card mailing. They’re very inexpensive and you can send them out to a lot of people
very cheaply. A calling tree is another idea that you might want to use. One person calls
another person and they are in charge of calling someone else and it goes on and on and on
until finally everyone has been invited to your book group. Don’t forget when you send
out your invitations to include the time, the place, the book that you’re going to be
reading and any food assignments if that’s what your group decides to do.

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