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  1. Yeah so I just came from casually explained’s ‘Is She Into You?’ video and based on what was said on this one, I mean these are all some great signs but you still can’t really tell. Probably best to keep your wits about you and look for other opportunities.

  2. I’m not reinitiating conversations because I’m waiting for him to reinitiate Conversations and we’re both waiting for each other to make a move and we die

  3. For any dudes coming by this comment, I would say that most shy, nervous girls (including myself) will definitely blush if they like you. And it makes it harder for them to talk to you. Whenever I like someone I always find myself tutoring bright red and trying to hide my face or looking away.

  4. My MATH TEACHER ALWAYS DO PREENING!! And her body is always in front of me when we’re talking and she’s hot of course!

  5. I saw this girl in my tuition for the first time. She was glanced at me and was also smiling for nearly 3-4 seconds. Does that mean she likes me?

  6. Should I ask out a girl I like @ work, or should "we" just remain friends? Most men say that you should avoid it at all cost because you, not only risk losing your job, but the girl as well. Anyway, what do you guys think? Should I go for it? More importantly, is it worth it?

  7. Me, a girl: *send as this to crush*
    Crush: *watches the vid and remembers it*
    Me: *does everything said in vid*

  8. I just want to see the evidence that this is true. You can't claim something is absolute fact unless a peer reviewed study says so.

  9. A girl likes me and i like her but i ask her do you like me and she will lie and say she dont like me but if she saids she likes me i will say yes to her so why do the girls like when you ask them do you like me???

  10. Whenever I get nervous around a girl I get a lot more bolder and seem to have a deeper voice, this tends to show a false version of myself and catch myselfe.

  11. As a girl these are like 90% accurate because lol I have no experience.
    Also to those who are blaming girls playing with them trust me I have been in situation where guys were flirting and I even said no to their need for sex but they kept begging me.
    I do enjoy attention like every girl enjoys but I know that one guy was hurt even though his friend clearly telling him that I'm not interested in him. But yeah there is situations where my intensions are misunderstood and most of the time I don't know what I want. In the end I have my own reasons not to proceed with a guy their wanted action.
    I know that this is complicated… I envy men seeing things in a more simple way.

  12. Welcome to the medium ugly club, where you realized you could have had a girlfriend several times, but you screwed it up.

  13. I remember in college there was these 3 girls I knew and for some reason they use to playfully punch me in the arms to get my attention or just randomly in conversations, it took me ages to figure out that they liked me. The funny thing was these girls didn't even know each other and I just thought it was just like a thing or that people just thought it was fun cause I'd playfully punch and poke back

  14. Scientific research shows that if you watch such videos on Youtube,you are not attractive to any girl.

  15. "If you don't have the balls to capitalize on these opportunities I guarantee she will lose interest in you and move on." Oh. So that's what that is. lol I've always thought maybe they just realized that I'm no so enchanting but I think this is actually right. I'm afraid to be vulnerable because I think most women just want to toy with my emotions, or lead me on just to shut me down, for funzies.

  16. „You don’t touch people you you are not comfortable with“

    So if I punch them in the face, does it mean i like them?

  17. The fact that over 1.5 million people viewed this…tells you all you need to know…that women have no rhyme or reason to how they operate…it's all a great mystery…even to THEM.

  18. I'm not sure if I can confirm all this, (cuz I'm not the only girl in the planet) but when I like a guy it's not like this :V

    I do the opposite of all of that. Eye contact? Heck no. Maybe to the guys I only have friendly feelings for. Romantically? Every time they turn my way, I pretend like I'm looking at my phone or something from afar.

  19. Well I think , I will marry a alien caused human(Females) had never shown me any sings ,that they like me 🐒

  20. 8:57 "If she tells you to stop, you need to stop" I know it's an old video but thank you for putting this message in the video. It's really important to talk about it loudly and remind people (because it applies to everyone, not just men) that if someone doesn't want to do something, you can't force them. You can't ignore body language signs or words saying that someone isn't interested and still push this person to do what you want.

  21. you’ll know it when she keeps staring at you while smiling. (Not in a creepy way) If she makes eye contact with you more often than with other people, chances are she’s interested in you. If you caught her staring at you, she’ll either look away quickly or hide her face.

  22. Random question 👋🏻…

    But… Have you ever watched the show called “The Legend of Korra?” The spin-off of Avatar: The Last Airbender? Cuz you sound just like the character in the series named Mako….

    If anyone else thinks so, like or comment 😅🤷🏻‍♂️…

    Sorry again, weird nerd question haha!
    (This must be why I’m single 😝)

  23. With some girls, flirting is just in their nature. They’ll do it all the time without even noticing. For a example- they’ll hit you, play around with you ect.

  24. With publishing this video you say. Eventually to girls
    Watch out of these signs the guy you like may figure out and will not talk to you

    Level of picking up girls are increased now

    Even i don't care bcz I am in the 1st secondary school it mean I am 16 I am too young……. I think

  25. My expirience has been girls tend no NOT Say STOP. You hear a multi level tone of NO. I use to stop and say is that NO or NO, DOnt STOP? (I figured she was shy) I got tired of that game. So I tell them "If you don't want me to do it, tell me how much you hate it. I will never do it ever again…." All I hear after is "Why did you stop? You didn't hear me say STop? Shut up and keep going!

  26. So tell me if anyone agrees

    The girl now go out with used to purposely be an asshole to me to get my attention because she always said I made her laugh but I’m a monotone person so she always started the conversation I could tell she liked me but she always fixed my tie but I never took much for it

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