How to Visit a Playboy Club

How to Visit a Playboy Club

How to Visit a Playboy Club. You no longer
need a time machine to visit a Playboy Club; new versions of the iconic 60s supper clubs
are popping up all over the world. Check out a Playboy Club yourself with these tips. You
will need Money Proper Proper attire and respect. Step 1. Find a club you’d like to visit. Locations
include Las Vegas, Cancun, London, and Macau, with additional clubs planned for other international
hot spots. Step 2. If money is no object, join the Playboy Club in London. Unlike most
of the other locations, which welcome everyone, London is a members-only nightclub, making
it more exclusive. You can also gain entrance as the guest of a member. Step 3. Dress well.
Many Playboy Clubs do not allow sneakers or T-shirts. Jeans may be OK, as long as they’re
not ripped. Check ahead with the particular club you’re visiting for its dress code so
there are no surprises at the door. Step 4. Bring lots of cash or a credit card: Unless
you’re at a members-only club, there’s a fairly hefty cover charge, and drink prices are steep
as well. Step 5. Be respectful of the Playboy Bunnies: Touching one can get you escorted
to the nearest exit. In some Playboy Clubs, you’re not even allowed to photograph a Bunny.
Step 6. If you’re a woman, no need to feel out of place visiting a Playboy Club — the
modern versions are much more like inclusive nightclubs than exclusive men’s clubs. Have
fun! Did you know 1,500 women applied for 25 Bunny spots at the Playboy Club in Cancun.

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  1. why the fuck would u waste so much money visiting a place where u cant even touch the girls??? lol worse than a stripclub. theres no point

  2. London is soo cool not cause the playboy stuff though. Soo you guys should shut up cause I don't think any of you have even been to London. Your probably just a patriotic American like me but I like the British

  3. My father was a member of the legit New york city club. The women actually looked charming and beautiful. Now they are just disgusting sluts. 🙁

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