I CHEATED ON MY WIFE PRANK (she freaked out)

I CHEATED ON MY WIFE PRANK (she freaked out)

wait you can’t go up there why? no no no no. yo (hah) yes baby. Good morning Jake Paulers, what is going on guys? today was absolutely savage I’m gonna narrate the day for you but hmm before that make sure you’re smiling make sure you’re dabbing on them haters make sure you’re working hard and if you’re new here i am jake paul this is the team 10 house and its lit every single day bro let’s do this thing okay so basically the day started last night when something special happend roll the clip yo ahh.. this is dope what ur lookin at bro shopping Tesla Model X nice, its good taste i feel like there is something else you’re on the computer for oh yeah yeah yeah yeah hmm, oh that’s what it was seven million okay, should we film that? yeah film that it’s kinda dope like the jake paulers are the strongest ever like they already knew we gonna hit 7 million but Like we will just film it for them then Yeah that’s dope Ok (intense moaning) oh wow more moaning… you guys you okay? you good? i’m good okay what happend do we hit it? uh yeah yeah I wasn’t even looking yo Jake Paulers I just want to say thank you so much for supporting me on a day to day basis if you’re new here you can join the family rip the march you gonna be part of the family i love u guys love you wife thanks uncle Kade of course man little foreshadow in there too what oh i like that OH BUTTER UP AND GIVE IT TO ME RAW! Yeah what he said *intense bang* and then so uhhh it was morning time now and I went to set because I’m an actor brah Woo On Set, It’s a shoot day What are you wearing bro? Bro you look so dope right now! Hey you know the scripts Don’t talk to me like you don’t know the script Yo Guys So we have been shooting all these episodes and bizaardvark it is going on TODAY! for you guys in a couple of hours So check your TV (yo) Listings You are gonna be able to watch it Yeah they are gonna be able to watch it today in a couple of hours Devoore good morning! *chuckle* Hi! Honestly… It would not matter either way! Oh there we go Pat your weave down, girl Get your weave MmMmM My old school is wearing your merch. and its so maddening because your not worthy of the omage that is being paid to you. Oh so everyone at your old school is wearing my merch? Ya You know what I smell, (sniff sniff), a hater I just don’t understand The one girl that you said Hi too my old friend, she literally talked to me for an hour You made my life just amazing *weird noises!* He just doesn’t stop, He’s a salty little kid over there in that chair. Woo so we are on set. Today is going to be a long day guys! I have to change into my characters outfit Let’s go oh YO! One More, One More! *weird grunt* Yes, Thats it! What you know about having swans on your shirt baby I got swans on my shirt! Am an actor bro, Let do dat ding! *epic music!* Woof we are on set, Halloween Episode! Look you’re a full on witch dude! Yo that’s so dope WE GOT SPIDERWEBS Yo Look at this coffin. I’m gonna die and lay in that! Were high budget Its whatever though I’m just saying we don’t take L’s So basically we shoot the halloween episode now and what is it, June? and it comes out on halloween! Bet you did not know that did you? Yeah, No everyone is like DM’ing me now and saying “Oh my god you look so small.” Oh Hahaha and i’m like no that’s from the earlier Bizzardvark videos No your still small. Really small! *weird laugh* *epic music* I miss her like is cool hanging out You guys, i love you guys but is a different connection early in the morning you said

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  4. This is the best Jake paul, no clickbait, Jerika, and comedy, goodmorning jake paulers,etc.

    Bring it back jake…πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜’

  5. I love how when he kicked that dude in the balls he grabs his balls right afterπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£


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  7. Why was jake paul fired from bizaardvark n bizaardvark was getting better n it's one of my favourite on Disney

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