If Gay Marriage Legalized, Straight People Will Do it For Benefits

If Gay Marriage Legalized, Straight People Will Do it For Benefits

welcome back to the david adventure
blasted the talk about the supreme court hearing two different cases related to
marriage equality the proposition feet case out of
california as well as the defense of marriage act that were expecting to hear
the results of uh… the supreme court cases in about jim and we air getting complete apoplectic
ind disjointed illogical thinking from so many of the
most homophobic elements of this country and along those lines is georgia
republican chairperson sue ever heart she is chairwoman of the georgia
republican party and her big concern aside from thinking that homosexuality
into manner to women being married to each other is a natural which is kind of
like the baseline for all of these people her concern is that straight people might choose to enter fraudulent gay marriages simply for the
benefits kind of like gay people have been doing
since marriage began as an institution because they don’t have a legal
alternative and that that when you listen to what
she said uh… it’s it’s very telling she said you may be straight is a narrow and you may have a friend that straight
is there say you had a great job with the
government where you had this wonderful health plan i mean what would prohibit you from
saying that your day and y’all get married and still live a separate but
you get all the benefits i’d just see so much abuse in this that it’s unreal i’ll
believe a husband in a life should be a man in a woman the benefits should be
for a man a woman there is no way that this is about a quality tumi it’s all
about of three number one to say that the entire
movement is about straight people getting a free ride shows probably some
evidence of mental illness or at least only the most flimsy grasp with reality that’s number
one a flimsy grass realities when i put my
money on but number two the fact that this is her concern when
all of the things she’s describing rati talks about divorce uh… entering into a merit
simply for financial gain divorcing for child care benefits lousy parenting all
of the things she’s concerned about happening if gay marriage is legalized already happened in heterosexual
marriages and she doesn’t seem that concerned about that she’s only
concerned about it when it comes to gay and lesbian couples you have to wonder if if it’s an actual
concerned or if she just hates gay people eventually she gets
that he says lord i’m going to get in trouble over
this but it is not natural for two women are two men to be married if it was
natural day would have the equipment to have a sexual relationship and two that i would say it’s not clear
soooo ever heart has the equipment to be thinking critically about these issues
from what she’s saying i mean i don’t think she has the
equipment to be an office soon that’s just me she has been elected
listen we must respect her office and we must uh… if you know all that
stuff people setup when george what we what we
are as you know you don’t have to tell her she’s good at it that all that stuff
republican said when george w_ bush was president that they don’t now support
because president obama’s president are respecting the office in the process in
the democracy blah blah blah that that’s what we have to think about that will
take the high road

100 Replies to “If Gay Marriage Legalized, Straight People Will Do it For Benefits”

  1. This bitch is an un-educated scared little Christian. Christian's are now seeing their only truth breaking down around them, so they are trying to grab whatever falsehood that makes them find security. Kinda like the easter bunny.

  2. The best solution is to allow marriage and domestic partnership for all couples. If domestic partnerships are already available for straights, I apologize for my ignorance. If not, I think that allowing all couples to "test the waters" before getting married would be good. Equal benefits for all couples would prevent fraud (which is probably nonexistent anyway).

  3. Gay people do have the equipment to be in a sexual relationship. It's not like gay people don't have genitals.

  4. I see. In my thoughts all of those things should be provided to all citizens, not just for those who want to marry. Why should those who want be married earn privileges?
    Marriage as nothing more than a legal binding contract to own somebody. And nothing more.
    I don't see how ownership of another person is morally right, or even natural.

  5. Not sure what country you live in, or century for that matter, but marriage is not ownership. You don't own the other person. It's a contract to share material things and material responsibilities, and it's been proven throughout history to promote a more stable society.

  6. If all a guy wanted was 'the benefits' of being married, why wouldn't he just get fake married to a woman?? How many straight guys would go through of a fake marriage with a man when he could just do it with a woman? And if this straight man wants to finally get married to a woman, he'd have to go through a divorce with his 'for the benefits husband', which like all divorces is a long winded process…yeah, that totally sounds like it's worth it. The stupidity that comes of of some people…

  7. I HATE that I'm from the same state as this woman! People like this make me embarrassed to be from the south.

  8. Maybe congratulations are in order for this dame. It's not easy to sound just as ignorant as Michele Bachmann or Louie Gohmert. But this broad has done it!

  9. i think any consenting adults should be able to get married and i also think that married people shouldn't get benefits; I think its unfair to people who just don't want to get married. those benefits should be spread to everyone in the country or the people who need it the most.

  10. A agree with your point that natural vs unnatural doesn't matter at all, but i don't agree that there's such a thing as "unnatural".

    Everything that surrounds us is natural, because we are part of nature. Everything we get is from the earth, air, water, plants, animals, etc, which is all "natural". So how can we create something which is not natural.

    By that definition bee's honey is unnatural, and bird's nest too. Problem is that we think that we're above the nature, but we are not!

  11. Why would two straight guys get married for benefits? Wouldn't those two straight guys be, you know, looking for women to date/marry? That would really complicate your life to fakemarry a dude, just to share benefits, only to divorce to actually marry a woman (with whom you would share benefits).

  12. If you argue against gay marriage by arguing it is unnatural, why don't you argue against people who use glasses and contact lenses? oh wait, because that would affect you and your friends/family

  13. Trying to convince st8 guyz to take one for the team for benefits could be challenging and hazardous – crazy woman

  14. What an idiot, to abolish marriage for benefits, no1 would be able to marry, this happens more with 2 different sex people than same sex people

  15. How would you suggest legally establishing you and your partner's rights in the event of a separation from a committed relationship?

  16. Just to let you know we do have the equipment to have sex, and we use it very well… Guess she hasn't figured it out…

  17. The license grants the rights of a committed couple… Why should I have to jump through hoops that straight people don't, that's what happens with out legal marriage…

  18. Actually two of each, LOL That is unless you're really really really talented and really really equipt…;-P

  19. Honey, I know what you are saying. I am gay as well. I am just looking at it for what it is.
    And Civil Unions are like saying you make ride the bus, but you have to sit in the back.
    Unfortunately, I have seen too many gay men and women marry into heterosexual marriages. Quite a few of them divorce and live the life they were suppose to live. On the other hand I have watched some of them suffer because they could not walk away. For whatever reason. It is truly sad.

  20. Marriage is way too confining.
    However I see the importance of this issue. Equal rights for everyone: strait or lgbt.

  21. So very true, historically and even today it is a business deal. That is the bottom line. I don't understand why people are selling themselves like this.

  22. There are already gay people who get straight married into loveless marriages for business and social reasons. Double standards anyone?

  23. What's sad is that this is even an issue. The US still has a relatively high unemployment rate, we go farther in debt day by day and our poorly funded school systems are outdated. This is just a typical hot button ploy so some politicians can pretend they are working. I doubt most people even realize how much money has been wasted in court costs and advertising just to prevent people from having equal rights. People who oppose gay marriage should be ashamed of themselves.

  24. Did I miss the memo? When did it become an absolute requirement to be bat-sh*t crazy in order to be a Republican?
    They've always been obnoxious, but now they're just plain insane.

  25. My I.Q. dropped big time just by listening to what she said…. Just…. no…
    No. She is stupid and needs to be stripped of every right she has.

  26. My I.Q. dropped big time just by listening to what she said…. Just…. no…
    No. She is stupid and needs to be stripped of every right she has.

  27. Most straight marriages are just legalized prostitution. At least gays are wanting to do it for the right reason, although I'm sure there will also be a lot of gay gold-diggers and gay sugar-daddies emerging when same-sex marriage is legalized.

  28. BWAHAHAHAHAHA, this is the plot to "Strange Bedfellows" a crappy Australian comedy from 10 years ago about a couple of blokey men who pretend to be gay for tax benefits. What's wrong? Ever since Hermann Cain got busted stealing "9,9,9" from Simcity, Republicans have to dig up obscure Australian films for their bullshit conspiracy theories? For shame.

  29. the amount of abuse? kind of like the abuse insurance companies conduct with american health patients? hypocracy

  30. I love how you Americans always bitch about 'a free ride', you realise that in order to support the average American, you need the equivalent of like 5 or 6 poor people from another country to labour for you making clothes, growing food, shipping the food etc. Compared to most of the world, every American is free-loading.

  31. As a kid I remember a US TV sitcom "Occassional Wife" about a man who to get a promotion talks a friend to "pretend" to be his wife. Is this lady serious? Big Deal, surely this is a minor occurance.

  32. Maybe this is a stupid question, but if someone who was straight wanted the benefits of marriage, why wouldn't they just marry the opposite sex? Why would they purposely go out of there way to fraud a gay marriage rather than frauding a straight marriage? Why not just marry the opposite sex for the benefits?

    This really doesn't make any sense at all to me.

  33. We do not need to respect this bitch's office. She is a shame, a shame. Incompetent, ignorant, anti-science bigots. Wake up people, these people are dangerous, they don't belong in America. They want to be religious buffoons, let them, but we need to stop supporting it with the benefits the rest of society creates despite the religious anti-educational opposition. Enough of this shit already, let them live their ignorant lives away from sane people and impressionable children.

  34. Straight people (and to be fair, gay people) ALREADY enter into fradulent marriages for the benefits. It's been going on for decades.

  35. Who's to say straight people don't already get married "just for the benefits"? what benefits does gay marriage have over straight marriage?

  36. Because every straight person in the United States would love to jump on the chance for people to think that they're gay.

  37. One example of heterosexuals abusing the system is by how many kids they have,the more kids you have,the more money you get back in taxes for each child that you claim,the more money you get in food stamps,and other health benefits as well,in which our tax dollars pay for,that the reason why me being a single person pays more in taxes then what a married couple does with kids,so they get rewarded for it,which basically takes away what marriage is really about,people throw it away like paper.

  38. Well, she almost has a point. I live in Québec, Canada. I have friends and met students, who got married stricly, or mostly, for financial benefits (a student gets more financial help from the government if he is married). I also tried to convince (it did not work) a male friend to marry me so we could get the benefits. This being said, both straight and gay marriage can be used to get benefits, so her argument is as much against straight marriage than against same sex marriage.

  39. Was not the requirement in the question "bat-sh*t crazy" and not "obvious homosexual who is most definitely a bottom?"

  40. People, be they single or married, gay or straight, who are raising children well and bringing them up to be decent citizens and good human beings are nuturing the future of our nation. They deserve a tax break.

  41. Pretending to be gay just to get the benefits.

    . . .


    The Republican Party has gone 'round the bend.

  42. How is this different from anyone else who gets married for the benefits? Like marrying foreigners so they can get citizenship, or gay people who marry the opposite gender in order to get the benefits? Have we forgotten that marriage started as an institution around transfer of property and wealth, NOT around love?

  43. I lived with my lover for over 10 years. He cheated on me and I cheated on him. Today I'm married God's way. My wife and I share the good news that Jesus can set you FREE from any sin and that includes the sin of homosexuality. I know that most people hate to hear the truth of God's word so they create their own god, however, there is ONLY one God and ONLY one way to heaven.
    I USED TO BE ADDICTED TO MEN, BUT 7 YEARS AGO JESUS SET ME FREE! (YouTube video) I have had NO ex-gay therapy!

  44. People will become married to partners of the same sex to get benefits when they can already do that with partners of the opposite sex? What are these people smoking? She's just taking the movie with that theme and running with it. In-fucking-sane!

  45. Great for you. I'm glad you found yourself, whatever that might be. But I don't need your religion. Best of luck.

  46. The Republican Party definitely has some crazies in it and I am saying that speaking as someone who would normally vote Republican. I am also saying that as someone who opposes "homosexual marriage".

  47. If straight couples have the right to get married, then gay or lesbian couples have the right to get married.

    Equal protection of the law. The 14th Amendment.

  48. I don't think this is so far-fetched at all. One of the great burdens for young folks is trying to be independent (away from mom and dad) while paying off a college loan. This is extremely stressful, as most college grads attest. A temporary solution is to just marry a trusted, consenting SS friend, in a sham marriage, for the benefits, with a no-fault prenup – the easy in, and easy out is all worked out. And then if either wants to get married with an opp. sex, just easily divorce and do it.

  49. There's nothing to prevent that from happening straight people from already doing that. There's no test that can be given to determine if the couple are really in love, intend to have sex, have children, etc. As a matter of fact, in decades past gay people (like Rock Hudson) entered into sham straight marriages for the sake of their reputation. Repubs who pretend like this is a new thing are really just desperately grasping at straws for any new argument against SSM, all others having failed.

  50. THANK YOU! And if what you describe is the fire, redefining marriage would be like pouring gasoline on it.

  51. Straight people are already doing it for benefits… straight women and straight men… it can't be apprehended. Worst reason ever!

  52. Were has that woman been straight people been having baby and marrying for years for money they no that the goverments going to pay them more for laying on there backs making babys and marrying and another thing i dont no about her but i have the parts as a gay man that i need for a gay man my sex gland is waiting for a stimulating good time right this minute i think straight people who have kids should have to take a cut out of all that money they been paying them for laying on there backs

  53. All that money the goverment be paying them they mno they are not using that money for them kids i no they no this…they need to take the money back and use were its needed and make them straight people get off there buts and work more for there babys and stop taking so much from people who dont have kids and give them more money and give every one there = right the gays every one…

  54. straight people already do it for benefits, now they will just have more benefits ^^good for them, at lest the straights will get something good out of this

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