Intercaste Marriage

Intercaste Marriage

The words “Marriage” and “Caste” often
go into the same sentences in India. But since ancient times, inter-caste marriages have
been relatively common. There are two types of inter-caste marriages
— Anuloma and Pratiloma. The Anuloma form of marriage refers to marriages
that take place between a man from a so-called higher caste and a woman from a lower caste.
This form of marriage was allowed only under certain social conditions. Anuloma marriages were recommended for the
upper castes — including Brahmins, Kshatriyas and the Vaishyas. The custom of Anuloma was
widely prevalent in India’s hierarchically arranged society. Pratiloma was the name given to marriages
that take place between a woman from the higher caste and a man from a lower caste. This form
of marriage was generally discouraged and condemned. As centuries have passed, societal norms have
changed and the rate of inter-caste marriages has increased. The implementation of laws
and Acts on inter-caste marriages has bridged the gap between people.

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  1. It would be great if you could tell more about the social customs in more videos instead of only concentrating on myths. Eg- Neem and cows are worshipped because of their wide variety of use etc. This would definitely help in generation of some scientific temperament in our country. Amazing videos by this channel.

  2. hypocrite upper caste people. using religion for their own benefit. It's okay for a man from upper caste to marry lower caste girl but bad for a man from lower caste to marry a upper caste girl. hypocrisy carried on for so many centuries.

  3. watch my video, the video is call
    Nepal Law of Marriage |who can marry who?| an introduction

    in nepal we have 2 main race. mongoloid race and aryan race. so this video will educate the public about the marriage law in nepal. i hope that mongoloid race nepali will not marry with the aryan race nepali.

  4. Every society has a caste system/class system – America has her Vanderbilts, Gettys, Hiltons, Rockefellers, Carnegies & Kennedys, North Korea has the Kim family & their courtiers – a feudal society calling itself socialist, the old aristocrats & royalty of Russia became beggars & outcasts after the revolution in 1917.

  5. wrote a paper on how this is wrong … with some logical facts.. and had to go through 1 and half hours boring talk of my liberal left teacher .. he couldn't say I was wrong but says what Iam doing is wrong.. now I know how James Watson must have felt… yeah i was as awesome as him for some minutes.

  6. and for idiots who wants to know why epified didn't say more… they are afraid of liberal retards who is going to howl in the comments if they say the truth.

  7. Friend I was love in 10 year this time I desired to marriage so help me what's the procedure for register office love marriage… me bro?????

  8. Nice video. But guys caste doesn't come from birth., It comes by profession. Even you have taken birth in schedule family, if u r well educated in Vedas, u r considered as Brahmin.

  9. Government still building lot of gap between ppl by casteism policy.. govt didn't lift any lower caste to upper, but stil it's making them lower n lower , just for votes

  10. Pratilom marriages beggets cruel and barbaric children who will always work against dharma.. Genetically the offspring will be Ugly Australoid

  11. This I wrote it long ago with scientific proof on quora, thanks to Epifed for simplified explanation

  12. I am a brahmin and i love so much a girl who's kshtriya (rajpoot) it's an anulom marriage according to you and manusmriti but still the.
    Marriage is considerd as a taboo and I'm helpless what should i do it's not my fault to born as a brahmin and not her to born as a rajpoot!.

    Caste doesn't matters for me if she would have belong to the scheduled caste or tribe still I'll marry with her

    But anulom marriage is also not allowed people used to like Marriages only in there caste!😥

  13. Caste is a wrong word. Varna and Jati is appropriate. A person who grew up in a Brahmin Varna will find it easier to navigate the life with a life partner belonging to the same Varna and this increases his/her social-cultural capital along with giving the Varna stability in the longer term. This can give the person time and stability to carry out activities other than Grihastha's immediate needs. This was the logic behind Intracaste marriage.
    I have encountered lots of real life example where intercaste marriages have been disasters contrary to what modern media portrays as a success, is really a type of oppression for women especially who go for a groom from a different caste-class category. This manifests in constant conflicts, not discounting the fact that it also happens in Intra Varna marriage but the severity is very low and many times manageable. God forgive me, but when a boy married a girl from Brahmin and brought her to a dalit household, the girl committed suicide in somedays due to differences in practices, rituals, lifestyle, moral values and whole lot of other things.
    But the future is gloomy for Intra Varna marriages because of standardization due to Globalisation-Modernisation and Capitalism, and the rituals and practices of Varnashrama vanishing, which will lead to erosion of the Varna differences and facilitate Inter Varna marriages.

  14. Ye jo SC/ST waale OBC waalon ko CASTIST bolte hain, REALITY mein wo hi CASTIST hote hain…..Koi ladka ya ladki apni hi Caste(Community) mein Shaadi karna chaahe to kisi ko kya Problem hai????? Aisa karke wo apne Culture ko PRESERVE karta hai aur apni Caste(Community) ke liye LOYALTY aur DEDICATION dikhaata hai…..Apni Community mein Shaadi karke wo apne Ancestors ki VALUES aur TEACHINGS ko aage badhaata hai

  15. Intercaste marriages in India is less than 5%. You tell me this really could change anything? Don't be such hypocrites.

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