artists from across the country have
gathered in new to honor the greatest songwriter of
America from Carnegie Hall Irving Berlin’s 100th
birthday celebration its what care I who makes the laws of a
nation let those who will take care of it right and wrong what care are here
for the world affairs as long as I can sing its popular song Irving Berlin this was not an idle claim
all he ever wanted to do was write songs so wherever we turn whatever memory
kissed us he’s there with song so familiar is almost as though they
weren’t written but more like he was talking to us let me think
a funny song with crazy words and start you know I’m happy happy let
me sing a sad refrain of broken heart never loved in vain and if my song can
start to Brian hi let me sing me a lowdown blues the
miscue out of your seat if my song can reach your shoes and start seeing to cap
in your face I’m happy let me sing of decreased charm of the 24 and mothers
are and if I can make you hope to god he wrote for everybody it didn’t matter
what part of the country were from or what style of music you like everyone
had identified the service it was like he took your heart and gave it back to
you in song unless you forget he wrote the word
animal let me sing of Dixie’s charm a funny
shore and mothers are 100 mr. Berlin Irving Berlin’s 100th birthday
celebration sorry Beatrice Arthur Tony Bennett Barry
Bartlett Nell Carter Rach our Rosemary Clooney Natalie told was it pronto Billy
Eckstine Michael Feinstein Morton Gould Bravo
Marilyn Horne Madeleine Cobb Garrison Keillor Shirley MacLaine Maureen
McGovern Willie no Gerry Orpah Marianne Plunkett Diane Shore Frank Sinatra my
sister Tommy to Joe Williams and with appearances by the Boy Scouts of America
the Girl Scouts of America the US Army chorus and the United States Army
training center Fort Dix New Jersey and now warmer pronto I’m dreaming of a white Christmas blue
skies smiling on me I’ll be loving you always the words could not be and yet
with them Irving Berlin helped write the story of
this country by capturing the best of who we are and the dreams that shape our
lives since nineteen six Irving Berlin has written more than 1500
songs and it is there that we find our history our holidays our hopes and our
hearts the night Irving Berlin turns one he watches this from home sending us his
blessing and his good wishes we celebrate the man and the legend that he
certainly has become marine McGovern Jerry Orbach Michael Feinstein and Nell
Carter again our celebration of a songwriter who more than any other
created out of the rhythms of America the songs that we all now call our own oh oh you musical diva such a hottie
freeze the most players around just change that classical name to some sweet
beautiful drive if you will play for the copy of The Tudors choppy you’ll get all
my applause and that is simply because I want to listen to ride with good old-fashioned harmony play a
simple melody oh pretty good
is my compel the night just this way
Kadri one
he’ll start upon and run around your brain the stage both for again ready
is just libel pretty too in your Easter bonnet with all the
thrills of honor with Andy in Easter we’ll be all over when they look me over
the proudest I need operate on the Avenue
if I on you photographers you ever saw my family living make your happy Oh as a child I got one when the band plays
how I ran to that man when his hand swing clarinets were my pet and the
slide trombone I thought was simply Devon but today when they play I could
you spend every bar is a job to my system but there is one musical
instrument that I call mine I love a pan I love the grantee Ana
it simply carries me away No to tree I love Tomatoes
when mater my and the line and genius well hi Hey from across the country have gathered in
New York to honor the greatest songwriter of America
from Carnegie Hall Irving Berlin’s 100th birthday celebration Irving Berlin’s 100th birthday
celebration sponsored Thank You Frankie and welcome of all the
pianos that have graced this glorious house of music Carnegie Hall
this is battered old veteran is the only one it belongs to a man who doesn’t read
or write music never took a music lesson but what a musician
Irving Berlin was he played the piano fairly well but only
the black notes you can see usually starting with this f-sharp the basis of
all the things he looked when he began writing 83 years ago American popular
music had no voice of its own we were a hodgepodge of nationalities and noises
but he heard nothing but melody sweet sweet melody and design like much of
what is typically American Irving Berlin arrived here from somewhere else without
a backward glance it was 1893 when at age 4 his family brought him from the
old world for a chance at the noon the tenements of the Lower East Side
bustle dwith sounds of the past and talk of the future for America offer the
chance to make your own life young jeezy said his teacher likes to listen to the
sounds and dream he quit school at 8 income a street singer music had caught
the boy from singing in a local cafe he moved quickly to Tin Pan Alley
turning out songs in the style of the day but the times were about to change
and so was Berlin the rhythms of exuberance guided America as she claimed
the 20th century as her own a new age should have its own music he
said with one song the career of Irving Berlin and American music were
intertwined forever has hit followed hit American music was born at his gap every
Broadway show had a Berlin tune like the Ziegfeld Follies who asked for a song
and got an answer by 30 he was a legend I just got an invitation through Bombay
a magician of soul is hits turned into trademark and we’ve got no diamond got
no twirl till I think I’m a monkey down into memories but his sweetest gift of
all is a loving reflection of ourselves you
you out of the fabric of our lives
Irving Berlin has given us a place we call home ladies and gentlemen Willie
Nelson all right thank you very much one of my
favorite songs is blue skies that mr. Irving Berlin well we want to do the sky smile energy nothing but blue
skies do I see bird singing song nothing but blue sky from now
I never saw things going so right notice that the day is hurried by when you’re
in love my how they fly ever blue today all of them going man nothing with blue
sky from now Luke sky smiling as we nothing but blue
skies do I see saw that there’s a cliff Scott
from now sky smiling at me nothing but Luke Scott we ladies and gentlemen I thank you I also want to thank mr.
Irving Berlin for making such wonderful vehicles for me to help me in my career
because you know I’m I guess it’s like an actress or an actor who loves a good
script and of course he gave us the good lyrics and I I’m so much into that I’m
very privileged and very honored to be a part of his 100th birthday happy
birthday mr. Burton how much how still young there
Wow hi sky how many times a day I think of you
Oh how many roses ah sprinkler with you how would our ever yesterday where you are how far is a journey from here Oh Oh what do Oh Oh all the dreams you had won’t come true you can pop up I wanna talk to you I think America opened its doors to
everybody and we came to America and brought from our own countries our music
but because we were here and given this opportunity we formed a music of our own
you see these days people talk a lot about truth and lately I can do a matter
that you know you can greater to know later on ladies and gentlemen
III sorry thank you so much tell me was there
anything that during Berlin could not do you know when he was 32 years old he
built a theater the music box so that every year when he wrote a new musical
he’d have his own place to show it and with 15 hit shows to his name he could
have retired but instead he took some time off from Broadway to write a few
hit movies and oh yes a national anthem when he was 58 Rodgers and Hammerstein
asked him to come back to Broadway well mr. Berlin only likes to write it
so as a result it was Annie Get Your Gun and call me madam of course there could
only be one Ethel Merman tonight I get my check and along with Marian Plunkett and Barry
Bostwick I’m going to take it it’s a lovely day today and whatever
you’ve got to do you got a lovely day to do it in that trip and I hope whatever
you love to do if something that impedes does my triny it’s a lovely day today so
whatever you’ve got to do I’d be so happy to be doing it with you
you’ve got something at Medina and it can only be done there is nothing back I’m the chosen who party giver for the
White House they know that I deliver what it takes to make a gel and in
Washington I’m known by one if your thoughts are presidential you
can take it yes there are just three things essential let me tell you all you
need is an ounce of wisdom and a founder I hear singing and there’s no wonder I
smell blossom canna trees are bare all day long I seem to walk on air I wonder
why I wonder why Oh so this is and with the moon of about it’s
wonderful wonderful I know No and every way
oh they the girls are married who have to be as
a nerve sorry doctor I call my will we’re sad and later
and smell of Cologne a nail will be polished and in her hair chill where
Gandhi and I’ll be there I’ll make dinner
next to her and children I can tell the girl that I’m Mary must
be your man cannot know y’all I’m happy I got law and is armed
I had to say it was dark in his arms and I lost my way
from the dark came a boy and it seemed No there our life felt a nice I can’t befall but his arm
help me fast and it broke the wall and I said to my heart as jumping all allowed I got lost but look what I do the costume to see me the makeup the
prop Emani except miss you when you’re down the headache the heartaches of
bucket swap the sheriff who is throughout of me no business people Oh Oh very fashionable for the songwriter
after he has a big hit to say well I thought this all out so they don’t a
told they write as good as they can and then something happens that has nothing
to do with them and that’s what happened there’s no discipline I was cooking out on this engine
a celebration sponsored by anheuser-busch companies Brewers of
Budweiser and Michelob who proudly salute Irving Berlin on his 100th
birthday and by frat which brings you good food and good food idea we had some problems out of town and one
time Ervin came to me and said we need a we need something a dance a song to open
act 2 I said well give me something to dance about my dad said he said oh
that’s the title so he went right and wrote that song something to dance about
no if we went ladies and gentlemen Garrison Keillor mr. Irving Berlin once said that a
songwriter is not much more than a mirror which reflects the feelings of
the crowd and it’s true he had a sweet gift for grabbing what he heard around
him in the crowd and making it into poetry in putting on the Reds and
shaking the Blues away and let’s face the music and dance so many songs he
took common American talk our talk and made it into poetry he gave it back to
us as beautiful treasures of how we feel not fancy not too highbrow but simple
and graceful like how much do I love you I’ll tell you no lie how deep is the
ocean how high is God how far would I travel to be where you are how far is
the journey that goes back to the star he wrote great songs and good songs and
some fairly good songs some fabulous songs like god Bless America always
absolutely on the nose like white Christmas and always economical here’s a
poem of 81 words by Irving Berlin without one unnecessary word in it just
like a melody that lingers on you seem to haunt me night and day
I never realized till you had gone how much I felt about you I can’t live
without you all alone I’m so all alone there is no one else but you all alone
by the telephone waiting for a ring a ting-a-ling I’m all alone every evening
all alone feelings wondering where you are and how you are and if you are all
alone good evening I’m Natalie Cole don’t let the simplicity of Berlin’s
words fool you because in his song our every feeling a human soul can have
every joy and every hurt that loved him brain somehow I’m not able cuz that made of my Hey coming home no more kids
zombies yeah laughs attack how I keep from getting back that man of mine
and not at home and no more how’ll I keep explaining when they asked
me where he saw how I keep from crying when I bring them
supper all tonight Oh hey coming Frank Sinatra thank you very much every year I always
called the wish a happy birthday to Irving and this year I decided I’d
rather sing a tune but I wanted to find just the right song and there’s one I
know is his favorite song because he gave it to his wife as a wedding gift
and after 62 years of marriage I know he’d like to give her the gift all over
again I’ll be loving you Oh here’s a love that’s true always you little things you need a helping hand I will understand
Oh they may not be fair
Oh that’s when I’ll be there
Oh just just a year but Oh I’m quite a beautiful
I lost the sunshine and roses I lost the beautiful rainbow I love the morning dew I lost the Asian who gave me some of the
whole winter through the turn well you what a beautiful time thank you diversion now at McDonald’s when you buy a fresh
top during the world remark this future president he didn’t master the alphabet
until he was nine learning to read was a mighty struggle Diet Pepsi and now
caffeine free diet Pepsi the taste that generations ahead coin TV salutes Junior
Rose Queen Kenya Irving Berlin’s 100th birthday celebration sponsored by
McDonald back in 1917 I wrote a song called smile and show you dimple and
this is how it went smile and show you them fool you’ll find
it’s very simple Dada Dada out of something light your pace up and smile well that made the tool for East Parade
and it’s since become an interesting ladies and gentlemen the president of
developing society Composers Authors and publishers
morton’s ooh I would like to tell you how tonight’s
celebration came about a year ago I received a phone call but mr. Berlin who
was checking in to see how we were doing now he’s been checking in from the very
beginning from 1914 when as a founding father of ASCAP he helped establish this
organization to protect the rights of those who write also on he has always shown a deep concern for
the writers and publishers who make up on the mission during our conversation I
said mr. Berlin next year is your 100th birthday
may I ask a present a tribute without skipping a beat he said what’s the hurry six months later he called back and said
he’d get this blessing to us tributon suggested we joined hands with song be
born mr. Berlin you are and always will be the master the greatness to which we
all aspire 1500 songs 19 Broadway musicals and 18 Hollywood movies that
begin with the very first talking picture get together next dance more
fiamma’s never like me and the first let yourself come here September Newton of
Bangkok to live with can’t you hear that horse Mauresmo
let’s go having a heat wave I’ll try become way temperatures rising
it isn’t surprising we certainly can can’t pull out the door and having a
spirit dance for the song and the die if you’re worried then can’t me just count
your blessings instead of sheep you will fall asleep counting your blood hey we don’t do Elsa Maxwell when they
had a knack to drive we always find the right well at the party she designs now
the hectic grinders all prefer to farm with the mostest oh ma you didn’t do
right by me I’m back on the shelf and I’m blaming myself but write a sonnet if
your Easter bonnet and the guy I’m taking to the therfore a ladies and gentlemen Rosemary Clooney when I’m worried and I can’t sleep I
count my blessings instead of she and I fall asleep shouting my blessing with my bankroll he’s getting small
I think of when I had none at school and all of sneek talking my plan in the same
film that Bing Crosby sang count your blessings
he also sang white Christmas and it was the second time the second film because
he had introduced it him holiday in 12 years before when we were
pre recording mr. Berlin was walking up and down pacing nervously and Bing
turned to him and said relax Irving it’s already a bit wide Christmas is this
country longest-running hit we couldn’t have Christmas without it the sun is shining the grass is green
the orange and palm trees sway I have never seen such a day in Beverly Hills
LA but it’s December the 24 and I am
longing to be up dreaming of wine just like the one I listen and listen
to here they know I I love wine with every Christmas card very and they all and may all your Christmases Merry Christmas in 1934 Irving Berlin got a call from
Hollywood movie musicals were in full flower he was the genius
so movies wanted his touch when he arrived he was a big celebrity and
naturally everybody wanted to meet him a very famous director walked up serving
Berlin and told him how much he liked his new song Berlin looked up at him and
said thank you I liked it very much too I’ve used it lots of time well Berlin
didn’t use many songs lots of times but he did use something a song associated
with Fred Astaire in the 1940s was originally a hit in a 1929 movie it was
about Friday night in Harlem and now in the original hit is Tommy tune and seeing the welcome news up on Lenox
Avenue on that famous thoroughfare with them loans in the air high hat Colin
Colin white fat $15 spending every time for a wonderful time if you’re gluten
you don’t know where to go to why don’t you go put it on the wrist triangle gum
ball the bevy of eyebrows down valetti all misfits putting on the wrist
that’s where each and every lulubelle go every Thursday evening with her swell
rubbin elbows come with me and we’ll attend their
Jubilee and be there laughs two-bit putting on the race putting on the thank you well I can’t tell you what a thrill it
is to be a part of this evening mr. Irving Berlin thank you for writing the
songs that Keep America singing and for writing the tunes that keep America
dance we don’t let it anything over here named Berlin they cut
up into sectors good evening this is Bob Hope I’m at
Urban Berlin for the first time in New York back in the 30s he was already a
legend and I was struggling to become one now everybody knows everything wrote
god Bless America and white Christmas but most people don’t know he got to
start with songs like little on your fiddle but he really hit his stride on
Tin Pan Alley with hits like if you don’t want my peaches
you better stop shaking my tree even gave Fanny Rice her first comedy number
Sadie Stallone go home Irving sure had his finger on the pulse of the time what
hits like he’s getting too darn big for a one-horse town you may laugh but those
were the songs people wanted to hear and Berlin wrote them faster and better than
anyone I was the recipient of his talent when I made the picture Louisiana
Purchase which had a nerve in Berlin score Irving and I had traveled the air
live together in 1948 and we didn’t get up in Wiesbaden in front of those troops
and saying god bless america it was a great moment for everybody
because it was straight from his heart and from my heart early I wish you a
very happy birthday good evening I’m Madeline Kahn there are those who would say that
Berlin’s perhaps most charming songs were written when he was quite young
such as the following example which I will sing before
johnny was bashful and Shawn nobody understood why all the other girls everyone wanted to know how she could
take such a ball with a twin nothing at all Oh Oh at the height of the depression or
whenever we went through tough times Irving Berlin was there to ease our
cares away and remind us there may be trouble but while as moonlight and music
and love and romance last thing music and no one could take
your mind off your troubles like Irving Berlin it music except the world’s be
tapping until you had to let yourself go ladies and gentlemen Joe Williams
Diane Shore and Billy Eckstine right it’s for June enough for maybe
tonight keep or not botanical bathroom in my plan
in my life my wife died MRD my baby get the wrong good I’m in right
no that’s we with the baby marinas define spoken it that you surrender I’ll
do me oh gee yeah ah beautiful and my heartbeat and I seem
to find the happiness I seek when were out together dancing you to say God help you belong rebel
beautiful somehow they’d rather leak it
straight me ladies and gentlemen Tony Bennett thank you very much from 1922 to 1926 as
the berlin wrote more hit songs and almost every composer in the history of
popular music in the world and in 1929 the year the great crash they wrote this
song taken a blues away unhappy newsy if he was clueless easy to shake off your
cares and troubles telling a blues to go they may refuse to go to them but as the
room they’ll go if you save them awake listening to do nothing they shake their
bodies to do Africa with everything I love get Rick proven that there’s a way
to chase your cares away if you had moved your weary blues take a joke like the Buddhists who do melody day
shakes have bodies over to Africa with everything I’m not keeping proven
especially to zetsu cans away if you would lose your weary blues take them
away natural high-fiber cereal from Kellogg
part of a high-fiber low-fat diet so important for good health we were at war
and white Christmas became instead of a war song apiece on guys were in New
Guinea or in the Pacific who had no Christmases were dreaming of a white
Christmas I didn’t do it may all your and he was almost a half a century ago early in
World War two I was a young very young war correspondent stationed in Europe to
a continent engulfed at the time and bleakness misery there came a hit show
from the United States performed entirely by soldiers called this is the
army it was written well to whom else Irving Berlin the show began on Broadway
and after a sellout tour across the United States was turned into a movie
starring Ronald Reagan and George Murphy it was it then went overseas to
entertain American and Allied troops right behind the front lines in its
three and a half year run the show raised close to 15 million dollars which
at berlin’s request was donated to the army emergency relief fund one of the
show’s highlights was Berlin himself singing the song that expressed his own
lifelong lament and became something of a rallying cry for every soldier the
world around oh how I hate to get up in the morning oh I’d love to remain in bed for the
hardest blow of all is to hear the bugler call you gotta get up gotta get
up you gotta get up this morning someday I’m going to murder the bugler
someday they’re going to find him their leg my leg your taters revelry and step
upon and her belief and spend the rest of my life in bed hey fellas get a load
of this wire anybody I know jams we’re going on tour
do you know Boston Philadelphia Washington Washington okay would it be
something the president indices the chief himself that wouldn’t it be
something up will you did this link above our kisses before the war’s over repeat no but he won’t tell me in the army taco jack Lenny dancer this is the army
music was this the bees way of saying what he meant when we were at the
Palladium Theatre in London mr. Berlin was invited to sit in the Royal Box he
said imagine me an immigrant boy representing America to the king and
queen of England but we could imagine it because mr. B was our flag and we waved
him proudly my name is perfect Lucca private tap
dancer and this is the army a show-stopping number call but the
well-dressed man in Harlem goodwill made us the first integrated unit in the
United States Army we traveled together we traveled together as a group of human
beings black and white American soldiers trying to do something for our country
we had a leader who treated us all like sons and that was mr. Berlin I like to
say to mr. Berlin I hope you live another hundred years mr. Berlin
been to the army is the boy and girl scouts were another
beneficiary of Irving Berlin’s rate generosity with royalties from the one
song that he said took no push to get started in 1938 when Kate Smith asked
him for a song that would speak to all Americans on the verge of war Berlin
took out of his drawer one he had written years earlier but it never used
like everything else it may have been his song when he wrote but it became a
song for all of us ladies and gentlemen miss Marilyn Horne Oh Oh Oh Oh ah wrong why Oh Oh ah I don’t know if anything could possibly
happen that touches me as deeply as this medal
god Bless America isn’t just strong that I wrote but it expresses my gratitude
for the opportunities and the freedom to write that song and to the country that
inspired it thank you very much now at McDonald’s when you buy a fresh tossed
alibi and I serve and by Kellogg’s Corn play what more could you want from a
cereal how do you wish happy birthday to a man
who gave us everything can’t sing happy birthday because that’s one of the few
songs he didn’t write but he did like one song that means more
to us in our business than anything else and it is so fabulous to sing it for the
man who wrote it there’s no business like like no I know everything about is appealing
everything the traffic will allow No where do you get that happy feeling
when you are feeling Radek air travel provided by United Airlines
from the ground up rededicated to giving you the service you deserve
come fly the friendly skies ah today to learn more about the broad spectrum
of American music the Library of Congress suggested these books a salute
to Irving Berlin by Michael Friedman and you must remember that popular
songwriters 1900 1980 by Mark White these and many other interesting books
are waiting for you at your local library and bookstore visit them they’ll
be happy to help you read more about

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  1. My friend and I travelled from NC to NYC to see the show… we belonged to ASCAP, so we received an offer to buy tickets months ahead of time. $50 each; hawkers out front were selling seats for several thousand. Once in a lifetime…

  2. Emmy-winning choreography. Great, great show capturing some of the United State's legendary popular entertainers performing Irving Berlin's Great American Songbook classics.

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