JAG HAR GIFT MIG!! / I GOT MARRIED!! (with English subtitles)

JAG HAR GIFT MIG!! / I GOT MARRIED!! (with English subtitles)

Oh no… Kenza! Open the door! Have you quit YouTube? Could you at least answer me? Okay, come in Thank you! Why won’t you return my calls? I haven’t seen… oh You’ve called a lot actually I did not quit youtube. I’ve just not had time for it this summer. So what have you been doing? Nothing in particular. Just been working, traveling and gotten married. You know, nothing special… I was actually planning on talking about that later, but now we need to go and get breakfast because I’m starving. I have a day off so I thought you guys could follow me around during the day and revive this youtube channel. This vlog is in collaboration with DinSko. I’m going to show you some pretty shoes for fall in different looks during the day, but first breakfast because I don’t function without it. I’m planning on making my super-oatmeal. So I need bananas. We’ve already got almond milk… Berries! That’s it! Why do I try to make things look more complicated than they are? It’s just a normal oatmeal. Aren’t they nice? I think they are amazing. Although they aren’t available online until next week but they are worth waiting for. This is how it’s done! Take 1 dl of oats and put it in the pan. Then, take 2 dl of almond milk. Add some cinnamon. I’m the master of burning oats in the pan. I always put on the stove and then walk away, doing my make-up or working by the computer. But I’m not gonna burn it today, because that would be quite embarrassing. The reason why I’m putting a mashed banana into the oatmeal is because it gets sweeter, which it already gets with the almond milk. But there is no such thing as ”too sweet”. She has forgotten about the oatmeal and started working… It’s getting burnt Oh no, did I burn it?
Almost A little burned. I meant my tongue, not the oatmeal. It’s perfect. I’m done with the mail. Let’s make some coffee and chill out on the couch. So, what’s happened since the last time we met Except for the video from the bachelorette party, I haven’t posted anything on YouTube since May, which is 4 months. As I said earlier, I’ve had a lot of things going on and therefore I had to re-prioritize… Can you even say re-prioritize? Yeah, or prioritize other things. I simply needed to prioritize other things. As many of you know, I got married in July, the 29th of July. It was literally the best thing I’ve ever done! I still feel a bit sad when I think about that weekend because everything was so perfect and it’s never gonna happen again. It was magical! So now I’m married, I’m Mrs. Kenza Zouiten Subosic. Did I pronounce it right, Aleks? He’s going to correct me later. If you’d like to know more about the wedding, there is a category on my blog that’s called ”Wedding/Honeymoon”, where I’ve collected all posts regarding this. After the wedding we went on out honeymoon. We took a roadtrip through Southern Europe. We started in Stockholm, then down to France, then Spain, then France again and then Italy… I think we visited 11 countries, drove more than 10 000 km in 3,5 weeks. And it was so much fun! Probably the best trip I’ve ever done! Another fun thing, we brought a polaroid camera with us and decided to take one shot at every stop and put it in an album. So this is Sweden, we visited my sister and my nieces in Malmö, continuing through Denmark down to Germany. Here’s Aleks in the shower Luxemburg, then one night in Paris, a castle somewhere in France here in western France, Biarritz, San Sebastian in Spain, where the food is amazing. Then Valencia, went to Andorra just so we could check it off our list of countries we’ve visited. All these pictures are form Costa Brava, which was one of my favorite places. Monaco, the Riviera and then Portofino, Positano Rome Then we ended up in Venice and Austria. I have another bunch here but there wasn’t enough room in the album. Okay, now I’m gonna finish my coffee, change outfit and put on another pair of shoes from Dinsko. I’m meeting up Madde for a quick shoot and then I’m having lunch with a friend. Cheers! As you know, I’m a big fan of boots, so I’ve chosen two boots two PAIR One pair in burgundy and one pair in black. Both have a nice, casual high-heel. I don’t know which pair to wear today so I’m gonna try them out. Black, with a silver zipper while the red ones are pretty clean I think the black ones will go better with the biker jacket I’m wearing. I’m going for black! We’re meeting up Madde for a quick shoot. This is a typical Kenza at fall-look: Comfy jeans, boots, knit and a biker jacket. Works every time! Shoot Aleks! Really? Rejected! I’m your mommy, I’m your mommy I have to pose with my fingers Okay let’s do a close-up on the shoes, you know Awesome, they look gorgeous One doesn’t know where to look so let’s look a little bit there, look there, look down and be like mmm We got it! Awesome! That’s what shooting outfits for the blog looks like. Here’s Stella by the way. We’re on our way to Stureplan, we’re having lunch with my friend Alexandra We’re going to Stureplan in case someone missed that. We’re late. I’m a huge time optimistic. I apologize to all of my friends. It’s not my fault there’s something wrong with my brain What did you say?
No one is allowed to eat before I’ve taken a photo
Come again? No one is allowed to eat before I’ve taken a photo Say it again!
But please! See you tonight I’m at home again, doing a touch-up on the make. As you know I’m doing this video in collaboration with Dinsko and it’s a pleasure working with them since I’ve bought shoes from there since I was a little girl. They have shoes for all occasions ; party, work, school, practically everything! So now I’ve changed into a more festive look, a dress, I’m putting on a pair of high heels from DinSko and then I’m going out for dinner with my girlfriends. Looking forward! I’m ready for tonight! I’m gonna stop filming here so I’ll get some private time with my friends. But I’ll be back on youtube very soon, it won’t take another 4 months… I promise! As I said, this video is in collaboration with DinSko. You can find all shoes I wore today on their website I’ll put links in the description below. And right now they have free shipping online, so hurry up guys. Now I gotta go, see you soon!

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  1. Hej Kenza!! Hela ditt bröllop och smekmånad verkar ju bara drömmen!! Så häftigt verkligen! I två somrar i rad har jag också gjort en road trip genom Europa! Då har vi besökt Tyskland, Frankrike, Italien, Schweiz, Österrike, Vatikanstaten, SAN Marino, Lichtenstein mm! Bästa resan verkligen när man får se så mänga olika kulturer, äta helt annorlunda mat i varje land och möta olika typer av människor och språk! 🙌🏼🥘🌴🌍

  2. Åh du bor granne med mig nu, det är så konstigt att se sina hemkvarter i dina vloggar, mitt hus, min affär osv.! Men väldigt kul också 😀

  3. subtitels are working fine if you press the most left icon on the right bottom of the video screen! Kenza, sometimes you talk really fast, and because I don't understand any Swedish I literally have to read every word and by the time I am done reading, the shot of you showing the shoe for example 6:28 is already gone. So maybe next time you can talk a bit slower?

  4. Hey Kenza i love yor style and your vlogs and videos but i have a question could you please make your vlogs and videos in the future in englisch because i'm from swiss/ zurich it would be so nice and so match easier thank you!!!

  5. Fantastisk vlogg! Undrar varför jag inte kan se några bilder på Ivyrevels hemsida? Funkar med telefonen men varken med Google Chrome eller Safari, vill ju shoppa!!! haha

  6. You're so beautiful Kenza and certainly one of the sweetest girls i have ever come across here on Youtube and/or Instagram. I am reading your blog ever since you started doing the English version many years ago! I love how consistent you are with your blog posts, they always make my days brighter and i was happy to see another video in my subscription box here on Youtube! I don't know you personally however it feels as if we were friends since a long time just because you are so relatable and we do share many things when it comes to how we grew up. My mom is my queen and i am the oldest out of 4 sisters so my 3 younger sisters were like my babies. The picture of your younger brother and the caption it came with on your blog (it was a recent post in relation to the wedding) gave me goosebumps. Siblings will always have that unique bond that unites them, no matter what. And today i do understand how they always knew much more of what was going on back in the days at home than i thought they do. Time helps with healing and people like you do to! You are more than just another beautiful face/influencer, you're amazing Kenza and please do never let anyone change the sweetheart you are! Have the best fall in beautiful Sweden (i've never been but wanna visit Stockholm together with my mom someday soon!)! Sending you much love and kindness together with a big hug (it would be a dream to actually attend a meet and greet someday, i'd literally hug you super tight haha and trust me i barely hug anyone because i am way too shy!!) Kisses 💞💞💞💞

  7. I'm currently an Aupair in Stockholm and there is really no nicer way to improve my Swedish skills than by watching your video ❤️

  8. Ååå senapsgula tröjan och svarta tröjan i slutet, ser den överallt men tror jag stirrat mig blind på dem men kan inte hitta dem på Nelly ciquelle eller nakd…. när jag väl bestämt mig för köpa hittar jag dem inte.. någon som kan hjälpa mig länk till dem?

  9. You must be so proud being born like that, what an achievement. Very proud on your achievements. How have you become such an incredible person.

  10. Ändå sjukt att man följt dig i 10 år… Minns tillexempel när du dejtade nån kille från Grekland(?), till och med när du var tillsammans med Antonio tror jag han hette, blond iallafall. Känns som du är en kompis :))

  11. Hey Kenza! Love the videos in Swedish as I'm actually trying to learn the language and it's helps!! Hope to see more of these vids 🙂

  12. I love watching your videos and love when they're in Swedish! I found your channel right before I moved to Sweden, and whilst my Swedish is still absolutely atrocious and I need to use the English subtitles, now that I've moved back home again I love to be able to still hear the language 🙂

  13. Snälla fortsätt gör fler svenska vloggar! Det skulle va jättekul om du skulle starta en podd nån gång också, PUSS

  14. I would love to see more swedish vlogs, I just recently moved to sweden and am still learning the language, it helps a lot to watch vlogs xx

  15. I really like your Swedish videos! I fact I'm here because I want to learn a little bit Swedish and was searching for something authentic, unlike those how-to-learn-swedish-videos, to hear the natural sound of the language (but I also like your videos besides that).

  16. Hi! I need someone who is willing to teach me Swedish! I am trying to learn it by myself because in my country theres no one who speak swedish haha but yea i need help with the pronunciation and some grammar! I will be sooo happy if someone help me! Anyone?

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