Jenny Slate’s Hometown Celebrated Her Engagement

Jenny Slate’s Hometown Celebrated Her Engagement

-This is such a very exciting
time to be Jenny Slate. You have a Netflix special.
You have a new book. And congratulations.
You just got engaged. -I did!
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you. -Was it fun?
Was it a good engagement story? -It was a very good
engagement story. He proposed to me in France. -Oh, that’s wonderful. -Isn’t that so romantic? And then — And it was —
It was very lovely. And then the
post-engagement period where you’re like,
“Oh, my goodness. It’s happening.” It’s still happening. Yeah. -Yeah, good.
-Yeah. It happened to me. That’s nice. And it continued from France
into the United States. -That’s great.
-Yeah. -It got through customs.
-It got through customs, the joy.
-This is really, though — This has must have been
so exciting for your hometown — very proud of you.
-Oh, yeah. -And — A local business took — -A business.
-Made the effort… -Mm-hmm.
-…to use their signage… -Yes.
-…to congratulate you and Ben. -Yeah. -Were you happy
when you saw this? -Okay.
[ Laughter ] I — I — Happy — -“Milton’s own Jenny Slate
is engaged. Congrats, Jenny and Ben.” -I know. First of all, I —
thank you very much. [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah. I grew up in this town in, like, a haunted house
in the middle of the woods. Stayed inside the house. Don’t know anyone from the town.
Okay? That’s nice. Secondly, Dairy
Freeze is like the holy place smack-dab between my parents’
and my grandparents’ house. And we were never
allowed to go there. And I would beg, like, every
time, like, “Please, please!” Like, riding in the car,
like, slamming on the window. And my mom would be like,
“You’re lactose intolerant! We can’t!” [ Laughter ] And so, yeah. [ Laughter ] The fact that, first of all,
this place knows that I exist is a miracle in itself.
-Yeah. -Then the fact
that I have overcome my lactose intolerance —
Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ] An achievement.
-Yeah. -And then, of course,
the engagement to the man of my dreams,
you know — -Yeah. This really ticks a lot of boxes.
-Lay me down. I’m dead. -This whole thing, yeah.
-Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that’s usually where
it’s like, two-for-one hot dogs. “Do you like wieners?”
or whatever. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -And they were like,
“You know, no. They’re going
to have to just risk that there’s two-for-one
hot dogs tonight. We have to promote Jenny.” -That’s right. They have
to promote my engagement. I’ll also say that this happened
on a day when I was in the town. And I’m really glad
I didn’t see it, ’cause I would have completely,
like, floored the car into the Dairy Freeze.
-Oh, driven — Yeah, like I would have been
like, “Oh, my God!!” [ Laughter ] -I want to talk about your book,
which is so lovely. -Thank you. -And I imagine
you agree to write a book first. And then you
have to write the book. And that must be
so overwhelming, that burden of pressure. -You know what? It is. And it is also a joy to write
a book, and I love this book. But I am a terrible
procrastinator. -Yes. I think a lot of people
in our field are. -Whoa, yeah. And also, at
the time, loved to smoke weed. -Oh, right, right, right.
-Yeah. So it was kind of like,
“Yeah, I’ll definitely do this. I’ll just, like,
take a quick break for one sec.” -Yeah. -Then like eight months pass,
and I wake up. I’m like — [ Gasps ] [ Laughter ] But, yeah, but it was lovely
to write it and also to decide,
“Hey, guess what? Got to stop smoking weed.” -Yeah.
-Yeah. -You also —
It very much strikes me as the book you wanted to write. -Yes.
-Which it must be so lovely to have that moment of just
taking control and being, “Oh, you know what?
I have things to express that other people would
never express this way.” And it seemed like
you really enjoyed yourself. -I’m really glad
that you say that. I did enjoy myself.
I think the book is funny, but it’s — It’s very sweet, which is kind of like an
interesting position to take in today’s world. -Yeah. No, I think we all
could use a little sweetness. I did want to talk
about the cover, because you kind of look at it,
and it looks sweet. And then you zoom in,
and you’re like, “Oh, I don’t think I’ve ever seen,
like, a hamburger on a cornucopia before.” -Yes, yeah. -There’s like a beer —
Is that a beer can? -That’s a beer can.
I asked for the bronto. -Yeah, the brontosaurus.
-And I’m pretty sure — -Yeah, there you go.
-I asked for the hot dog. -Oh, there’s the hot dog. -There’s a hot dog. Yeah. And then they just put a bra
and a beer there because… -Yeah.
-…that makes sense, as well. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -And when you saw that,
were you just — I’m always blown away when
artists, like, physical artists, when you ask them to do
something, and it comes back — I’m always just blown away by their skill
and what they can do. Were you so happy when you saw
the cover of this book? -I was. I was so, so happy, because, like, there’s a version
of this in my nightmare where it’s just like a bagel. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah. Just, like — Wait, what?
Just, like, a big Star of David, and they’re like,
“No, this is your book.” They’re like,
“Your book has arrived.” It’s just the Old Testament.

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  1. Ugh, love both of them so much. Saying that we all could use some sweetness is the understatement of the decade. If anyone is reading this, try doing one focused sweet thing for someone else, or yourself, today 🙂

  2. the fact that she stopped smoking weed might explain why her energy feels a little different here. still her hilarious self but with more of a grown up feel. how seems the difference…?

  3. She could be such a great friend of mine except she smokes weed and it makes me sick.
    Otherwise she is almost as goofy and energetic as i am when i'm not tired or like after a burger and some curly fried and a shake so it kinda doesn't sit well and you can't move because you forgot you were daily intolerant

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