Jimmy Kimmel’s FULL INTERVIEW with President George W. Bush

Jimmy Kimmel’s FULL INTERVIEW with President George W. Bush

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  1. does anyone know that music that starts at 8:36 ?! I’ve been looking for that music since I was little! 😭 pleaseeee anyone?

  2. Carter, Bush, Obama make the world proud however much they had their own frailties but nevertheless real Presidents and not play boy hoodlum as "President"

  3. Say what you will about G. W. Bush's presidency, he has always struck me as a fundamentally decent person at heart. I simply cannot imagine such a conversation happening with Trump after he leaves office. There is no humanity in the man, and self-deprecation is simply unthinkable to him.

  4. So he confirmed that a secret files on Aliens exists, he just won't say what's in them. That's enough for me. 🤷‍♂️

  5. I can’t help but think he is a good man that was controlled/manipulated by his administration into doing the things his office did.

    I could be completely wrong. It’s just by the books I’ve read, interviews I’ve seen, and articles read of him I just don’t see him as evil.

  6. People are so stupid lmao you all are a joke I'm sure most of you hated him and now y'all are like oh hes so funny. This is why people are so easy to manipulate. Bet your daughter's could be raped and 2 years later you would invite the rapist to dinner

  7. Cheney was the real president, Bush was just the figurehead. Bush cared about education not war, and hated/still hates Cheney because he thinks he ruined his presidency. I've read stories that they barely even spoke to each other his 2nd term.

  8. Trump is the greatest leader of our time. You dumb s::: can’t see this bc you’re full of hate. Look in the mirror and you’ll see evil racism and hate. Everything in this statement is the truth. You call someone racist but you are the one.

  9. It says something when we look back with affection at that complete div. I can't imagine I'll be saying that about Bigly Dotard.

  10. a guy that killed million People can be seen live interviewed instead of beeing in jail. Wellcome in the usa the sickest Country in the World.

  11. OMG! This man was President of the United States! Whether you liked him or not, his policies, his actions. He sat in the Oval Office and tried to run this divided country to the best of his abilities. Just because you didn't like him, doesn't mean he didn't do a good job. Some of you would have hated him even if he found the cure for cancer!! He tried to come up with solutions to problems that no one else has yet to figure out. All the Presidents do! What President wouldn't be proud of fixing all the ills of this country! This is what they do!! Just like you and me and all of us, Presidents don't want to fail either and try hard to make everyone happy…..never going to happen but they try. You don't need to love this man, but respect him for trying to better this country…..him and all the Presidents before him and Presidents yet to come!

  12. I love GWB.. since he was the Governor of Texas.. he was such a down to earth man, great person. My husband was delivering to a big stadium in Austin Texas (hookem hint-hint) and GWB was jogging around the track.. he came up to my husband and started a conversation with him..great guy! PLUS, I love the Texas Rangersand GWB owned they for a brief time!!

  13. This president had the hardest decisions to make. After 9/11 we all wanted to kick ass, of course if we knew then what we know now we wouldn’t have gone to war. He was damned either way, however, after that tremendous loss of life he did unite the country.

  14. I didn't agree with all of his policies while he was in office, but President Bush has saved more lives than any other president in history after leaving office. Look at his work in Africa. Even super liberals have acknowledged the charity work that him and his wife have done to make the world a better place.

  15. Remember remember the 11th of Sep, the nano-thermite and plot. I know of no reason why the Saudi and Bush treason should ever be forgot..

  16. "So uh, tell me about 'The Skull And Bones', I'd like to know more about it…." KCCHHHHH Technical Difficulties

  17. That moment when you realise that he is not nearly as stupid as many said he was at the time. Thanks 45 for casting a different light on him … 💡

  18. We're gonna see Trump up there in 5 years and everyone will be laughing at his jokes 🙂 haha what a funny guy wow you are so funny George haha remember killing the Iraqis that was so funny haha

  19. President George ruined Iraq and was the major reason that millions of people died and dying for over 16 years, and also he was the reason that four thousand of USA soldiers were killed during the war .
    Damn u George from Iraq
    And love you USA

  20. Damn I’m reading these comments and i see a lot of people saying that they like this dude now when not that long ago we didn’t I hope we don’t start to like trump again 😂 in the future

  21. He lived In Compton and got a date with the presidents daughter. Yeah right. His granddad was Prescott Bush who had several of his companies indited for dealing with the nazis during the second world war! He is from a templar bloodline and can trace his lineage back to Charlemange! Compton my ass!

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