Jinyi went to Saeho’s Birthday Party?[Happy Together/2018.09.20]

Saeho was unusually friendly to her. Saeho invited her to his birthday party. – My birthday party? / – Yes. How could you… – Don’t you know about it? / – What about us? Saeho. You never invited us to your birthday party. – Right. / – When was it? It was last year. – What? / – Last year? On my last birthday, I was with Changhee and my friends. That’s not it. I went to a steak restaurant with a friend. And my friend held a surprise party for him. So we celebrated his birthday together. Do you remember it? What’s the name of that friend? (She mentions the friend’s name.) Right. He’s my close friend. He gave you clothes for a present. Did you get clothes? You even got clothes. – You ran with the gift. / – I remember it. He held the party for me. But I didn’t know that Jinyi was there. Did you congratulate him? I did. I even shot a video. Did you really? – He’s unbelievable. / – Saeho. – How could you? / – That’s terrible. – She was one of the main people there. / – She was. She was the main participant. How could you not recognize her? – Were there celebrities? / – Were there? – There was Sangchu. / – Sangchu? – Yes. / – Yes. Cabbage and lettuce had a party. – Cabbage and lettuce. / – It’s like a produce market. The vegetables got together. I wish Yangpa had joined us. Jadu as well. – That would be lovely. / – Someday, we should – bring them together. / – It would be funny. It would be nice. We can name the group “Organic”. We can gather and talk. – That would be lovely. / – Lovely. – Long time no see. / – He remembers his friend, but not her. – That’s understandable. / – I’m sad. You never invited us to your birthday party. Right. Not even Hyeongyeong. Will you come if I invite you? – But I have an appointment. / – See? She doesn’t know when that is, but she can’t go. Hyemi, you’ve been married for a year now. I’m sorry for not attending. You’re still newlyweds. Did you feel awkward in the beginning? For some time after our wedding when we were home, – as 11 p.m. approached, / – What happened? I kept feeling like I had to leave for home. You were already married. But you felt like you had to go home. You felt like you had to. Does Eric call you when he is coming home late? “I’m coming home late.” Ever since we got married, he never went out at night to meet friends. Eric told Hyemi that she reminds him of himself these days. – Didn’t he say that? / – Yes. He says that I am like him, and he is like me these days. – He’s so sweet. / – They are sweet. That means that’s how much they love each other. – We have a lot of similarities. / – What are they? How are you similar to Eric? When we try to say something, – we say the same thing. / – Their thoughts match. We crave for similar or the exact same food. Do you have a nickname for each other? – You do, don’t you? / – We do. Sometimes, we call each other “honey”. Sometimes, he calls me… – My nickname is “Ham”. / – Ham. – Because you are Hyemi. / – Yes. Sometimes he calls me “Ham”. – I call him… / – “Ric”? – “Ric”? / – “Ec”? – “Ec”? / – “Ec” for Eric. Is he an egg? What’s with that? Since she’s Ham, so maybe he is Ec. – Do you call him “Hyuk”? / – Right. – Really? / – Yes. – That’s his real name. / – Why did you answer it? (Saeho is harshly criticized.) Don’t you win a prize if you get the answer? Why did you do that? Why did you get the answer? I will just focus my attention on Jangwoo now. This is “My Only One Special”. The new KBS drama is titled “My Only One”. The cast is great enough. – Choi Soojong is in it. / – Yes. Can you tell us what it’s about? Say it like a soldier. The writer warned me, so I can’t tell you what it’s about. Just know that it’s going to be a hit. – What is that? / – What is that? – Why… / – It’s frustrating. First, we had Jinyi closing the show. Now he says he can’t tell us about the drama. And she just keeps laughing. It will premiere on September 15th. – It will… / – I read an article. You find your biological father after 28 years. – And that’s Soojong. / – Right. It turns out he is a murderer. – Soojong is? / – Can you say that? – So… / – So it all got messed up. – It’s a weekend drama. / – It’s interesting. It sounds fun. You will be acting as Soojong’s screen daughter. You are highly praised by his wife, Ha Heera. – Really? / – That’s… It’s embarrassing to say it myself. Then who would say it? – We don’t know about it. / – UIE, come on. Hyemi doesn’t talk. You’re the only one who can say anything. It’s great. He had never seen me act before. – And that’s understandable. / – It is. When Heera heard that I got the role, she watched the drama I did with Lee Seojin. She watched that. She said my crying acting was very sincere. She said she was happy about it and cheered for me. – Heera did. / – Yes. That made me so happy. Soojong said he would watch me. During the script-reading, I got really sad and cried. He said I did well. After that, I asked him if I could call him “Father”. He said yes, so I’ve been calling him “Father” since. I heard a little bit about your roles. I heard Jangwoo is very satisfied because he’s playing a rich man. Yes. I am playing the son of a really rich man. But it’s not that I like playing a rich man. The shooting environment – is great. / – It’s comfortable. Yes. I go to a hotel to have coffee. I drive the nicest car. – You ride a luxury car. / – Yes. A luxury car. You must eat different food too. Yes. The house set has a marble table, and it’s packed with food. (He can’t stop smiling.) They serve barley dried yellow corbina. – That’s expensive. / – That’s a rich family. That sounds delicious. What did you see in other dramas? It was usually an eggroll. – An eggroll. / – An eggroll. It used to be an eggroll. But when you get used to the comfortable life, don’t you tend to spend more in real life? I don’t necessarily spend more, but when I get home, I feel strange. You feel empty. – You feel empty. / – How do you feel? – I feel empty. / – You get hit by the reality. In the drama, my car runs so smoothly. But in real life, it’s not as smooth. (It makes him wake up to reality.) I have to step on the brake ahead of time. At the set, there is a refrigerator with a touchscreen. But my refrigerator is stuck on a wall. – It’s built in. / – It’s a small one. There’s no food inside either. It must feel that way when you play a rich man character. That’s why I can’t wait for the next shoot. – I’m sure. / – “I’m rich tomorrow.” Do you change according to your role? How is it? Playing a naive girl must be different from – playing an ambitious… / – By the way, I noticed this about Hyemi. When others talk, she looks really happy. But when we turn to her… (She becomes very nervous.) She looks like she’s going to cry. “Why are you doing this to me?” She literally froze. You just came here to win pork, didn’t you? You just came here to win that, didn’t you? I’ve never seen someone so nervous. (Even Jaeseok has never seen it.) Relax. It’s fine. Say it only if there’s something to say. I think this character is very similar to me. – Is that right? / – I… (She’s playing a character similar to her.) I don’t get upset easily. – But when I’m upset… / – You explode. Yes. Will you explode on us? – You’re not upset, right? / – No. How about you, Jinyi? Do you change according to roles? When I play a bubbly girl, I just act normal. – You just act normal. / – Yes. But when I play an ambitious girl, I don’t breathe. – You don’t breathe. / – No, I don’t. How do you normally look at people? – Like this. / – That’s your normal look. What if you are playing an ambitious character? (She acts like an ambitious lady.) (She looks fearless.) Hyeongyeong is very good at this too. Yes, I think she’ll do well. She plays an ambitious character perfectly. This is how I usually am. “You are here, UIE.” – What if you are an ambitious woman? / – Then I go… (The ambition switch is on.) (She puts on the glaring eyes.) That’s it. – I love it when she does that. / – Open your eyes big. You have to overdo it. Great. That was great. Great. I love that. – Jangwoo / – He practiced. – really wants to do that. / – Do what? Play an ambitious man. Naive man versus ambitious man. – He kept fidgeting. / – I see. Please show us, then. This is the ordinary man. Hello. Have you eaten? – And the ambitious man. / – I have to turn my body. Did you eat? – Isn’t that a rude man? / – I don’t get it. I liked the second one better. – You actually sounded friendly. / – Very humane. It was very humane and nice. In the drama, Jinyi and UIE confront each other. – Yes. / – Did you drink three bottles of soju? This is what happened. We have a group chat. Jinyi and I met up one evening for some drinks and decided to invite more people. So we asked everyone where they were. But nobody replied. They all saw it too late. – So it was just us. / – It was just us. We planned to have just a few drinks, but we finished three bottles in no time. – Soju? / – Two women drank those. Then we went home. Jangwoo, why didn’t you join them? – I’m in the group chat too. / – And? Whenever I try to reply, someone else says something. You miss the timing. When I type another thing, someone cuts me. – Then I erase everything. / – He’s one tempo slower. – He’s slow. / – We are too fast. “Today’s weather is great.” “Don’t be under the air conditioner for too long.” He always sends long messages. He’s an old man. – Right? / – And… You are all nodding. Do you post about changed traffic rules? Or about the Ten Commandments? He also uses the emojis that don’t move. (He uses the emojis that don’t move.) – The 2D ones. / – The old ones. She keeps making fun of me for that. I didn’t say anything. – I… / – You use the peach one. I dug the room first. I was trying to be close to everyone. “You dug the room”? – It’s “open a chatroom”. / – I opened a chatroom. What were you digging? – Leave the army already. / – He’s too into it. I opened a chatroom, – Great. / – and used the emojis. I used the emojis I had, and they were – from two years ago. / – They were old ones. When UIE saw them, she was like, “What’s with this guy?” Then she used a new emoji. When I saw those new emojis, I became upset. – Now I buy… / – He buys new ones. But the thing is he still buys the 2D ones when he should be buying the moving ones. That’s why we laugh at him. – That’s cheap. / – There are moving ones. I asked him if he got them for free. He said he bought it. So we told him, “You improved a lot.” Then he thanked us and sent us another long message. Do you take photos on top of a mountain too? Do you take a photo at a mountain summit? – Or while holding a carp? / – That’s right. Besides being on this drama, you two have worked together before. Right? – Five years ago? / – Right, five years ago. – At “Music Bank”. / – At “Music Bank”. You were the presenters. You must be very close. We presented it together for over a year. Then you must be really close. We had a lot of fun. When you work on a new drama, it takes time to become close to your partner. But when I heard it was UIE, I felt so relieved. When we were presenting “Music Bank”, we were both shooting a drama ourselves. We often said it’d be really fun if we work on a drama. We never knew it was really going to happen. Did you have good teamwork? We had great teamwork. UIE was so kind. – She’s kind. / – At the time, she had become a big star – as soon as she debuted. / – Right. So just working with her was special enough. And she turned out to be so easy-going. She’s so easy-going. (It remains as a happy memory.) So I had a lot of fun working with her. You reunited after five years. You met again after five years, but you still had great teamwork. – It was at a party. / – What is that about? We were with other actors, and they told us to say something. So we went to the front. When I stood on the stage with UIE, the memory was brought back. “You two, say something.” – This is Music Bank. / – This is Music Bank. – Hello, I am UIE. / – I am Lee Jangwoo. The weather is really hot today, isn’t it? The weather is really hot, but it’s getting better. Right. UP’s “The Sea” is perfect for this day. (They are smooth.) You presented a show. Wow, you are good. You are still good. – They are in sync. / – They really are.

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