31 Replies to “Joyous Celebration 21 feat Mnqobi Nxumalo – Kolungiswa Nguwe”

  1. I made it through my prelims last year because of this song. And now I'm making it through my first year in varsity because of this song. Well done Mngobi.

  2. Mnqobi…Uyandigodusa…don't know how many times I watch this song… These are the true African artist that reminds us of our tru Identity… I'm your fan bro

  3. Every morning and day I listen to this song I feel so close to God ?????
    Can I get like if you still listen to this 2019 favorite forever ??

  4. 2 years later and I'm still inlove with this song. So beautiful!!!!! Only God!!!!!????❤❤❤ Thank you Mnqobi

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