Just have a party in the deserted island! [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.03.22]

Just have a party in the deserted island! [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.03.22]

We prepared all of the items you named. Really? However, we cannot just give them away. (Of course, you wouldn’t do that.) I knew it. Starting now, you will play a quiz to acquire these survival items for the deserted island. Everyone will take a turn to answer a question about survival. If you get the right answer, you can choose a survival item. Depending on the difficulty level of the question, you may choose from one to three items. We need to go for three items. Shouldn’t we go for the hard one? I’ll go first. – Okay. / – My gosh. – “DinDin Is DinDin”. / – Great. He studied abroad. Do I need to go out? Or do I answer it here? You can sit down. – He’s so eager. / – Okay. I’ll do it here. On this question, – three survival items are at stake. / – Great. Korea has the fourth-highest number of islands… in the world. We have about 2,000 deserted islands. Which of the following island does not exist in Korea? Number one, Ssaekki Island. – Ssakki Island? / – Like the pinky finger? Number two, Araessaekki Island. Number three, Ouissaekki Island. Number four, Joongssaekki Island. Number five, Keunssaekki Island. There are five choices? I think number one, two, three, or five might exist. But number four doesn’t sound right. That’s why that might exist. – Really? / – That’s right. – I don’t think five exists. / – Keunssaekki Island? – I think… / – I think it’s either one or five. – These choices are odd. / – They do overlap. “Ssaekki” which means baby should be small. So Keunssaekki means “big baby” which is weird. – Right. / – He has a point. – You’re smart. / – They mean the opposite. They mean the locations, below, above, and middle. But the last one is about the size. – I’ll say my answer. / – Go with your guts. – Number five. Keunssaekki Island. / – All right. Keunssaekki Island. – Keunssaekki Island. / – DinDin. You chose number five, Keunssaekki Island. (DinDin chose number five, Keunssaekki Island.) – Wrong. The answer is / – What? number three, Ouissaekki Island. Ouissaekki Island? (Yokji-myeon, Tongyeong, South Gyeongsang Province) (Dumi Island, Ssaekki Island) (Joongssaekki Island, Araessaekki Island,) (Keunssaekki Island) Were they angry when they named the islands? (The names are full of rage.) So this is how difficult the third-level question is. – That was hard. / – It’s hard. I’ll go with the intermediate one. Yes, try the intermediate one. – Okay. / – Let’s play it safe. Two survival items are at stake in this question. Name three movies that take place on a deserted island in ten seconds. – He knows a lot of movies. / – He’s in trouble. – You said you loved movies. / – Get ready. – He’s an actor. / – We’ll do it together. Hold on. – Wrong. / – What? It’s over? Give me a hard one. – Wrong. / – Take off the jacket and shoes. Anyway, it’s an individual match. – People who get it right… / – What are you saying? – All of you got it wrong. / – What? What are you talking about? I’ll go with the easy question. – Okay. / – I need to see how hard it is. This is an easy question. This emergency communication method that consists of dots and lines. You all know what Morse code is, right? Okay. “Parasite”. This was in the movie, “Exit” and “Tears of Snow”, produced by Assa Ravi Art Pictures. Here’s the Morse code. What does this Morse code mean? – How can I figure that out? / – I know. Are there multiple choices? – It’s a rescue signal. / – Right. – A rescue signal. / – Is that all? – SOS. / – Rescue signal. Is it SOS or rescue signal? – They mean the same thing. / – SOS is a rescue signal. (So which one should I go with?) Should I go with the English word? Since “Morse code” is English, let’s go with English, SOS. – Rescue signal. / – Okay. The answer is SOS, rescue signal, and “help”. (He’s a genius.) That’s right. Well done! – My gosh. / – Seonho, write it down. We should. I should learn this from him. – Okay. / – Jongmin. – That’s correct. / – Yes! – That was an easy one. / – I knew he would get it. – I respect you. / – Did you watch “Exit”? – I knew Jongmin would be good. / – I hope I get mine. (Picking one survival item) (His heart is pounding.) – Give me a good one! / – Seonho’s water. I think we need to pick something with fire. Ta-da! – Seyoon. / – Seyoon. – What? / – What? (Kimchi, portable toilet, music) – Portable toilet. / – Either the toilet or kimchi. If you get music, let’s listen to the music together. – Okay. / – If it’s music… If it’s music, we all should… – passionately dance. / – Yes. – We’ll have a party. / – I’m serious. I hope it’s not music. We just don’t need it to be music. In one, two… (What is their first survival item) (on the deserted island?) In one, two, three. (Kimchi) – Gosh. / – Yes. Kimchi. (They obtain kimchi!) – Okay. That’s not a bad one. / – That’s not bad. – The first-level is easy. / – We just need the tools. – Yes, it’s easy. / – Junghoon, what will you do? – How about an easy one? / – Should we go for three? Going after three would be too hard. – So which one is it? / – Give me a hard one. – Okay! / – Really? – He’s a man. / – Let’s get it right like a man. I’ll give you an advanced question. This song is… (Quiz to Acquire Survival Items) It’s Lee Mija’s most famous song, “The Island Teacher”. (The sweetbriers) (Bloom and wither away) (On the island) Figure out the word that goes in the blank. Does anyone know this song? – I don’t know. / – I don’t know. I know. I’ll know once I hear it. I’ll tell you. Okay. Number one, flower road. – Following the flower road? / – No. Number two, migratory birds. – I don’t think that’s right. / – It’s on an island. Number three, wind. – That sounds plausible. / – No. It can’t be the wind. Number four, gizzard shad. – Gizzard shad? / – Gizzard shad? – Did they swim there? / – Gizzard shad? Number five, waves. (Flower road, birds, wind, Gizzard shad, and waves) – It’s not waves. / – Is that all? – Yes. / – My mom often sang this song. – How does it go? / – ♪ Sweetbriers ♪ – It’s flowery road. / – ♪ Bloom and whiter away ♪ (The oldies can faintly remember the song.) (But the younger members have never heard of the song.) ♪ Following the flowery road ♪ (I’m getting excited.) – Island… / – ♪ A bachelor teacher ♪ – This… / – I just can’t remember this part. – Hey. Listen. / – My gosh. – Don’t gizzard shads / – Wind. make wives who left home come back? – Right. That’s gizzard shads. / – Isn’t that it? But which island is that? Seriously? Do you think a bachelor teacher followed the gizzard shads? Right. Gizzard shads are for the daughters-in-law. She’s telling him not to leave. Can it be the waves? To stop him from leaving? I think it might be the waves. – But usually… / – Because it’s on an island. – You’ve sung this a lot. / – Junghoon. It’s not the waves. When you said it was the waves, the owner went… (Shaking her head) – She shook her head like this. / – Really? (A while ago) (Studying the room) (Shaking her head) – She shook her head like this. / – Really? – Yes. That’s not the answer. / – Really? – That’s not the answer. / – That’s not the answer. – Is it the wind? / – The flowery road isn’t it either. – I think it’s the wind. / – Either migratory birds… – Listen. / – Flowery road? Migratory birds? I thought you said they didn’t say “flowery road”. It’s not the bird. – Everyone, look. / – Migratory birds. Obviously, it’s not the gizzard shad. Wind sounds right if this was on Jeju Island. – Right. / – They add “wind” in their lyrics. The answer isn’t the flowery road. It’s on an island. I think it’s the migratory birds. Why? Look. He followed the migratory birds, but she doesn’t want him to leave. – But migratory birds leave. / – They come and go! We should go with migratory birds. They come and go. – You were right. / – That was great. – That’s a nice interpretation. / – Seyoon. This must be why Seyoon picked music. Right. ♪ A bachelor teacher ♪ ♪ followed the migratory birds here ♪ He ended up there unexpectedly. Okay. That’s precise. – He followed the migratory birds. / – He followed. When the season is over, the birds leave. – So she asked him not to leave. / – Right. She’s asking him to stay. – That’s the answer. / – Migratory birds. I have the answer. It’s migratory birds. – Okay. / – That has to be the answer. Migratory birds. (Will they get three items?) (Or did they pick the wrong answer?) – That’s correct. / – Nice! (We did it!) Nice! (They obtain three survival items.) – Great. / – Nice. It only took us one question. – Seyoon. / – That was a hard one. – I’m feeling great. One. / – Let’s get some good ones. – Check one at a time. / – Check one by one. – We’re doomed. / – Whose item is it? – Whose is it? / – We’re doomed. – Is it Seyoon’s item? / – Please pick the toilet. – One of them is the toilet. / – Please. (No way.) (He puts on a celebratory show for getting the toilet.) Darn it! – Let me do it. / – Let’s open it. All right. Let’s take care of our business comfortably. – Hey. Darn it. / – We have nothing to wipe with. – It must be music. / – Darn it. It’s music. – Let’s go. / – We’ll dance like crazy today. – Get ready to dance. / – Great. – Let’s have a party. / – We’ll have a party. – Please. / – Pick a good one. I really hope I don’t pick Seyoon’s. – If it’s his again, it’s the worst. / – Please. – The color looks odd. / – I saw “ng”. It’s mine. (Disappointed) – No, no. / – Darn it. (He draws the worst items.) No, Junghoon’s items are useful now. – I don’t want a knife. Not that. / – Well… A tool for a fire or water will be better. It’s a knife. (Yes, it’s a knife.) – My gosh, knife. / – We get – whatever we talk about. / – We’re in trouble. – Okay. / – Talk about useful items then. – What if we get a portable stove? / – What do we need? – Ramyeon. / – Get pork belly. – We absolutely need fire. / – Just pick anything. – Fire. / – We need fire. – We absolutely need fire. / – Just pick anything. (Please…) – It’s mine again. / – Okay. No, it’s good. – It’s either fire or water. / – Fire. – Just don’t let it be water. / – Both are good, right? – Yes. / – But fire is better. – A tool for fire is better. / – Both of them are fine. – Fire. / – Okay. – Okay. / – A tool to make a fire. That could be lighter. No way. That’s all we have? (A tool to make a fire, knife, kimchi, and music)

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  1. I think I've only seen the familiar and happy intro, that made me feel like I was in for variety show of comic relief porportions– maybe 0NCE since this season premiered!
    Why can't KBS upload Full Episodes anyway, huh? Why? Why? Why? Why? I wanna know

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