Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Part 1

Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Part 1

for this week’s conversations of great
minds i sit down with an award-winning writer and editor whose projects of that
influential in the progressive community and the media and nation at-large
currently she’s the editor and publisher of the nation magazine in office here on
television defending common-sense progressive ideals just about a large chunk returns a
public servants and many boards please do for women’s policy research the world
policy institute and franklin and eleanor roosevelt institute for new york studios i’m pleased to
welcome trina bennett lebow between welcome thank you tom it was that it was it sense that there is life in the body
politic there is life in our system when you listen to senator bernie sanders
someone i know you’ve admired for so long and we have the nation i laughed at as i left the office this
evening because when bernie sanders is a trending topics
on twitter things are going down right in america at this evening pedigree he spent eight and a half hours
on the floor of the senate today we played on my radio show today with
played the entire first hour of it and then we
we kept going back to it for the next two hours they gave us a and i asked him
line direct and indirect video feed from from the senate floor it was suspect
axillary richest does and evenings he’s so spot on these issues katrina here first light on juries your
thoughts on this this deal that uh… president obama struck with the
republicans well i think we have to step back from
the deal and you know i think i think about what bernie sanders is doing he’s showing some fight in the system to
say hey we’re living at a time of overwhelming corporate power of
unprecedented inequality gilded age inequality as you speak about on your
show all the time tom poverty and then we can win what job said the crisis in this country
we need jobs not to fix on deficit reduction but would bernie sanders does
what we need more of in this country what’s been missing from this tax debate
in so many debates we’ve had in his last couple years where there’s a sterile and wonky an
inside-the-beltway is a sense of the matter is bringing to
the senate floor letters from citizens around this country speaking about their lives the condition of their lives and if politics is about anything it
should be about improving the conditions of people’s lives in especially those
who got shafted for the last thirty years or so the working for the middle
class and so i think liberties doing is
exposing so i stepped back and say you know how did the democrats get into
the situation where you fall before you fight some of that is good but the many of the
democrats in this part is not a monolith you got bernie sanders insured grounds
we got ben nelsons in all kinds of people different people how do you get into a position where your not standing with those who you should be standing with and i think you know they should have been fighting
before the election there was cowardice about standing tall and then you had folding
of cards from this from the white house as and get into a box you get into a box
which happens so often in our system works what’s the alternative no jobless extension and moving into a
period of the house is run by these republicans and more republicans in the
senate when you do so i think we need to let this
filibuster bernie’s doing unfold we need to see some horse trading and we need to get some stuff out of
this bill at the moment is the estate tax
thing i think it’s obscene my personal view is a gift to senator
kyle if you look at the devil in the details the guy who’s holding up the start
treaty i think this white house so desperate to
get that in any case we need a politics from below from
outside ec again to drive those majority views
which are opposed to this extension bush tax cuts for the richest into a representative system a politics with
his mustache and that thing is also used became out
of time excuse my filibuster he spoke of the lobbyists worry speaks
of a lobbyist spearheading what you know we’re getting no we’re getting legislate we’re getting a
system run by special interest for special interests not of invited for the
people you know dishing really brought front and center the corporate power that’s a lot of what’s we need to strip
out so that’s my filibuster as well and you do
a great job of talking about that in the nation magazine i’m on trees your thoughts on halloween
might get from here to there for example back when bill clinton in the early days
the d_l_c_ did the d_l_c_ came about happy arguably at a necessity because
reagan had at that point in time by by ninety-two he had cut in half the number
of americans are members of unity india just devastated the union movement and
there was enough money to fund the democratic party supplies an okay well
let’s go to the corporations the same as republicans do and that was the genesis
is actually most of us thought that’ll bomber had
broken and molten proved that you could do fundraising on the web and being a parent corporations uh… and and it seems like that’s how
he got elected but he has a man governing like that since that bit with
is there are a new way of third way a different way or are we just seen a
repeat of of the old way well first of all i think what president
obama did well in his campaign in the old line is a campaign in poetry govern
in prose is he did channel the energies in this country from below
and he brought those into a coalition the young african-american latino single
women working people brought them into a coalition to help them get elected folk you know he danced such great
things fundraising on the web the small donations which i think is a system we
need to end towards us public financing for small donations you know we didn’t we we also knew in
this in the nation we wrote about it that he was raising big bucks he broke
the system of presidential public financing drugs and open for the first time in
many many years i think you know the path forward and i
think i’ll take it off quickly but you know
and we need to build what we need to build as progresses and people of conscience building business people understand the
system isn’t working a whole coalition but will you know we need public financing of elections you know small donations and the city on civil in new york city has a good match in system one two six
and we saw the elections here last year some incumbents defeated some
progressive candidates brought forth but we needed organizing building
capacity power driving our ideas into the debate through this public financing breaking
open the special interests that so dominate and i think at this point posted
citizens united were almost on the anniversary january twenty one i think there are a good groups around this
country and i hope there’s more coalition building moving for into this
year to push an amendment to pushing amendment to ensure the
corporations are treated as percents and that’s in the is something i think
amendment a tough i think the twelve amendments passed in the last century but they’re also education organizing tools which the right
unfortunately have used so effectively it’s time for progresses pro-democracy activists to think hard about how to do that in ways that’ll you know bring people ordinary people’s
voices into the system allow ordinary people to run for office while ordinary
people’s voices to be the lobbyists in washington you recently published an article in the nation
katrina v imperil presidency afghanistan after federal pay freeze texas for the
wealthy do you think the president obama can
change course and be the change that he campaigned on ends and to that is it possible that if
he loses this battle where they went down and plane just in the house and
today there was a real push back in the senate with the
listener centers and mary landrieu indentured brown is it possible that this could be a
combat jesus moment for obama in which he makes turn in a more progressive
direction good good question and i think back to
your first point i know people who fell in love with
president obama think it’s very dangerous to fall in love with any
politician invariably get disappointed you get how cold it i believe progresses need to be as
pragmatic and clear-eyed about president obama as he is about us not as angry as
he’s been in the last week or so one-person one-man one-woman cannot change the system we’re living in
it requires forces from below which have brought about the great transformational
changes in our history requires coalitions of people from labor young people to african americans
working together to make that change and building that power from below to drive change into the
system and i you know i i i believe that uh…
the structural obstacles in the system need to be something progresses fix on
real hard in this next period president obama listen i think there were two three
obama’s and i think he is still open chip to moving and pressure a good president becomes a great
president if he or she engages those forces who want to support him who in fact is a same texas brought into
the party and alright think you’re very interesting in that this may be a moment where he understands he’s got a re-engage that base i said this past week when he kinda lashed out at people who are critics he would be
far more effective in trying to engage and listen respect rather than gifts and demobilize
to remodel i said please would be affect our ball for now myron
even while there has to be independent organizing going on but we’re seeing some faces and that
party bernie sanders has been there a long
time but others are emerging senator schumer in new york urging president obama to fight harder on these tax cuts so he’s going up or pressure within his
party moving forward and of course he needs a from outside katrina what what do you see as viv the most important issues confronting
america right now i think the most important issue is the inequality that defines so much of this country
right speak first morally but i think politically i think pragmatically is very difficult for eighty as the system of decency putting aside
left right but it politics of decency and dignity a policy that a politics that works the country’s people if you have this extraordinary wealth disparity and
with that disparity is you know so well tom comes howard sperry so what comes a
disorder reminder we do uphold bicycle we need to do about it is of when what strikes me sitting here is about two years ago we face the worst
financial crisis since the great great depression how is it that because of reckless deregulation a failed neoliberal model banks breeds how is it that we two years later are looking at a restoration of this kind of neoliberal model with deficits and debt as our urgent priorities without trying to understand the structural problems of the system
how do we do it it’s a long haul i think some of it is in rebuilding a vision in a progressive democratic left thinking very hard working inside outside because as we see
the night with senator centers in their other allies inside the tube craft a vision of the kind of country we
want to live in and then organized powerfully around that and define the entry points it is very tough sanded it is it about also demobilizing
the money we mobilizing people to fight for that kind of society but i think until we begin date understand again i come back to the fact
i wrote a column in the washington post a few weeks ago you know this chamber of commerce is blight on our system because what he cares about his crawfish it doesn’t care about building districts more secure country they are
business people enlyten business people want to build a more sustainable
equitable economy and i think what needs to bring them and
i think what needs to fill out find counters to the kind of business model that is not the one that was building a social compact
post-world war two not to be too nostalgic about that system but you know we we had the labor as part
of that compact we had a more enlightened business
community was it was in all of our profit maximization and derivatives and was about a government there was less corrupt still corrupt but less corrupt not the scale we see today so i think we
meet being need to rebuild that compact and bring in as many people work with those punishes we can agree
with and understand we may not agree on everything but to fight to rebuild the country of prep prosperity and less inequality so very well so
we’re talking with two children who will be editor and publisher of the nation
magazine more with katrina when we come right

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  1. did w bush get all belly hurt when the democrats did not want war with iraq?
    FUCK NO, the asshole would not accept no for an answer and MADE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fucking excuses, Obama = bush lite….

  2. There's no variation of campaign contribution legislation that can work. There's a million ways for corporations to get around any rules you can invent. You're treating the symptom, not the disease. Decentralize government power – strong cities and states, a small federal govt. Julian Assange has been talking about the power of decentralized power – it works in the public and private sphere.

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