Key & Peele – Slow Brotion

Key & Peele – Slow Brotion

[exciting music] ♪ [opera music] ♪

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  1. Are these Bois rocking the suits the Breaking Bad cartel assassin twins were wearing??? ??? I swear it's the same style!!!

  2. The lack of trigger discipline in this clip is upsetting. I mean the skit is hilarious, but I keep imagining them tragically shooting one another on accident because they had their damn fingers on the trigger the whole time.

  3. I can tell you key and Peele have NOT owned or shot firearms. They hold those pistols like sissies. Keagan would rock his left thumb with the slide if he shot that gun with that grip.

  4. Told my siblings I was watching opera and that why aren’t they as sophisticated as me? (As a joke)

    Then came the outro

  5. Lmao!! But on a serious note. Key, dont hold a semi auto pistol like that. It will break your thumb, or give you one hell of a slide rack. But thats ok for revolvers.

  6. Oh gawd I can’t handle it!!! ??? SO DAMN FUNNY!! Also is it just me or does Key look ridiculously suave in this video?!

  7. Brilliant! Simple gags, but presented in the funniest possible way! You don't need to read their lips to know how that dialogue went…they honed their skills on this show…

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