Kirrak Party 2018 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Nikhil , Samyuktha , Simran

Kirrak Party 2018 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie |  Nikhil , Samyuktha , Simran

♪All the fun times with
friends in college♪ ♪ Fights on the campus and treats
at coffee shops go on♪ ♪Let’s cherish these days of friendship♪ [ Old Movie ] [ STUDENTS CHEERING ] Hey!! Coca-Cola… Pepsi!!!
– Hero is sexy!!! Coca-Cola… Pepsi!!!
– Hero is sexy!!! Bro! It’s getting late for the class.
We will lose attendance. Hey! Stop it! We are mass bunking the class. ♪ Friendship develops over
the one by four canteen tea♪ ♪ We have the proxy formula
to answer attendance♪ ♪ For the super star’s first show
We have the magic of mass bunking♪ ♪ Thanks to the backlogs in the exams
we have gained a lot of experience♪ ♪ Friendship develops over the one
by four canteen tea♪ ♪ We have the proxy formula
to answer attendance♪ – Yes, madam. ♪ For the super star’s first show
we have the magic of mass bunking♪ ♪ Thanks to the backlogs in the exams
we have gained a lot of experience♪ ‘UNSPOKEN TRUTH’ by
our beloved student, Mira. Give her a big hand of applause. [ STUDENTS CHEERING ] ♪The college’s pride;
The students’ icon♪ ♪You’re in everyone’s heart
You’re quite beautiful♪ ♪ O, Mira!♪ ♪Whoever wins your
heart is damn lucky♪ Mira… I will write a book on you. Mira…I can die for you. Hey… I can kill for Mira. ♪Don’t worry about tomorrow
Today is all we have to enjoy♪ ♪Friendship day is the best of all days♪ Hey. Come here.
What’s that? It’s a drafter for drawing purpose. So you are teaching us about it? I’m sorry, sir.
– Come, We’ll teach you to use it. Shoot them. Hey! Power is off.
What’s this warden doing? Damn! This guy… [ Random Hindi song ] Wow! Finally, there comes a
beautiful teacher to our college. Let’s go, buddy.
– Let’s go. Number Ten!
– Present, Madam! Number Eleven!
– Present, Madam. Number Twelve!
– Excuse me, Madam! Come in, boys. Sit. She’s damn beautiful, man. Studying will be fun. Hey, move, man!
– Move. Number Fifteen!
– Yes, Madam. Number Seventeen!
– Present, Madam! Number Eighteen!
– Present, Madam. Why did he come here? Oh! Full house?! 100% occupancy… sweet students. Thank you, Madam. You can go now.
– Ok, sir. Bye, students! Hey! We are done for! Oh, God! We are trapped! We’re dead. We’ve been cheated. Yesterday, my class strength
was only five students. But today it is house full. Did you guys mass bunk? No way, sir. No! Stand up I say! Why didn’t you attend
the class yesterday? There was a holy ritual in my
friend’s house, sir. I went to help him out. Sit.
– Thank you, sir. You…? That holy ritual was at my place, sir. Sit, sit. Why didn’t you come? – Personal problem, sir.
– Oh! Sit! You? Personal problem, sir.
– Ok, ok. You?
– Personal problem, sir. – Hey!
– Hey! What sort of personal problem
do you have? It rained yesterday, sir. My underwear was in wash
and it did not dry. I only have one pair.
– Sit! Nonsense!
What about you? Cool… Cool… I was donating blood, sir and so… You donated to one or
to the whole city? Crap! Sit down! Nonsense! Something is going on here. I have to find out what it is. Today, our class shall mass bunk. May I come in, sir? He was too dramatic. I was taking my grandmother
to the temple last night. Was it this temple? Take a look. You want to go to the
Principal’s office, right, sir? Let’s go. Let’s go. Come on.
-Sir, please… No… Hey, come over…
come over here. We’ll escape. Bro! Canteen or movies?
– Anything is fine. I’m sorry. It’s ok. Sorry. It’s ok. Sorry.
-It’s ok. Listen, ma’am. Today is Thursday.
Om Sai Ram. I’m really sorry. What are you doing?
She took all the books. Ah, stop it! I am very sorry. Excuse me. Yes! Yes! Yes! Please. Mira! Are you carrying the
whole library with you? Hi! I am Krishna. Want me to help? Oh! Sorry! Out of habit… Let me hold. First floor? Fifth floor. Any problem? No, no! Not at all. A small favour… Can you read a few pages from
the top book while we walk? It will help me get some information. Do you read books? Books and me? Who is your favourite author? I like Chalam’s works.
I also like Sri Sri’s poetry. MCG’s stories. In fact, I read Vishwanadha Satyanarayana’s
book a hundred times. Don’t you read J K Rowling’s? What? I mean the guy who wrote
Harry Potter. J K Rowling is not a man.
She is a woman. Of the few books I read last month,
I found your article very impressive. I mean the article on sex workers. Did you read it
because I wrote it? Or you found the topic interesting? You are too intelligent.
You don’t even give me time to think. I am looking at the college from
so high for the first time. It looks quite good. By the way, what would you do up here?
Aren’t your classes over? I take voluntary Hindi classes
for the non-Hindi speakers. Mind blowing! You take Hindi classes in
Engineering college?! What a social service! I am sure your class is full. Hey! House full! What is this sea of people? Hey, hey! Don’t push the others. It must be difficult to control
so many people. No wonder you appointed two bouncers. Sorry, madam. You continue. Brother! A junior is trying
to flirt with your girl. Hey! Who is Krishna? I am Talvar Raja. Senior of the seniors! Nice meeting you, sir.
– Quiet! You are after all in the first year. Have you got no respect
for the seniors? Five floors. Climbing with 25 kilo books. I know you are trying to impress
the senior girls, eh. Jokes. Laughing, huh? Is it that funny to you?
I will smack you! How was that? Brother! He is seated.
You are still standing. Hey! Aren’t you scared?
Get up. Brother! Why do you want me
to get up? You can sit down. Brother! There is no chair here. Ok, ok, ok. If I find you with the senior girl again, you will have no legs to climb up
or hands to carry books. Ok? Krishna, final year girl! Who is this guy wearing
glares at night? Hey! He is a senior, man! Sorry, sir! Mind it! Get lost! Friends! Silence. Silence. Silence! Do you know why we are gathered
here on this cold night? We don’t know. Revenge!
– Yes, revenge. Take a look at
that innocent guy. There is a huge insult behind
the cheek he is hiding. A senior called him a dog
and beat him up badly. Considering him a fool. Hmm. The atrocities of the seniors
are growing by the day. Shouldn’t we take revenge?
– Yes, we should. We should. In what way are they superior? They study for four years
and so do we. They paid 30,000 but
we are paying 50,000. There are 108 senior girls. There are 143 girls in our batch. Who should be acting proud? Am I right or am I right? How dare they enter our rooms
and beat our own boys? Do you know what
happened with this guy? He called him a dog and
beat him up badly. Hey! You guys shut up. He didn’t call me a dog
as many times as you do. Don’t be so sad. The decision we take today… …shall remain a new chapter
in this college’s history. Are you ready for that?
– Huh! Missed it! Who is with me?
– We are. Who will remain a part of
the college history? We will. In that case, we shall have
no groupism from today. Be it the 1st, 2nd or
3rd year from now on… We shall unite and teach
our seniors a lesson. Yes! Hey! Mira and I are wearing
the same colour, right? Brother! She choses the
dress after noticing you. Who is this guy? He is the one you
slapped last night. We beat so many dogs.
Which one is this guy? Bloody idiot! Hey! Hey! Attack! I’m your senior!!
– I’m your junior!! We’re the seniors! Where’d you go, man?
Hey! Stay away from me. What the hell! You are suspended! Are you the six students
who were suspended? ♪Boys are naughty
and a little crazy♪ ♪We live a fun filled life♪ ♪Life is quite short
Live it to the fullest♪ ♪Last benchers are in no way less♪ ♪We make light shine upon our college ♪ Bro! Stop fooling around. Look for a cheaper car. Eighty thousand?! We will adjust. We are all in the same room. One book will do. Where did you get this from?
– I flicked it from the library. I am studying quite well. There is a new book called Facebook. It costs five thousand.
They won’t pass me unless I buy it. Please buy it. Look, dad! There is something
called a lathe machine. Costs seven thousand. I cannot become
an engineer without that. Your wish! Send it. Waiting for
the auspicious time? How did your dad just give it? I told him the question paper
would cost five thousand. So, he simply agreed? I also told him I can make
30,000 if I sell copies of it. What does your father do? He is from the film industry! ’50-100, 50-100, 50-100′ ♪We keep all the worries away
We live a life without anxiety♪ ♪Our desires fly high above the sky
We excel in emptying the pocket money♪ ♪We’ve got no complaints with life♪ ♪ We follow our heart’s plea♪ It’s a really old watch.
Let’s just sell it. Pass me the smoke. ♪Time is in our favour
We are forever young♪ ♪We live a joyous life ♪ This cash doesn’t look like 80,000. This car doesn’t look like it works. Drive it and see. We will pay the balance
after using it. You must remit the remaining 30,000
by the month end. Otherwise I will confiscate the car.
– Sure! Go. Hey! When I was repairing the
Principal’s car the other day… …he said he suspended six students.
Are you the ones? ♪Boys are naughty
and a little crazy♪ ♪We live a fun filled life♪ ♪Life is quite short
Live it to the fullest♪ ♪Last benchers are in no way less♪ ♪We make light shine upon our college ♪ Bro, who is dropping Mira
on the first day? Let me come along. I will throw you a party in
the evening. Please, man! I have the car keys. Is this all your arrangement? Of course. I love my
mother tongue, you see. Good. Miss! I called these students
seated on the floor. Why did you come? You can
speak Hindi quite well, right? I can. But I wanted to discipline
all these people. Miss! That is why I’m also here.
Even I want to learn. ‘Tun kaise ho’? I’m great. When you have to ask someone
with respect in Hindi… …you say ‘Tum kaise ho?’ The reply is ‘Mein theek hoon (I’m fine)’.
Then ask ‘Aap Kaise ho? (How are you?)’ Madam. Call me Mira. Mira! Krishna bought a new car.
How do we say it in Hindi? ‘Krishna ne nayi car kharidi.’ Ya! I bought it just two days ago, Mira. Red colour, open top…
brand new second hand… Hey! Why are you mentioning that here? Mira! You please continue. Mira! Krishna bought a new car.
When will he drop me? How do you say that in Hindi? Hey! What’s wrong with you? Don’t give ideas.
Just study Hindi. Mira! Please, continue. ‘Krishna ne naya car kharida.
Mujhe kab drop karega woh?’ Any time, Mira! I would never say no to you. Krishna! Get out of my class! Mira! I said… please go out of the class! Me? It means ‘Class se bahar
chala ja’ in Hindi. Let’s go.
– Where to? She asked you to leave, not me. I’ll stay in the class. Mira!
– What? My friends cannot stay away
from me even for a minute. Take them all. The class will be empty
if I take them all. Just send the five of them. You all… get out! Come on, guys. Bloody sadist! Cheers! For the success! Finally Mira understood
that we bought a car. Not we… She understood you bought a car. What, bro? Are you hurt?
So, are you not going to drink? Pour me a little more. Oh… Hey! Not soda… Pour more alcohol. Ok. Bloody drunkard! First
ask him about the car. I’ll ask! Wait! Bro… Car belongs to all of us, right?
– Yes. Then let us decide who uses it when. Okay. There’s six of us. Let us use it in turns every day. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday… That’s it. Hey! Okay, okay! Everyone
gets it on a Sunday. In the name of the car…
Say cheers! Sure. Cheers! Hello! Who is this? I am mechanic Pandey. Brother! How come you
called after so many days? Tut! Don’t be dramatic. Check my missed calls since morning. Why give missed calls? You could have called directly.
Shall I recharge your number? Use these tricks in your studies. When you don’t answer calls,
of course they turn into missed calls. It’s the first today. When
are you paying my balance? Are you going to pay or
shall I take the car back? Why the car? Come and
take the money happily. Bro, bro, bro… On your way here, get us
three beers and a half wine. And some boiled peanuts. You see…they don’t send us
out of the hostel at night. It’s a rule in the hostel.
– I see. And who’s going to pay for that? You first come here, brother. After drinking a peg with us, take
your balance amount with tax. Whatever! We don’t even have money for the petrol.
How will you pay him? Ours is a diesel run car, bro.
Why do we need petrol? That’s a valid point. ♪ Happy Birthday, Pappu!
Happy Birthday, Pappu!♪ ♪Happy Birthday, dear Pappu!♪ How they fake it for free cake!
They have no self-respect. Look at Mira. So beautiful! I have to leave. Sorry. Bye! Actually we planned something…
Wait, guys. – Pappu, Hey Pappu
– Yes! It’s Krishna’s turn. Hey! Today is Thursday.
She is mine for today. Hey! That was for the car.
This is Mira, man! Mira is for everyone every day, man! This is for you.
One piece, Mira! Just a bite. Just a bite.
– No. Thank you. My stomach is full. Hi Mira.
– Hi. You asked me to drop you yesterday.
I thought about it the whole night. Okay, I will drop you. – I asked you?
– Mira… Didn’t you ask me in the
Hindi class yesterday? Drop all this. Don’t act smart. Okay? This cake is specially made for
you with strawberry flavour. It’s from the Bombay bakery. Please Mira, just have a bite.
– No, I don’t want it. Please don’t break my heart.
-She doesn’t want it. Move. So, where are you going?
Don’t you have classes today? No. No. I need to go home first
and then to the church. I get that you’ll go home.
But why church? Yeah, I go every day. So you… Mira… Yes. I am Mira Joseph. Mira Joseph! Yes. I forgot my car keys.
I will be back in a minute. Dude, deal with her.
– Thank you. Mira! Mira! One bite…Mira! It’s difficult, man! What’s the problem? I’m from an orthodox Hindu family.
– So…? Mira Joseph… she is a Christian. – Christian?
– Christian! Hallelujah! Mira Joseph… Mira Joseph… Mira Joseph… John Abraham.
Christian from childhood. You seem to be going to the church.
– Yes. But how do you know? Only a Christian can understand
another Christian’s heart. Even I go to church every day
at the same time. My father is a Father, you know.
-Mira, just one bite… What?
– Please, Mira… I mean he is a Father in a church. Oh… no, no. What does your father do?
– DSP. Oh! So he is a guitarist
with Devi Sri Prasad! Deputy Superintendent of Police! Police? Hallelujah! One minute. I forgot my bag
in the canteen. Mira… Mira…Mira…please, Mira.
– No. Bro! When you actually think, We are engineering students.
Religion doesn’t bother us. She is born to a Christian dad
and I am born to a Hindu dad. But we’re engineers after all. Correct. But do you know
who her dad is? Police. Police?
– Police! My horoscope says I would
become the son-in-law of a police man. My Mira… Here I come. Actually, I bought the cake for you, Mira.
– My stomach is full. Mira, please…
Hey, hey! This is too much. Hey, Mira!
– Hi. So uncle is a DSP.
You never told me. Which area?
– Mira! Your dad is the south zone DSP, right? Yes. He is on TV thrashing
the black ticket sellers. Which theater?
– Jagadamba. ’50-100, 50-100, 50-100′ Jagadamba! One second! I forgot the record
in the lab. This is a cool cake man!
It is melting. Hold this. Mira! Please have this, Mira.
– No! Look. He’s coming back. Hey! When you actually think… Don’t commissioners’
daughters get married? They do, right? We are in Engineering.
Profession doesn’t bother us. Rivalry stands between
Mira and my family. I’ll drop. Let me tell you something
from my heart. We are supposed to study well
and make our parents proud. We’ll be hopeless if we chase after girls. Do something. You guys go to the hostel. What about you? I have some work. I will
finish it and come. We will come along, bro. Hey! It’s personal man! Isn’t your personal
affair our personal too? Is that so?
-Yeah. Let’s go then. Where’s the mechanical lab? Nah! It’s not here. Bro. Do you need some help?
– Yes. Please, come. Coming. Come on, guys. Us? Principal’s car. He will fail us
otherwise. Come. Come on, guys. We’ll do it. Good morning sir!
– Good morning! Guys, push it. Thank you. Sir, I don’t think this is
going to start. I know a good mechanic.
I will go get him. Okay, sir? Till then my friends will push.
– Ok. Push it hard. Principal sir will be angry otherwise. Take care. Bro… Car keys, please. We are all friends, right? Car keys, please. Hi, Mira! What is it now? I missed my bus
because of you. That’s okay. You have my car. Carburetor function… Hey, you! Me, Sir? Which branch are you from? Mechanical, sir. Oh! Great! Come here. I will teach you how to
handle the situation. You mean… right now, sir?
– Yes, come. Hey, you…1, 2, 3, 4… Which branch are you from? They are also from Mechanical, sir.
– Civil, sir. Architecture, sir.
-Polytechnic, sir. Fashion technology sir. There’s no point then. Get lost! You! Come… Come! Bro! Learn well. You can teach us
in the hostel! It’s quite late already. The bus won’t be here
for another hour. On top of that, it’s very hot. There is diesel in the car. Why don’t you give me a chance
to rectify my mistake? Assume this is a seven-seater
auto rickshaw. And me its driver. Please, Mira. Please! Yes!! Please get inside, Mira! Isn’t this Krishna’s car? Did he tell you the same? Everyone in the college
thinks this is his car. This is my car. Shall we go? Whose car is it, dear?
– And… It’s his car too. and his… and his… and his. Hey! Where did you guys disappear?
I was looking all over for you. Start the car. Mira! This umbrella is for you… It’s very sunny today.
Look after yourself. Hey! Switch to the third gear. Why are you handling
the steering like that? Looks like you’re tensed. ‘The naughty mischief in your eyes
Those tresses cascading with grace’ ‘I can never forget them. Never!’ Hey! Did you read my book?
– Of course, Mira. You wrote the book! Thank you!
– John! Read the next line! ‘As long as there’s life in me
I shall dedicate it to you, love’ Exactly!
Actually speaking… it is these two lines that add
to the value of the first two lines. Great conclusion, madam.
What a writing! Thank you…Thank you. By the way, all of you are speaking
except him. Won’t he speak? His name is Vinay. He’s a bit coy.
He keeps everything to himself. He is very shy, you see.
– Mira. You are very beautiful! You look so beautiful!
– Thank you. Mira! You’re going to the
church, right? This is for you. Where are you going? I was going to pray in the church. What happened? We are used to this. Two minutes.
Small problem. Hey, Pandey… Pandey!
Answer the phone. Please, man! Good evening, madam. I am Pandey
from Minakshi garage. I am very familiar with this car.
I will repair it. Pandey! I think it’s the coolant water
in the radiator… Shut up and hold this. Where were you, bro? We waited for you all this while
and came just now. I was reading a book in the library. Oh! Which book are you reading? Back-stabbing. I’m reading that book. Book reminds me…
Where’s my balance? What’s the connection
between a book and balance? Any connection between
you and a book? Oh! I am getting late. Mira! You are already late. There won’t be a bus for
another hour. It’s very sunny and bike is an option. Please give me the chance to
rectify my friends’ mistake. Please.
– Same line! If you don’t mind, can I drive? ♪Want to know how
happy I am today?♪ ♪ My heart’s desire has come true♪ ♪My life was black n white
It has turned colorful now♪ ♪My love is slowly
beginning to work out♪ ♪I’ve lost my heart to her
Our glances have met finally♪ ♪I feel a strong desire
I’m so deep in love♪ ♪I’ve lost my heart to her
Our glances have met finally♪ ♪I feel a strong desire
I’m so deep in love♪ Is this your house? Huh… What are you looking at? Is that your room with the balcony?
– Yes. But how do you know? Hey… Mira! How is your name spelled?
Mira or Meera? M-E-E-R-A… Meera…
-Oh… Meera… Which number do I
put in this name? Hey, bro! Come here. What’s this? Courier for Mira Joseph.
-Let me see. I am Joseph. Mira is my wife.
Where should I sign? Go. ♪When she reads my message of love♪ ♪She pretends to be angry♪ ♪ I wish her hi and hello every day♪ ♪ I wonder when she’ll say ‘I love you’♪ ♪Her love brings colour to my life
It will make my love bloom♪ ♪My life was black n white
It has turned colorful now♪ ♪My love is slowly
beginning to work out♪ ♪I’ve lost my heart to her
Our glances have met finally♪ ♪I feel a strong desire
I’m so deep in love♪ ♪I’ve lost my heart to her
Our glances have met finally♪ ♪I feel a strong desire
I’m so deep in love♪ Tell me, Mira. Krishna! I need a favour.
Can you do it? – Just say it.
– Then come home immediately. At this hour? To your house?
– So you can’t? Okay, bye. Hey! Wait. Be there in 5.
-Okay. Oh, yes! Hi.
– Hi, let’s go. Where to? Vijaya, please! I will be
there in five minutes. Let’s go! ♪Want to know how
happy I am today?♪ ♪ My heart’s desire has come true♪ ♪My life was black n white
It has turned colorful now♪ ♪My love is slowly
beginning to work out♪ ♪I’ve lost my heart to her
Our glances have met finally♪ ♪I feel a strong desire
I’m so deep in love♪ ♪I’ve lost my heart to her
Our glances have met finally♪ ♪I feel a strong desire
I’m so deep in love♪ Krishna! What are you doing there?
– I was feeling cold, so… What are you doing here at this time? I wrote an article on a
sex worker last month. She is pregnant.
I forgot the way to her house. Her house? Isn’t it this one? How do you know? I can hear someone from the inside. Vijaya! Everything will be fine.
We are going to the hospital. Krishna! No! I’m scared. Please bear for a while. Krishna! Start the car. Hey, hey! Ask her to stop screaming! Krishna! Pregnant… Pregnant woman… Not this girl.
She is in the car. Sir! Please sign these forms. You are the husband, right?
– No! I am not her husband. Sign as her guardian then. That’s right. Krishna… The Guardian. I asked for AB-Positive blood.
Did you get it? We have tried everywhere, sir.
We couldn’t get any. It’s very urgent. Make it fast.
– Ok, sir. Doctor. Krishna! How can you smoke
in a hospital? Oh, sorry. Is the operation done? Yeah! It’s a baby girl. Oh! Super! Do you want to see the baby?
– That’s ok. It’s okay. Come. First wash your hands.
They smell of cigarette. Ok, lets go. Thanks, sister. Not me. Thank Krishna. We made it in time
because of him. It’s okay. Your baby is really cute. Sister is the reason the baby
is alive today. When the world asks me
who her father is. I will have no answer. That’s why I thought of getting an
abortion as soon as I conceived. But sister filled me with courage. She said this baby should live,
if I ever need support in life. I don’t know whether this child
is born out of love or lust. But I will raise her
with unconditional love. Sir seems to be in deep thought. Nothing. I was thinking
about the baby. Don’t worry. We have done all that we
could for the mom and baby. God will take care of the rest. But why couldn’t God
take care of Vijaya? Did you donate blood? Yeah. Nice! I’m happy that you are
concerned. I can’t believe it is the same Krishna
who was suspended from college. Watching you do all this… I mean… I can’t believe it. Nice! I see a new person in you today. Yeah… Try to explore the
new person in you, Krishna. Try to be just like him. I mean… Tshis is a serious topic.
But, let’s try. Where is he? What about his phone? He’ll never change. Yes!! What happened now? Bro, did you see my phone?
– No, bro. I think you have an important call. Keep the mobile aside
and we can say cheers. Hey! Why did you give me this? I quit drinking alcohol. Personal call. Two minutes. Hi Mira. Hi! What are you up to? Nothing. I am just trying to explore
the other guy in me. Offo! Mira, you said you saw a different person
in me when I went out with you. Go with me now. I will show you
the Mira inside you. When?
– Right now. Now? No chance. No way! Where there is a will,
there is a balcony, Mira. Balcony? I’m coming to your place
in 10 minutes. You get down. Hey, listen. He will drink now.
-I know for sure. Hey, guys. I have some urgent work.
I got to go. You carry on. Enjoy! Hey! You have the car keys, right? Don’t worry. They are
safe in my underwear. You brainless fool! Hey, Pandey! Minakshi! Minakshi!
-Give me the scooter keys. Hey, Minu…! Let go!
– What’s happening to you? Oh, no! Minu… Pandey, it’s a little urgent. Hey! What? Come to your balcony.
– Balcony? Are you crazy?
I am not going with you. But you came the other
night. That’s different. Moreover,
dad wasn’t at home that day. He is at home now.
– Oh… Are you coming now
or shall I honk? Shall I? Hey! Wait! Yeah! Come down fast. How can I come?
The main door is locked. Where there is a balcony,
there are stairs, dear. Hey! Look in the front and drive. Watch out! You could have honked. Actually, the horn doesn’t work. So you lied! Mad fellow! I am totally tensed. Dad will kill me if he finds out. Where are we going anyway? Follow me. Get down. What are you doing, Krishna?
I am confused. Did I question you the other day? Didn’t I help? So, you
don’t ask me anything. Wear this mask. Come. Where to? Come… Come… Come, come. What?
– Come. See. Him? Bloody idiot! Do you know
how irritating he is? He is not at all daring. But he twists his
eyebrows like this! How? How? Shall we remove them? Gum! And tape! What are you doing, Krishna? Remove them. Pull this tape. Explore yourself. Come on. I love you, darling! Run! Run! Hey, stop! Run fast! Hey! Where are you running? What happened? Why’d you pluck your
eyebrows? Is it the new trend? That was fun, huh?
-Yeah. Brother! Two masala teas.
One cigarette. Cigarette cancel. Take it. Cheers! Tell me about your family.
– My family? Me, my dad and my grandfather.
That’s it. What about your mom? I don’t remember her. She passed away when I was a kid. Oh! I am sorry. What is your dad into? My dad? He was a
Sarpanch earlier. But he does nothing now. But my grandfather’s story
is very interesting. He was a freedom fighter. Freedom fighter? Wow! This is the reaction I get
from people all the time. My grandfather is no such hero. Let me tell you. During the freedom struggle, my grandpa
went to a restaurant to eat idli. He had two buckets of
chutney for four idlis… …and asked the owner for more chutney. The owner angrily said, ‘Who the
hell eats so much chutney?’ My grandpa’s ego was hurt. He smashed his plate
on the owner’s head. One British officer went running
and ordered to stop the ruckus. He picked up another plate and
smashed the officer’s head. Grandpa told him he had no
idea about idli and chutney. ‘We have the freedom to eat as
much ever chutney with idlis.’ With this, my grandfather had
become a freedom fighter. Since then, he gets monthly pension. First class tickets for train.
My dad got to be a Sarpanch. We have a pretty sleek lifestyle. This was all because of idlis. Idli and chutney…
– Yes. So, what about your family? I don’t have a powerful
background like you. We are a small, simple family. Dad, mom and myself. Dad is a police officer.
He is very strict. Both at duty and home. Really? I’ve seen many so
called stricts officers. So how much did your dad make?
– Krishna! It’s my dad! Oh! So sad! What about your mom? She just obeys dad’s orders. Entertainment must me nil for you
in this strict environment. That’s why I go to the church
whether I am angry or happy or sad. You do?
– Yes. Let’s go to the church now. Now?
– Right now. Come! Wow! Nice church. It’s more beautiful on the top.
Let’s go. Let’s go then. Come. Come. Such a huge bell! Shall I ring it? Krishna! Let me strike it!
– Krishna! Don’t be childish! Okay, ring it so softly that
only I can hear. Our opinions change as we grow up. Oh! We are grown up now.
We are not kids any more. We must behave with maturity. We restrict ourselves like that. What I like the most in you… …is you never restrict yourself, Krishna. You are always yourself.
You are a kid at heart. ♪ I reside in your heart♪ ♪I’m with you in every moment♪ ♪I cannot live without you♪ ♪I’m Radha and you, my Krishna♪ ♪You are my unspoken love♪ ♪You bring me dawn and dusk♪ ♪I’ve surrendered my life in your name♪ ♪You enliven every moment of my life♪ ♪ I reside in your heart♪ Mira. Bye.
– Bye. Mira…
My shirt. This is no longer yours. It’s mine. I won’t return it. What now? Bro, I’ll come to your room tonight.
-Okay. Hey! I am going to kill him now. Hey! Wait! See that? Just a word and
they’ll shatter you. Dancing around during Holi, eh? Don’t act smart. He picked a fight with me at my place. How dare you hit a senior, huh? What are you looking at? Sir. You will stay in college
for another month at most. But I will be here for three more years. You have to come back for
certificates or backlogs. Give it a good thought. Because I will be inside
the college that time. Open the door.
– Krishna, Krishna… Krishna! What happened? Hey Krishna! You will stay in college for
another month at most.’ Mira! Hi, Mira…
– Hi. Krishna! I will call you back. My diary. Give me my diary.
– What are you writing today? Is it a work article or
an article on Krishna? Hey, give me that diary, please. Tell me who you are writing this on. Be honest. Isn’t it on Krishna? Please, stop it. Krishna is younger than us. What if he is younger?
Age doesn’t matter for love. Google it and you will find
many successful examples. Hey, surprise! It’s a very interesting topic. Mira! What do you feel for Krishna? Please! If the truth has to come out,
this has to go in. Drink?
– Yes. It’s a wonder that dad sent me
to the hostel overnight. You want me to drink? I never did. She says she never drank.
See now. Hey, Mira!
Wait! Ok, ok, hold this mic. What do I say?
– Tell us about Krishna. Do you like him? Of course, he is nice. Nice? That’s all? He keeps anyone happy in
any type of situation. He’s amazing. This is getting too much. Play some music, buddy. No idea how it happened.
– You will get to know everything. Hey! Krishna is all alone there. He is Mira’s father. Sir. This is Mira’s diary. I’m extremely sorry, sir. The college has been ill reputed
because of my daughter. I apologize for it. Please, I beg you. Why do you keep
watching that video? I performed the funeral rites
for the sin of fathering her. Don’t take her name
in my presence again. You think only she has left.
But she has taken my honor along. I feel ashamed to even think of her. See how girls these days are ruined? This is what they come to the hostel for.
To get drunk and roam. Hey! Did you watch Mira’s video? Yeah, I did.
It’s trending now. I don’t know how much she drank
but she killed the dance. Show me more of her
videos if you have any. ♪I’ll not let you go or live
I will seek my revenge♪ ♪I’ll not let you go or live
I will seek my revenge♪ ♪There’s vengeance filled in every nerve
I can feel my blood boil for your wrath♪ Look at the notice board. An obituary
for the girl who got drunk and died. Sexy figure! She’d come to
my room whenever I called her. ♪I’ll give pain to those
who killed my joy?♪ ♪ I’ll punish those who sinned♪ ♪I shall not be merciful
towards anyone♪ ♪I shall sweep away the
world of atrocious men ♪ ♪I’ll free the Earth of its burden♪ ♪I’ll give a remorseful
death to the cruel♪ ♪My heart’s flames can be put off by none♪ ♪I will make all the assasins fade♪ ♪No one can stop their
death from arriving♪ ♪ As my vehemence boils,
I become unparalleled♪ ♪I’ll not let you go or live
I will seek my revenge♪ ♪There’s vengeance filled in every nerve
I can feel my blood boil for your wrath♪ ♪ I will thrash you into pieces♪ ♪Like a tornado that spits fire
I will make you shiver now♪ ♪ I will make sure to establish justice♪ ♪Sinners better watch out for me♪ ♪ Come on… Come on…♪ ♪I can’t take the monstrocity anymore
You shall witness your D-day soon ♪ ♪I can’t take the monstrocity anymore
You shall witness your D-day soon ♪ ♪Let me show you the explosion of death
Come on… Come on… Come on! ♪ Silence! Silence! All of you please pay
attention to me! All the other college students
please pay special attention. Play, dance and sing.
Win the prizes and leave. But if you act inappropriately
with the girls… You will not face suspension
or outrage from parents. We’ll directly break your bones. Continue.
– Hey, carry on. Are you out of your mind? Poor girl is crying. So what? Stop it. If you have some problem… Tell your seniors about it as we’re here
to help you. You can’t just start crying. Hey! Poor thing.
Leave her. She is crying. Hey! Calm her down. Hey! Control yourself! He is at fault but you are
scolding me! I set up a small handicraft
shop for pocket money. He showed up and… Why are you scolding me for his mistake? I am doing handcraft business
to earn my pocket money. He comes and… Hey! Where is the wash room? Then, I respectfully asked him. Hey! What is this? Don’t you know Hindi? I asked him like that.
Then, he said… Shorty! I will smack you
and you’ll get admitted to the hospital. Who are you calling Shorty? He was about to beat me
and you came there. You know that I love Hindi, right? Okay…Be careful. Hey! Start it. I’ve arranged everything for tonight.
We shall drink and have fun. Did you start it again?
You just wait for chance to start it. You keep staring at Krishna. Not just you…he never saw any girl
in the past three years. What else do you want? He hasn’t shaved for years. He looks very manly. He is very short-tempered. I will endure it. I will change him after
getting married. Marriage? What do you even know
about him? I can even write his biography. I know everything about him. What do you know? Do you know about his behaviour
after Mira’s death? He would have become crazy
if I hadn’t saved him. – Really?
– Give it. He recovered because he is strong minded. If it was someone else,
they’d be in a nut house. I took care of him.
But, he smacked me. Of course, he will hit. He gave him the college fest money
last year as he trusts him. He scammed and used it
for the party in pub. I tried hard and saved some
money for the party in pub. Even a friend should get hit
it if he does any mistake. All of us have a share in the car.
Why did he keep it with him? They left it because the
engine was damaged. That poor fellow repaired it
and is using it. You will win in the elections next week. We will prove our power this time. Yes! In opposition to Krishna? Krishna always wins
whenever there is election. He’s the king! We should be highlighted more
than him this time. Remember! Hey Vinay… Who are you voting this time
in the elections? Buddy! You’re my friend and he is my friend
too. I will not vote to anyone this time. Krishna! I chose this design for our party.
Is it good? Buddy! Is your party symbol bench? Get them printed.
– Okay. Not just a bench! ♪ The party’s symbol is ‘Last Bench’♪ ♪ Print the poster and
hand out the pamphlet♪ ♪Good always wins over bad♪ ♪Go to the campus…
do the campaign ♪ Yes, buddy. We still have a week left
for the elections. Meanwhile, there must be a celebration
in the entire college. Are you trying to cover up
the fear of losing in the elections? It is a great feeling to
win in the competition. Shut up and eat. Hey! Their symbol is Last Bench. Mechanical guys doesn’t
know anything better than that. We are from Computer Science. The symbol should be rich
and at corporate level. Bro! What about Apple? No, buddy!
There might be a copyright issue. Our level should be at
a very high range. Buddy! How about a pineapple? That is what you call an idea. Pineapple! Sir! Pineapple is their symbol. Why are you serving the juice? It’s their fruit. But, we are the ones who squeeze them out. Hey! I want you to understand…
Oh, sorry! Class is going on. It’s okay. Sir is from my batch. Buddy! I am a teacher now! It’s okay, Sir.
Mine in the same brand. ♪ Host the meetings in the classrooms
and inspire every student to vote♪ ♪Take a small break…♪ ♪…and have a tea in uncle’s canteen♪ ♪Recharging ourselves fully with the
start of this clamour in college♪ Who do we vote for?
– For Last Bench Krishna. Who do we vote for?
– For Last Bench Krishna. We shall teach them a lesson after winning. – Vote for…
– Krishna! – Vote for…
– Krishna! [CAMPAIGN] Hey Krishna. Shit! What is it? I’ve been trying for the past three days.
His phone is switched off. Why is he moody? We know him from the first year.
This is not new for him. He’ll come back. By the time he comes, the elections
will be over and we will lose. Take rest here till Sunday. I will release you after
I become the president. Pandavas have the power as long as
they have Krishna with them. Where is your guy? Where is he? Krishna is here.
There will be a battle now. ♪It is just a formality to vote♪ ♪Our party is the one that wins♪ ♪With the power wielding Krishna around♪ ♪Kauravas will be defeated by Krishna♪ ♪Krishna has won!
This will be the breaking news!♪ ♪Unbutton your shirt.
– Do the Lungi dance♪ ♪Give all your votes and let Krishna win♪ ♪Let us hear the results
of Krishna’s victory♪ ♪All of you sing it once again!♪ ♪The party’s symbol is ‘Last Bench’♪ ♪Print the poster and
hand out the pamphlet♪ ♪Good always wins over bad♪ ♪Go to the campus…
do the campaign ♪ ♪Come on, everyone!
Shout aloud together, Hail Krishna♪ That party that wins in
the college elections this year… Tomorrow at 10 am… Krishna will take oath
as the college President. Greetings to everybody. The land is wagged. The sky is twiddled. That is because you are the ones who do it. I greet all such people. Mike testing…. My… My dear brothers…
– Get lost from here. My dear brothers…
– Hey, has Krishna started yet? My dear brothers…
Please try to be patient. Our leader Krishna, Not just us. He will take care of
everyone in this college. Our teachers as well.
All the students as well. He’s the king!
– That is too much. Where is Krishna? He is as dangerous as a bomb. He will be here any moment. The leader of all is our Krishna. Are you with your entire gang? Do you want to play cricket
or something else? Let’s play. Will you join? I am not in a mood, bro. I am on my way to the
Oath-taking ceremony. You guys play. Lord Krishna’s says in Geeta…
That it is not wrong to go to war. I like it but there is no time. But, on second thought… Let’s go for it. Oh! I won the toss and
I choose to bat first. The weather looks cloudy. The pitch
looks like in a swinging condition. The bowler is ready to bowl the first ball. The batsman is set and
the first ball is a bouncer. And it’s a four. What a shot, man! It’s a single…it’s a two… …and another boundary. Wow! Come on guys… come on! Finish him. The players are around the batsman.
I think it is the time for power play. A messenger of peace…
The one who destroys enemies. The one who ends back forever and ever.
There comes Krishna. The batsman play the hook shot.
And it is one of the big six. Oh, It’s a wide ball…
wide ball! And with that shot… the score
after power play is 49. Sir, sir, sir… The score is 50. – How?
– It was a wide ball just now. Oh! Hold it. Thank you, sir!
– What happened? Is it enough?
– Hey, you are not doing it right. Haven’t I finished 50 just now? You are playing unfair. Then, let’s make it a century. Century? Hey…No… It is a no ball if you hit from behind. No ball is a free hit, sir. No matter how you hit,
you won’t get dismissed. 94, 95…
96. The batsman score is 96.
He is very close to the century. He’s out without
even hitting a century. Run guys, run. Hey, Krishna!
Fast…fast! Hey move! Move the bus! Krishna! Krishna! Drive fast! Hey, Do you have a match box? Give me match box. We were so tensed. Hey! After entering the room…
– Don’t start rambling and be quiet. How many times will you say?
– Krishna will get disturbed. Let’s go. Why are you looking at my face? Look here. Show! All the money is mine. Vitamin water! Pin drop silence! Good evening, madam. I am Pandu from Minakshi Garage.
– Good evening, I heard that Krishna was not well
So, I came here to see him. Krishna was feeling bored.
So we are entertaining him. I forget it, again. Hey, make a juice and give to Krishna.
Okay? It is good for the chest. Mix it in that. It will be great. Listen! Let Krishna drink the juice.
You don’t drink it. Krishna! How can you smoke in the hospital? Did you see? He threw it off not
because of fear but it is done. See! He will change after the wedding. Hey! How many times do I have to tell
you not to flick glucose from next room? You look healthy!
Why do you need glucose? Shameless! There is no glucose in his body
and youn come here to steal his glucose. All nonsense fellows! I have brought you upma
made with ghee. Please have. I simply love it. There is cashew nut too.
Thank you, Shilpa. Krishna! Dad is here. Say hi and send him away.
– It’s not my dad, man. Your dad is here. What? My dad? Yes. He came along with the principal. What? Is dad coming? Hey, not your dad! It is Krishna’s dad. Haven’t you said
that principal is coming? Principal… Om Sairam! Om Sairam! Greetings, Sir. Greetings. Krishna! Your father is here. Dad! Whatever you are seeing right now…
This didn’t happen for the first time. I considered giving him the
TC several times. He is always into brawls and fights. We don’t want this type of students
any more in our college. Please take him away, Sir. I told you not to but you chose to
join here so far away. He felt sad and said that he couldn’t walk
from hostel to college. I bought him a Bullet bike. My father is a freedom fighter. His name is Subba Rao! This guy is born to bring disgrace to him.
It’s okay even his education is incomplete. But, my family’s honour is more important. I will make him a truck driver. Krishna! Pack your bag. Fine. Steering is fine. But, how will he use the gear? I mean to say…
His hand is fractured. Why do you make such a big decision
over such a simple matter, sir? You have given him the warning.
He will be disciplined from now on. It is true that he gets into brawls
but he also gets good marks. I guess he is getting almost 60. No, sir. He manages to get around 90. Oh! Thanks for the co-operation, sir. Have it, Sir. Oh, upma! My favourite.
– Even mine. It’s upma at our home too…
– Is it? It tastes the same. Oh, no! Hey, what are you doing here? Daddy! That is.. Sir! Meet your daughter… Daughter…your father. There was a lot of upma left at home. So,
I brought it to distribute to the patients. What did you say? Isn’t it, Deepa?
– Yeah… You are right.
– She’s good, sir. Very good! Come. Bless me, uncle! God bless you! See! Wow! What courtesy! How respectful towards elders! What a girl! I am proud of my daughter. She can’t even spell lie, sir. Thank you, dad. Dad! It’s getting late. There are many more patients. Come on, Deepu.
– Go.. go.. Okay…bye dad!
– I will come. Go! Sir! You people talk. Will you study well and keep up
grandpa’s good name or become a goon? I want to know it. Will you change or not? Promise me. Krishna. I, Krishna, swear in as the
President of this college. That I won’t misuse my power. As a responsible leader.. I’ll lead you all. To all the students… It is my promise. And with this boundary the score is… 100! Hey! Sir! It is not even 15 minutes
after taking an oath. He broke someone’s head already. This definitely the misuse of power, sir. The college will lose its reputation
because of such student, sir. Listen to me and debar
him from the college. This is our request letter on behalf of
our branch to debar him, sir. Hit? Whom and where?
Do you have any proof? Do you have a proof that Naveen hit you? Yes. We do. Sir! We have the proof. Good morning, Sir. Hey! Who are you? Sir, he is the one who got hit by Krishna. Hey! Did I hit you? No, sir. I don’t know anything, sir. But Krishna is a very nice fellow, sir. Sir! They threatened him. Don’t be scared and tell me.
Did Krishna hit you? He didn’t hit me, sir.
I don’t know anything, sir. But Krishna is a very nice guy, sir. Hey! If no one had hit you,
why are you with all those bandages? I had an altercation with a girl
during the college fest. That girl is very dangerous.
– Dad! That girl is a very nice person, sir.
Krishna is nicer than the girl, sir. But somehow I am not able to
understand anything, sir. – Hi.
– Krishna! Did you hit him? Swear and tell me. Why would I hit him, sir? I will swear if you want me to.
– Hey! No! Why do you need to swear for
such a small issue? Do they ever speak the truth? The Mechanical Branch have such people. Hey! Our Mechanical Branch is much
better than your CSE. Better in what way? It’s only as long as you are in college. Once you step out,
you will have to slog. Hey! Don’t start a brawl
about branches now! It’s not a brawl, sir.
It is a healthy argument. Hey! We can do a three month course in
Ameerpet and become software engineers. You can never get mechanical jobs
even if you do penance. I don’t want to became an
engineer like you. Sawing with hack saw blades…
banging with hammers…crap! Stop it! What’s happening here? I don’t know anything, sir.
Krishna is a very nice guy. These are also nice boys, Sir. Keep your mouth shut. Sorry Sir. Whose is the colourful branch
in the whole college? Ours! We have 29 girls! What about you?
Bloody three! Hey! Out of that 29…27 have
boyfriends from Mechanical. That speaks for your stamina.
– Don’t you dare talk about stamina! Hey! Hey! What are you talking? Do you think this is a playground
or the Principal’s chamber? Get out! All of you! Hey! If we don’t get a job, we will happily
open a garage and work. We won’t go out and beg for a job
everywhere like you. We will at least have an AC
in the net center. You will have to tighten the nuts and
bolts sweating all through. Don’t treat sweat cheap. World won’t progress in the AC rooms. It will progress only on sweat and toil. Wow! What a statement! CSE? You have jobs that shiver
at every small recession. Machines exist as long as there are people.
Machines are forever! We are royal Mech. Hey! Are you Mechanical? No. Electrical… Then why are you supporting them? They need our electricity for
their machines to run. We have a good relationship.
Right? Hey! She talks too much.
Take her away. Hey! Come here. I need to talk to you. Come
– But I am supporting you guys. Hey! We actually are on the top floor…
10th floor! You are in the cellar. Hey! Know your range and then argue. We create the elevator to reach
the tenth floor. Do you know that? I should be included while
talking about construction… I am a Civil Engineer. Hey! Don’t try to barge in the middle. Get it? This is nothing related to you.
You eat. How many times do I have to tell you?
You know about him, right? You never listen to me. ♪You stole my heart♪ ♪You’ve cast a spell in a jiffy♪ ♪I remember you and you complete me♪ ♪I cannot be calm without you, o’ dear♪ ♪You remain in my heart now and forever♪ ♪You’re locked my eyes
and remain as a dream♪ ♪Heartbeat! My heart beats your name now♪ ♪My heart is restless all
the time to meet you♪ ♪I never know when this love has happened♪ ♪My heart is lost in you♪ ♪I never know when it happened♪ ♪My heart became weak♪ ♪You remain in my heart now and forever♪ ♪You’re locked my eyes
and remain as a dream♪ Good evening, Ma’m! What are you doing? I am watching. That’s true!
But, what are you watching? Er…menu… I am looking at the menu.
– You can’t understand it, right? Yeah. You’ll understand it now. Thank you. Everything will be okay now. Pandey! We are spending money
for the first time on studies. Here’s 60000. You must make a nice project for us. Have a beer and sleep tight. Your project will be ready by the morning. ♪Sweetheart…♪ ♪Sweetheart! Always us♪ ♪I swear that I want you♪ ♪Talk to me in a lovely manner♪ ♪Unknown! Tipsy♪ ♪My heart goes crazy in love♪ ♪I remain to be yours in love♪ ♪You stole my heart♪ ♪You’ve cast a spell in a jiffy♪ ♪You remain in my heart now and forever♪ ♪You’re locked my eyes
and remain as a dream♪ ♪Heartbeat! My heart beats your name now♪ ♪My heart is restless all
the time to meet you♪ ♪I never know when this love has happened♪ ♪My heart is lost in you♪ ♪I never know when it happened♪ ♪My heart became weak♪ ♪You remain in my heart now and forever♪ ♪You’re locked my eyes
and remain as a dream♪ Get out! Get out! I cannot spare even if
you’re late for a minute. Hey! You! The second person on the
last bench…don’t copy and paste. I am watching you. Hey! You! Where are you coming?
You are late. Get out! Get out! Sorry, sir. My car broke down. Your car broke down?
– Yes, Sir. Interesting! Did you try to analyse the situation? Yes, sir. Come on…come on…tell me.
What happened? Somehow the car didn’t move. It didn’t move? Probably there was an ignition problem.
It is common in winter. No, sir. The engine did start. But the car couldn’t move, sir. Oh! That’s a transmission problem. See…what happens is… Move I say…move I say… See…what happens is…
– Sir! Question paper! See! What happens is The gear transmits the power from
the crankshaft. The gears worked fine.
But, the car wasn’t moving. It must be the clutch plate.
– Sir! Signature, please! – It is definitely clutch plate problem. For that operational procedure is…
– There is no problem with clutch plate. That car didn’t move. Is it?
– Yes How? I forgot to release the hand brake.
– Ah? Hand brake?
– Hmm… Oh, Crap! Guys these days say whatever! Why are you leaving all the pages blank? I have my own plan. You write. Hey! Forth year… This one. Here. This is it. Let’s go… O’ God! I’ll pass in the exam. I laid the fourth egg… I laid the fifth egg… I laid the six egg… The seventh one…
– Hey! That’s enough… Ah? Thank you, Sir.Thank you. Hey! That was for the soda.
Not for you. You continue. The eighth egg is laid… What are you doing
when he is laying eggs? – The ninth egg.
– Okay, sir. I laid the first egg… The second egg…The third egg.
– Hey! What would happen when
you lay an egg from so high? It will break sir. He is a hen because he is short.
You are a rooster. Okay sir. How does a rooster crow? A rooster… I know it, sir. What? Are you that experienced? Do one thing.
Make an omelet. Distribute to everyone.
– Okay, sir. Hey! He is taking the
trouble of laying eggs. He is making omelets. Why are you idle? Cut the onions. Okay, sir. Hey! You’re making omelet, right?
Why can’t I hear? Sorry Sir. Egg from the hen! Yes. Sir! I’m cutting onion.
Listen to the sound. Why aren’t they tears in your eyes
while cutting onions? Yeah! 38th egg! Sir, he is counting it wrong. It is just 33. No Sir, 38 are done. I cooked omelet with 2 of them, right? Hey bro, what are you doing? What’s wrong? You have stepped on all the eggs. How will we get an omelet for drinks? Ah! I have laid the first egg again. Hey! Where are your eggs for an omelet? Valid point. I laid the second egg. I laid the third egg! Yes! I shall top this time. Yes!
– Hey! Fail machine! Don’t confuse me.
I am copying from your paper. The eigth egg is laid. I’ll get 25 marks for sure. If this facility was available
when we were kids, I would have got into IIT.
– Is your stupid IIT important now? Not just IIT! IAS and IPS as well. Hey, IPS ! I want to have beer.
– I’ll have one beer too. Let the results be out.
We shall celebrate with champagne. Hey,Hush! Keep silent… Hey, is everything submitted?
– Yes. Was it good?
– Maybe. Come here… What happened? Who could it be at this hour? If he is out at this hour
it has to be the peon. Let me see. Stop it.
– What are you doing? I cannot say. What if he sees? We won’t simply get debarred.
We will directly go to the prison. Bro! I am not even married. Of course, there is not much
to do even if I am. Hey, stop it. What do we do now? Why is the peon going this way to the
Principal’s room if he has to go out? Bro! Do we need logic at this point?
– What are you talking? Valid point.
– Thanks, buddy. Lights off! [THUDS] He’s heavy, man!
Be careful! You go that way. It is too late. Go carefully. Thank you…
– Okay. Hey! Do you know who he is?
– Leave it. Let’s have a beer. What! Beer?! [HONKING] Gosh! My head hurts. We should never mix
whiskey and beer. Hey! Do you know what a
crime we committed while drunk? We kidnapped the college peon! We’ll be imprisoned for 5 years. Only if he is alive. What if he is dead? Hey! Drink some tender coconut water.
It will cool you down. Hey! First open the trunk. ♪Wherever you go I shall follow you,
My love…O’ my love♪ Hi, boys! What Santosh?
Aren’t you off from last night’s effect? You’re letting it out by
drinking coconut water. I have been telling you since last night
that peon won’t go to principal’s office. But, we kidnapped the principal. Don’t tell that it is my mistake.
– If the punishment is severe for a peon, What about the Principal? What about my wedding? Open the trunk. There is no one here. I am sure, buddy.
I kept him in the trunk. Something’s wrong. Probably he went for
a morning walk. Sorry! Where is he, man?
– How would I know? Okay. So, we don’t remember anything. Let us go 12 hours back. We were sitting when it was 9 pm. We were planning to
write the answer sheets. Cheers! We kept the papers in the
staff room by 10 pm. Around after 10 pm, peon must have seen us. Krishna!
You hit him with a bat, not a stump. Super point! Right, bro!
– Lights off! We made a mistake. It happens sometimes. This is our car and that was
the Principal’s car. Oh! We did a mistake again.
– This time it was a big one. Hey! Let us quickly check the Principal’s car
trunk before anyone finds it out. O’ God! He should be safe.
That is all I want. O’ God!
This fatso is sitting on that car’s trunk. I have work and will
come home late at night He asked me to make lentil soup and left. I don’t know where he went after that. Mom!Stop it.
He is not a kid. He must have gone out on an urgent work. He would tell me and
go if it is an urgent work. Hey! Let’s go… Why are you staring like that? We have a challenging situation now. The Principal is lost.
We have to find him. Come on… Krishna! Dad is missing since last night. We have searched everywhere.
We couldn’t find sir anywhere. Did you try calling him? He doesn’t listen to me when
I ask him to carry the phone along. He talks rules that mobiles are
not allowed on campus. He must’ve gone to his friend’s house. He has no friends.
I am his friend and I am his wife. – Mom! Probably he went for a morning walk.
Did you check in the park? I did. He isn’t there. Office room? It’s locked. Library? Market? Bathroom?
– No! Hostel? No. Hey, listen!
Could he be in the car’s trunk? Are you crazy?
Why would he be in a car trunk? I don’t know. He might be. Did you check car’s trunk?
– Yeah. Daddy! Yes… Yes… Yes… Dad…Dad!
– Listen! Get up. Get up. Why are you sleeping here? Dad! Why are you sleeping here? What happened, dad? Why are you here?
– What if something happens to you? I was returning home last night from work. Someone switched off the light
and hit me on the head. Now, I am here. O’ God! Rascals! I won’t spare them. I’ll spoil their life if I find them.
– Sir. No one would get an idea
that you could be in car’s trunk. But Arjun got it right. How do you know Principal sir
was in the trunk? Tell us. Hey… Sir.
– Hey, Krishna. This is your project? What is this? ‘Swimming Luna’. What do you mean? It’s a boat-cum-bike. Roads will be flooded
whenever there is rain. People are stranded wherever they are. But, Luna won’t be stuck anywhere.
It will take us home. 40000 for this? Pandey doesn’y know cheating. It costs 5000 rupees to create Luna. What about the remaining 35000 rupees? The balance you owe me
which is 30000 rupees. What about the remaining 5000 rupees? Pandey! Get the biryani.
We will pay. Pandey! Get some drinks.
We will pay. Including that… Pandey bro!
Do you have extra tube or something? Hi! Hey! What are you doing here? Hello… She gave me the idea of ‘Swimming Luna’. What are you looking at? You got this
project because of her and my due too. Be happy now. She even gave me a smile
so that all will be happy. Oh no! I am getting late. Krishna! Can you drop me
at the hostel, please? Hey! Krishna! She pleases in a
loving manner. Drop her. Please! Okay, let’s go.
We will drop her. – Yeah. Let’s go.. Hey! Where are you all going? Come here. Krishna! You go.
We have to discuss about the project. Hey! What do you want to discuss? Come. Buddy! Don’t you want us to pass the exam? Yes!
– Hey! Look at this. That’s a meaningless talk. Money is over. Have to get. We should unite them. Krishna! Right…right… Hey! Isn’t your hostel to the left?
Why go right? Check the time. It’s 11 pm. They won’t allow me in
the hostel at this hour. Okay. Let me drop you at home. No… That is much more dangerous. Dad will kill me. What will you do now? I know a place. Drop me there.I will tell you the route. Let’s go! Please… [SONG PLAYING] We are on the road for half an hour. Tell me properly where to go. Hey! Don’t confuse me. Stay calm. Stop… This is it. Stop… This is the queen’s palace. Are you going there all alone? Will you leave me alone? Krishna! Whenever I am sad,
I come here… alone. Hey! Are you scared? I am not scared! No way! Hello…
– Ah? This way. By the way, what do you do here alone? Krishna! This palace isn’t that
scary in this moonlight. The sea looks so beautiful in that light. If we want to enjoy the beauty of the sea,
we must give up fear. If we want to be happy, We must give up the grief
in our hearts. Er… I guess my height and
my words don’t match! [GHASTLY SCREECH] Is there a ghost here? Krishna! Why will there be ghosts here? This must definitely be the ghost. I came here so many times but
never heard such sound. May be someone died recently. Shilpa! Hey, Shilpa! Shilpa! You put up such a show! Oh! So you are afraid of ghosts. You have money, right? Are you crazy?
My wallet is with John. I don’t have money. It’s okay. Eat. What are you saying? If it is possible, let us run. If we get caught, let us
grind the dough. Right now, enjoy the dosa Krishna. Brother! One more dosa.
– Hey! Go and get the car. Brother! How much is the bill? 80 rupees. That’s very less.
Take hundred. Brother, who wrote that
menu board? It’s not copy… it’s coffee. It’s not id… it’s idli. Hey, Krishna! Can’t you wait
till the bill is paid? What’s the hurry? He is always like this. Brother served us with good breakfast
early in the morning. What? Start… Start… Start the car. Hey! Hey, girl! My bill…my bill!
– Go, go, go! Brother! We don’t have money. I’ll transfer on Paytm. They escaped. I see you laughing so hard
for the first time, Krishna! Krishna! I want to have
some coffee. Tell me. Which coffee shop
shall we go to? Coffee shop is boring. I want to drink
home-made coffee. Home-made coffee?
– Hey… Stop! Stop! Let us ring the calling bell of that house
and ask for coffee Are you crazy?
I just can’t. They will take me for a beggar. Didn’t I get you a dosa?
You have to get me some coffee. That’s it. I don’t have any other option? Bell… Come in. Uncle! Shilpa…
– Shilpa told me you would come. Come. Coffee? No, I just had breakfast. Are you in the final year now? Yes, uncle. If Mira were alive
she would be 24 years old. Probably she would have become
a good writer. I read about you in her diary. There is a lot of difference between
you and the one I imagined. When she was four years old,
that photo is in Delhi. That was a time when I didn’t know
the difference between my job and life. I was a police officer at home too. I never… I’ve never been a better father. More than the pain her
death caused me, I didn’t like the way she died. They would watch the video
in front of me and laugh at it. That’s why… That’s why we left the house she grew up
in and the bitter memories and came away. Until I read her diary, I understood what my daughter was. My ego and my false prestige… destroyed my love for my daughter. How foolish am I! She will never come back. That’s why we live with her memories. Hey Mira, My shirt. It’s not yours anymore. Mine. I won’t return it. She wrote about all her friends
in the diary. She wrote a bit more notably
about you. You will always be
in her memories. Hope you will have
the life she dreamt. Mom! I am hungry. Brother! When will you change? It’s another thing to do this
for the sake of survival. But with a responsibility right before your eyes,
it is so base to do such things. That fool believed you
would change! At least bring up your child without
letting her know about your past. You have the child outside and
you are doing this inside! Sister. I forgot to give the chocolate
to the child. Take this. You must attend the wedding,
the address is on the card. See you sister. Sit, brother. It’s been four years I have
left that life. But that is how they treat me
in this area. I am not hurt by your words. I’m used to it. One minute. I will make
you some tea. I am working in the apartment
close by. I earn 6000 per month. Uncle! Won’t you give me a gift? Hey! That’s bad!
Don’t irritate uncle. What are you studying? She should be going to
school by now. But I can barely survive on 6000. How can I send her
to school, brother? What is your name, kiddo? Mira! How many cigarettes do
you smoke per day? Where did you disappear? Tell me… how many
cigarettes per day? I was waiting for you till now. Hello! What was I asking you
and what are you telling me? Answer me. How many per day? How many do you smoke? Two packs. Two packs… so it’s 20 cigarettes. Even if we calculate 200 rupees per day,
it will be 6000 per month. Gosh! But I can barely survive on 6000. How can I send her to
school, brother? Krishna! I want to tell you something. What is it? I will tell you tomorrow. Bye. What is this? Chicken Kebab, sir. Did you write the exam in
the exam room or at the hotel? Idiot! Excuse me, sir. Sunny and I wrote the
same answer. You gave him 24 but
gave me 14. This is not at all right, sir?
– Hey! What are you doing? Shut up. What is this? How did you answer the same
way sitting in two different rooms? That too line to line and
word to word. See. The fourth word that he wrote
in the third line… …you wrote the same. Something has happened. I have to analyze the situation.
– You had to copy exactly the same? Listen! Sir’s article is published
in the college magazine. Did you read? Is it? I am a great fan of Sir’s articles.
– Thanks… I follow everything,
how did I miss this? Analyzing the career situation
after the college life. Beautiful article! My friendship with the peon
goes back to 8 years. He saved us just in time.
Otherwise! Why are you here, dear?
Is your farewell speech ready? Krishna! I know you were the ones
who kidnapped the Principal. He suspended poor Arjun’s batch
from the college. Please, man. Admit at least now
it was you. Otherwise, their life would
be ruined. Dude, don’t we have life?
Won’t it be ruined? I am saying it is wrong that their lives
are destroyed for your mistakes. It’s not fair. Hey, Krishna! Go and confess. After all, they were our
friends once. That was once. Not now. Right now only they are my friends. You were so different earlier.
What has got into you? ♪It seems lonely without you
and my heart gets disturbed♪ ♪You left me alone in the middle
of the journey, sweetheart♪ ♪My hearts gets weak after you left
There is sadness in every beat♪ ♪I coudln’t forget you
I couldn’t stop you♪ ♪I can’t express my happy feelings♪ ‘It’s 5.30 in the morning…’ ‘I wake up every morning at this time.’ ‘But, I haven’t slept this night.’ ‘I don’t feel like sleeping.’ ‘The smile on my lips
wouldn’t leave me.’ ‘There are few people who make
the others laugh expecting nothing in return.’ ‘I spent time with one such person.’ ‘His name is Krishna.’ ‘He might do mischief or annoy…’ Laugh or make others laugh…
There is joy and innocence. I hope he never loses his
innocence in life. I’ve never been this happy
in my life. Thanks Krishna,
for coming in to my life. ♪You remain as a shadow
and stay with me even today♪ ♪You remain till today
as that grief in my heart♪ ♪I have no clue where to go♪ ♪I am nothing without you♪ ♪Neither could I live nor die♪ Guys! Our car reached two lakhs bid
in the auction. I have been trying.
His phone is still switched off. ♪We can never meet again
irrespective of time♪ ♪I can never forget you♪ ♪I couldn’t stop stop you♪ ♪I can’t express my happy feelings♪ Dad! I love this car. It’s cool. Hello. Pandey! Krishna here. Where were you, Krishna? I kept trying but your phone
was switched off. – Sir! I need this.
– Stop it. This customer is pressuring me.
What do you want me to do? Hand over the car and
take the money. Papers are in the car. What shall I do with the money? Make a fixed deposit. Fixed Deposit? In whose name?
– I like it. Yes! Mira. Sign here. Mom! Can I go to school
from tomorrow? Guys! It’s ringing. Hello. Dude, where are you?
– It’s our farewell day today. I know. I am in the hostel. Hostel? What are you doing
in the hostel? I am writing a letter.
– Letter? Give this letter to Shilpa. Hey, Krishna! You had a long trip from
home this time? I think he went for a clean shave. You appear great with
an innocent look. Let’s go. Everyone is waiting for us
in the auditorium. What is this?
– Nothing. I welcome all my seniors in the Final Year
for this farewell get-together. I’m here to express my feelings… On behalf of all the junior students
of engineering. On the special occasion of
farewell party… Everyone remembers the day. The Principal gave them the farewell
a month ago. One and only Mr. Srinivas Murthy. I request our Principal
Dr Srinivasa Murthy to speak a few words. My dear students! Four years… It’s been four years
since you first walked in here. 6 years, sir.
– 8 years, sir. You didn’t even know how
the time flew, right? On the same dais, for many batches… I made several serious speeches. For a change, let us have
casual talk today. I know all that all of you
have done… good or bad. Don’t worry. Your secrets
are safe with me. Thank you, Sir. Today I will spare you’ll without
wasting any time. I call upon the student Vinay
to continue. Hello, friends! I didn’t realize… how four years have passed by
without our notice. Hey! The Principal has already
said all that. Change the topic! As for me, I want to stay here
a few more days. I am sure, you feel the same. All of us… Wehadfun at hostel, brawls in the college,
and loans in the canteen, …and copying in exams. All that fun. There won’t be any. Life will keep pushing us forward. That’s why… Memories have so much value. So for all the good times
we spent together, Let’s get together for
our batch song. ♪All the fun times with
friends in college♪ ♪ Fights on the campus and treats
at coffee shops go on♪ ♪Let’s cherish these days of friendship♪ ♪ All the happy times spent with friends♪ ♪ We won’t forget those precious moments♪ ♪ Everyone shall cherish those days of joy♪ ♪ These memories shall last a lifetime♪ ♪ These times shall follow us in life♪ We did all evil things together. Won’t you call us
when you do good things? We stayed four years together. Don’t we know you?
Write our names in this letter. No, guys. I don’t want to add your names
here and spoil your lives too. I will take the entire responsibility
of whatever happens. Krishna! I feel so happy to hear
those words you say today. Fine… I will ask you something
for the last time. Will you accept? Will you write our names along
with your name in the letter? We are friends, bro! Remember that always, Krishna! What is that luggage for? The Principal will anyway kick us
all out after reading the letter. That is why we packed our luggage. What about my luggage?
– I packed yours first. Sir. What is that? It’s an apology letter. Keep it over there and leave. Sir! If you can read it once… What would you have written? It was you who hit me
and put me in the trunk, right? I know it all. You are here only for four years. But I have been here for 25 years. I know how you are. During my service, I saw better students
than you and worse ones. End of the day… You are all my students. Moreover, this is not a prison
to punish those who do any mistake. This is a college. Sir!Why did you rusticate
Arjun’s batch from the college? I didn’t rusticate anyone. You are just kids for me! They must be in the auditorium
somewhere. Meet them. Thank you, sir. ♪All the fun times with
friends in college♪ ♪ Fights on the campus and treats
at coffee shops go on♪ ♪Let’s cheirsh these days of friendship ♪ I am sorry, buddy.
I am really sorry. I am sorry, bro Hey! Won’t you give me a hug?
Come on. [APPLAUSES] ♪ Friendship develops over the one
by four canteen tea♪ ♪ We have the proxy formula
to answer attendance♪ ♪ For the super star’s first show
We have the magic of mass bunking♪ ♪ Thanks to the backlogs in the exams
We have gained a lot of experience ♪ Krishna! Was it you that hid my dad
in the trunk that day? That is…That day… You’re such an honest person. It is really great to admit
a mistake. Go to the Principal with this letter. To the Principal? You addressed it to the Principal. Though I am his daughter…
it won’t be nice if I give it to him. I know my dad very well.
He’ll spare you. Did I address this letter
to the Principal? – Yes. If this is the apology letter, What was the letter that you
gave the Principal? Krishna!!! [SUBTITLES BY TITLES MEDIA]

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