100 Replies to “Koreans Celebrate Diwali | Indian Family in Korea | Diwali Vlog”

  1. I love u guys so much and love your videos. And I appreciate all your hard work and I'm happy that you love our Indian culture.

  2. That was super amazing watching them enjoying indian food and yes aaaaaahh remind me of Lee Min Ho Oppa?❤️ Bahut Bahut Dhanyavaad??❤️

  3. Love this video ❤️ Amazing the purity of Diwali goddess Laxmi in Korea also that's great when she say this is kheer very popular in Korea ? but now kheer is definitely popular in korea.

  4. Thank you fir this, this shows how good Koreans are

    You don’t find Indian Muslims do this for any religion apart from their own and they apparently born in India

  5. I would like to meet you guys when I visit Korea

    It would be interesting to see cultural exchange just to speak with you guys for a little while

    Thank you and keep up the good work

  6. Hello my dear Korean dost …..pls come to my country….I will show you how we do worship our lord Krishna …the creator of this universe…..pls I want to request you …read shrimad bhagwat Geeta if u can ….and try to know. About ISCKON …you will know what is really we are….our old sanatan dharma is very beautiful……my country is great …and your country is also beautiful……. because you are there….sarangayo ……

  7. Brooo the thing is I wish I could like do all that stuff but mom's a Christian so yea. Not saying I dont like my religion but it would be fun to do Diwali. Hoon and Min u should visit Hyderabad during Diwali it's literally the meaning of crazy manz. Love from America

  8. Anyone who loves poori. Totally I literally eat gor breakfast, Lunch, and dinner whenever I'm in India. Like the best mans

  9. 3:42 the way He offered flower to God while supporting his one hand with bother is considered a generous and kind behavior in India.
    Never thought any foreigner to offer flowers God like that ??❤️

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