Kotha Alludu | Athadu Aame Telugu Comedy Web Series | Chandragiri Subbu Latest Comedy Videos

Kotha Alludu | Athadu Aame Telugu Comedy Web Series | Chandragiri Subbu Latest Comedy Videos

KOTTHA ALLUDU Hi, I’ve come to my father-in-law’s
house for the first time after marriage They are showing a lot of love and
affection towards me. They’ve asked me to shave my beard.
Can’t I do such a small thing for them? Gillette is the best product
to shave the thick beard. So I’ve got a Gillette.
Now I will shave my beard clean. I will use this Mac 3 now. Meanwhile
you can watch the past and come back. For a clear shave,
you have to use Gillette. Who is he dude? We never saw him earlier. Yesterday I watched in TV that
child kidnappers are roaming in our city. He looks like a black magic specialist.
His appearance and beard looks like that. Why doubt?
Let’s find out who is he. Who are you?
Whom do you want to meet? I’ve come to lecturer’s house.
I’m his son-in-law. -Really? This is his house.
-Ok, thank you very much. Rangamma, Mangamma, Ellamma, Suribabu,
Venkat rao Our lecturer’s son-in-law has come. Come lets go. Did son-in-law come? -Are you doing good?
-How are you mother-in-law? -Im good.
– Is father-in-law not in home? He went out with his daughter.
They will return back. Ok. You relax for a while.
I will arrange for a shower. Ok
mother-in-law. He felt shy to ask about his wife
and he asked about his father-in-law. Where did she go in the early morning? Dear brother-in-law, when did you come?
How are you? Are you doing good? Hope everything is fine. How is your job? It was been just a week my sister
came to home. You became very thin. You would have come a
week back with my sister. Why don’t you speak when we are talking
to you? Hey why he is not responding? It doesn’t work if you feel shy. Not shy or anything. I was
waiting to speak if you give me a gap. I already told you that he will attack
if he get a chance. See how he is. You have come for the first time.
We will party hard this time. By the way, why are you sitting here?
I’ve arranged something special for you. Come with us. Lets enjoy. Oh my god! Why is this so heavy?
Have you got any stones in it? Ok what ever it is, come soon. Before marriage,
brother-in-law was like a Hollywood hero. Now he’s looking like Sonu
sood in the movie Arundhati. Before marriage, every man will be a hero
but after marriage, they become like this. Do you think everyone will be same?
Lecturer’s daughter is very sensitive. She will not torture her
husband like every woman does. We will support her because
she is from our side. Even your sister seemed to be
very innocent before marriage. Now she is fooling and torturing me. Don’t overact. Marrying a girl to
an idiot like you is very great thing. Is it? As if your sister would get
married to Anil Ambani if not me. Brother-in-law,
please wear this and go to shower. Where would I wear this? To the waist. My whole world would
be out if I wear this. We belong to middle class family. We
can’t offer more than this brother-in-law. I would kill you if you
make fun of son-in-law. -Wear this son-in-law
-Ok mother-in-law -let’s move
-Ok let us go brother-in-law Did you plan to send me to wrestling? Why did you cook these many items? Being our new son-in-law,
can’t you eat this? Even new son-in-law is a human.
He cannot eat this much. Son-in-law seems to be shy.
Stay here and feed him everything. Why are you feeling shy? A guy like you was hesitant
and dried his butt. Come on, eat quickly. I can’t eat all these… Wow, Im glad that I recieved such a
love and affection from your family. I have a doubt. Are they treating me
like this as I’ve come for the first time or will they respect
me for every festival? We live like this everyday. Wow, super, fantastic. Will you do one thing if you don’t mind? You silly, should I do it now? Subbu please… Ok tell me. Why don’t you shave your beard? What’s wrong with my beard? No one can tell you but, everyone is
taking it in a wrong way if you have beard Why son-in-law is with a beard?
Looking very dirty. Why brother-in-law had grown that
much beard? Is he a lover failure? Brother-in-law is not looking
good in beard. Ask him to shave. I thought that brother-in-law is a lover
boy. But he seems to be a love failure. Even they would be happy
if you shave neatly. I’m I looking good?
Everyone is celebrating a lot. Let’s give them a surprise
with this clean shave, Son-in-law, you are welcome.
We have lit a Sankranti bon fire for you. You are looking great in clean shave.
Please come. looking handsome in clean shave.
Please come. We have lit a Sankranti bon
fire for our new son-in-law. “Shringara Lahari song
from Shubhalekhalu Movie” What are these copper jugs and glasses?
Are you conscious about health? Nothing like that brother-in-law. If
anyone comes, we would manage very easily. Oh, nice Serve it. What are you all doing here
with your brother-in-law? Brother-in-law got a medicine
for body pains mom. We are having it. Please give me little medicine.
Even I’m tired working since morning. Mother-in-law, if you take this tonic,
you will fall asleep. What else I would do instead of sleeping?
Please serve me little. Sure. Tastes bitter but it’s good while
consuming it. Give me a little more. Shouldn’t we cure our body pains
if you consume the whole tonic? What you have done
to get body pains? Please give me one more glass. Just give me one glass.
This will be the last. Please. Medicine is really good. I feel sleepy.
You guys can carry on, I’m leaving. I don’t know my mother’s capacity.
We should be very careful this time. Mother-in-law and father-in-law,
we need your blessings. -Lead a happy and peaceful life
-Two has to become three by next year. Your parents want
babies itseems. Brother-in-law,
you are looking very handsome like this. It seems like it gets effected by
my bad eye.Let’s take a selfie. Im very happy about it. It would be
good if you stay for 2 more days. -I don’t have leaves father-in-law.
-Even that is true Even you will be having problen
in the office. Don’t suffer a lot. -Nothing like that.
-Take care of my daughter. You no need to worry, that never happens.
No one has born till now who tortures her. -Will you please stop?
-Ok sorry Ok take care of yourself.
I’m leaving. He is little emotional. You no need to
worry about it. He starts crying
once you go down. -Ok lets go.
-Ok You got only one bag while coming.
How it can be these many now? It’s natural if we
come to mother’s house. -You are leaving very soon.
-I don’t have leaves. So, have to leave. Bye brother-in-law,
take care of my sister. Son-in-law, tonic which you
have given me was very tasty. Please bring 10 to 12 bottle’s while you
come. I feel very energetic if I have it. Mom, you should not consume that more. -If not me, who will have it?
-You can have it. Have it.

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  1. Nature Picturisation, Konaseema andalu , mee bavamardi matala varada and bhogi mantalu ahladaparachayi.Kothalludi bojanam abburaparichindi.Pellichoopulu continuation bagundi.

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