Kuthu | Tamil Movie | Accident Scene | STR | Ramya Krishnan | Livingston | UIE Movies

Kuthu | Tamil Movie |  Accident Scene | STR | Ramya Krishnan | Livingston | UIE Movies

You know the weight of the brain You under estimated the power of Veera Babu. We don’t move coins..we used to slaughter it. Hey they are coming..move. Come.. come.. come reverse Don’t leave them, don’t leave. See the Guru, lift him, lift. It’s your fault for our son’s situation now. See how he is? Keep it. Told you guys to slaughter him..But you left him alive. A shame on you guys. We were to finish him..But students gang came there in time. If we were get caught by them,
you should have come to hospital to visit us. Do you think I will visit you in hospital ? Would have leave you there itself. We shouldn’t leave debt , enmity and fire as like that.. It destroys us again. He is fire..He will try to burn us. We shouldn’t get caught..
What can we do now ? What ? Shall we hide Anjali madam somewhere ? Where to hide her ? You shouldn’t mistake me if I say a place. We can hide her in your father in law’s house. Father in law’s house ? How can I face him after this much years ? Your problem is not important comparing to this problem. Think well and decide. It’s safe for Anjali to be there until marriage is done. Because my father in law is a monster, not a human. Where is he?
In my home only. Narashima , start the vehicle. You all stay here. What’s this?
Isn’t it illegal affair? Its an act of betrayal . Forgive me. I will forgive you in the way you don’t forget. You shouldn’t be a man hereafter. Women should be like a fire..Be careful.. If so you repeat this again same punishment for you too. If wife makes a mistake, husband is also responsible for that. Save your family’s name from now on. Who’s vehicle is that ? Your breath is always in the air which flows here even after you left us for 18 years. What are you looking at ? It’s our daughter. A mother shows identity of a father to her child. After 50 years , your mother shows identity of daughter to me. At least now you felt to see me. Dad. How are you ? Hmm. Why to talk about the past now ? Till now you were threatening others
by carrying a sword along with you. Now a person came to threaten you..Look there. I’m not a lucky grand father
to watch you grow up. I haven’t done anything for you till now. So ask me now..I will get you. I don’t need anything Grand pa. Even if she says no, you have to do her all things she need. Because she is engaged and going to marry. As she is getting married, her father
sent her here to learn cooking learn how to behave in in-laws home after marriage. Even though your husband doesn’t like me, he likes our culture and tradition. How is Guru now ? He is acting hiding his pain. Anjali is his medicine. Don’t know where he has hidden Anjali. Can you do a help ? I don’t know Ma..Her father has sent her to some of his friends home. Can you get phone number from uncle. I want to talk with Anjali immediately. What should you talk ? Did Guru sent you to ask about Anjali’s whereabouts ? No uncle..Not like that. I wish to invite her for my baby shower function. What month is this ? 5 months. If you come again this side, you won’t get delivered..You will get abortion. Go. Are you scared ? Till not delivered . Go and tell him that, I didn’t hide her scared of him.. I have hidden her for the sake of my respect in society. If he forgets Anjali it’s good for both him and me..Tell him.

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