Lady Gaga – Just Dance (Official Music Video) ft. Colby O’Donis

Lady Gaga – Just Dance (Official Music Video) ft. Colby O’Donis

[Music] little bit too much – where all my cheese [Music] [Music] [Music] and when I’ll get and wholesome died [Music] [Music] let me talk let me break it down [Music] we use your muscle pump it up with her so drive it clean it like don’t be defending your fuck [Music] damn

100 Replies to “Lady Gaga – Just Dance (Official Music Video) ft. Colby O’Donis”

  1. So both Paparazzi and Just dance music video gives me a Marilyn Manson vibe, compare any old Manson video to one these videos and you'll see the similarity

  2. She's an inspiration. So much talent, a brilliant, amazing singer, amazing beat, she's one of my heroes for sure!

  3. i remember being 9 years old when this came out laughing every time because i thought she was saying "gotta doo-doo" lmfao

  4. This song is just 10 years old and yet it feels strange listening to it. The world was such a different place back then. Bush was president. Climate change wasn't nearly as urgent as it is now. This super-woke culture war nonsense was nowhere to be seen. Pop music wasn't about delivering a message, it was just about having fun.

    I still think this is her best song.

  5. This song came out in 2009 and I've never seen the video until now! I even bought all her CD's back then. lol. i think i made a BAD decision because this is NOT the lady Gaga I know in this video! Who is this woman Harpo?!!!

  6. I can't believe she has an Oscar. What's wrong with this world? How can she have an Oscar? Really? This is outrageous! It seems every garbage is appreciated nowadays.

  7. I know people praising Gaga for this song; heck this is my personal fave of hers. But honestly what makes me like this song so much is Colby's rap, he made this song so catchy and hooked me since the first I heard it! 💙

  8. My name is Alaina and my bff is named izzy and we are in love with this song and we always dance to it every day we love you lady gag

  9. Im preparing for a night of fun after a long workweek… while playing this in the background. This song ignited my wilder days back in 2009, and is refueling my old party soul now. Thanks Gaga.

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