LEGO Power Functions Motor Set Review (8293)

LEGO Power Functions Motor Set Review (8293)

Jaystepher presents: Lego Power Functions! Power Functions Motor Set. Set number 8293. Contains 10 pieces. Recommended for ages 9 through 16. So it appears we get lights, motor, a switch, and a battery box. Let’s check it out. Nothing else in the box? So here’s all the various
packages we get in the set. We get some gears and cogs. Wires. Let’s check it out. The Power Functions Motor Set is all unpacked. So here’s the power box. Now this does take six AA batteries,
and they are not included. Let’s talk a little bit about this. I have it in off-mode. There is a forward and reverse, but you want be careful. You don’t want to leave this on because
this LED will run down your battery in time. Also the connectors are polarized so you can’t these cables in backwards. Really rigid construction. You also get the switch. Another polarized connection. Center’s off, forward reverse. Really Cool. You get three propeller shafts, two shafts, a large cog, to smaller cogs, and a coupling. Let’s have a look at the LED lights, and these are white LEDs. They just simply slip inside of a Technic brick. Same polarize connection. Really small lights. And we have a small DC motor, and this does go in forward as well as reverse. Same connection. So, I’m going to demonstrate this. Very easy to connect. Connect the lights up. See how bright they are. The cables are a little stiff because it’s new. Turn on the power box, and let’s throw the switch on. So they are pretty bright. They light up the work area pretty great. So these are pretty bright.
I can imagine using these for headlights for maybe the Technic crane, or even maybe a Lego structure. Now let’s take a look at the motor. Simply put this on the switch the same way. Stick a cog and a shaft. That’s forward. Reverse. Motor seems pretty reasonable. This will work good for maybe a lift or to retract a crane. But remember to turn off the
power box when you are done because you do not want to run your batteries considering there are six AA batteries. So this tells me that this is a nine volt box. I know some of the earlier systems
were four-and-a-half volts. This is a nine volt system. So I’m going to be using
this for some new creations. So this is the Lego Power Functions. Set number 8293, contains 10 pieces, and is recommended for ages 9 through 16. If you’re looking into exploring Power Functions, this is the set to get. Little on the high end, but this does have some possibilities. Thank you for watching!

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  1. Sometimes LEGO's piece count is wrong. Last time I count the Lego Creator 31006 Highway Speedster set, there were 283 I count, ad theirs were 286. Cause in my country they don't add the Piece count nor name of the set.

  2. I'm looking forward to your Technic set reviews! A lot of other Technic reviews on Youtube seem to focus on showcasing the functionality, which is not as informative as the ones with commentary. It's a great review, Jaystepher!

  3. My son just got Cargo freight train last week for birthday.  Has always like the City builds.  He has most of Indian Jones mini's I am finding as well, because I am sorting through 6 bins for mixed ones to pack some to storage and leave some here as the house is sold.

  4. Hah just checked, that set is over 30 pounds here in UK! Its 10 pounds more expensive than buying all the parts seperatly from lego shop…!

  5. Is it possible for you to ever make a tutorial of a vehicle or something with the motor , switch, battery, lights, etc?

  6. Its not a coupling gear its a clutch gear so when you've moved something to the max that will keep spinning so you don't damage the other gears or the rest of the model.

  7. Why does the set come with 13 items but on the box it says 10 items? I don't think it's supposed to have more than 1 small gear and 2 flexible axles

  8. Thanks for the review.

    The beginning and ending of the video are somewhat insulting though, I don't need to be read every portion of the box.

  9. When I attach the motor to the battery my light always goes out y is this please help it's driving me insane thanks

  10. Hi Jaystepher, great review it was very helpfull. I've got a question: Is there a way to make it spin slower except for a bigger cog? hope you can help me, thanks

  11. Can you please do lego city sets not gear set because I want to see you do lego set 60052 and also I have a new house too

  12. Ok, I just bought the 8293 motor set on Amazon, and mine only comes with one 8 tooth gear, and two universal joints. You got more in your set. Whats up with that? All the sets on Amazon are that way.

  13. Thanks for this overview. Can you recommend a video that shows step by step using this set to make a lego elevator.

  14. wore other type of rc motors ar compatible with légo power fonxion ef wi tac in to accoun the adapter

  15. Any 1 got a motor/switch they willing to sell? All i need is the motor, but it would be nice to have the swich. Plz plz plz tell me someone is willing to give it to me😢 its all i need!!!

  16. Thanks for the review! I’m going to get this set pretty soon and use it for the CDX Blocks Cyclone!(Its a roller coaster kit compatible with Lego)

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  18. Hi Jaystepher, I just want to ask you something where did you buy the Lego power functions motor set from did you buy it at a store or did you ordered it online?

  19. My battery box stopped working and when i put the batteries in and turn it on the light indicator wont turn on, any tips?

  20. I realize you can "simulate" a slower motor speed by adding larger gears….. but does Lego make a motor that has adjustable speed settings?

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