Lifting Thor’s Hammer – Avengers Age of Ultron (2015) Movie CLIP HD

Lifting Thor’s Hammer – Avengers Age of Ultron (2015) Movie CLIP HD

How’d a nice girl like you
wind up working in a dump like this? Fella done me wrong. You got lousy taste in men, kid. He’s not so bad. Well, he has a temper. Deep down, he’s all fluff. Fact is, he’s not like
anybody I’ve ever known. All my friends are fighters. And here comes this guy, spends his life avoiding the fight because he knows he’ll win. – Sounds amazing.
– He’s also a huge dork. Chicks dig that. So what do you think?
Should I fight this, or run with it? Run with it, right?
Or did he… Was he… What did he do
that was so wrong to you? Not a damn thing. But never say never. It’s nice. What is? You and Romanoff. No, we haven’t… That wasn’t… It’s okay. Nobody’s breaking any bylaws. It’s just she’s not the most
open person in the world. But with you she seems very relaxed. No. Natasha, she’s just…
She likes to flirt. I’ve seen her flirt, up close. This ain’t that. Look, as maybe the world’s leading authority on waiting too long, don’t. You both deserve a win. What do you mean “up close”? – But it’s a trick.
– No, no, it’s much more than that. “Ah, whosoever be he worthy
shall haveth the power.” Whatever, man! It’s a trick. Please, be my guest. – Come on.
– Really? Yeah. Oh, this is
gonna be beautiful. Clint, you’ve had a tough week. We won’t hold it against you
if you can’t get it up. You know I’ve seen this before, right? I still don’t know how you do it! Smell the silent judgment? Please, Stark, by all means. Okay. Uh-Oh. Never one to shrink
from an honest challenge. – Get after it.
– It’s physics. Physics. Right, so, if I lift it,
I then rule Asgard? Yes, of course. I will be reinstituting Prima Nocta. I’ll be right back. Are you even pulling? Are you on my team? Just represent. Pull. All right, let’s go. Huh? Go ahead, Steve. No pressure. Come on, Cap. Nothing. And, Widow? Oh, no, no. That’s not
a question I need answered. All deference to the Man Who
Wouldn’t Be King, but it’s rigged. You bet your ass. – Steve, he said a bad language word.
– Did you tell everyone about that? The handle’s imprinted, right?
Like a security code. “Whosoever is carrying
Thor’s fingerprints” is, I think, the literal translation. Yes. It’s a very, very interesting theory. I have a simpler one. You’re all not worthy. Oh, come on!

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  1. Chris Hemsworth is such an underrated actor. The facial expressions he makes when cap moved the hammer are amazing. He looks genuinely shocked. Like he’s lived his whole life never not once seeing anyone other than himself and Odin lift the hammer. And then he immediately hides that with a smile pretending like it never even happened. Brilliant acting and brilliant camera work.

  2. The thing that makes me think that Steve wasn't yet worthy here, is because Thor's hammer was sitting at an angle and if Steve was able to wield it as Thor does, we would be able to see it at least tip a little bit, even with him just pretending to pull it, wouldn't we?

  3. The hammer was probably like "i know you can lift me but i am gonna make you wait because when you do lift me it is going to be epic."

  4. Strangely, Mjolnir merely vibrated once even though Cap tried lifting it twice.

    This suggests that Cap wasn't trying to lift it the 2nd time…

  5. 3:13
    hammer budges
    Thor: Shit… he's worthy.
    Cap: Oh man, I can't embarrass Thor this way. I'll just pretend I lift it and only use it if something REALLY extreme warrants it in the future.

  6. I used to watch this scene plenty before Endgame came out. Now I'm back. I kinda miss not knowing what would happen in Endgame

  7. I just realized that in the beginning of the scene, when Hawkeye’s saying “it’s a trick,” Cap and Thor are still passing each other that Asgardian alcohol back and forth, the one Thor told Stan Lee “was not made for mortal men.” And Cap’s drinking it like a champ with the god of thunder😂😂😂

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