Lily Du and Paul Robalino on the 1973 Yankee Marriage Swap

Lily Du and Paul Robalino on the 1973 Yankee Marriage Swap

– Hello. Welcome to Raph’s Hall of Fame. Today we have Lily Du. – Hello. – And Paul Robalino. – Hey guys. – Now Lily, you’re a brand new cast member.
– Yes. – Paul, people know who you are. – You might know who I am if
you hang around the Discord. I’ve appeared in a couple
of things in the past. Normally I’m off camera,
helping to produce this show. – Producing, sometimes in sketches and stuff like that.
– Sometimes yeah. – Lily! How many things, wait have you already been
in the CH podcast before? – The CH podcast was the
first thing I filmed, yes. – [Raph] But brand new cast member. – Yes, I’ve been here one month
now, just about one month. – And new and you’ve been in, not only the College Humor
family for one month, you’ve been in the city of
Los Angeles for one month. – Yep, they pretty much
coincide with one another. (laughter) – That’s right, good to
touch on some New York stuff today we’re gonna talk about. – Okay, and today we’re
switching up the format. Usually when people come on here, it’s you guys trying to convince me of who should be in my hall of fame. Not this time, now the
tables are on the other foot. – Yep, classic saying. (laughter) Tables on the other foot. – And I, have gone and dug into my own personal hall of fame vault, and come out with an incredible story that you guys are gonna weigh in on. – Now, Paul, you’re
dressed up appropriately. – I wore this, and this is a fun fact. Lily knows, I told her before the show. I bought this as part of
a sexy Halloween costume. – Which is confusing ’cause it looks like a regular baseball top.
– It looks regular, in fact– – Actually no it does not.
– You think it looks sexy? Raph you either think it
looks sexy or regular. – It’s not regulation? – (laughing) It is
absolutely not regulation. – Nylon and tight? – I don’t know if this
was actually a costume or if I bought it separate
to piece together. It was sexy in how I pulled it off, it was a little unbuttoned, the pants were, they’re very tight, I got a size smaller, cut off at– – Are baseball players,
is that a sexy thing? Is that like a typically–
– Oh yeah. – Really? – I mean I don’t know about you guys, but for me it’s like, fantasy. – What’s the sexiest sport? – Yeah I thought basketball, I thought basketball would be.
– I was like soccer. – I guess soccer yeah. – I mean anyone who’s really good at any of these is gonna be sexy. – But with basketball
you see the most skin, and you know in the 70’s
they wore short-shorts. – I feel like baseball’s
one of the less sexy, they’re always chewing tobacco and spitting–
– Yeah, it’s gross. – Some of them or not in shape. – And they have cups and they’re always adjusting the cups. – He’s smiling.
– Oh that’s part of it. (laughter) – No I don’t know, I don’t how they behave because I’ve never
watched a baseball game. (laughter)
– Right, okay, okay. – He imagines baseball
totally different, he’s like. – I think the look of the costume, ’cause it’s very form-fitting, but with basketball you
want breathable shorts you can run around, you know. – Yeah, but they used to
wear tight ones though. – [Lily] Yeah it used to be shorty-shorts. – Michael Jordan changed all that. He’s gotta be in somebody’s hall of fame. – [Lily] Never heard of him. – [Raph] Of course he’s
in the hall of fame. – Not Raph’s. – (laughing) No he is
mine, but that’s too deep. But you are dressed appropriately, because today we’ll be talking about two pitchers from the New York Yankees. This is the year 1973, and these two pitchers performed a dangerous trade, they did a wife swap! Actually it wasn’t a wife swap, it was a husband–
– Yeah I was gonna say. – They keep calling it a wife
swap, but it’s a husband swap. – Though one of the says,
in the article I read, they preferred to call it a life swap. – Yeah it was a life swap, but it was a husband swap though. Yeah the houses, wives, kids, and dogs. They each had all of those things, and they just–
– And dogs? There were dogs? – Yeah, and their pets. – So the wives swapped husbands,
but they swapped lives? – Yeah.
– Yeah. But anyway their names were, or are, the two pitchers: Mike
Kekich and Fritz Peterson. These guys had been roommates on the road, they were like friends. First of all, this is 1973. Today we’ve had other
stories of stuff like this, players messing with each others families, like Delonte West allegedly slept with Lebron James’ mom, did you guys hear, do you know about that?
– What? – Delonte West, when he was
at the Cleveland Cavaliers, allegedly slept with Lebron James’ mom, and everybody was whispering about it, and then what solidified it for me, to make me believe it 100%, is Lebron played terrible, in the next game, he played awful. They were in the playoffs and
he just completely tanked, so I totally believe that. But Delonte West, ah fuck,
you guys can’t see pictures, but I was show a picture of him to you, to see if he looks like the type– – Is he cute? – That’s what I was gonna ask. – Is he hot? – Okay everyone Google at home. (laughter) – Did he wear the
mini-shorts from the 70’s? (laughter) – No I highly doubt it, maybe when they were in the room, or wherever it went down together. But anyway my point is, you have situations like that today, but in the 70’s you didn’t have that. You had Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher, allegedly Derek Fisher
slept with Matt Barnes wife and he to drive across the country to show up at, huh? Oh Delonte West is not
cute, this is breaking news. – Breaking News! – Breaking News! Delonte West not cute. – Flash me the photo.
– Just for us, just for us. Our producer Ebony’s offscreen, she just confirmed that in her opinion he is not cute, allegedly. – This is satisfying for me ’cause I was confused by this, out of all the players, I felt like you could’ve went with– – Maybe he talks really good
game, like is he smooth? – [Raph] I don’t know! I don’t know the guy!
– Maybe he’s good with moms? Like carrying groceries? – Yeah maybe he’s dealt with moms. I know he’s younger, he’s young, so that might have been
part of the appeal. Then you also had Tony
Parker and Brent Barry. Tony Parker allegedly slept
with Brent Barry’s wife and that’s why Eva Longoria,
their divorce, allegedly. But–
– A lot of cheating. – A lot of cheating.
– On and off the court. – I feel like all that stuff is like, these days nobody fesses up to it, it’s all rumors, as true as it seems, people get divorced and
whatever, people are all like, “no, my lawyer says I cannot speak to it.” This was just two guys being
like, we swapped lives. – Not only the guys but the wives, they were all for it. But this is just to set the scene, all those things we’re privy to now today, and we’re privy to athletes doing drugs, or having crazy sex orgy parties, that’s why you become an athlete today. – [Lily] For the sex orgy parties. – Okay good, I’m glad
we’re on the same page. But back then, in 1973, America was still trying
to portray this thing of like a puritanical nation society. – [Lily] Wholesome nuclear families. – And baseball was the
puritanical wholesome sport. – [Paul] All American. – As Paul knows in his
sexy baseball uniform. – Oh my god, you just tapped in to like, what if that’s part of my
psyche where it’s like, I find it hot because
you’re supposed to be pure. – That’s what it is.
– Yeah. – That’s what it is man. (laughing) You can’t get no stains on that. So… (giggling) George Stienbrenner had just bought the Yankees at that time, and this guy, just to give you a sense of the ideas of that time, he was
lecturing the teammates about, he was lecturing the players
about who had long hair or not, like you all need to cut your hair, that was the big scandal, of who was growing their hair too long. – Damn hippies. – Oh yeah you’ve gotta keep in mind this is right after all
the Woodstock stuff. – After ’69, yeah. – Like Vietnam and that era of stuff. So that’s where they’re
at now, no long hair. Then, these two guys, they have a press conference,
where they come out. But the way that it started– – I was gonna say, how did
this swap even come to be? – So the way that it started, was a reporter for the New York Post set up an interview with one of ’em. I don’t remember if it was Mike Kekich or if it was Fritz Peterson. – [Paul] It was Peterson. – Okay, he set up an
interview with Peterson. Peterson– – [Paul] Not just an
interview, a barbecue. – Yeah, he set up an interview
that was gonna be a barbecue. Peterson asked if he
could invite Mike Kekich and his wife Susanne. – [Lily] ‘Cause they’re buds. – They’re friends, when they traveled on the road together these two guys were roommates. So they come to the barbecue, Fritz brings his wife Marilyn, and they’re all laughing,
they’re having a good time. Then, afterwards, in the in guys driveway,
in the reporters driveway, the two couples they’re like, oh man we’re having such a great time, let’s continue this someplace else. They’re going to drive out, but they look at the cars, and they have people
blocked in, or whatever, so one of them goes, “hey why don’t you “go drive with the other husband?” Then basically the different wives were in the opposite husbands cars. – They were going to a diner. – They’re going to a diner
together but they switch cars. – But I thought it was implied that they knew they were swapping? – I think it started off innocent. I think it started up a
little bit more innocent. – Yeah it starts off innocent, where they’re like okay, so in the cars, they’ve switched. Mike is with Fritz’s wife, and then Fritz is with Mike’s wife on
the way to the diner. In one report of how it goes down, they said that it was
on the way to that diner that Mike and Susanne, or sorry, Mike and Marilyn branch off. In another report they say that they met up at the diner together,
they had dinner that night, then Mike and Marilyn left early, and then the other couple
stayed and had drinks, and then they met up the
next morning for breakfast, and everybody was like, oh wow that was so much
fun, blah blah blah. – I know, which is an insane story because these days we’d be
like that is infidelity. – But the way that I think of it, the way that I imagine that it went down, this is not factual, but the way that I imagine that it went down, is that they had been talking about it, they had been joking about it earlier, either the two players when
they were roommates on the road, they were joking to each other like, “what if your wife was with me? “Oh god, that’d be crazy right?” And then, I think they joked
about it more in the cars, and then at that point
they probably were like, yeah this is gonna happen. – I think it had said that they had joked around about it before, but I think also at that time period swinging was the big thing, was the height of sexual exploration. – [Raph] That and fondue. – That and fondue. You have some fondue, you get horny– – Because fondue, think about it, all the cheese mixing. – Or chocolate, it could’ve
been chocolate fondue. – Or chocolate, sooner
or later you don’t know what part of it is what
cheese, it’s all one. – Who’s keys are in whose fondue. – I think it’s disgusting. – I love it. (laughing) – Well that’s key party is? – Yeah key parties.
– Yeah. – But you wouldn’t see that
on TV, you know what I mean? – There was key party in the Grinch movie, starring Jim Carrey.
– Excuse me? – If you re-watch it now as an adult, there’s a scene where he’s
peeping into a party window, and they’re all like
put the keys in a bowl, and as a kid you don’t notice, but what’s that about?
– What? (laughing in disbelief) – Was it supposed to be a misdirect, of like you think is
supposed to be presents? – No, no, no. I think it’s
for the adults watching, it’s like ha ha, my
kids won’t get that joke but I know what’s going on. – This feels like a Mandela effect thing, I do not remember this at all. – No you’re saying you saw it recently! – I saw it recently, I re-watched it and then I was like, whoa, I didn’t notice that when I was little. – Well Shrek has a lot
of sex jokes in it too. I remember that from that movie. A lot of jokes went over my head but my parents were
laughing their asses off. (laughter) – They’re like this Shrek, he’s so horny, I love this green goblin. – Let’s bring you to the sequel. The way I imagined this is like, they genuinely were
probably being goofy about, you bring your wife to the diner, or you bring my wife, I’ll
bring your wife to the diner. Then they just found out they really enjoyed each others
company, and I don’t think they tried anything
funny that first night, I don’t think they did. – That could be too. Yeah if you’re with
somebody for a long time, and then you’re at a party, you’re not necessarily talking to them, obviously you’re not talking
to them the whole time. Sometimes it’s fun to get
a new energy or whatever, you know what I mean? – Did we read the same article? – [Raph] I read multiple articles. – Okay, I read the one but they’re like they showed up the next morning after the diner at breakfast at 7:00 am. – Oh I didn’t see that part. – Well that’s what I mean, different reports say different things. That one account was that they, yeah, that that’s what happened, and then there was another account where they had their dinner at the diner, and then one of the couples left early, and then the other couple
stayed, had drinks, and then they met up the next morning. – Then they said they
kept doing it some more, and doing it some more, and they liked it. – And then they were like, and then we fell in love with each
others respective wives. – I think that, I don’t know, there was also another account where, I guess this reporter was really close to one of the couples. – Was it the same who
had had the barbecue? – Yeah, the same reporter
who had the barbecue was apparently pretty close
to one of the couples, ’cause his wife was talking
to one of the other wives, and they were having a conversation of, how often do you have
sex, and stuff like that, and picking up on different things. – Yeah the perfect barbecue conversation. – No this was before the barbecue! Even before the barbecue happened. – Was it little signs that their respective marriages weren’t going great? – Yes, I think there were a little bit. Even though, I think it was Mike Kekich is quoted as saying, “oh
we had a good marriage but I just wanted a great marriage.” I just kinda don’t buy that so much. – [Lily] Yeah. – [Raph] ‘Cause he
already had two daughters. – I know, and one of
the couples afterwards stayed together, can I say that? One of them stayed together and one split up shortly after. – Yes, Fritz Peterson is still married to Mike Kekich’s ex-wife Susanne. They’re in their 70’s. As with any trade, there were winners, and there were losers, and Fritz definitely came out the winner, Mike Kekich came out the loser. But it started out Mike
Kekich being the one, ’cause by all accounts, he was a part of the
couple that left early, that either left early or didn’t show up at the diner at all. So seems like he was the one who, I don’t know, acted first? – It seemed pretty mutual, I mean– – No it absolutely was mutual. – Imagine bringing it up though, like if you weren’t sure if
your friend felt the same way. – It’s one of those
things, its like once you throw it out there
there’s no taking it back. – This is kinda crazy, I don’t know. – So I’m like if I have to swap partners with any of my friends permanently. – But that’s why I think
it might have come, there’s a chance that it
came from the wives first. There’s no way that I could bring that up. – We won’t know until the movie adaption starring Ben Affleck.
– Which might never happen. – It’s been on pause since 2011 guys. – They optioned it. – Right, but Mike Kekich
does not want it to happen. I guess he’s been in hiding, or whatever. Poor guy, I mean lost
absolutely everything. ‘Cause apart from his personal life of switching families and being the loser in this husband swap, or this life trade, career wise…
– He got traded. – He got traded! He got traded to the Indians, and then, while he was on the Indians so now he’s away from New York and just
totally away from his family. – Wait, was he still with
his new wife at the time? – No they broke up like two weeks after. – Oh, after the press conference? – Yeah.
– Damn. – [Raph] They broke up
like two weeks after. – That soon?
– You gotta figure your shit out before a press conference. – Well I think they thought
they did have it figured out. So he gets traded to Cleveland now, and now he’s really alone. then, the team is unhappy
with his performance, and they just drop him for, guess who? (laughing) – Barry Bonds? – (laughing) Yeah for
Barry Bonds, that’s good. – I only know like three
baseball players names, so I gotta use them. – Might as well, it was worth a guess. It was worth a shot. – ‘Cause we’ve been talking
about Barry Bond so much. No! They dumped him for Fritz Peterson! His friend that is still
married to his ex-wife. – That is brutal! – Then this guy had to go to play in the– – D Leagues? – Not even the D Leagues,
he had to go play in Japan, in a Japanese baseball league. – Maybe he found love there.
– Huh? – Maybe he found love there?
– No! No that did not happen.
– History shows he’s still single, he’s looking! – Yes he is very available. Yeah just the most brutal, this thing started out as fun, and sexy, and ooh, I’m getting
one over on everybody. – On society and rules. That’s why you should
think before you swing. – I think it might not be fair to say he lost his wife and family because he willingly gave those things up. – But he lost the new one, like he lost everything.
– Also there was stuff that was like afterwards he regretted it, and his parents were upset with him. – He did regret, and he said that somewhere inside of him, I’m paraphrasing, but he was like somewhere
inside I wanna kill Fritz. Yeah this is a quote
that you could look up. He was like somewhere inside
I wanna kill this guy. And Marilyn, who was married
to Fritz originally– – [Lily] Yeah how’s she doing? – She was trying to get back with him, she was trying to get
back with her ex-husband. – So this is one of those things, so it seems like Fritz and Kekich’s wife actually fell in love and then
convinced the other people to be like, you guys
are in love too, right? You know it’s like how when someone wants up the relationship
they’re always like, you also wanna do this, and you’re like I guess?
– Yeah. – You’re like I guess I’m in
love with your friend, sure. – And you know what, they were drawn to the puritanical aspect of it. – It traps us all. (laughter) Imagine… Put yourself in the position
of the kids of this family. – [Raph] Oh I don’t want to. – Are they doing okay
I’m always concerned. Wikipedia their kids.
– I tried to but yeah. – Imagine being sat down by parents, I mean, it’s already hard when, I imagine getting a talk like
your parents are splitting up, but if it’s something
as intricate as this– – [Raph] Are your parents still together? – Yeah.
– Mine too. – Mine too. – This is crazy.
– That’s rare. – This is kismet. This was meant to happen.
– Wow. – We’re all so fortunate. – (laughing) Okay but
what were you saying? – If your parents were like
not only are we splitting up, but you know my pal who’s
always hanging around ’cause we’re best buds, he’s
gonna be your new daddy. – [Raph] Well I don’t know that
he had to say it like that. – You probably don’t
wanna use the word daddy. – I am imagining these kids were young. – Go sit on daddy’s lap. I think it depends on how old the kid is, ’cause I feel like when you’re so young you don’t have that much attachment, like I always wanted– – [Raph] Attachment to your parents? (laughter) – You have even more. – I think yeah, they get more. – No, I remember I used to think uncles, or some of my parents friends
were so much more fun, and you have that thing were you’re like “I wish I lived with my uncle,”
all year round or whatever. – You know what, this is a big admission for me… – Confession, breaking. – Yeah this is a big confession, but I used to fantasize
about being an orphan. (Lily laughing)
I never fantasized about what it would take for me to be an orphan. – Alternate universe. – [Lily] Fantasize is such a strong word. (laughing) – I didn’t think about what it would take for me to be an orphan,
if that makes sense. – But what would you imagine? Like yourself in an orphanage? – I would imagine myself
as Oliver, basically. So I was British, and I wanted porridge. – [Lily] Did you think
about all the bad stuff that comes along, did you think you’d have a positive ending? – My thing was I could do it. That’s literally what my thing was. – Look at the hero of any
story, they’re an orphan. I can see it, Harry Potter’s an orphan, any Disney–
– Batman, I loved Batman. – Little orphan Annie. – The Joker trailer came
out today, holy cow. – Someone’s an orphan in it? – Probably.
– Yeah probably. – Any Disney character,
they have a dead mom. – Yeah we’re really
romanticizing orphans in movies. So there you go! – But I get what your thing is of not having a huge attachment. – Yeah if someone was like
“hey this cool guy who’s “not your dad telling you what to do “is gonna come be your new
dad,” and you’re young enough, you’re like “weeeee!” – Lily, you’re in a
relationship is that correct? – Yes. – So imagine you were in a
relationship with someone else, and your current partner
was your friends boyfriend, and then your friend was
like “should we swap?” Would you wanna swap? To get this? – Why’d you put this on me? Raph is in a relationship!
– Are you in a relationship? Are you?
– I am also, but I’m saying. – Breaking, I didn’t know that. – We’ll say, if I’m in a
hypothetical relationship. I’m in a hypothetical
relationship right now. – I guess the question
under my question was like– – There is a situation where yeah– – Like your ideal partner is there, and you want that. – (laughing) Were you cocking a shotgun. – No it’s a swap. Take this, I take that, that kinda thing. – Take that! Take that!
– Take that. – Take it. – Take this, take that. Yeah there’s absolutely a situation where that would be– – I’m tryna get inside the brain of this. – Where I would be down for
that, for sure, of course. Absolutely, 100%
– Me too. – You don’t think so? – I think it depends on the partners and their relationships with
fidelity and infidelity, and boundaries.
– There’s a perfect storm, where that could happen,
I could easily see it. (laughter) – Yeah absolutely sign me up. – Raph’s just tryna do it today, that’s why he chose this article. – I’m just saying we all
have our parents together, we all wanted to be orphans,
we have a lot in common. – This traditional upbringing.
– We’re all named Raph. We’re all named Raphael. – Do you wanna swap boyfriends for ever? (laughing) No just kidding. – You haven’t even met him. – I know, but mine is really good so offer’s on the table. – Alright, we’ll swapsies. – You wanna get in on this? – That’s so progressive, swapping one gay partner for one straight partner. We’re straight up changing
sexual orientation. – We’ll do one of those, you take mine– – We’ll do a lazy Susan of partners. – Man, I need to get on y’all’s level. (laughter) – And then we’ll give a
press conference about it. – Yeah then we’ll give a College Humor press conference about it.
– Obviously. Yeah, and then the press
conference happens, just all of America is shook. That not only did this happen, not only did this happen, not only did it happen in baseball, but it happened to America’s
beloved New York Yankees. – Yankees.
– Yeah, take that! – The most American of all teams, you think baseball you think Yankees. Come on, am I wrong?
– Sadly. – I don’t think baseball. – Or you think sexy, satin. – This isn’t satin. – Poly? Polyester? Polyamorous? It’s polyamorous polyester. – So what you guys think of that? – I mean, we’ve been saying
our thoughts all along. (laughter) – I feel conflicted. – Is this not a hall of fame story? – Oh certainly, yeah.
– Oh certainly, yes. – It’s already in your hall of fame. – It is in my hall of fame, but I need– – This was a wild tale, I’m so happy to have been
a part of this discussion. – Yeah now I have to
go home and reevaluate some things about my relationship. – No, oh Jesus, no don’t do that. No Lily no! (laughing) Lily stay with us! (laughing) – Do you think the movie’s gonna happen? – No I don’t think so. It’s been a very long time, and Mike Kekich does
not want it to happen, and those two guys Ben
Affleck and Matt Damon they have other things. – [Lily] They’re busy but don’t they wanna fuck each others wives? – [Raph] What? What are you saying? – You do it in the movies,
you do it in real life. – That’s true. – Oh, oh, oh, oh, okay yeah. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. But I don’t think they’re
gonna be starring in it. I think originally–
– They’re too old now. – I think originally they were going to but yeah, I don’t think
they’d be starring in it now. – Oh it would be so fun
to have them in a movie, together again.
– Would it? – I love Good Will Hunting. – It’s a good movie. – I miss those guys together. Hanging out, making movies, trading wives. I also do feel at a certain level, I think the thing about the
Yankees and the baseball, I think they’re in such a weird world where they’re on the road all the time, they’re making a ton of
money for that time period, it’s not a normal life
that they’re living. So that’s why similarly I’m like, yeah I feel like celeb best friends could do something like that, they’re just living in
an alternate reality. – And to that point, this was
said on a previous episode, but they’re pitchers
also, and pitchers tend to be more eccentric. You know a normal baseball, if you’re a first baseman
you play in every game. Pitchers play every five games, they play once like every five games, if you’re a starter. So that is also not a normal job, and you’re getting paid the
same amount, if not more. – [Lily] That’s a crazy
job, I didn’t know that. – [Raph] And you’re mostly resting, you’re mostly sitting. – Resting your arm? – Yeah, you’re mostly
resting for the whole time. – Sometimes I look around and I’m like, this is a crazy job that I get to do, but that’s a crazy job. – That’s a real good job.
– Yeah. – And if you’re a closer, you might not pitch in every game but even if you do, you probably pitch half an inning, you know what I mean? You go out there for
three outs, that’s it. – That sounds easy as
hell where do I sign up? (laughter) You just throw something
every now and then? – I don’t mean to say
that it’s super easy. No, no, no, you can’t do this. – You just throw something every– – No Paul we need you
here, you gotta stay here. – You say this like he has options, like he’s about to get signed. – Yeah call me, I’ll do it. – But in that case, the pressures on you ’cause you only come in
at the end of the game, so you’re usually either losing or in a very tight situation, you have no room to make a mistake. You can’t warm up. – That’ll make you go crazy. – Yeah and then you’re like ooh– – You wanna fuck your
best friends wife, argh! – Exactly. Okay! That’s a wrap.
– Tremendous. – Alright on the count of three name your best friend whose wife
you’d want to steal. (laughter) – On the count of three all
have to say at the same time? – One, two, three. – Paul Robelino.
– Raphael Chestang. – And mine was Lily Du! (yelling and laughter) – It worked out! – The lazy Susan’s now
going the other way. – Reverse, reverse. – Alright, thank you so
much for joining us today. This was Lily Du. This was Paul Robelino. I was Raphael Chestang. – And wait we gotta plug Dropout. Did you already do that
at the top of the show? – Oh I’m so sorry. – Producer here to keep you on track. – What are you doing? What are you doing right now? – What are you doing still
watching or listening to this? – Why are you still watching this on CH2? Have you not heard of Dropout before? – Head on down. – Head on down.
– Head on down. – Please, go to Dropout (laughing) – Tell them we sent you. They got tons of fun shows, podcasts, anything you can imagine it’s on there. There’s a Discord channel
just for Raph’s opinions. – Oh yeah. – Oh yeah you haven’t updated in a while, you gotta go make a little postie in there right after this.
– Oh it’s time consuming. Okay, ten game we out. (laughing)

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