Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – A-1 Poltergust 5000 (Nintendo 3DS)

Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – A-1 Poltergust 5000 (Nintendo 3DS)

– [Voiceover] What’s up guys? Zack Scott here playing
Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon for the Nintendo 3DS, and I’m super excited about this game. I’ve been looking forward
to it for months now. You may have seen my preview video that I uploaded about a month ago. I’m kind of curious
where you guys came from, how you found this series, have you been a long-time subscriber, did you find me through
Twitter or Instagram, or did you find me
through the preview video? Let me know in the comments below. I am just really pumped. I know this series is gonna do well, thank you for every like and favorite. The Paper Mario Sticker Star series, the first episode had over 2,000 likes and that was amazing, so thank you guys for all the
support that you’ve shown me, thanks for every like and favorite. Thanks for your subscribing. Whether or not you’ve been
a long-time subscriber or you’re just now getting ready to, thank you so much. We’re gonna begin without further ado, here’s Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon for the Ninento 3DS. That must be the dark moon! Already the graphics look pretty awesome, especially for a 3DS game. (ghost jabbering) Behind you! – Oh! – [Voiceover] It’s a friendly ghost. Okay, great. Although I own the first Luigi’s
Mansion for the Gamecube, I never really played it much. So this is kind of a
new experience for me. There’s that dark moon again. What are you doing? Oh no! Oh, I’m gonna find all those! I know it. This game is very colorful. Oh, the ghosts have gone insane! No dark moon for them, so they’re gonna throw a temper tantrum. ♫ Da-da-da ♫ Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon! Thanks so much for joining me here on today’s video. The first episode of
Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon. Thanks for all the support you’ve shown on my channel thus far. Thanks for all the likes
and favorites on this video that I’m sure you’re gonna give it. Oh man, he needs to upgrade to widescreen. – Huh? Oh! Oh… – [Voiceover] Don’t do it! (laughter) Luigi doesn’t know. That sounds dangerous. – No, no, no, no, no, no! – [Voiceover] Oh God, get
ready to be pixelated! (laughter) Where is Luigi going? (laughter) I can’t tell if Luigi’s
disappointed or relieved. I switched some words there, you get it! Ah, redo! All right. Oh, it’s a turntable! Maybe not. Maybe it is! Is he dusting it off? (laughter) Ooh, shiny. Ooh, and it cleared a path to a mansion! This game is gonna have
more than one mansion. This game also had Shigeru
Miyamoto directly involved and I am super-pumped about that. Crime-iny, whatever. Nice. Cool. (laughter) Luigi looks terrified! (laughter) Luigi looks terrified! (laughter) He looks so- okay. He’s like, “I don’t know.” Gloomy Manor. Oh my God. So this is A-1 Poltergust 5000, and then on the bottom screen it says, “If we’re to restore the Dark Moon, “we’ll need to get you properly equipped. “I’ve got just the device for the job, “but I left it in the Gloomy Manor. “Mind fetching it for me, sonny?” So I’m aiming for a G,
might be gold, of 2000 here in A-1 Poltergust 5000. I need that. It’s gonna be better than my previous one! Heck yes, he’s got a frickin’- Why didn’t they give me a 3DS? Whatever, I’ll take it. Oh, jeez, what’s that? Flashlight. – [Luigi] Okey dokey! – [Voiceover] Okey dokey. (cartoony digital ringtone) (laughter) Incoming call
from Professor Egad. Touch the screen to answer. Nice, got a map. That looks good. That looks like a good place to go. Luigi is like terrified! This is sadistic. Here we go. Being pixelated, or whatever, teleported. Hope this assembls me
correctly in the end. But who knows? ♫ Da-da-da ♫ The Gloomy Manor. Such an appealing- there’s a frickin’
piece up there, I think. Or maybe that’s a bird, no. Sorry, it’s just a bird. – Oh, here I- ow! (laughter) – [Voiceover] I’ve been pixelated. (creepy gothic music)
All right, well here we go! Let’s try to figure out what’s what. – Oh boy! – [Voiceover] Oh boy, indeed. We’re in their front yard. And yeah, I’m not sure what to do. What’s up, bird? Oh, I can kind of move the camera. Just trying my buttons right now. It goes up, it goes down. Up, down. This allows me to move my- move the- oh wow, okay. So tilting the 3DS actually
allows this to move, as well. I wonder if I have a flashlight limit. What’s up, birds? Get out of here! All right, this is indeed the front yard. Oh, jeez, Luigi. It’s okay, it’s just the gate. (cartoony digital ringtone) Oh God, he’s calling me. – Huh? Oh. Yello? (laughter) Thanks for the tip, Nintendo! Okay, that’s helpful. Actually, that’s very helpful. I just don’t know if I
need to do anything here with any of this stuff. These flowers are looking at me! You see that? All right, not too many
other buttons here. Run, run, run, run, run, run, run. I’m just exploring. I don’t think I need to expore right now. All right, let’s just go. Don’t want to dilly-daddle-dall, whatever. Oh, whoa, something here. X. Does this- what? Does that do anything? Okay. Can I push anything else here? That was weird. Oh God, I hear a ghost. What does X do here? Oh no. It’s the garage. (laughter) He’s in the car! Even ghosts can scare ghosts. All right. I guess I’m done here. That was interesting. – Uh oh. – [Voiceover] Uh-oh, indeed. (laughter) Let’s go in. Let’s get this done, so to speak. Oh, it’s locked. Let me in, ghosts! – [Luigi] Hello?
– [Voiceover] Oh, oh, oh, oh, I’ll take that. No, I want that. (shrieks) (laughter) Luigi is so
scared of everything! Okay, thankfully- Uh, what am I supposed to do? Got it! Heck yes! Take that, mouse! Yeah, what is that- Holy crap! Yeah! That was pretty cool. What’s this? Oh, nothing. All right, so I got five. Five uh, five coins already. Looks like I got a way in with this key. – Oh! – [Voiceover] No, it just vanished! That’d be funny if it still did not open. – Hello? Wha! (laughter) – [Voiceover] Oh, man. It’s so funny how scared Luigi is. Nothing there, I guess. Oh my God, this door like melted. It’s like a- what? It’s like a cloth. This camera’s watching me up here. Stop messing with stuff, Luigi, you don’t know what you’re doing. Now obviously, it looks
like I want to go in here. I bet it’s locked. Or maybe it’s not. Hi! I’m here to find the Poltergust. More coins, nice. This game is gonna
heavily reward exploring. That’s either good or bad, I don’t know. Sometimes I get… The heck? There’s some coins up there. There are coins like all over the place! Can I jump? I cannot- I don’t seem to be able to jump. Huh. Well, I definitely see coins up above. I don’t have any real way to get them yet, unless probably, you know, get the vacuum. Okay, let’s check out this car. He said he left it in the garage, right? There we go! – [Luigi] Ho ho ho ho! – [Voiceover] Ho ho, indeed! The Poltergust 5000! – Ha ha! – [Voiceover] Yeah! (speedy cartoony music) – I do it! (laughter) Whoopsie, oh! – [Voiceover] You know,
they said that Luigi was a- a fun character to work with. (cartoony digital ringtone)
Oh God, who’s calling me? Because he can show a lot of emotion, and I guess he’s gonna be
scared a lot of the time. – Yello? Got it! Well this is fun. Uh, wow. Nice. And I can open this! Yeah, a key! Who knows what it’s for? But I got a key. (cartoony digital ringtone) Oh God, he’s calling again! Stop calling me! I don’t want this DS.
– [Luigi] Yello? That sounds indeed horrible. Capture any nearby ghosts? I don’t want any nearby ghosts. What’s this? Does this do anything? Oh God. I’m definitely getting used to this. Oh, there we go. Get rid of that dust. I don’t know if I’m supposed
to be doing anything up here. How do I aim up? There we go! Nice. I don’t know how I’m supposed to get freakin’ 2000 coins. Maybe it means from this entire manor. I hear something. Like way far off. 23 coins. That makes me wonder if
there’s any more hidden. Looks pretty- like I
cleared it all, I believe. Okay, let’s go into
the next room, I think. I like how he’s humming along to the song! (laughter) That was crazy! Does that do anything? I mean, other than gimme- get the coins? That’s crazy. It’s like (mumbles) Oh my God! I hope these don’t disappear. A giant gold bar! No, no! Okay, thank God. I thought that was gonna disappear on me. Yeah, what is this door all about? Nice! Now I don’t know exactly
what I’m supposed to be doing here after this, but… I guess I can’t vacuum up that door. Let’s go check out over here. Mudroom. Now I see ghosts outside. Open up this. There’ll be a lot of
searching for coins, I think. Money, dollar bills! I guess I’m just supposed to
vacuum up like everything. Take a peek. Aw, it’s a little ghost doggy! Ghost pup! (laughter) All right! Let’s go back. All right he’s playing frisbee. Is that- whoa, was that
a piece of the moon? What was that? I have no idea, but it seems important. See so far, I mean- Not really sure what the heck I’m doing. Well obviously, this looks interesting. Give me those coins, and then here… Oh, another key! Yes! – He-hey! – [Voiceover] He-hey! You got another key. You got double keys. What? And I don’t know! There’s a couple spiders here. Holy crap! All right, so that was
a cool little secret. Now I don’t know how
important it is to you guys that I go and try to get all of the coins that it wants me to get, but just let me know. (brief laugh) All right. Like I don’t know what- Those spiders are never
to be seen again, I guess. I haven’t busted any ghosts, yet. Although, you know, there was a- (laughter) I love how Luigi sings along. It looks like this is not a way to go. Oh well, okay. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I like how I can vacuum up this stuff. Where’d the dollar go? Got it, cool. All right, next room! Hopefully you guys are
liking this game so far, once again, I’d like to thank you so much for all of your support on my channel and on the series going forward. I’ll be getting these videos out, the series as fast as I can, multiple episodes per day. Here’s some ghosts to bust! Oh no! What are they holding? Ugh, well how am I gonna bust ghosts if they leave? Oh man, Luigi’s terrified. All right- ah! Jesus, okay. This is hilarious. Holy crap! I’m liking this a lot! Lots of cool things. What the- Jesus! Is there something I can do about that? Maybe not. Okay, yep, wow. Jesus! It doesn’t appear that I can actually do anything about this. Oh, God! Okay. Let’s try this again. Oh, I can run, duh! Made it past! Keep forgetting that I can run. All right, here’s the other key! Hopefully this is gonna do- gonna do well. The foyer. – Ayayayayayaya! – [Voiceover] Does look
pretty freakin’ frightening! What? Oh, they hid it up there. Nice. Nice job, ghosts. Man, I’m never gonna be
able to kill any ghosts, they keep leaving! Then I gotta get whatever
that is up there. It’s a hole here. I wonder if you could tell like which rugs need to be vacuumed up and which ones don’t? What the hell is this? So I’ll just ignore it. (cartoony digital ringtone) Oh, God! – Yello? – [Voiceover] What’s up? – Ciao. – [Voiceover] All right,
I know where it is. I’m getting so many
freakin’ missions here. All right, no idea if this is
useful at all being over here. What? Golden bone? Nice. Hey, hey, golden bone, nice! (cartoony digital ringtone) Oh, God! (laughter) He keeps calling me! – Yello? – Ciao. – [Voiceover] All right,
well I guess finding treasure is gonna be important. What’s this? What? Oh yeah. I don’t know what to do with it either! I was hoping Luigi would know, but I guess not. Everything in here is pretty… All right, well let’s go up. Sorry if I’m spending too
long kind of exploring areas. I am trying to get a lot of treasure, but you know, that was one of those things to flash. Well look at the little things here. What is this? Let’s take a quick peek. Oh my God! That thing looks fierce. Oh, whoa, what’s that? That looks interesting,
maybe even important. Wow. I mean, I don’t really want
to go in there right now. Let’s do this. There you go! Oh, is this gonna be a time limit? Maybe not, but I’m gonna run either way! No! What? Okay. Let’s go. Try this again. It’s gonna blow it down. All right, now run, run Luigi! Go, get it! Simple enough. – Yah! (laughter) – Whoa-ho!
– [Voiceover] Yep, whoa-ho! – [Luigi] Yeah, ha! – [Voiceover] All right, nice! – Oh. – [Voiceover] I bet it goes
right there, just fine. – Oh, yeah! Ha ha! – [Voiceover] Lookin’ pretty sweet. – Wow! – [Voiceover] (laughter)
Don’t stare into it! (cartoony digital ringtone) Oh, hello? – Yello? – [Voiceover] Yello. I can do that. There’s also something up top, but, you know. Yep, that is definitely needs to be got… Wait, what button? What button do I use for this? Oh, it looks like I can
blow air out, as well. That’s pretty useful. So, what… I don’t know what- oh, there we go. There you go! That’s gonna open that. And of course, there was something up here to try out, as well. (cartoony digital ringtone) Oh my God! Professor Egad, stop calling me!
– [Luigi] Yello? Ciao. – [Voiceover] Okay, cool. Now I swear there was
something up here that was- was that something? Oh, it is, it is! Which button is it, again? There we go! Nice. Holy moly! Now I can get behind this! Well that was cool, okay. I don’t know what I will need that for. Let’s go out really quick. The coatroom? Holy crap! I could use that, for sure. Thankfully he gave it to me. I’ll use the restroom really quick. And that toilet’s taller than me! No, there’s no way I could possibly- Oh, no, no, no! I didn’t want to go in here yet! Careful, Luigi! Holy c- I’ll take that! Free money. I’m vacuuming up every towel. What in the world? It’s like a freakin’ treasure palace here. I think a ghost is taking
a shower, literally. Here we go. Oh, got him! Oh, he’s leaving! Man, I’m never gonna
be able to bust ghosts! I don’t even know what I’m doing here. All right. Now how do I get back there? That is not doing anything. Hmm. Oh God! Jeez! Uh-oh! Oh, wrong way! Ow, what? Okay, that is not working. Got you! Got you! Where are you taking me? Oh yeah! Busted a ghost! Oh no, another one! Oh God! Okay, I’m having a little… God, no! Okay, I’m a little confused
on how to use this. That’s okay. Got him now! Oh yeah! There we go, healed again! Well that was pretty cool. Bustin’ makes me feel good! All right, are we- are we settled here? I don’t think we are. These ghosts are a little bit
frightening, to be honest. Oh, no! No no no no! Got one of them! Got another one! Coming your way! And another one! Maybe. Okay, wrong way, obviously. I don’t like how they’re punching me. Dang it. Where’d he go? Crap, I forgot to… No! Oh, ouch! Man, those guys pack a punch! How do I- how do I move with this? There we go. – Ho ho! – [Voiceover] All right. That mission is complete, as well! (cartoony digital ringtone) – [Voiceover] Oh. – Yello? – [Voiceover] I wonder
if I can ever ignore those. Well thanks. I’m gonna be pixelated. One day that’s gonna go
horribly wrong though, but I did it!
– [Luigi] I did it! – [Voiceover] (laughter) He said it! Mission complete! All right, it took me a while. I know that. It’s my first time playing. You gotta cut me a break, and plus, you got a long video due to it. Captured six ghosts, a lot of treasure, lost some health. Two star rank. Oh my God, there’s no way
I can do these and get- All right. Well guys, thanks so much for watching me play Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon! Here we go. Yeah, cool. Oh. Oh, we got some ghosts in there, for sure. All right, a new ghost collected. Some treasures. I’ll get a new upgrade later. Pretty freakin’ cool! I kind of wish this was a WiiU game, but I’ll settle for 3DS. All right. Eh, two stars. And A-2’s up next. I’ll see you later for that! Thanks again for watching. I’m Zack Scott! Subscribe if you have not. If you liked this video and
want to help this channel grow, all you’ve gotta do is
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