Make a Stack and Flip Quilt with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star! (Video Tutorial)

Make a Stack and Flip Quilt with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star! (Video Tutorial)

Hi everybody, it’s Jenny from the MSQC.
And I’ve got a great project for you today. Let’s take a look at this quilt behind me.
Isn’t this fun? I mean this is just a great quilt. It’s stunning. It just pops with
color. And yet it’s so, so easy I can hardly wait to show you. So to make this quilt, what
you’re going to need is one roll of 2 ½ strips like this. We’ve used this Spin Basics
Bright from Timeless Treasures. And it’s just beautiful. You’re also going to need
a yard and a half of a background fabric. We used a white and that takes care of your,
your sashing pieces here and a five inch border. You’re going to need five yards for the
backing on this quilt and we just have put a plain back on it. And it just goes together
so quick and easy. So let me show you how to do this because this is really fun. Now
I want to talk for a minute about these rolls. A lot of us buy these rolls. We love them
but not very many of us open them. You just like to stack them up and sit them on our
shelf like this. It just looks so cute. But this is a great project if you want to open
them because it’s really simple. So what you’re going to do is you’re just
going to take your band off. You think you’re home free but you’re not. There’s rubber
band. When you get that off you’re just going to open up this roll and we’re going
to open this whole thing up like this. And for ours we, we just left it just like it
is. Just how it came off, you know, our, our, our roll is how we’re going to sew this
up. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to start with our, with our strips.
And we’re just going to sew them together. So you’re going to pull the first two strips
off and we’re going to sew those together. We’re going to stack them right on top of
each other with the right sides together . And we’re going to sew a quarter of an inch
right down the side. Now you want to make sure your selvedge edges are lined up perfectly.
And we’re just going to go to the sewing machine now and sew a quarter of an inch down
the side. So just set up your thing and this is that
kind of relaxed sewing because you know you just, you get out a little bit. Make sure
your strips are lined up. And then you can just kind of fly down the side. So now what
you’re going to do is you’re going to press these open. We’re going to go to the
ironing board over here and press these open. And we like to always press to the darker
one. And we’re just going to roll that back, just like that. You want to press from the
top. Make sure your seams are completely pressed open. Alright. Then what you’re going to
do is you’re going to stack the next, take the next strip and stack it on there and continue
adding on. And you’re going to go, just keep sewing them on so they go graduated colors
from light to dark. Now I have a whole top over here that I’ve
almost completely finished. And you can see a little bit more about what I’m talking
about. So here we go. So I’ve just been stacking them. We’ve sewn selvedge to selvedge.
Now a lot of times they say when you sew strip sets together to make sure that you sew back
and forth and back and forth. You can do that on this. I didn’t and it worked. But what
I did was I took my red section and sewed those three together, pressed them. Then I
took my orange section and sewed those together and pressed them. And then added that whole
section to the red. So I was kind of doing littlier sections at a time. So maybe that’s
why they didn’t bow and it worked for me. Down here at the bottom here I’m ready to
sew on my next two strips. These are my last two. Now there’s something I have to mention
here. There are only 32 strips in this top. What I did was I pulled out, I took the first
32 and then I saved the last eight for my binding right here. See how I have this binding
out here. And you can see where the colors came together. And I saved them on there.
And to be completely honest I only used seven strips for the binding. I had this much left.
And so really you could put 33 strips on here. And that’s what I would do if I were to
do it again. I had already done that and set it aside. But you could of course can do whatever
you want. So what I’m going to do now is I’m going
to take these two this, this, the purple and the lighter purple. And I’m going to sew
those together and then add them to the bottom of my quilt. So again I’m just going to
do a quarter of an inch right down the side. And you guys are going to have this quarter
of an inch thing down pat. I’m telling you, this is so fun just to sail down the side.
Alrighty, now we’ll press this open and we’re going to add it to the bottom of our
strip set. Sometimes it helps when you’re sewing to just do little sections at a time.
And that’s kind of what I felt with this. I just felt like let’s just do little sections
at a time. Alright. So now we’re going to attach this to the bottom of the quilt. And
it’s going to go together just like this. And we’re going to fold this little section
over onto the quilt, match up my little ends right here. Make sure that we’re straight.
And sew again a quarter of an inch. Alrighty. Now the fun begins. Well first we’ve got
to press this. We’re going to come over here and just press it. Now it really doesn’t
matter which way your seams go on the back because, because it’s, we’re not matching
any seams. I knew there was a reason for that. It really doesn’t matter. You want them
flat. You want it to be nice and flat. So if you notice you have a, a little pop ups
sometimes it’s where a seam has kicked up on the back like this right here. So then
you can just flip it over and make sure that these lay nice and flat. Alrighty. So now we get to do some cutting. And this
is the part sometimes that scares people a little bit. You shouldn’t be scared of this
though because this is going to be fun. So we’re going to fold this together and we’re
going to line up our sides right here. I’m going to fold it in half and in half again.
Now you can actually do it all the way one side if you want, a single fold. This works
for me so I’m going to do it but you have to make sure that it is nice and flat and
smooth. So and even. Match up your top. And then we’ve got that nice and even. And we’re
going to make sure we’re even down here. We’re going to bring this up like this.
I like to cut when there’s a little bit less space, area to cover. Now one of the
girls who sews with me, she does not like that so she’s always trying to make it lay
all nice and pretty and do it a little bit at a time. I’m just too speedy for it. But
do what’s comfortable for you. What you’re comfortable with. So what I’m going to do
first here is I’m going to trim off these selvedges. Now I’m making sure that my quilt
is laid up, matched up on my mat. That those things are lined up. I’m going to pull this
out just a little more so I can cut right on the, right on that line. This is, it’s
important to get this cut straight so just, you know just make sure you’re in a good
way there. Alright I’ve trimmed off all my selvedges in one fell swoop. And then what
I’m going to do is I’m going to come over here and, and this one right here, this measurement
right here. This is seven inches and this is six inches. I want you to remember something
really fun. You are the designer of this quilt so you can make this any size you want. So
if you decide you want this narrower, it’s not going to make any difference at all what
size you cut these two. Mine are six and seven. So I’m going to start here with a, with
a six. One, two, three, four, five, six, like this. And I’m going to cut that. And then
I’m going to do a seven right here. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Make
sure we’re lined up here and make that cut. Now this quilt is one of those that it’s
longer than it is wide so I wanted to add some wider sashings in there. So what I did was I took my background fabric
and I cut it into three inch strips for my sashings. That’s these right here. Those
are three inches. And so, again I’m going to take my fabric and I’m going to fold
it up like this. And then I’m just going to come, make sure it’s straight on my mat.
Make sure my edge is straight. It looks pretty good. I’ll clean it up a little, just right,
just a tiny bit right here. I’m a, I’m a big fan of cleaning up that edge. I just
want to make sure it’s right. So then I’m going to come over three and I’m going to
cut. And you’re going to, you won’t need all of them but you’re going to need two
for each side. You’ll have a tiny bit of leftover. So I’m going to cut these out
of here like this. And if I move that you can see the line a little better. Alright
so now what we’re going to do is we’re going to take these two sashing pieces and
we are going to sew them together to make a one long piece. And what I’ve done is,
see where the fold is, my fold is, I choose to call that the right side. There’s no
right or wrong side but I always put my folds together so that I know that I have both of
the same sides of the fabric together. And then I’m, this is not a seam allowance here.
I’m going to sew on the other side of the dots, the little pin holes to make sure I
don’t have any selvedge in here. And I’m going to do that to both of my sets. And you
can actually chain piece those together so it will go really fast. Those little two.
And that’s how I do my borders too, I have my strips and piece them all together. Alright
now let’s trim off these selvedge edges right here because we don’t want all that
bulk in there. And one more over here. There we go. So now what we’re going to do is we are
going to take our piece that’s in the middle, this piece right here. And it’s the one
that’s a little bit smaller. And we are going to put these strips on both sides. So
we’re just going to lay this out right here. See how long this is. And we’re just going
to attach these strips to both sides. And so I’m going to go to the sewing machine
and, oop! You’ve got to cut off your top selvedge too. So here, because you want that
to line up exactly with the top. So we’re going to put this right sides. Make sure that
your seam where you joined them is going the right way. And mine is not. So it’s a good
thing I checked. So we’re going to go here now. I’m going to line this up. And we are
going to sew both of these sides on here and press them open. So I’m lining them up,
making sure I’m at the very top. Alrighty. Now we’ve sewn down both of our sides and
we are ready to trim and press. So the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to
lay my piece right here like this. And I’m going to take my ruler and I’m going to
trim that off even with the top right there. Just like that. And I already did that on
the other one. You probably saw that in fast motion. And we’re going to go here to the
ironing board and we’re going to press these back. And you can just roll these back if
you want. You can also make sure that your seam goes in or goes out. In or out, mine
is going to go out. Again these seams don’t match up to anything so, so they don’t have
to go a certain way. Really we just want this nice flat top. So once you’ve got your whole
thing all pressed we are ready now to add it into the quilt. Now our quilt is set up to go from red down
and so this center piece here, we want to flip that around. So we’re going to flip
that around. And then we are just going to take our big pieces and we are going to sew
them on to the sides of the quilt. So this is my cut edge right here and that’s going
to go on this edge, the big piece. I have so much to manhandle. And then this small
piece we are also going to sew on here like this. So basically what we’re going to do
is we’re going to lay these pieces on top of each other like this. Sew a quarter of
an inch down the side, open it up like this. We’re going to do the same thing to this
one, making sure that you’ve flipped your middle row so that it’s opposite, sew it
right down the sides. Once you get those two seams done, your top is done. And so then
we’re ready to add the borders. So let’s take a look at these. I put a little
five inch white border out here. I just thought it would make this white kind pop in here.
And that’s your whole top. So remember again we only used 32 strips and our extra last
few strips, last eight I sewed together for the binding. So I sent the quilt off to quilting.
When I got it back I bound it, and I bound it with my leftover strips. Now there’s
a few things I want to talk about on this because this is a really cool project and
I can see so many ideas for it. So don’t feel, don’t feel stuck into using a rainbow
colored roll. And almost all rolls come in color families. So as you sew them together
they kind of graduate in color and it would be kind of really cool to flip that one around.
This Spin Basics also has like a black, white, gray roll and I think that would be gorgeous.
I also think it would be gorgeous with just about any fabric line you could do it with.
So don’t hesitate, you know if you have a roll and you want to try this. It will be
really fun to see. The other thing is, is don’t forget you can change your measurements
on this because all you’re doing is cutting out a piece and then you’re sewing it back
together. And so it just, and you can decide if you want this to be a skinny piece or a
wider piece. You know whatever you want feel free to play with that. I love when we get
those creative juices going. So this is a really fun quilt. I hope you enjoyed it. We’re
calling it the Stack and Flip because we just stacked those pieces on, sewed them together
and we flipped that middle. So we hope you enjoyed the Stack and Flip quilt from the

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  37. jenny quiero felicitarte x tu tutorías ,eres muy clara y precisa he aprendido mucho contigo soy fiel seguidora y he aprendido un lindo oficio donde desarrollamos nuestra creatividad un abrazo desde Chile. Pto montt

  38. jenny quiero felicitarte x tu tutorías ,eres muy clara y precisa he aprendido mucho contigo soy fiel seguidora y he aprendido un lindo oficio donde desarrollamos nuestra creatividad un abrazo desde Chile. Pto montt

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