MARRIAGE ADVICE 💒 with Sean Escobar (Podcast Special)

MARRIAGE ADVICE 💒 with Sean Escobar (Podcast Special)

that’s really it’s really fancy yeah
Alex sure we’ll have our own sound booth yeah but it’s really cool I’m excited to
use it the sound quality supposed to be a lot better than this one but at least
we’ll have like five hundred dollars cuz it looks like it was like a $500 thing okay so sorry you guys this is not like
totally professional or we don’t even if we didn’t even really talk beforehand
about what we were going to talk about but my goal is to be consistent
recording her three different ways we’ve got my video camera my phone doing the
live and then we’ve got our recording going onto my computer’s one thing that
came to my mind today as I was thinking about what we could share together is
something that Shawn shared about six months ago and so your Facebook post and
I ended up republishing it onto my blog and I called it midlife crisis because
that’s the perfect title to what it was all about and how we have you know how
we I mean I don’t want to say like gotten through 13 years of marriage but
how we succeeded so far in 13 years of marriage because we all know know that
marriage isn’t always blissful and perfect and we definitely learn have
learned a lot about each other and about ourselves within these 13 years of
marriage so um do you kind of remember the message that you shared oh it was a
written message yeah on Facebook yeah and it was really resist mm-hmm we’re
seeing a lot a whole lot of divorces and separations and I think it I think it is
because not that there’s more than ever before it’s just that we’re that age
we’re almost 40 okay so we’re that age when people that that kind of creeps in
and so we’re seeing a lot of that and it’s kind of becoming more of a more
alarming and more of a sensitive topic for us because you know we’re seeing
that amongst our friends and our neighbors and people at our church and
so yeah I remember writing a message just talking about how you know
relationships take take a lot of work I think it’s always fun to hear other
people’s point of views on their marriage and certain things that they
struggled with before and I so I thought you know as part of the messages that we
share on our podcast we would talk about some of the things that we’ve learned in
our marriage um one of the things that that I feel had a big impact on me was
when I heard someone say that you should stop trying to change the other person
and rather than constantly feeling like you need to change that other person
appreciate the differences of appreciate what makes them unique appreciate what’s
different about them from you so in our case you know it’s it might be me
appreciating that crystal is so organized and appreciating that crystal
does try to stay so busy appreciating the crystal you know that she likes
structure that she likes routine you know and rather than me trying to force
myself on crystal and make her you know essentially be me and another thing that
had a big impact on me was when I learned that the the reason you’re
attracted to another person what attracts you to that person if you’ve
ever looked at relationships you usually have one really strong personality
not strong

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  1. LOVE U TWO 💕 I need to watch the rest of the video, but is it free? I am not sure what a podcast even is?

    I think my generation doesn't care about marriage as much as my parents generation did. Now it seems breakups are common and being single for long periods of time is typical. The men in my life say they won't marry because of divorce laws, so now nothing seems to last more then a few years. 💔

  2. MARRIAGE ADVICE 💒 with Sean Escobar (Podcast Special)
    Hope you enjoyed the episode? Do you have any questions or suggestions?

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