Marriage and New Updates | Harvest Town

Marriage and New Updates | Harvest Town

this is the look of our wedding outfits when can we get married? how to get married? make a tutorial for marriage please! when will the marriage update released? those are comments that i got almost in my every single video XD yesterday we just got an update and i’ll talk few of it~ first we’re going to talk about you guys whom always get stuck or can’t get out when you’re mining it’s the bug where you can’t move now we’ve got the solution! click the option button, and there is this new button the title is transport then there’ll be a pop up dialog says something like this if we choose confirm, we’ll be transported to our manor immediately! there’s a cool down for this function we can use it after 30 mins hmm.. this is probably going to be my ‘lazy button’ mining until 1 o’clock then click the transport button! (ain’t wasting out scroll haha) the next one is what you guys has been waiting for! but before i start, i want to tell you first probably there’ll be a change in the future because in my opinion the system isn’t maximal yet and i’ll just give you guys a rough explanations because a lot of you requested me to do this video XD I am so sorry if i’m wrong we already can buy wedding equipment from John Gray in here there’s this wedding outfits package which is optional you don’t really need to buy this after all the price isn’t reasonable… 999 diamonds ಠ_ಠ special thanks to our dear friend Rafflesia Ixora (I’M SORRY I SPELLED YOUR NAME WRONG OMG I JUST REALIZED IT T.T) so that we can get this picture this is the looks of 999 diamonds outfit yep, you’re right~ we are so modern that we wear pants for our wedding the next one there is this love bouquet you must purchased 7 bundles of it also, you can give this bouquet when the NPC’s heart is higher enough if i wasn’t wrong, probably required 12 hearts i don’t know whether it’s right/wrong, this is just my prediction so if any of you know the answer, please comment down below (☞゚∀゚)☞ how many hearts does the NPC have so that we can give the bouquet to the NPC? oh there’s also an additional information right now the only NPC we can marry to is Foxy there’s this love icon beside her that’s why i told you guys earlier the system isn’t maximum yet so this update is only telling us information (unless you want to marry Foxy :D) so that we can prepare to maximized our beloved future-husband/wife hearts cheer up! let’s have fun together the next one is wedding ring/consonance ring after you gifted the 7 bundles we also need to gift them a ring don’t you guys think this ring looks like from sailor m**n?XD the ring is super expensive, 1500 diamonds but! there’s another way to get this ring~ go to the downtown there will be a big tree called as wishing tree click on it and it’ll pop up dialogue box like this 500 ruby, 800 coals, and 900 hays if we put all of these thing here we’ll get a consonance ring as a reward our very own wedding ring Eits! wait up~ there’s more update information! XD there’ll be choices to made for our wedding decorations right now there are only two available, that is the Alice and Tahiti all of these aren’t for free! we must work hard again to gain these decorations ಥ_ಥ thank you our dear friend Kim Gulfan for all these information~ i attach the photos here you guys can pause and take a screenshot if you want to (。◕‿◕。) *cough* marriage in harvest town isn’t easy huh it’s expensive and need extra hard work i’ve got question for you~ are you sure you want to get married quickly? tbh i thought it’s going to be simple but it turns out nope! it’s natural that this feature came out this late the system is difficult! thank you devs and harvest town staffs! to work hard for this game you guys are awesome! that’s all for this video, i hope you guys enjoy it and i you do, don’t forget to if you guys have questions or requests drop a comment below or join my discord server oh! and if you guys haven’t join my server yet the link is on description~ hope this video helps and entertain you (◕‿◕✿) thank you for watching~ (◕‿◕✿)

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  1. English subtitle available, turn on the cc!
    Other updates =
    1. new mount, dinosaur (but i can't find it probably hasn't released yet)
    2. new events with NPCs
    3. new skin theme for our manor
    Know any other updates? Let me know down below! (◕‿◕✿)

    Update lainnya =
    1. Selain itu katanya ada juga tunggangan baru yaitu dinosaurus ya, tapi aku gak ketemu (mungkin belum resmi rilis) jadi tidak aku bahas di video,

    2. banyak event-event baru sama setiap NPC

    3. new skin theme untuk manor kita (yang permen-permen ituloh)
    kalau ada tambahan boleh komen ya~ (◕‿◕✿)

  2. OMG ini yg gue tunggguuuu. Gue sampe pindah ke stardew valley karena belum ada update nikah dan sekarang I'm backkkk

  3. Wowww, tidak sia2 selama ini aku nabung diamond sama semua bahan2 hasil farm yg ga pernah aku jualin sama sekaliiii 😭😭

    Semoga ada update baru lagi buat npc lain, inceran aku sih abang (or eyang?) Fisher, hahahaha biar ntar anaknya keturunan ikan duyung 🐠🐋🐟

  4. Sis, setiap ada update baru kok saya Susah banget login ya? Stuck terus di loading awal, ada cara ngatasinnya ga ?

  5. Caranya biar anjing bisa follow kita gmna ya? Beli anjing standby mulu di kenel Dan kegunaan menu foster saat kita klik d kenel nya itu apa? Tlong pencerahanya dong.. 🙏,

  6. just wanna ask if u already finish the quest about the parchment where did you find the ancient dictionary? thank you ☺️

  7. This marriage system looks very complicated…. Now I think that staying single in HT might be better than marrying an NPC :')
    And I agree that the wedding outfit cost a lot and it's not really worth it when you look at it :/

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