Marriage and the working class | IN 60 SECONDS

Marriage and the working class | IN 60 SECONDS

The American working class faces a
host of challenges, from stagnant family incomes to dramatic increases in so-called
deaths of despair — from drugs, alcohol, and suicide. But perhaps none is
greater than the decline of the married, two-parent home. Unlike 50 years ago,
stable families are longer than norm in working-class America. This takes a toll
on working-class kids growing up in a home without both parents — they
are more likely to fail in school, end up pregnant as teens, or land in jail.
It’s also hard for their parents, who are more likely to fall prey to poverty,
depression, and even deaths of despair if they’ve been touched by
family breakdown. So what to do? There are policy steps — like expanding wage
subsidies — that the US can take to strengthen the economic foundations of working-class life.
But the most important change just might be cultural: men and women in working-class
America must see that their futures — and the future of their children — depend on
renewing stable marriage for themselves, their friends, and their communities. What do you think family breakdown has to do with the state of working-class America? Let us know in your comments. Also, let us know what other topics you’d like
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9 Replies to “Marriage and the working class | IN 60 SECONDS”

  1. yes, I agree and would like to add note. that it is the theft of labor through monetary means in which the the current system is based on. it will not matter how hard you work when the currency in that you get paid is debased and its value destroyed. the medium of exchange falters. The culture war of unstainablity is the under lying issue. that we continually prop up investments, ideas and the people instead of letting the natural progression of letting them fail. the reason….people do not want blood on the streets. so this outcome is of the lesser of 2 evil

  2. Good luck, this issue has been eroded over the last 50 years by a very target message. even if you figured out a message that worked to support marriage over a strong independent woman message, it would take another 50 years to turn it back around. We will have a bunch of households that are ether earning half of what they should or their responsibilities at home are being ignored, and it is their own fault. We are already seeing an influx of women who thought they could have both a family and career hitting their mid 30s and asking "where have all the good men gone", they haven't gone anywhere, you are just old and have a diminished social value as a life partner.

  3. My wife and I are likely to get a divorce in the near future, but we won’t be splitting up. This is purely a financial decision. There’s no benefit in marriage for us (from a financial standpoint). In fact, it’s actually detrimental to our financial situation.

    Being divorced will allow me (who’s disabled) to qualify for subsidized healthcare, whereas “we” make too much money as a couple, so I’m dependent upon our broken & corrupt private insurance system, which has proven to become more and more costly every year.

    Our tax system isn’t setup for couples who BOTH work/make income. And since virtually every couple both have to work anymore just to make the same (adjusted) wage of a single person ~30 years ago, we’re being punished by our own system just for being married.

    With there being so little (perceived) benefit from marriage, it’s hard to imagine the younger generations bothering with the whole process.

  4. Junkies, fatsos, and opportunist women with no desire to cooperate in a marriage?
    Marriage is for idiots now. She can leave at the drop of a hat…and if you're lucky, she won't sue you for everything you have, get alimony…or prevent you from seeing your children.
    Nope. Marriage in 2018 is a fool's game.

  5. Politicians on both sides of the aisle could actually do their jobs, and quit letting the corporations roll over us all, so that a single earner family can have a decent chance of existing in the modern world.

  6. If we had worker coops, this wouldn't be a problem lol.
    It's like a gold mine right in our face and we don't even see it through some thin brush.

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