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  1. Long discussions take work- but that’s work that is worth the effort! We are thankful to be a team in life! Sending you guys some encouragement today- especially to those dealing with bone chilling cold temps!

  2. You both are heroes to me and I know so many others as well. I have mito andany other issues health wise and you've inspired me so much to get thru the hard days. Thank you so much!!

  3. Mary your so right. Me and my husband are so different and after his neck surgery he kinda changed but we are only going on 7 years

  4. Hi Guy`s , Gee Peter the end of your video it sounds like you made a great save !! Ollie Boy burps !! , I have never heard of a dog burping before.

    My late mom & dad dated 7 years before getting married , they need to be sure and were in no hurry. I think it is so great you both have the talent of personal conversation together. Trust and honesty are what builds a strong union , and you guys are a pair of rocks !! LOL

    Mary I am glad for you that you are able to handle being sick to your tummy so well , me , not so much. Thankfully I don`t get sick all that often to the point of vomiting. I remember times past I could never recover as fast as you do , it would literally take the strength from me.

    Peter , you need some new boots !! and I am sorry about your sore toe , I hope it heals soon. Be sure to keep an eye on it , we don`t think to check our feet as much as we should ( tip ) !!

    Ollie Boy is a unique pup , and he winks and does not mind the cold , and seem to like the snow , wow.

    OK guy`s thank for the video , I hope you were able to stay warm as it was very cold , but next week in the 50`s !! Take care , Gary 

  5. I just lost my 14 year old pupper. Watching Ollie burp was just what my pup did every time he ate. It made us laugh every time. Thanks for reminding me of the funny stuff my pup did too.

  6. Peter, O' keefe's foot cream. It's amazing on dry feet and hands. They are so painful. Find it on amazon. Back to the vlog

  7. It really does take efforts to explain things properly. That was funny Peter catching the vomit. I continually pray for you both

  8. It’s always fun to hear your stories and laugh with you guys. I am glad that you did mention how marriage takes work and good communication. You made me think about that more in my marriage. We have been married 22 years soon to be 23 years. We still could communicate better then we do. Thank you for sharing your life/your story!

  9. you guys are so tired individually you're both loopy. Hope you both got some rest! lol. Hugs from Seattle area friends. xo

  10. You help put things in perspective for me, I'm dealing with a few chronic health issues and seeing a specialist Tuesday to review some abnormal labs. I watch your blog each night, thanks for being here.

  11. I can hardly imagine, Mary. Which is more work? Marriage, CF, or being a fulltime youtuber? All of them, I guess? =o

  12. My husband is 20 ft away if he even thinks I’m going to throw up! I’m like where are you! 😂 I’m surprised you can do that Peter, the way smells make you vomit 🤮

  13. I love that you guys talk about working at your marriage. Unfortunately, it seems like social media makes people have unrealistic expectations about having a perfect relationship.

  14. I just ordered a “I Choose Joy” v-neck shirt! It is such a blessing to see your vlogs each and everyday. Mary and Peter you both are such beautiful people inside and out. Thank you for always bringing peace and joy into our lives!

  15. Yikes, my dental hygienist yaks the WHOLE TIME SHE IS CLEANING MY TEETH, she makes me so nervous, I'm in such a state by the time I get out of the chair.

  16. I love you guys so much! You make me smile. That's true love. Catching your partner's throw up. It beautiful the way you love each other.

  17. Have you tried the apple juice concentrate that you bought the other day for a hypo?? I was just remembering and thinking of the concentrate u bought with your 2 lows today!! A bit random, but was curious!!

  18. Now that’s a partnership-catching your partner’s vomit! #relationshipgoals!! You guys are made for each other!

  19. Mary, I do not have CF but asthma acerbated by acid reflux due to having had esophageal cancer. I have nothing to keep the acid from going into my lungs. When it does it hurts like the dickens so I cough and cough till I throw up. Since it doesn't really come from my stomach ( which is now behind my heart due to the surgery ) I call it lunging up. I know it is kinda stupid but I think it is kinda funny too. When I start having a pity party I just think of you and say to my self if Mary can do it and be so much sicker then me then I have to put my big girl panties on and deal with it. Thank you both for sharing your lives with us all and being an inspiration to me. Please give Ollie boy a hug and kiss for me.

  20. Love that catching Mary's vomit was the highlight of Peter's day, and that it became an epic moment! I laughed so hard. On a slightly unrelated note, am I the only one who doesn't really mind take care of a little kids…bodily functions, but get totally grossed out about thinking about taking care of an adult's?

    Anyway, I can definitely relate. I've caught my own vomit (even managed to keep driving once while doing so, until I could safely pull over), a couple of different kid's vomit (worked in a UPK daycare for a little while, ages 6 weeks to 12 years—now I teach at a community college, which means someone else takes care of the vomit if it happens), and once managed to catch a whole stream of pee in a fresh diaper before it could go anywhere untoward.

  21. Peter, when the sticker wears off on the bottom of your shoe, try Goop and/or E6000 on the hole. It's my Dad's DIY trick! 💕

  22. We are NOT ALONE in a WORKING MARRIAGE! People will work at most ANYTHING, but don’t wanna’ work at one of The most IMPORTANT ASPECTS of Life. And KUDOS on the Vomit Catch, Buddy! Too bad the CARER OLYMPICS don’t exist. I feel SURE there’d be a BLUE Ribbon for BEST in SHOW VOMIT CATCHING! 🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮

  23. As an atheist I can't help but think how much more useful would it be if every religious person instead of coming together and study the bible and worship dead people and floating figures in the sky every sunday, if they instead came together and studied and laid plans for something that will actually benefit the world, like caring for the elderly or the homeless or the sick, or animals or healthy living… I don't mean this as hate although I know it comes off as it, but to someone who doesn't believe in god I just think of all the manhours you guys collectively waste putting into this book.

  24. Weird question… your skin always looks perfect! Do you have makeup on or is that natural? I always notice how flawless your face is. Love you guys!

  25. I felt so sad (for my own situation) when you were speaking about how much you spend talking to each other. My partner has progressive MS and has mostly lost his speech now and cannot move anything below his neck. We still manage to communicate- just in a new way now. Life is not a straight road – it has so many twists and turns with smooth and rocky parts. You both inspire me with your strengths xx

  26. Don’t forget to laugh everyday! Yep, it’s the little things that sometimes mean so much, you guys are the perfect match made in heaven, even learning how to catch throw up from your significant other. 🤣 thanks again for the laughs! Sending my love and hugs 🤗 to the three of you, see you tomorrow!

  27. I live to see your videos…i am still recuperating from a bad flare up and hearing u talk about marriage is point on 😊

  28. Awe, now that's love ! To not only be willing to catch your spouse's vomit, but to be proud that you caught it. 😊 You guys are just too friggin cute sometimes ! 😁

  29. I really hope women watch your videos and see how peter treats you and realize it does exist. He gives me hope every day that i will find someone like that. God bless you guys.

  30. Thank you for sharing your life and the way you "process life together". You give me hope. My marriage of almost 28 years is ending. It is so incredibly devastating. I don't know what the future holds but I am going to find hope and gratitude each day.

  31. Ollie burping…adorable! 😍 Peter catching Mary’s vomit…🤢 Now THAT’S true love 😂 I always have a bag with me because with my gastroparesis, vomiting is inevitable some days. I literally have them stashed all over my house, purse, tube feed backpack, and car

  32. Every time you guys start talking about when you started dating I think it’s weird. Because my husband and I started dating March 2005 and got married January 2007. Just a few months apart from you guys

  33. Somehow the "catching Mary's vomit" just doesn't seem loving or funny. Kind of disgusting and disturbing that you enjoyed the game. Since this happens so often, why doesn't Mary carry something to catch her vomit? Like one of those pretty plastic lined bags sold everywhere (to save using plastic bags.) Easy to dump out, rinse, run a disinfecting wipe over the inside and done. I'd think this would help to avoid the unpleasant cleanup, especially in public? Just make it a habit of wearing it over the shoulder. It would save your clothes, bedding, rugs and whatever else the stomach acid ruins. I mean you carry a tissue if your nose is runny don't you? And like kitty pee, there is really no way to completely get the smell of vomit out of the carpeting. Not hating toward you at all. I'm very sad and concerned for all Mary has to deal with. Just thoughts on making life easier and more pleasant for everyone.

  34. You guys are my favorites! I truly believe God used this video to remind me that He has my “perfect” someone out there (my fiancé just left me “because I’m sick”)! But I’ve been struggling thinking that I’ll never find someone who can put up with my illness. But you guys constantly remind me it takes one person, and God had that person hand picked, so for now I simply pray for my future husband!

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