Marriage is Pointless… – Bobo Thursday

Marriage is Pointless… – Bobo Thursday

i think marriage is pointless i think marriages we accept it speed is a artificially contrived state while some people can be monogamous and
all that part but it’s an artificial state to impose on all of humanity to
the pinnacle of social interaction between males and females newspaper car medical habitation agreement til
death do us part seems really on reasonable i can hear it
now they’re claiming that people say monogamy is about ross relationships we
have to expect over now you don’t that’s putting unreasonable expectations
on people if they want to take this expectation on themselves that’s why you
want to get married great i’m saying that they should not be the
p_l_o_ engulfed the pinnacle althouse people can have a relationship this is
the ultimate aspirations of these must all
come to marriage or else you haven’t had enough that is my problem it’s not unreasonable to point to be
monogamous isn’t well it’s not unreasonable for you to
want to be menachem speak is unreasonable for you to whatever you
want to tell steven it’s where marriage exists as this
institution that is codified as dvd all and all of the sanctified relationship
that is where i say this pointless because no one’s gonna really live off of the
people can’t but how many people cheat i meet you can
look up statistics i don’t want to say random numbers that popped up very
recently that look out for yourself like guarantee
that mount of people we’ve noted cheap how many relationships break up the
divorce tv cheating is a platter high number i guarantee you look after yourselves
and that tells me that a lot of people are monogamous at heart this is not central to that they’re going to have a and it’s you know you can say whatever
they should ship at issues or or what if it was a deeply broken thing will turn
their supply that actually feeds my point out that
they should’ve gotten counseling to get a better maybe they should have relationships and people can change they could change dramatically they could change sometimes it’s drop of
a hat sometimes over the course of decades jerk basically saying you’ve made a
twenty five your fifties you’re saying he still trust the
judgment of you who was twenty five after twenty five after another fall
life’s work of experiences in lessons you’re still automatically deferring to the judge the
debate with new twenty five worse than dob it’s hard for because
uart different person you were twenty five years ago is she is a different cars it’s what i
was uh… i’ve been talking about this you know buying don’t really like the idea of
marriage because of the fact that we use human beings are so transient
minutes minutes second the second we have our own mental psychological
dissonance is and we’re hypocrites about so many different things and we change so often that it’s
reasonable for people to want to not be together anymore to just have a mutual
agreement that yet we’ve grown apart spiegel after a number of years yeah now i believe what you’re going to get
together to have children there should always be a child rearing
agreed until childers excusable or unless one parent of the others
providing for help in providing for the child you
know welfare should be something drawn up for
child rearing so that there’s a statement however this should not be til death do
us apart arrangement they should be a until the child is old
enough to leave the house right that’s what i’ve been thinking that some
like you know how the contract should work the contract should come up for renewal
exactly people let’s say you’re married yet i
think it’s unites a birkenau five years come either should be a point
where people can say art this is a perennial point do you want to both sign off on this
agreement you bet sign off on your kids are three bucks a when you’ve got a driver’s
license you have to no re-take test sanitize number of years
when you have to renew your license it should be the same kind of idea
liberty i want to sign off on the contract yes we prepared for this
verdict it’s actually that sample but if someone has a problem that there should be a way to you in the relationship without it swati divorce every power because to expect people to or ever agreed to anything for the rest of their life is pretty
absurd and especially to missus it’s made it
through the institution itself i mean like sure you can expect people
to never kale you can expect people to never army camp reason reasonably expect
people to do much besides not kill they’re gonna steal atleast once
probably twice cheat cobb it all other sins cheating is that i have if it doesn t you good for you it’s
another example of people having unreasonable expectations for themselves
and each other now i want to put an important caveat nets if you get to enter into a monogamous
relationship with the understanding that that you’re going to be monogamous i’m
academically cheating monsanto what you can help donate our contract you can’t if the concept of marriage bothers you and you don’t think you’re
going to do it or reach different breed a batter dot enter a contract i guess you could save marriage as a
concept i don’t find pointless because our current implementation other were it
is societal reinforced and held up as the panic chipita option it should be one of many possible
options back ver people to have relationship
unforgettable dot cohabit state and what not maybe have lvgi recruits hunter
legal contract such as that ford the same rights a married couple and things of that
nature but there is a different type of contract you should be degrees in very
votes here they’re premature because people have degrees barrier there’s no real diversity of choice that there has been
that part of my real problem here what marriage is pointless is because it’s
the only choice when you only have choice bates was aids
pointless because that the merits of choice a don’t matter it’s the only
choice there’s a discussion minutes you’re married or worsening or namath
feels like you’re cohabit taking you have no rights to see them in the
hospital you have no right-wing combine your finances of the taxes in not now that promise the sanctity idea i want to
told us to go on cuz i wanna make a note that when people say they believe marriages sanctimonious part of their
faith at all that you know after chords the problem is don’t tell that you can tell it’s me fine to stop make
me abide by idle point if it marriage to me is piece of paper site
certified by the government it could be cots work to you think it’s god’s word and i don’t what do you think about god’s word so i
don’t care and you know what people who don’t cut
your pay pal don’t want it please keep it out you can have your fate that he wanted
your marriage is as you pointed if i won’t have piece of paper that says
i’m legally married to diets that if a girl or i just want happy st this is a
married to a girl and i don’t wanna go to church just because you happen to agree with
the creek institution of marriage doesn’t mean that you should try to
block other forms of marriage from being
allowed and this is like in principle this is the exact same
thing that goes along with the gay marriage each outlaw courts people can
say i will bear dissipate issue no but no melody tight a contract tax-free get dunkirk it’s a mating contract tracked certified
by a judge does not have a wide since four th
elastomeric slights sliver with this happens your feng takes a back sat
because now they’re employers and contracts apartments are this is now a
document pixar this is a function of art not happen you put paperwork it was all god’s work you like me to judge analog since it is
a judge in a lawyer contract issue we play by the earth’s rules and that
says the contracts must be put there anyone should be able to enter into a
contract who is legally kate and stop being so erik and his to co-opt
the term mary jen conflict that term the idea of religious they’re not the same thing not be more america’s of religious
ceremony but now they’re chitra for standing up civil unions not same thing
in legal contacts you either have to make a legally binding equal to marriage other thing and then basically knowledge
the separation of church state marriages ace church institution only assembly dvds opening statements page
didn’t get up merrick stand at a church but it has been contract reproducible union at at court but it has been over
legislative you can have both that’s how i think would be fair exactly there too purely ceremonial civil unions become purely contractual
and made a big solely with the people west and all this is completely aside
from the that marriage is just not natural now really til death do us part will
work for some people it i’m not saying it works for now on
its own and some people can be the albatross of the bird world they’re they’re the most monogamous and
that’s fine it’s just it should not be the only
thing that is available it should not be the expectation it should not to get
people who don’t fall people should not feel obligated this new have a relationship the way
society or is that we have a relationship as long as no one has been hard they were not taken painted to people who are legally or
ethically immoral it somehow compromise then yeah i think that’s pretty cap exit about signing

9 Replies to “Marriage is Pointless… – Bobo Thursday”

  1. Yeah no! It starts getting to complicated when there is more than two people in a relationship together not to mention STD risks are lower when you are in a MONOGAMOUS relationship. Less trips to the clinic. Not mention all the benefits that come with being married so NO its not pointless. I think the only "pointless" thing is debating about it whether its gay or straight marriage. Who cares! EVERYONE should have the rights to marry if they want to.

  2. Everyone does have the right to marry, but it is a right that shouldn't be enforced. Like he is saying, it should be an option and not something that you are judged for if you don't believe in.

  3. Im guessing you are speaking from experience? Just because people cheat, it shouldn't be an excuse for not committing to a relationship.

  4. Marriage was instituted as a means of control(over women and other patriarchal property). Now that it's beginning to lose this status, it's definitely becoming pointless. And to me, the biggest issue isn't even monogamy, but what kind of life we actually want for ourselves. Maintaining peace and clarity of mind comes way before anything else, then emotional fulfillment, then sex.
    Most of the time we mistake sexual desire for actual love, and that's usually when we make bad decisions.

  5. Try signing a lease with a "lover" who may change his mind about monogamy and starts bringing home "friends"…it's not pointless especially when it comes to hospital issues of "family" visits….It's essentially a vow to have a standard to live up to…some people don't make it….which just means people need to treat it more seriously.

  6. and your arrangement argument is also one of the reasons marriage exists in the first place….and if renewals existed well guys would be getting a lot of renewals simply because wifey got old and a newer "model" exists. Who needs that drama? Nobody is forcing anybody to get married.

  7. You have no concept of love. Please go live in the jungle Ya there is no gayness out in the jungle. Marriage is Gods idea not your depraved sinful mind.

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