2. I agree do not get married if you are a guy you will be responsible for paying Alomina and Child Support don't do it guys unless you want kids other than that no need to get married

  3. Great video. I just got done reading articles online about how marriage benefit men more. It's all bull crap. There is laughable data that states women are more happy after divorce than men. I believe that, but why? Maybe it's because most men have to pay child support, some time alimony, and too often lose half their fortune. Oh yea, women has no fear of jail because of child support and big daddy government have their back. Nobody has the back of men, they are expected to deal with shit, and not talk about it. One of the articles stated divorce men get remarried more than divorce women. Since many of these women has hit the wall by the time they get divorce, they get less offers for marriage. One article stated married men make more money and married women make less. Maybe it's because the married men has to work more hours to take care of the family, while the woman works less because she has to take care of the kids. Most women don't want to work 60 hours a week. A single man can spend his money on what ever he likes. He can work less hours cause he has less debt. He can spend his free time doing fun things and enjoying life. If a man has his shit together, I just don't see the benefit of getting married. I'm speaking from experience.

  4. The most important thing that men need to understand is this: Marriage is for women and "their" offspring. They need to understand that wives will likely cheat on them and many will get pregnant by other men. It is a well know fact that Trust is busted. It is a well known fact that wives use trust to cheat. There are no Guarantees when it comes to (fatherhood) paternity. The system is setup for women. Setup to help them keep dark secrets hidden. It is setup to protect the deceitful wife's offspring. These secret keeping wives are never going to tell their husbands the truth. The system advises them to keep secrets. The married man has no rights. He has no business knowing who fathered the children with his wife. He is to provide for them regardless. He has no business checking up on his wife and her (Spurious) offspring. Some Countries have made it very difficult for a husband to get a paternity test. Especially without a divorce. This is all intentional. The system is protecting the cheater and her offspring – under the guise of – In the best interest of the family & child. The husband cannot get away from child support – even if he got secretly deceived. Meaning he still has to pay child support to a deceitful wife and her spurious children. Untold numbers of wives have done this to husbands. All husbands need paternity testing on every child when born, or they need to stay away from marriage. Blood / DNA Paternity testing has proven beyond that shadow of "Any Doubt" that Trust is Busted. Next time you are at some big gathering of couples and families, bring up fatherhood (paternity) and watch the wives head for an exit. Every wife out there knows a wife who has done this to her husband. Marriage is a trap. A scam to avoid. It isn't what wives say – It is what they don't say! Not letting cheating men off the hook. Many a married man have fathered children into other marriages!

  5. Just remember. Courts do not have men's backs. Absolutely not. It's run by women and the laws to back them up. Never ever discuss your finances with a women. She will take you to the cleaners in court. Sign a prenuptial first to protect your best interest.

  6. @ The33Secrets – IMO you're CORRECT that the downfalls started in the 70's with feminism and just at that time I turned 9 -10 years old my gut questioned that there's something not quite right with marriage for men. Since my life has been lonely but law trouble (initiated by women and otherwise) free. Just yesterday I spoke with a married man going on his later 60's and in so many words he wouldn't have married if he had to do it all over again as he said it's cheaper for him to stay married – I told him that's where the phrase "cheaper to keep her" comes from all this after I told him about the negatives of feminism and the rest that followed and that why I in my middle 50's never married, never co-habitated and no kids.

  7. Girls say " I want equal pay and rights"

    Also girls "i need a man to pay my bills and do everything so i can not suck dick, lay around, not work, and nag and complain about everything"

  8. Even if you find a great woman, you eill still be compromising yourself. You will end up eventually in a near sexless marriage. You will be forced to bypass your own endeavors.

  9. When women say they're in a loveless, sexless marriage, they mean they don't love the man and won't have sex with him even though he loves her and wants to have sex with her. It's ugly and it sucks, but if a man wants a "successful" marriage, he needs to be the cheater and starve her. She'll actually value you more if she subconsciously knows other women are fucking you.

  10. Remember the jelly bean story from Mad Men ? If you put a bean in the jar every time you have sex in the first year of marriage and then take one out every time you have sex after the first year …. you will never empty the jar !!

  11. I would have to say that there are no benefits for a man to be married. Hopefully soon, more men will realize what a mistake marriage is. Marriage is a horrible decision and any intelligent man should know better.

  12. My ex-GF's father confessed to me that when she was a kid during the early 2000s her father had to move in with his father after divorce. That's how much pain and suffering divorce costed him. She told me she'd never do that to me, but I knew it would just be a trap. So I dumped her after the 2nd fake pregnancy stunt she pulled on me to avoid getting married to her.

  13. It’s true that men are still stuck with the old mindset. The current generation’s values, priorities, challenges CANNOT be compared to those of the previous generation. When a man gets married, he dreams of a home with a wife and kids, Christmas and thanksgiving dinners…. the whole nine yards. Instead he loses his home, dreams, his kids and it takes a long time for him to recover from the trauma of separating from his children. Somehow, women have this amazing inborn quality to turn from a loving wife and a mother into a raging bitch from hell when the divorce commences. She hate her “sexist” man for being a provider with toxic masculinity, which by the way is the exact reason why she chose him in the first place.

    Marriage does not make sense anymore and no one needs to convince me of that.

  14. Agreed. Social media is a blessing and a curse at the same time. People getting hooked up with ex-boyfriends and ex-wives. What the fuck is that all about? The past is the past. Get over it. I love FaceBook and all the others, but, it’s just another excuse to cheat on each other. I’ve bumped into a few old girlfriends while shopping over the years and frankly, they look like shit. Fat, three kids, miserable, and divorced. Who needs it.

  15. Think of modern day marriage as investing in a high risk stock. Slight chance of profit but huge chance of total loss.

  16. They say we live in a patriarchy. BULLSHIT. We live in a matriarchy as proven by divorce courts and anti-male divorce laws.
    Such anti-male laws could NEVER be passed without the female vote and the white knight vote. In states like Cali, a woman divorces her man after 10 years, the man pays alimony FOR LIFE. That is why Tom Cruise divorced his wife before the 10 year mark. The 19th was a mistake…

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