Married Gay Couple Denied Driver’s License in Florida

Married Gay Couple Denied Driver’s License in Florida

and this particularly uh… relevant
there’s a story out of miami a uh… accompli to women dana eleven of the fetus smith enjoy that your timothy dismissed we’re living in florida had been involved leach other for i think at least seven years and they drove to new york too to get married because in florida
they’re not allowed to and uh… in new york uh… same sex catholic couples have these
same right as non same sex couples to marry and of course uh… they understood that
their marriage would not be recognized in the state of florida but they went back down there and in florida apparently a marriage
certificate is valid i_d_ for florida’s department of motor vehicles because it’s issued either by florida or by any other state just like he could probably take a
driver’s license from new york can go and get uh… uh… your car registered
in uh… florida so uh… data in jordan the fetus met went to a panama city at department
motor vehicles office and uh… they had gotten new social
security cards with the same last names of they went to get new driver’s licenses
to reflect with that their names have been officially changed their last names anyways licensor printed out they discover
they’re a puck short and uh… d indeed is not take these is
so they went to an a_t_m_ got the money returned when they returned they found out that their licenses had
been denied because their marriage certificates were considered invalid because the
florida does not recognize same sex marriage so contemplate this for a moment not
only is florida arguing that we don’t give
you the same rights as non same sex couples not only do we not recognize your legal contract essentially from the state in new york even though we do generally for on same sex couples we’re going to uni or the validity of of
this document as being a leadership in that document
from that name on it we’re not prepared to give
you the rights we’d usually nor that docket and the problem is is that they can’t get a passport um… as was it that they could get a passport
all too well it it dead as they can but it is a so security cards uh… because the names are different from their love original licenses without a license they can’t legally
drive they can’t vote their risk at losing their car insurance
because uh… they they could lose their current jurors but it also lose their
car because our alone on their cars a function of having car insurance you
can’t get car insurance if you can’t get a registered and get
your driver’s license apparently according to the spokesperson
from the d_m_z_ we don’t even recognize the
documentation of same sex marriage and there’s a lot of gay people in uh…
uh… in florida now this problem but we gonna do ella’s we’re not drug tested um like we
do everybody else in florida

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  1. Florida, the state which love stand your ground yet is full of retired people who don't know how to vote (in 2000). Besides Alan Grayson, I wonder if anyone even have an education.

  2. As a Floridian, this is pretty shameful to me. But, there's a pretty big disconnect between South Florida and the rest of the state. Here in the south (Ft. Lauderdale region), it's a pretty liberal area. North of West Palm Beach, all the way through Orlando is massively conservative.

    Don't lump all of us in together with the idiots (previous commenters), though I do agree that our drivers here generally suck all around. Most especially Orlando…ugh.

  3. I live in Canada — so much better than America because, among many other thing, gay people are totally equal with straight people. Jealous? Yeah, that's what I thought.

  4. All of the states that ban gay marriages and civil unions clearly have sent a message that "we don't want gay people here" because as you can see, it affects every part of their lives when they are denied legal recognition of their relationships and families.

    Fuck them. And, it will be settled in the Supreme Court of the United States.

  5. Their marriage should be recognized in every state:
    U.S. Constitution, Article IV, Section 1: "Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State. And the Congress may by general Laws prescribe the Manner in which such Acts, Records and Proceedings shall be proved, and the Effect thereof."

  6. FL recognized my wife's NY marriage license for her name-change when renewing her FL driver's license. So its clearly discrimination and sadly de-values my own marriage in the context of bigotry by FL. Thankfully we're back in NY now.

  7. This is exactly what DOMA was designed to do. It allows states to refuse to recognize legal contracts issued in other states. I'm no lawyer, but appears to me to be a pretty clear violation of the 14th Amendment. Ultimately, these could be the kind of grounds SCOTUS ends up ruling on in a gay marriage case.

  8. good point sam. the state of florida recognizes marriage certificates from new york of hetero couples, but denies that same recognition for same sex couples. this is clearly a case of open discrimination.

  9. Florida should pass a law saying gays can't buy groceries, sit on the benches in the parks, or own pets. Then they should be forced to wear pink triangles on all their clothes so everyone knows who they are. Then the governor of Florida should make a speech saying how Floridians loves gay people, we just don't want them to teach in our schools, and they should all take a drug test. It's the Christian conservative thing to do, and shows that Florida is a modern, forward looking state.

  10. "What are they complaining about – they have the same rights as everyone else." Let this kind of stupidity now be silenced.

  11. Fuck you. Why is it all about the penis and the vagina when the country is in serious debt.
    I guess the important thing is that homosexuals can be "married" while we all turn into a third world status.

  12. The only person talking about sex is you fucking idiot. Reread the comments and listen to the video. Not once have you heard somebody talk about sex. It's obvious all dumbasses such as yourself think about penis way too much and try to say it's us. You have no self control or decency to know what to say out of your degenerate brain. People have lives that they live everyday in case you didn't know. They have to work, drive, take care of their kids, small everyday things etc. Kiss my ass bitch.

  13. Ha ha ha – The priority is all wrong with many Americans. While Obama is killing the the country people are just all about me, me, me – for free, free, free. I'm tired of stories about special classes of people: gays being denied their "rights", blacks being oppressed by the whites, women "pursecuted" by males. Its all bullshit. Some people are selfish beyond belief! I'm an imperfect human and I am not judging others. God will be the ultimate Judge though – like He was with Sodom and Gomorrah.

  14. So, how is Obama killing the country, and how are you being non-judgmental, if you're already declaring what God's judgment will be?

  15. I don't care about the Bible, I'm not Christian. Your religion doesn't control this country, we have freedom to believe whatever we want and one religion isn't favored over another. There are hundreds of issues going on, not just one and all of them need to be addressed. Modern civil rights issues involve discrimination against gays and this is a clear example of it. You don't have to care or watch. I know you have something against gays and I don't give a damn. This is between us and the gov't.

  16. The country is improtant to me and its being destoyed by this socialist president and the dumbass president before him. All the special interest groups, some of which I mentioned, only care about their agendas while the debt is out of control. If people think Europe is in trouble – wait until the US crashes and burns (I pray it doesn't) then all the labels and groups won't matter. Then it will be: Do we have food? Do we have shelter? like it is in poor third world countries today.

  17. If it's not important to you, let it go, find issues that matter to you and champion them. And, for the record, Obama isn't socialist. If you're referring to the obamacare thing, a socialist system would be a one payer government run solution. Requiring every american buy insurance and be responsible for making sure their health care needs are covered is a free market solution to the problem of uninsured people clogging up our health care system, which makes him a capitalist.

  18. Just a quick FYI about traditional marriage. Marriage, traditionally, was between a man and a woman, but not for purposes of child rearing. Marriage was a property transfer, as a "free" woman couldn't make it in the world on her own, her father, made a deal with her husband, so that the husband would take care of her. (thus fathers giving away the bride) The reason it was always between a man and a woman, is men and women were not considered equal.

  19. I don't hate gays as a group. And I am well aware of and respect our constitutional freedom to worship how we wish or not at all. Its about the enormous size of government and the debt that concerns me. But like I said if you watch the news, go on youtube, etc. all the stories are about things trying to divide us. We really should all try to join together black, white, gay, straight so our kids and grand kids still have an America based on Liberty for All and not special rights for some. Peace!

  20. I hear you, but its not just about the health care thing. If you notice, government is controlling our lives as never before in more areas than ever before. Let's debate that another time. I'm glad we connected –

  21. My only issue is with those who see gay rights related news and have a hissy fit or feel some type of way when 9 times out of 10, there are other things being talked about. I understand this particular issue doesn't affect YOU because you don't have to go through these instances of discrimination. I can assure you it's not something trivial. It's unjust, it makes us look stupid…and I don't know about you but I don't like being made to look stupid in public for no damn reason. Have a good one.

  22. I agree with you, and learned some things from you. We should all be better than that and respect each other. We all have value as human beings. Take care.

  23. We sparked Democracy in ancient Greece (Harmodius & Aristogeiton). We were the Renaissance's light that banished The Dark Ages (long list;) We were The Enlightenment = Science, not superstition (Sir Francis Bacon). And we ARE The Digital Information & Communications Revolution that re-invented & globalised the ultimate power of the Printing Press (Alan Turing). Gays Rule!!!

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