Married Vs. Single: Does He Like You?

Married Vs. Single: Does He Like You?

– I can’t even commit to
like, my gym membership. – [Ned] Hi, I’m Ned, and I’m married. – [Kelsey] I’m Kelsey,
and I’m very single. – You submitted relationship questions we are not qualified to answer them. – But we’re gonna anyways. – Alyssa Leerer writes, how do you know some guy likes you? – If someone’s into you, they’re gonna make it known
that they’re into you. – Hey what’s up? Right? – Personal space. I knew that was super creepy. – That’s super creepy. If someone’s doing that to you, that’s a tell tale sign. – The point is is that you made an effort. – On the night that I met my wife, I had to change seats three times to get to the seat that
was right next to her. – Versus if I was like … – Hey, excuse me? – I’m busy. – Not into me. – Not into you at all. – You gotta give a shit. Now the tricky thing is when someone is naturally flirtatious. They don’t actually like you, but everyone they talk to they just smile and they laugh and they like, touch you. – Shit. I get that comment a lot. – Oh, that you’re — – Naturally flirtatious. – That was like, all of my middle school was thinking a girl was into me and when she really wasn’t. – I was just like, I don’t
know which crayon to use. I was a late bloomer (laughter). I think you just need to be better at reading social signs. Maybe I need to make an extra special effort to show attention to the ones that I do care more about. (rhythmic noises) – Much like what we just did, the next topic is vibrators. (laughs) (dance music)

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  1. I have a theory. What happens if Ned is gay? He always says he's married to make sure no one gets that idea that he's married but, in fact he was not even married! He's probably in a deep relationship with a man and not a woman

  2. And then there are those straight af girls that flirt with their friends, especially at beauty school. I don't understand it.

  3. omfg one guy likes me and I don't like him (soz Cody) he said to his friends that I flirt with him there like she doesn't he said she does they say she has an outside coating of niceness and flirtness but naa she is the devil. I know that I am the devils daughter and I lure people in with niceness and put them in the friendzone u should try it it is quite fun

  4. I'm naturally flirtatious also, lol I feel bad for how many girls I let believe I like them, but im just being a friendly person

  5. I started seeing Graphic Design Guy everywhere in the Buzzfeed comment section and thought he was working at Buzzfeed because he was so popular lol

  6. lolz she is such a natural crazy type of girl you just love to know ,.gf ,.or just a friend ,.really ,.,but you are on lucky MOFO if she is your GF ,..

  7. it would be ironic if Ned and his wife got divorced
    like more ironic than Darth Vader being Luke's father, is a good scale of ironic

  8. Yah, I'm naturally flirtatious. Everyone thinks that when I'm around a boy and like high five with them, hold them on the shoulder, and punch their shoulder that I have a crush on him. Like… I do that to A BOY AND A GIRL.

  9. It's annoying because I'm quite flirty, but not deliberately. It annoys the fuck outta me, because I try and not but then people think I'm being moody. I'm just super cheerful all the time I guess ?

  10. My girlfriend is naturally flirtatious with EVERYONE and I'm completely oblivious to when someone likes me, so when she took me out the first time I literally didn't know it was an "official" first date until like halfway through, because we'd been friends for so long. So basically I liked her for a long time and I thought she was just flirting with me like she did with everyone and she thought I wasn't interested. It was also a little weird at first to be with her and see her being flirtatious with someone in front of me when she didn't even realize what she was doing. It's who she is though, and if I'm being honest the special attention she gives me really is nice.

  11. Why is she "very single"?

    Well, she's nice enough. She'd be a great friend to hang with. But, good luck finding a good man who is willing to put up with THAT much drama and judgement for the next 50 years…

  12. some girl touchs me and dances around me at the bus stop and i slapped her and my gf came out of nowhere and slaped her to ???

  13. I flirt with all possible girls that may put out, but I bang sluts. (shrug) Turns out, not all sluts are good in bed, but the girls that actually turned on by you are best ones. Whodduh thunk? 😛

  14. People always tell girls "if a guy likes you, she WILL make it known and pursue you"

    But like…… Every guy and situation is different???? What if he's too shy or what if you gave him the impression you're unavailable and he got discouraged? I'm sure stuff like this happens

  15. I once asked a guy librarian—who I think was 2 or 3 years older than me—on what would be the best to read in the library and blablabla. Later he asked me out cause he thought I liked him.

    Does that mean I'm naturally flirtacious?

  16. My problem is that when I like someone, I'm to afraid to let them know, so i treat them as if they were just a friend or as if I disliked them. It sucks

  17. You can tell if someone's into you or if they're "naturally flirtatious" by the eye contact between the two of you.

  18. the end of the video got me like ?????????????????????????? omg I can't stop laughing about ??????????????????????

  19. oh shit im really friendly too…i didnt know it 's likened to being FLIRTY OH GOD. I do everything Ned said omg OMG I SHUD STOP THAT

  20. omg I just realized I'm naturally flirtatious but the person I like I'm more flirtatious…..I swear everyone thinks I like them but I'm naturally flirtatious

  21. i'm naturally very flirtatious and i've been single for a very long time so it's fine if i flirt with people but i recently got into a relationsip and i'm trying to cut out the flirting with random people but it's really fucking hard and the worst part is that i don't even realize when i'm flirting with someone

  22. Us natural flitters need to be careful, ive got several partners extremely upset due to my nature and being to much friggin fun ( Imho ) but hey. I wanted to be a social butterfly and flitter away but i always came back to the only one i wanted to bone.

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