Married Vs. Single: Making Friends As An Adult

Married Vs. Single: Making Friends As An Adult

– Keep your friends close, but the girls that try to
f*** your husband even closer. – [Ned] Hi I’m Ned and I’m married. – [Kelsey] I’m Kelsey and I’m very single. – You’ve submitted relationship questions. We are not qualified to answer them. – But we’re gonna try to anyways. – Today we’re talking
about how to make friends. – As a teenager, maybe in high school, it’s a little bit easier. You can kind of figure
out what kind of friends you do and don’t wanna have in your life. – And you’re at a school,
– [Kelsey] Yeah. – that has a bunch of people.
– [Kelsey] Yeah. – How do you find platonic
friends as an adult? Like, I don’t talk to
people in coffee shops. No! – No! – No, do not talk, I am drinking coffee and reading a book right now. – I don’t really have a lot
of friends outside of work because I work, work, work, work, work. Then I go home and I want to be by myself. The only new friends I’m getting right now is kind of the friends
of someone I’m dating. And then that’s always awful because once we’re done dating
– [Ned] You break up. – [Kelsey] it’s like you lose
– [Ned] You lose that friend. – Like how have you made friends? – Here’s the thing, once
you have one couples friend, then it’s like you get
more couples friends. But when it works, it’s
great because couples are so excited to hang out with each other. My favorite thing to do is have a party where I get a couple of
different groups of friends, and then like watch them
mingle with each other. My board game friends
meet my work friends, and my college friends
meet my board game friends. You get to meet all of their friends. – Yeah. – Bringing people together
will make people happy. – The point is, is like
you have to make an effort. – Find someone with common interests. Like, join the organization, have a hobby. – I bet another good idea
is to go onto Facebook, and you can click events,
and you can see what events your friends are going to. And then you can just show up and be like, what are you guys doing here? When in reality you sat on
your computer for a few hours and tried to make plans.
– [Ned] That’s smart. I think as a couple, it’s easier to get new potential friends
and harder to lock it in. – As a single person, it’s just hard. – Yeah. – Just being single and living. – [Ned] The thought never crosses my mind that someone’s trying to bang me. – [Kelsey] You sound like
that was like a revelation. – It kinda was. I’m like, maybe there are
people trying to bang me that I don’t know about. – This is the last time
you’ve ever made a friend. – It’s like, I’m being super friendly, but they’re actually trying to bang me. (upbeat music)

100 Replies to “Married Vs. Single: Making Friends As An Adult”

  1. also do high school friends actually count as friends? because who actually keeps in touch during/after college?

  2. Board game friends? I can just picture Ned getting super competitive and all "In yo face!" after beating someone at chess.

  3. I'll be sad if Kelsey ever gets in a relationship someone because it will mean that she can't do this series with Ned anymore =/

  4. What if porn ads werent fake and all these years Ive been missing out on sarah and other local moms in my area that want to fuck?

  5. Oh poor, naïve Ned… Newsflash dear. It's not just your friends who want to bang you. I'd be willing to bet that there are a couple hundred–if not thousand–women all over the world who would jump at the opportunity to bang you.

  6. did anyone else notice how Kelsey's lipstick matched that candle in the backround…… that is literally all i was looking at the whole video. :3

  7. did anyone else notice how Kelsey's lipstick matched that candle in the backround…… that is literally all i was looking at the whole video. :3

  8. If you want to make friends as an adult, you have to do what your parents told you not to do as a child: Talk to strangers.

  9. I feel like Kelsey's done that facebook thing where she "randomly" meets one of her friends at an event haha

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  11. I was single and friendless untill I was 16. That's when I met my ex and we became friends.
    I borrowed his friends for a while, hoping they'd become my friends. I thought that worked.
    When I was 19, we got together.
    Then, when I was 23, he broke up and all his friends left right away, the same evening.
    So now I'm single and friendless again.
    The End

  12. I just thought if Kelsey (sorry I don't know if I'm spelling her name right) gets a boyfriend would this series end ?

  13. I ended up hooking up with guys, and now they're my best friends… I've met platonic friends online… Sci-fi con friends…

  14. As a couple it's more easy to make friends. As a single 41 year old, I'm convinced I must follow through on my endeavor to compete in the Winter Olympic games in alpine downhill skiing if I am to ever have a woman find interest in a loner like me.

  15. Once you reached a certain age and you are still single, you will most probably lose your friends….. Because all the others are gonna get married and make babies and have no time anymore and different interests…. And whenever you meet someone new they most probably see you as a potential partner but not as a friend… Story of my life.

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